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  1. Actually, now that I look at the Clod and Super Clod together, I think the Clod and Super Clod may have the same body, just with different decals.
  2. Hi, I would like to know the differences between the Clodbuster, Super Clodbuster, and the Bullhead. Here are the differences I already know: -The body is different on all three trucks -The colors of many parts on each truck are different Are there any other differences?
  3. I made the other tires! I only had two empty paint cans. One was plastic and the other was aluminum. It would have been easier if I had four paint cans. I cut both cans in half. The plastic paint can and the aluminum paint can had the same performance, but the plastic paint can was easier to work with. When the tires are on the Clod, it behaves like it is in slippery mud. I would have been very satisfied if it behaved like it was on ice. I am sill happy with the project, though. If you want to nominate this thread in the builder section, that would be fine. Merry Christmas.
  4. I made drift tires for my Super Clodbuster. They work pretty well. My thread for it is in the Monster Trucks, 4x4, Wheelie Rigs and Crawlers and it is titled: I Made Drift Tires for my Super Clodbuster!
  5. Hey, I heard on a video today that when it is cold (like this time of year for most people (I live in Georgia, USA)) the plastic on RC cars will be weak and brittle. I don't know if it's true, but that's what I heard. He also said because of that, try to do things that have low chance of stress on the car. So he suggested drift tires. He made some for the Traxxas rustler and I thought I could make some for the Super Clodbuster. I got 2 empty regular size paint cans, sawed of the handle, and sanded where I cut of the handle because it was rough there and the whole point of drift tires is so they are not rough. Then, I took of the lid, and cut the can in half (the way you would cut PBC pipe, or "hamburger way") . Next, I took the stock Clod tires and I smashed and squished the tire to fit on the lid. The can is too big for the tire to be inside the can. For the bottom half, I cut a hole with the diameter close as I could to the diameter of the lid. Lastly, I squished another Clod tire into the hole. Both the tires don't want to be smashed and expand with enough force to keep the can from slipping around the tire. I have only made two drift tires and will make the other two after I make this topic. I also have not tested the drifty tires out yet. I told y'all this because if you have a Clod, you could do this too. I'm sorry I don't have pics. I'm only 14 and don't have a phone .
  6. Hello, Please tell me why good chassis are better than bad ones in detail.
  7. Thank you for the help. I probably will check out the gearboxes today. I hope there has not been any damage done.
  8. Hello, My Super Clod is having some problems. I ordered two 5000mah 7.2 volt NiMH batteries, but I only got to use them once because my truck started sounding bad. I took the truck apart and found that the stock 13-tooth pinion gear had "shark-toothed". Then I did not drive the truck for a couple months, and then got two of these 15-tooth pinion gears from CPE (Crawford Performance Engineering) and this suspension lift kit also from CPE. When I installed the two items, the truck turned, but would not do any thing else. I soldered a wire back onto one of the motors, and the truck started running, but drove extremely slow, and the truck sounded bad. It sounded like a loud zipper with sand in it. In other words, it sounded really gritty. What should I do?
  9. Thank you speedy_w_beans, I was wondering at first if I could just weigh them, but I do not have the proper equipment. Let me know when you get the measurement.
  10. Does the Clod already have foam in it? If so, it must have very weak foam. Probably open cell. Here is a link for an explanation between open cell and closed cell tire foam inserts. https://www.rccaraction.com/question-answer-foam-inserts/
  11. Sorry Saito2, I didn't read your post before I posted my last post. I probably looked stupid.
  12. The key thing I am looking for is the weight strength or whatever it is supposed to be called number. What I mean is how many pounds it takes to fully compress the spring, not the actual weight of the spring. For example, on the Crawford website, they sell 2.99 pound springs. (That is not the weight of the springs, that is how strong it is.) I have no idea if a 2.99 pound (1.356241 kilograms)spring is any stronger or weaker than the stock/original spring.
  13. Okay, thanks. This is kinda random, but on the Crawford Performance Engineering website, you can get 10% off every item with the promo code THANKS. Wow, that was really random.
  14. Sorry guys, here is the link to the suspension lift kit. click here to go to crawfordperformanceengineering and to see the suspension lift kit (or buy it).
  15. Sup y'all, I just bought a suspension lift kit from a fabulous website with upgrade and replacement parts for the Super Clodbuster, Clodbuster, and some parts for the Ground Pounder called Crawford Performance Engineering. The suspension lift kit allows the shocks to have more travel room. Because the shocks have more travel room, I do not think the shocks have to be as strong. I would like to keep the eight shock look, so I think a easy way to do that is to buy weaker springs. In order to buy weaker springs, I have to know how strong the original springs are. I looked on the web slightly and could not find the info. I think have a link for the suspension lift kit somewhere on this thingy.
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