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  1. Honza

    XV-01 Help

    - TC variant have spool at front, differetial is more advisable for gravel. - XV-01 rear axle have longer wheel axle and shorter swing shaft, than TC. Also, IIRC, std XV01 uses 42mm front swing shafts, while TC uses 44mm. You'll also need shorter inner suspension shafts for XJ/XM mounts. I think it'd bee easier to keep TC suspension and just cut it a little to get enough suspension travel. It's easy to get over 25mm ride height
  2. Honza

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Looks like Gearbox have something like "4 gear" layout to increase traction.
  3. Yes, this should work..
  4. You can build your own. You just need TRF417 wheel axle and cross joint and 42mm swing shaft.
  5. Honza

    anyone heard of Spec-R?

    I think that first TRF417 gear diff from Tamiya (#42185) was actually rebadged Spec-R unit
  6. Honza

    TA-01 Turning Yellow

    I think that Traxxas made yellow brushed ESC in the past. And I've seen Savox servo with yellow anodizing, but that won't be cheap
  7. Honza

    Recommend me rally block tyres please?

    Normal tamiya blocks are too hard. Years ago, we were using tamiyablock copies, which used softer compound. Those were best tires, but they are not available anymore. However, new Tamiya "Softblock" could be something similar. From first reports, they might have right compound.
  8. Honza

    Speedy's FGX EVO 2018 Build Thread

    Always liked FGX, maybe for its seemigly unecessary complexity. Makes me wondering, why Tamiya didn't come with something similar, since overengineered cars are Tamiya's thing. Or atleast independend suspension RWD touring.
  9. Honza

    M-08 predictions?

    It depends on available bodies. IIRC, only 1/10 210mm FWD was Mini, which Tamiya doesn't make anymore. It made M07 simplier, so it was logical to not include 210mm variant. They did same thing with M04. M08 might be different. Tamiya might still re-release A110 and Abarth 1000 and RWD drivetrain needs more complex system of wheelbase change, which might allow all 3 wheelbases.
  10. 3racing makes foam bumper for M05. It could fit to MF.
  11. Honza

    M-08 predictions?

    I think that M08 will be designet with same "cage frame" chassis as TA07. That makes plenty of space for different layouts Your conversion looks great
  12. Honza

    M-08 predictions?

    I agree with that. However, M-chassis are aimed as budget cars, so I doubt it will have more parts than neccesary. But when you look how M-chassis gearing works, it shouldn't be that hard to design one gearbox, that can be used for both layouts.
  13. What's wheelbase of standard TA02 then? Because difference between rear arms is larger than 2mm... TA02T uses TA01 suspension in front, too. TA02 front axle has longer arms, which is compensated with narrow knuckles. Does this affect wheelbase, too?
  14. Which RSR? 934 or 911? For both you'll need shorter TA02 tub. 934 was sold on TA02S, which is TA02 with rear arms from TA01. Wheelbase is 236mm 911 should fit to TA02T, which is TA02 with TA01 arms, but rear arms flipped to increase wheelbase to ~250mm (not sure, what exact wheelbase is, Tamiya says 255mm, but I'm certain it's closer to 250)
  15. Honza

    TA-01 Turning Yellow

    These are TA02/03/CC01 knuckles. They give you ~10mm narrower front, if you use them with TA01 arms. DF01/TA01 use two 1150 and same wheel axles as rear hubs.