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  1. I'm not sure but that's a sweet ride. The Mercedes logo along with a fantastic weathering job and the chains on the wheels make it a cool ride.
  2. Did you change the connectors on the battery and the ESC? I heard Tamiya plugs cant handle high voltage.
  3. Did you raise something on it? The truck looks a 1/2 taller, or it's just my imagination.
  4. That truck looks like it got a lot stronger, tougher, and stronger.
  5. I don't know if this is what you are talking about, but is the servo mounted so it is facing towards the grill, or down to the ground?
  6. GooneyBird, you have a really cool and funny profile photo. I remember l looked at that same warning in my Clod manual.
  7. That's a really cool body you got there! I have a Super Clodbuster myself. I know you want to keep it stock, but here the upgrades I made on mine. FYI: CPE stands for Crawford Performance Engineering.com. It's a great website for Clod & Ground Pounder stuff, even though the website is kinda ugly (in my opinion). There are in order of how I upgraded them, I think. -I installed these bearings. - I replaced the weak and breakable stock anti-rotation brackets with these anti-rotation brackets. -I bought this chassis brace, but I have not installed it, a because I need different ball joints to go through the brace and the stock chassis. - I installed this suspension lift kit. I love Clods because they aren't perfect, it allows so much room for upgrades. For you, I would definitely do what I did with the red upgrade. That part broke on me almost every battery pack. It was so annoying because I would have to wait for about ten days for a new one. That pair of upgrade parts saved me a lot of ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. I probably will upgrade the steering to two wheel drive eventually. I did not realize how unresponsive the steering was until I got a Traxxas Stampede. I was like, "Whoah, it goes the way you turn it right away and returns back to driving straight after I release the wheel! And it still turns as sharply!" Clods are awesome, stock or upgraded.
  8. I like the clear gearcase cover. All those bronze/orange parts look really cool.
  9. That's so cool, S-PCS! I have a SuperClodbuster as well and love it!
  10. I mean emspjay. Besides, everyone knows Fabia130vRS is a nickname for emsjay, duh.
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