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  1. Pictures are not too clear, sorry. looks the same though, bumpers and frame rails look right.
  2. This is my wild dagger while I was modifying it.
  3. Wood is different types just varnished. This Mammoth Dump Truck he made is all one wood.
  4. Proline 40 Series Mambo Wheel Fits Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 HPI Savage, MGT - 2670-01 I won a pair of these in an auction, is there any way to get them to fit a Tamiya, cos if not there’s no reason to get 2 more 😀
  5. Won some bits on auction for 99p, bit of a shock. I am pretty sure the frame is the Tamiya hop up for the TXT-1, if it is I am very happy, needs a bit of a clean and two aluminium cantilevers ( if any has a couple 😀) The purple parts I have no idea, possibly nitro parts? thanks in advance
  6. Just thought I would share this, some may appreciate the skill involved in making it. One of the last items my dad made, his hobby was carpentry. I think it’s awesome and one of my prized possessions.
  7. Was wondering if anyone had a rear bumper for the Manta Ray spare, only a small part, also fits the top force etc.
  8. Here is my A Team Lunchbox 😂
  9. I display the ones I like 😀
  10. I think wheelbase is about 3mm different, so not noticeable. I used magnetic body mounts front and rear rather than try to use the existing side mounts, all straight forward really.
  11. Depends on which part you want to see 🥴
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