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  1. Cephas

    Finished Madbug

    It’s a DF02 with alloy upgrades, drive train is mostly metal out of the box, so a bit more robust. 1/8 rear shocks, I made an alloy plate for the rear shock tower and upgraded the u pin in the rear with 3.16mm piano wire. Both ideas from YouTube. Motor is brushless 5400kv, will have to see how drive train holds up.
  2. Cephas

    Finished Madbug

    Sorry, for the upside down pics, not sure what happened 🍺
  3. Cephas

    Finished Madbug

    After a house move (never again), and bending the rear shock tower forwards in a crash, I made a few reinforcements and finished see. Still need to glue the tyres tho πŸ˜€.
  4. Cephas

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finished fixing the bug today, managed to bend the whole rear shock tower forward when it nearly back flipped off a jump. Added some reinforcements.πŸ˜€
  5. Cephas

    Project clear out (UK)

    Sold all my Lego to fund this new Hobbie πŸ˜„
  6. Cephas

    DF-02 mods, opinions needed

    Still need to take the gear boxes apart and clean, fit new bearings.
  7. Cephas

    DF-02 mods, opinions needed

    Test fitting is done, waiting on some rear suspension parts
  8. Cephas

    DF-02 mods, opinions needed

    Rear arms are now at a greater angle, runs freely, wondering if the universal rear linkages would work better instead of dog bones.
  9. Cephas

    DF-02 mods, opinions needed

    So I could fit 1/8 scale shocks, 25mm diameter. Rear is now lower than front, not an issue, 2.2 wheels to go on.
  10. I am tinkering with DF02 I acquired from a fellow forum member. Made an alloy rear shock tower plate, also fabricated a 1/8 inch U bracket fit the suspension arms.
  11. Cephas


    Do you still have this for sale
  12. Had too use some spacers to stop the ends rubbing and move the mounting point to below the servo horn to stop the larger setup from contacting the Ampro arms.
  13. Upgraded the steering turnbuckles to M4 as the length increased with the Ampro hop up, found the new turnbuckle ends (alloy this time) were larger. Required more modifications than I had intended.
  14. Looking for super star 2140 wheels in black with the deep offset. Can’t seem to find any locally, thought I would see if any one could help.