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  1. There's one method, which address this issue - remelting/annealing prints in salt or plaster makes even FDM prints airtight: It might be good enough atleast for prototypes
  2. Any update on chassis conversion?
  3. Centre to centre of drive pins. It might be +-1mm, I'd have to measure them again. It's centre to centre length, 55mm might be overall length.
  4. What I can remember from onroad chassis: 39mm - TL01, TA01 / 02T, DF-03RA, XV01 rear 42mm - TA02 front, TB02, TA05 + some other cars with TRF414 suspension, XV01 front, TB03D 45mm - TB03, TA05V2 48mm - F201, TA05IFS
  5. Maybe diff joints for TT01 (53790 or 9804237) would make it easier?
  6. I have one question regarding to G6-01. What's size of #54808 idler? I assume that it's neatly identical to TL01/M0x differential gear? I need it for project I am working on. Thanks.
  7. I think it was discussed earlier in another thread, but it'd be nice, if tamiya made standard sized onroad/rally tires for 1.7 or 1.55 rims. Some bodies would benefit from it. Also, some decent entry-level rally chassis. I found that MF01 would be pretty capable, if it had mid motor and proper (long arm) suspension.
  8. That was my first thought. Front motor layout looks great, if suspension has enough travel (or can be replaced by standard TC or XV01 suspension), it could be decent rally car. Thing that I dont like about this chassis are integrated differential gearcases... Stripped thread means whole chassis disassembly (interesting how Tamiya used drop-in nuts in most parts, with exception of gearboxes) instead of swaping gearcase. Also custom chassis (for long wheelbase F1 for example) is impossible
  9. This is not only problem of vintage.. modern rally cars use 15" rims with high sidewall for gravel races, so RC rally car with low profile offroad tires looks weird, too.
  10. That's because small hole for screw has 2mm in diameter, but input shaft is 3mm. Crosspin is same 2x8mm. You're right, it's extra work to make it fit, it's needed only if you want low FDR.
  11. You can fit Evo 4 gear on TB03 shaft, if you drill hole to correct diameter and file that excess material. I did it by placing gear on 5mm shaft, so it could spin freely, and then used dremel to take material away evenly.
  12. I know, that you have no issues, but alternative with 39T crown and 16T input bevel is 51255 from TB-evo 5, which was used in TB03 one-way set. Also, I'm not sure if it was mentioned before, but 51438 is compatible with TB03, from my experience, 12-ball diff can be built looser and smoother than 8-ball.
  13. @ThunderDragonCy Mesh might be little off, because bevel gear angle changes with gear ratio. But it's just 1 tooth, so difference will be very small, about 1 degree, which might have no effect at all.
  14. Evo 4 crown gear is 39T, but input gear is one tooth larger - now I can't remember exact number - so it won't work with TB03 diff on other end. You'll need TB03 spool/one way gearset. Also from what I've read, end of input shaft have to be grinded a bit, otherwise it rubs against diff case. You could also build ball diff with TB04 gears, it has 12 balls, so it'll be slightly smoother.
  15. New TC-01 would be interesting, it has similar layout to competitive buggies. But I'm affraid that suspension mounts are too weak for long arms..
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