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  1. I have both the Avante 2011 and Egress kits - waiting to be built when life allows. Both are awesome kits and I'm sure the builds will be great fun. Can't comment on the Avante black edition as I haven't had experience with this kit. Something to consider also in your decision - the Avante 2011 (well the version I purchased anyway) has both the motor and esc included. With the Egress, I had to buy these separately (have stayed true to the original spec Tamiya suggested options for each). So the cost on the Egress comes in quite a bit higher than the Avante as a result. I did buy the Yeah Racing alloy front and rear hubs which I understand to be a worthy upgrade over the original plastic parts supplied with the kit. I'm running my re-re's with the Futaba 3PV radio system which works well, also using NiMh that gives ample run time and less complex than LiPo since the esc's don't have low voltage shut offs. Don't think you can go wrong with any of these options - whatever you choose, make sure to post a build thread so we can follow your progress!
  2. Very nice build Slyda, glad you manged to get back to it after the time out. Interested to hear how it runs on the indoor circuit, that wing gives it a whole new dimension!
  3. Interesting - I'm going to be running with this setup once the build is complete so I will post my experience of the combo - hope I don't have the same result!
  4. You may want to be a little careful pairing the TBLE02S (rated for 25T or higher) with the Super Stock BZ Motor 23T - I've read a few posts that this setup has worked ok, but I don't know what the impact is of running it out of spec - whether this puts the ESC at risk. Some info that I'd found here, on the topic : Also, theres a good build thread for the Egress here : Enjoy!
  5. For the Egress re re, I've gone with the same setup as per the original photo and manual - I'm not going to race mine (will probably be more of a shelf queen if I'm honest) and haven't moved over to using brushless in any of my models. So I'm happy to stick with the "official" option for this one. As per photo (below), you can see they have installed the Tamiya TEU-302BK Electronic Speed Control with the Super Stock BZ Motor 23T (which is a 23 turn motor as supported by this ESC). I haven't yet figured what the best pinion gear will be here, possibly 14T (teeth) - 16T, but some have suggested 13T for this 23T motor. I think the ESC choice will also be determined by whether you decide to run NiMH or LiPo - from what I know of the TEU-302BK, it doesn't have a LiPo cut-off feature and so probably wouldn't make sense if you've decided to go that route. I'm staying true to the original spec, but no reason not to consider something alternate (as suggested above). Keep us updated on your progress! I'll probably start my build in the next few weeks.
  6. I also rediscovered my Tamiya past only recently with a build of a re re Super Hotshot (and subsequently the purchase of an Avante and Egress both of which I'm looking forward to building with my boys) and was grappling with some of the new technology decisions - LiPo, brushless etc.. I've stuck to using 3000mAh NiMH which I find more than adequate, charge times are acceptable and run times are far, far longer than anything I remember back in the day running 7.2v NiCd's which used to give us about 10 mins. For these buggies, I'm staying with NiMH; safe, easy to maintain and great for hours of fun. For my crawler (TRX 4 - my other "hobby") I've moved over to LiPo since there's far more demand from the terrain and from running high voltage servo, winch, lights etc..
  7. I'm looking for a re re Fighting Buggy - then I might stop there...you got some catching up to do!
  8. Yep - I tried to Dremel the holes and cutouts but was all over the place - I think I definitely need to invest in one of those reamers to get the job done a bit cleaner (that or a steady hand!) I've got an Avante re re waiting to be built and just spent my kids college fund on an Egress which I hope to arrive in the next few weeks. Thats the trouble with this hobby (and I remember this well from when I was a kid, with not a penny to my name and a Tamiya catalog to dream over), its never enough..
  9. Baddon, it was a relatively straight forward build. I found the steering setup needed a little adjustment (I played around with the lengths of the steeling shafts which were somewhat off from the suggested measurements). See above comments and feedback received on the steering for this particular model. Hardest part (for me anyway) was getting a clean cutout of the body and routing out the holes needed for fitting - don't think I was using the right tools for the job! Given that I haden't built one of these kits since the late 80's, and you've just completed a Bigwig build, I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all with this one. Enjoy, and post a build thread!
  10. That Hotshot looks awesome! Thinking I might have to add one to the wish-list - will go well with the Super. Great driving conditions where you are, enjoy the snow! ....now to get mine out and give it a good run...
  11. Took me long enough, but finally got round to competing the build. Couple of pics here to close off. Very happy with the result.
  12. I remember this about the original models, I've never had any of the Hotshot chassis iterations but I don't know if you remember the Marui Shogun or Ninja - they had a great ability to drift through the corners by simply lifting off the throttle and punching it back on in the turn. I'm still trying to locate these vintage cars to restore (some 30 years on), they're tucked away in boxes somewhere collecting dust. Interesting to read your link on the steering - exactly what I mean. I was initially considering adjusting the servo endpoints to limit the difference in degree between the wheels at full turn but then thought about the radio gear that these models would have originally been designed around in the 80's - we didn't have programmable endpoint adjustments so more likely these models would have intended to be operated through the full servo range anyway.
  13. Had no trouble with the supplied 3x6mm in that spot - little bit of thread-lock and the spring washer together with the other washer and it went in flush. Odd that yours didn't fit well - but the fact that you still have parts from your '88 build, now featuring in this re-re makes for an even more special build. How that paint has lasted - as they say, they don't make 'em like they used to. I took mine for a quick test run today, performs really well with the GT motor, I'm just using a 7.2Nimh. Something I noticed and perhaps you can comment on - the steering servo setup, with the dual servo arms, seems to create an imbalance in the angle of turn for each wheel. So it end up with quite a bit of under-steer. I'll try to post some pics of what I'm getting at - but you can probably notice at a point, the one wheel (inner) will have much more steer than the other (outer) in a turn.
  14. Looking great! Will be interested to hear how it runs on brushless. I'm using the stock motor.
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