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  1. Oh moters are zero timing, so can run one in reverse as needed. πŸ˜€
  2. Lipo is 2s motors are FTX VANTAGE/CARNAGE/OUTLAW 550 15T BRUSHED MOTOR 1PC FTX6558 Battery holder is off eBay from China about Β£5. Esc has a fan and motors have heat sinks, all runs fine no over heating problems so far. was trying to keep costs down, so I used the alloy rail, only cost Β£10, but I think the carbon chassis is much better and way lighter. Mainly I just wanted somewhere to put the Lipo and esc, as well as something to bolt the shock towers to.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293733431726
  4. All finished πŸ˜€ time for a quick test run
  5. I have added an aluminium rail to the chassis so that I can place the esc and Lipo on top, it also enables me to attach the shock towers to it and give them some Additional support. I made some covers for the old battery placement so I can place the receiver inside.
  6. Both front and rear assemblies are done, larger shock towers, piggy back shocks. New hardened gears, full bearings and universal driveshafts all round. Also some new wheels and tyres.
  7. I bought a Wild Dagger locally for Β£40 a while back, decided to keep it dual motor and go dual servo too, as the steering seemed a bit off. Also making some suspension upgrades too.
  8. It’s my wild dagger, using the alloy rail to mount the dual steering servos, Lipo and esc. Also been able to attach the shock towers to it, so should be good and rigid, although a little weighty now. may have been better to make the whole chassis again out of aluminium but this is the road I am on so we will have to see how she runs.
  9. Can you guess what it is yet. bit more progress this evening as it’s hammering with 🌧
  10. Hi I am looking for some Speed Disc decals from the Madcap decals set in white, I can get them if I buy the whole sheet, but it seems a bit of a waste. I was wondering if anyone could help.
  11. I love the escort shell. My first car was a MK1 Escort estate 2 door.
  12. Although my wild dagger may trump this once finished, not as fast but more fun πŸ˜€
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