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  1. Some work ahas been done. While changing oil in dampers, i found that I built them with spacers and forgot about that.. 🤦‍♂️ I dug up CVAs micros and found that they have same travel. Now I could mount them right side up, which allowed me to do another mod - by cutting part of the arm and removing shims, I could move the shocks 3mm backwards. The rear was much more straightforward - I modified rear arms to increase travel in low position - now I reach same height without dogbines falling out. Then I printed new, 3mm higher danper stay so CVAs fit perfectly. Last thing, I fitted electronics and made a cover. I need to work on the design, but for now, it works
  2. I found that Tamiya 0.8 run smoothly with 0.2mm extra clearance. 0.6 worked well with +0.1mm Maybe I'd add a 3x10mm shim to spread pressure from the screw. I did a setup for MF-01, using TB02 uprights. But those parts became more difficult to get, too...
  3. Maybe the most unpopular opinion on other forums - it's fun to drive on low grip 😄 I really never understood obsession with grip in racing to the point that even buggies traction roll..
  4. I don't like hex, JIS and self-tapping screws, so I build my cars with philips machine screws 😄
  5. I think I found a solution. You can increase droop at low config by cutting part of the arm (C19). The arm now drops exactly to the limit of the shaft (although this is on my "special" MF, it should work in the similar way on the stock one, too).
  6. Thanks The mod has been released a few months ago, feel free to download it There's also assembly manual I finally finished a few weeks ago 😄 The more feedback I get the better. https://www.printables.com/model/268346-mid-motor-conversion-for-tamiya-mf-01x
  7. Throwing money on a problem is the way of Tamiya 😄 I think this is just consequence of hubs being originaly developed for M05Ra. They didn't need to work in the rear
  8. XV01 uses slightly longer wheel axles at rear, maybe it'd be possible to shim them closer to the diff?
  9. I thought it was glass reinforced PA instead of carbon reinforced, like TB03 and similar
  10. It's too new - it hasn't been even available yet here in czechia, which is weird considering how popular XV01 was on rally courses.
  11. Finally pulled out dremel today to do some "irreversible" mods My conversion requires 3mm shorter driveshaft. After reading @ChrisRx718 's thread, I was affraid it'll take a while. But the drill went through in seconds, maybe the tool I made helped. The excess shaft length is not an issue, as I designed a hole in the gear case - in theory, I could use a single shaft for all wheelbases, too. The gear fits perfectly and the car is finally 4WD 😄 Another mod was needed around the steering links - the longer arm caused collision of links with the chassis, so I needed to cut the holes. Before: After (before cleaning and deburring). I also cut some material on the bottom so I could put the servo a few mm lower. Full steering lock. Not great, but better than stock 😄 Going further would require modification of the entire front suspension.
  12. I'm sure you noticed that I left original pogo stick "shocks" on the car. That's because I wanted to use slightly longer CVA mini shocks from my other car - unfortunately they were a bit too long and collided with the original front mount. There are options that put the dampers more upright, but I wanted to stay close to the original angle. Eventually I found that when I fit the dampers upside down, the spring collar just barely clears the tower. Longer eyelets then provide enough space to add pivot balls above the damper. And original 3mm spacers create some room for additional mount. Perfect 🙂 Now some little CAD work.. Printed and mounted on the chassis And complete with dampers. The angle is not same as the original, but it's close enough. Dampers are just long enough to provide full suspension travel and space around is very tight. But it works It sits a few milimeters higher than original dampers.
  13. MF-01X build became quite popular lately I think this is not an issues, The M05 hubs are more or less the same, but they have smaller holes for the kingpin screws. Plus rears have built in toe-in. Have you doublechecked the wheelbase with TL01 arms? IIRC, there was ~1,5mm difference with M05 arms compared to TL-01. Also, it might be too late, but there's another option for wider arms - comical buggy chassis has about 5mm longer arms than TL01
  14. Finally got to install the servo. And when I was at it, I also put some AW grease in the front diff. Then I installed new shorty battery holders. I never liked that the pack is sticking out of the car, so the new holders are protecting the battery from all sides
  15. Progress has been slow, as I was sick with covid past few days. Now I'm feeling better, so I did a few things. My old savox got new case, I cleaned and greased gears and bearings in the process. I also printed new, longer horn, but it'll be replaced by high-torque servo saver in the future. I also adjusted design of new parts and printed them. Now the harder part - split the chassis to fit them.
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