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  1. Finally finished my Top Force and have decided I hate cutting body shells. Opted to go full carbon fibre for the chassis too, as well as the shock towers I had previously fitted. She is going to be a shelf queen for now as I have put way too much time into her to dare do any damage, I would be gutted. This is the reason there are no electronics fitted and also why I have not sprayed the body shell, I like looking at it like this. Besides I still have 2 runners atm, and 2 more I am working on,.
  2. The one piece I regret selling, took me a long time to source all the parts, but it was collecting dust and I used the money for this new hobby.
  3. I was wondering if there are any other front bumpers that would fit the lunchbox, I was looking for something a little smaller than the stock one.
  4. Got myself another project from a well known auction site. Been looking at these for a while, put a cheeky bid in and nobody else bid. 😀
  5. Thought as much, thanks
  6. Wanted TA02 rear stabiliser for an upcoming build, can’t seem to find one anywhere
  7. Any one know where I can get a rear stabiliser for the TA02 chassis part number Tamiya 53189. Can’t seem to find any, do they even make them anymore. It’s for a a build I am planning. Many thanks for any info available.
  8. Had time to test run in the garden today, need to glue the tyres still, garden isn’t long enough to open full throttle and discovered it winds the dog up 😀
  9. I opted for all the Ampro mods as you have to import them, with the different wheels it handles ace. Although not like a Lunchbox any more.
  10. Why upside down when they are right ways up in photos 😂
  11. Hi I am relatively new to RC too built a Lunchbox as my first time at Xmas, just recently built a basher. Went with Juggular’s option because of the metal gears etc, admittedly I have done some homemade mods.
  12. It’s a DF02 with alloy upgrades, drive train is mostly metal out of the box, so a bit more robust. 1/8 rear shocks, I made an alloy plate for the rear shock tower and upgraded the u pin in the rear with 3.16mm piano wire. Both ideas from YouTube. Motor is brushless 5400kv, will have to see how drive train holds up.
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