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  1. Yes! I own a Cordoba (although newer, 6L model), so it'd be nice to have the WRC. Also, polycarbonate 257mm 037 and S4 would be nice. Like this one? šŸ˜
  2. As a Czech and rally fan, I'd like to see some Å kodas. It's brand with long history of rally racing, so there's something for each Tamiya rally chassis: 130RS and LR for the M06 or MF01X (rear engine, 2,4m wheelbase and 1,6m width of the original means almost perfect fit, although standard scale would be nice, too) Favorit and Felicia for the M05Ra Octavia and Fabia for XV01 That's never gonna happen, but one can dream, right?
  3. Yes, this was carried over from the Evo. Gear case only had one bearing, if they wanted 3-piece propshaft, they'd need additional support - which they did (and I haven't noticed that until now ), but without the 3-piece prop. Yes, less enclosed, looks lighter but not as fragile as the 05. Perfectly balanced in my opinion
  4. I prefer the TB03 - it looks even sleeker and more modern, only downside are the laydown shocks - I prefer normal shock tower of the D variant.
  5. @Juhunio thanks Here, people had lot of issues with TB02 in rally races (bumpy track probably made the chassis flex a lot more), I've even seen DIY 3-piece shaft on one car.. it is weird that Tamiya never made this option. Btw, nice build
  6. Now looking at this photo, have Tamiya ever released 3-piece driveshaft for the TB02? Looks like the chassis is prepared for that and I know that 1-piece design could be an issue on that soft chassis.
  7. TA-series were belt driven since the 03. TB was originally released as a rally chassis, while TA was more focused for track races (especially with 04 and 05, which were low cost variants of the TRF414/5). Then, with TB Evo, TB became second onroad line - shaft drive had an advantage in low power classes, because of lower friction, TB02 was low-cost variant of the Evo3.
  8. He has TRF dampers, so it's not quite comparable - TRF dampers have smaller holes and tighter gap between the plate and shock body than CVA, so 250 might feel even thicker.
  9. Funny thing, a lot of people here drive rally cars (scale stage race) weighting around 1500g, some even getting close to 2kg. Larger weight seems to affect suspension in a positive way.
  10. From your picture, it seems that difference is at least 5mm. The TD4 is compatible with TA06 gear diff, so I guess that ball diff width on bearings is more or less the same. Different shims will make 1mm difference. However, TRF201 has steel outdrives, right? They shouldn't wear that much and rest of the diff should be same or at least compatible.
  11. I meant distance of the 1015 bearing from "plate" Pictures are from TD4 and TRF201 manuals (sorry for quality I'm on a phone)
  12. It's quite common in higher end kits - here's TRF420 manual for example:
  13. Sorry, earlier I read that you bought the TRF diff. Looking in the manual, TD seems to have offset bearing on one of the diff outdrives, so it's quite interesting that it fits, but the gear diff doesn't. Anyway, great project
  14. TD4 is designed to fit the TA06 gear diff, so its ball diff will be probably wider, too.
  15. These look like the longer variant of reversible arms, are 44mm swing shafts long enough with these?
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