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  1. That’s the one I have used, silver cans have zero timing so you just reverse the connection’s on one motor so it runs in reverse if I remember correctly.
  2. Finished the polycarbonate running body for my Monster Beetle today as it’s been raining all day 😀
  3. Finished my Stadium Blitzer Beach Basher, built for when we go camping in wales with my grandson in a few weeks.
  4. I was looking for some Dyna Blaster rear wheels, the 3 spoke ones 50497 in mat silver, I have a set of front wheels just need rears in the non shiny silver doesn’t matter if they are used or a bit rough as it’s going to be for a beach runner if I can find some Many Thanks
  5. Finished my Monster Beetle body today, never to be run ever! 😀, I have a Brat body for that.
  6. Finally finished my Boomerang today, for a rebuilt runner I am very happy with it 😀
  7. Finished painting my winger body for my Boomerang runner, just the decals to go and she is done.
  8. Made some car display stands out of some leftover brackets and bits, mainly cos I needed the lunchbox tyres they were all sitting on 😂
  9. That’s great, all I could find was US or china
  10. England, just trying to see if anyone local has some
  11. Hi All Looking for a set of Blackfoot yellow wheels 9335763, not necessarily new, just in good condition for a running set on my monster Beetle
  12. Framed my Monster Beetle box today to hang with the others
  13. Fitted some upgrades to my Lunchbox 😀 Wheelie bar and some shocks
  14. Nearly finished my Monster Beetle build this evening, just the body to go.
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