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  1. Twisting the cables will help shield them from interference and increase capacitance, but in such a short cable I don’t think it would make much difference
  2. Could I please have the pumpkin bumpers and roll bar.
  3. I have used something that looks similar to the blue one pictured, also cheap ones off eBay, mine were a bit longer than those pictured as I was using them for the steering push rods. They broke first time out, made of brittle aluminium ☹️. I have since made my own from 3 or 4mm threaded rod and just covered the middle with black heat shrink to cover the exposed threads.
  4. No you have to do them yourself as needed i put a bit of black marker or paint on the tops of the body posts, so that it transfers to the inside of the body when you fit it. Then you can see where to do the wholes
  5. I had this dilemma when I built my top force, it turned out so nice I shelf queened it. managed to get hold of a Manta Ray, this has TA02 gearboxes same as the top force, and therefore as mentioned above has many aftermarket options available. It has the benefit of being more of a basher than a shelf queen in my opinion due to it being a tub type chassis. you can get top force evo bodies from eBay already done for a reasonable price, so this is what I opted for 😀
  6. I would be interested in one too please 😀
  7. Just to add, I always turn the torque setting down on the drill, because if you leave it at max setting and it snags on the plastic it will crack the harder Tamiya plastics.
  8. Would this work, they are available on eBay. I have used them on my Lunchbox
  9. You need to switch the spacers over that you already used, A6 & A8, thicker one on the bottom also flip rear hub over. This will raise your ride height. if you go to the tamiya manual page on tinternet and go to TT02R manual it will show you how at the bottom, this info is not included in the drift manual
  10. I would be interested in one of these if you have any left 😀
  11. As Kowalski86 said I always take the end cap off so you can check that it is meshed properly, I have found it can be tricky to make sure that the plastic motor mount that is attached to the motor first fits properly up against the gearbox, if not it doesn’t mesh properly. Also I have found the instructions are not always correct depending on the motor you use, as I had the same issue you are describing when I rebuilt mine. This is why I have found that it is much easier to remove the cap on the gearbox and adjust the pinion as necessary
  12. They are eBay alloy stock mounts and an aluminium spacer. The two are glued and pinned together, 4 pins through both bonded with JB weld. Hopefully it will be strong enough only running a sport tuned motor
  13. Made sone wheel spacers for the rear wheels, as the monster Uk front end is wider than stock. could not find any spacers that weren’t ridiculously wide, so had to make some.
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