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  1. I think that MF-01 was good idea, but it lacks in realisation. It solved some issues of TL01 and added modularity to make it truly versatile. But high-mounted rear motor and weird rear geometry offset those improvements for me..
  2. Germans also had 4x4 with beetle body - KdF 87.
  3. TRF416 have symmetrical design, in TRF418 uprights moved a bit. They're interchangeable on cars with TRF style suspension mounts, but TT02 have different geometry, so different arms would probably alter wheelbase. Edit: I was wrong, even TRF420 arms fit TT02 https://www.thercracer.com/2020/03/ultimate-tamiyacup-tamiya-tt02-type-s.html?m=0
  4. TT02S uses TRF416 reversible arms
  5. I tried translation with google, it says TB05 diffs and M-07 suspension mounts. Which answers this: Geometry (camber/caster) will be adjusted by shims under lower suspension mounts.
  6. Fiber reinforced plastic usually have this sort of finish. Pictures also show dog-bone drive shafts and black coated pivot balls - so this thing should be similar in terms of cost and performance to non-pro TA/TB series
  7. I think this is neat idea. 4WD is easier to drive, independent suspension car drive on rougher surface and semi-closed FE body protects chassis better than F1 body, so it'll be more suitable to drive around just for fun.
  8. Only thing I see missing on TB05 is DCJ. But otherwise TB05 is superior - alum center shaft, better materials, more recent suspension with standard suspension blocks, TRF shocks.. TT-02 SR is limited production, which is probably reason for high price.
  9. It's interesting that they didn't go for Fxx name. Does it mean that chassis won't be exclusively for formula type bodies?
  10. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2909394 Whole M-03, knuckles should be same as TL-01. But I cannot confirm it's 1:1 copy, I never tried to print it
  11. I guess I know why propshaft was not installed. I had these clones before and I found out that chinese made a mistake around propshaft bevel. Once you try to fit 1140 bearing in place of bushing, propshaft won't run smoothly, because original bushings are 3-3.5mm thick. And even with bushings I could not fully tighten covers.
  12. Agreed, now tamiya makes two variants so you can choose - classic hard compound (50476), they don't work very well off road, but they last longer if you want to bash on tarmac. And soft compound(54861), which are better suited for gravel.
  13. Shaft drive, starts with T.. TRF502? Or TB-evo 5?
  14. Wouldn't this solve your problem? http://www.yeahracing.com/catalog/tamc022bu-aluminum-rear-camber-link-mount-tamcs07-p-3931.html
  15. Actually, all designs I mentioned were based around moving weight forward. XV01 is only exception, because it already have too much weight in front in basic configuration. My TB03 goes sideways pretty well, when I allow it
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