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  1. Kamikuza

    Too many controllers

    Oh mate, a video from Red Bull of a SCT or TT doing wheelies around sand dunes just popped up in my feed. Drool. I'm so getting a Losi Baja Rey as soon as I can. With an audio things Yeah Isle of Mann is insanity. There's a good Xbox game that really gives the feel of speed and pants-filling excitement. Can't imagine those nutters doing it for real. Sorry, I'm the off-topic king eh
  2. Kamikuza

    Too many controllers

    Completely off-topic, but the perfection that is top team rally suspension never ceases to amaze, absorb, and entertain me. Honestly, how could anyone think F1 is any good when you've to WRC?
  3. Boy I missed the bus on this business But this thread has me wondering about buying overseas and importing to Japan ... I want a Baja Rey but it's only eBay or direct from Hobby Horizon or whatever. Guess I'll have to email them.
  4. Kamikuza

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Postman brought me a new battery for my laptop I heard and felt it go "boom". Lithium batteries -- what fun!
  5. Kamikuza

    Ok I gotta have one

    The "proper" ESS modules apparently have a lot of options for programming, so that could be fixed I guess...
  6. Kamikuza

    Ok I gotta have one

    ESS One sound system -- anyone used one? Do they work with mechanical ESC? I've seen a few videos and they sound (and functions) a lot better than the budget ones. Also sound loud enough to hide all the electric whizz and squeaks. And I want a giant model engine for my Clod too.
  7. When it's windy: When it's a little bit windy: and RC when there's no wind at all Used to have bikes, but now with kids and a new work schedule there's literally zero time to ride. This was my last - and best - bike: ... although I still have an NS400R in storage that would love to be restored...!
  8. Kamikuza

    What cars do you all drive?

    2001 Toyota Voxy. Because two kids and a need to tote gear. I like my cars cheap and functional. Had the bikes for thrills but no time now, so sold them off...
  9. Kamikuza

    No more Kyosho?

    Yeah I had a feeling that guy was stretching the truth a bit, trying to get me to buy Tamiya
  10. I can drive to a shop and buy you one, or get 'em easy on Amazon Japan
  11. Kamikuza

    Recommend a charger

    If that's like mine, then it's an option ... somewhere I keep stumbling on it and thinking "I should really do that" but then move on. Pretty sure it's in general settings... If you push the < > keys, you get additional information about the battery as it charges too, like per-cell voltage and % full.
  12. Kamikuza

    Recommend a charger

    Yes, but as I've said, I've only charged LiPo on it so far so even with the temp sensor on, there's no data. I *assumed* it's only an option with the NiMH charge program... Going to do the NiMH tomorrow, cos the Clod needs a run and the MT is still coated in mud, and I can here it in the motor So we'll see then.
  13. Kamikuza

    Recommend a charger

    There's a setting in "system" for cut-off temp, but no display while charging ... for LiPo, that is. I've yet to charge my NiMH batteries. Say, what's that micro-USB plug for? Just says "PC Link" in the manual but there doesn't seem to be any software for it...
  14. Kamikuza

    Recommend a charger

    Oh is the temp sensor only for NiMH batteries? That'll explain why it does nothing and there's no setting in the LiPo menus
  15. Kamikuza

    African twin build...

    Africa Twin is popular with the gaijin biker groups here... Saw the model in the toy shop the other day, 1/4 scale. Big old box wasn't expensive either. I'm a KTM man myself