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  1. Was wondering if anyone had a rear bumper for the Manta Ray spare, only a small part, also fits the top force etc.
  2. Here is my A Team Lunchbox 😂
  3. I display the ones I like 😀
  4. I think wheelbase is about 3mm different, so not noticeable. I used magnetic body mounts front and rear rather than try to use the existing side mounts, all straight forward really.
  5. Depends on which part you want to see 🥴
  6. Used this sort of thing. they are Dyna Blaster rear wheels, as they have the hex fitting. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12mm-Hex-Wheel-Extender-Combiner-Adapter-for-AXIAL-SCX10-D90-AX10-CC01-F350-Car-/193600749001?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  7. I love my Wild Dagger, although it doesn’t look as nice as yours and I over did it a bit on some of the mods.
  8. I am guilty of going overboard and doing all of the above to my Lunchbox, which now looks and handles nothing like a Lunchbox 😀
  9. It came with a boomerang I restored, seemed to have some hotshot parts mixed in that I didn’t use. Not 100% sure what it’s fro
  10. The wing is on the same piece as the body, see picture
  11. Thinking about getting an M chassis at some point because I love Minis so much, I had 3 in my 20’s. The last of which I turbo charged, it was awesome. The nearest I have to an M chassis atm is this TA02 /M03 hybrid 😀
  12. Do you happen to have an escort mk1 body?
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