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  1. Finally got round to finishing the Fighting Buggy build - and about time! Was a really enjoyable build and very pleased with the outcome - I generally stuck to box-art with some modification to the roll cage (went silver rather than red) and used a slightly deeper blue for the body colour. Yet to take it out for a spin which I will do in the coming days, still enjoying just looking at it on the shelf (!). Couple of pics below for those interested. I'm contemplating my next build, which I hope will be the Wild One Blockhead Motors edition...if I can get hold of one.
  2. Big delay waiting on a few radio bits and pieces but the chassis build is finally complete and all electronics are in. Steering end-points are set and have done a basic test run around the house. Seems to run well, this is quite a weighty vehicle, may have to tighten up the rear spring or looks like it will bottom out easily. I've given the body shell a quick sand and will do a few coats of primer spray before the final colour. Still not certain if doing box-art TS-15 or something different... Has been a really enjoyable build, looking forward to adding to my collection (which is growing ever so slowly!)
  3. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out - two fantastic vehicles from a brilliant era of RC. I had both of these around 1988 and am still hopeful I will be able to dig them out of the attic one day to restore. Do please post progress, eagerly watching how you get on.
  4. A little further with the build, managed to complete the rear damper system and front axles. I think one of the things that has always drawn me to this buggy is the unusual reserve tank system they have gone with - I can't say I've seen this implemented anywhere else and it just looks brilliant. Was a royal pain to get right with no air bubbles in the tube but with some perseverance (a little swearing and a lot of shock oil), I managed to get it free of air. Quite certain that after the first couple of bumps on the trail, air will creep in, since the reserve tank isn't all that full. The front axle and damper assembly is also a marvel, unique to anything I have built before and just top quality components. Great fun putting this together. Looks like steering end-points will be important to set on this model to keep the front wheels reasonably in sync. Moving on to installing the electronics tomorrow, will post a pic of the finished chassis once everything is installed.
  5. Wow! Great result - still has to be one of the all time best looking buggies around. Enjoy!
  6. Absolutely brilliant looking buggy, @moffman looks like you managed to find an original decal sheet for this one?
  7. Off to a bit of a slow start, but more than happy to be taking my time with this one. Rear-end is taking shape, using plenty of thread lock wherever needed (thanks for all the advice!), in fact this is the first kit that I have built that included a small amount of Tamiya gel thread lock with the kit. I usually use loctite so will have to see how this stuff stacks up. Thoroughly enjoying the build and quality of the metal parts. I chose to go with the larger 20T pinion, and can switch it for the smaller 15T once I know how it runs and what kind of terrain I might run it on. Couple of pics, more to come.
  8. Thanks all, @Hobbimaster I'll be sure to follow this sound advice - especially since this one is going to be a runner and not just sit on the shelf. Pics to follow..
  9. I've been very much looking forward to building the Fighting Buggy Re-re, in fact this buggy was on my wish list for years after missing out on the first production run. I managed to pick one up more recently and its been sitting on the shelf waiting for the right time to build. Well, I've released there never really is a right time, life will always get in the way, and time must be made for such enjoyments. So here goes, finally, the Fighting Buggy build. I plan to do as spec, no hop-ups and likely will follow box art. This will take me a while, will post progress here for anyone interested.
  10. Great looking build! I'm still deciding whether to stick to box art or do something different, may take some inspiration from your deviation. Probably been asked before but what front bumper are you running there? Not stock, and really improves the look of the front-end in my humble opinion. Great pics - thanks for posting.
  11. nginsb

    A Ninja Hunt

    As a kid (some 33 odd years ago), I was fortunate enough to have both the Shogun and Ninja - these were very special vehicles and made for some great RC memories. The years came and went, and after various moves (different countries and houses), the old cars were packed away and disappeared. No sign or memory of what ever happened to them. Until now that is... I was going through some old boxes and with great surprise, I found a whole bunch of the Ninja parts, some still fully assembled (rear gearbox, suspension), others just loose. No sign of the chassis or body, motor, wheels etc, but it gives me hope that somewhere buried deep amongst some forgotten things, these two cars still exist and (potentially) could be restored to former glory. So, with renewed interest, I will endeavor to search for these classics, and hopefully be able to post my findings for those who may be interested.
  12. @pengoo Pretty sure this is a pic of the extra parts bin from my recent Egress build - looks like you're ok with those extra ball bearings.
  13. Ok, thanks - I thought of fitting a lexan/polycarbonate sheet under the battery at the bottom of the tray which would prevent the battery from falling out (and perhaps has the added benefit of protecting the underside of the battery from dust, stones, mud etc). I'm thinking I may do this anyway, even if I do choose to use a full size battery in future, as I find it unusual to have the battery totally exposed to the elements in a crawler/trail truck running on lipo. Guess I'm thinking in comparison to my TRX4 where the battery is very well protected from anything that the truck could get caught up on. Thanks for all the input - I'm looking forward to having the build complete and testing it out on the trails.
  14. @BuggyGuy are you using some sort of brace under the battery to keep it from falling through? I didn't notice a strap or other system in your pic - what sorcery are you using to keep it in place?
  15. Exactly what I'm after! Thanks a ton, will check it out tomorrow - also helps keep the weight slightly forward, looks like a good solution. Was hoping not to have to splash out on a whole new series of batteries.
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