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  1. That's because small hole for screw has 2mm in diameter, but input shaft is 3mm. Crosspin is same 2x8mm. You're right, it's extra work to make it fit, it's needed only if you want low FDR.
  2. You can fit Evo 4 gear on TB03 shaft, if you drill hole to correct diameter and file that excess material. I did it by placing gear on 5mm shaft, so it could spin freely, and then used dremel to take material away evenly.
  3. I know, that you have no issues, but alternative with 39T crown and 16T input bevel is 51255 from TB-evo 5, which was used in TB03 one-way set. Also, I'm not sure if it was mentioned before, but 51438 is compatible with TB03, from my experience, 12-ball diff can be built looser and smoother than 8-ball.
  4. @ThunderDragonCy Mesh might be little off, because bevel gear angle changes with gear ratio. But it's just 1 tooth, so difference will be very small, about 1 degree, which might have no effect at all.
  5. Evo 4 crown gear is 39T, but input gear is one tooth larger - now I can't remember exact number - so it won't work with TB03 diff on other end. You'll need TB03 spool/one way gearset. Also from what I've read, end of input shaft have to be grinded a bit, otherwise it rubs against diff case. You could also build ball diff with TB04 gears, it has 12 balls, so it'll be slightly smoother.
  6. New TC-01 would be interesting, it has similar layout to competitive buggies. But I'm affraid that suspension mounts are too weak for long arms..
  7. Right now, I'm testing 3D printed gear in my MF01X, printed from PET-G on FDM printer with 0.2 nozzle. I had time to run only 1 pack, but it survived so far. It seems that 0.8 gears can be printed with reasonable detail on FDM, they mesh properly with original gears. I plan to test 0.6 and also printed-to-printed in future.
  8. 48P is 0.53 metric. So it's not "small difference", even 0.5 metric doesn't fit right - according to man who makes precise gears for RC cars, difference under 0.01mm is accetable. But 64p is 0.397, which is much closer - I guess that injection molded gears have larger variation in dimensions than that.
  9. 0.4 is compatible with 64p pinions, if that helps
  10. I think that MF-01 was good idea, but it lacks in realisation. It solved some issues of TL01 and added modularity to make it truly versatile. But high-mounted rear motor and weird rear geometry offset those improvements for me..
  11. Germans also had 4x4 with beetle body - KdF 87.
  12. TRF416 have symmetrical design, in TRF418 uprights moved a bit. They're interchangeable on cars with TRF style suspension mounts, but TT02 have different geometry, so different arms would probably alter wheelbase. Edit: I was wrong, even TRF420 arms fit TT02 https://www.thercracer.com/2020/03/ultimate-tamiyacup-tamiya-tt02-type-s.html?m=0
  13. TT02S uses TRF416 reversible arms
  14. I tried translation with google, it says TB05 diffs and M-07 suspension mounts. Which answers this: Geometry (camber/caster) will be adjusted by shims under lower suspension mounts.
  15. Fiber reinforced plastic usually have this sort of finish. Pictures also show dog-bone drive shafts and black coated pivot balls - so this thing should be similar in terms of cost and performance to non-pro TA/TB series
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