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  1. I'm with you here, I missed out on the original run of the Fighting Buggy and been kicking myself ever since. Seen a few ebay resales for stupid money, would welcome another production run and won't dither about it this time.
  2. If you really want to blow this years budget (and next) then you can't go wrong getting your hands on a re re Avante or Egress. Both brilliant to build (and to look at) - not bad even to drive once in a while I'm looking at some of the classic Kyosho re releases but very expensive once you factor in motor, esc, electronics etc..they seem to come pretty bare bones. Have my eye on the Optima re re as have never had a chain driven 4wd vehicle and was one of my absolute favorites when I was growing up.
  3. Quite excited about what's just arrived, been wanting to build one of Tamiya's more "modern" vehicles after a few re-re buggies, so though the CC02 would be a good choice. I also like the G500 shape (some would argue this point) but looking forward to seeing how it performs as a trail truck. Will fit with Hobbywing 1080 and some decent rubber, bearings and a reasonable servo.
  4. Thanks @GeoJohnF I had a great time putting it together. Already looking at what to do next! (the trouble with this hobby, enough is never enough). I've considered ordering a spare body once shipping returns back to normal (struggling to get anything delivered from the east at the moment) - I'd like one for running and one for display so will consider an alternate colour - thanks forthe tip!
  5. Thanks for the info, I'd completely forgotten that the original D Parts (3 hole version) weren't used in the build - so while I wait for replacement parts to arrive (I expect it will be months before I can get postage from HK), I'll replace the broken 2 hole version with these originals also included in the kit. May impact the steering a little, but at least will be able to run once again rather than just sitting on the shelf. ...now to figure out how best to get the bearings out without damaging them - they're in there pretty tight!
  6. So my 3 year old decided that manually steering the front wheels of my Re-Re Super Hotshot was great fun, think he liked the sound of the servo crying to be saved. All good an well until the left front upright knuckle snapped at the point where the steering arm screws in to one of the three holes - maybe a bit of a weak point, or maybe just not designed to be tested by little hands. So now am looking at replacement parts, I can order the complete Hotshot D Part set (part 10005116) or have found just the upright set for the Boomerang, Hotshot, Manta Ray, Top Force (part 10445098). These parts are a little different though - the original set is a 3 hole option, and slightly different angle to the 2 hole option of the Boomerang, Hotshot, Manta Ray, Top Force part set. Does anyone know if the 2 hole parts are compatible? I presume they should be, and I'd just need to adjust the steering rod lengths to accommodate the difference. But maybe someone knows if there is more to it and if I'd be safer ordering the original replacements. I'd preferably like to consider an aluminium upgrade for this part, I've seen only an aftermarket option, modeled around the 2 hole version (something like these from rcjaz) Any input greatly appreciated.
  7. What an absolute beauty! Looks like it was built yesterday - what a rare find. Enjoy, if not to run but just to look at and reminisce. Please post more pics or even a running video if you decide to crank it up.
  8. Thanks for the tip - I've got a couple other parts that I'm ordering from Tony so will add these together with the order. Much appreciated.
  9. Finally the build is complete! Looks fantastic, very happy with how it turned out. Decided to mask the windows before painting, just in case one day I want to put a driver figure in (probably won't ever get round to it, but all the same). Was a real pleasure to put this kit together, couldn't resist posting a pic side by side with the Avante - both absolutely stunning.
  10. A bit of a delay getting to the body shell, but have finally trimmed and sanded - now ready for spray. Better weather here this week so will get a chance to complete the build. I must say, I'm a little torn about spraying at all - its such a superb looking platform, almost a shame to cover it up!
  11. Well, its come together very nicely, really pleased with the result - this is a real stunner of a vehicle and a pleasure to build. Still need to do the body, waiting on some good weather to do the spraying outdoors. Couple pics below of the (nearly) finished build, those viewers with eagle eyes will notice the colour difference in the two front damper cylinders. I'll live with it for now, and perhaps will replace them one day if I can even find a set somewhere...
  12. Ok, looks like I panicked a little, the size issue seems not an issue (screwing them in both to their max, the sizes look ok). So I guess I can live with two different colour front shocks. It thats all it is, I can keep calm and carry on. Still interested if anyone else has had this kind of inconsistency in their kits?
  13. Well, I've hit a snag! And looks like a real showstopper. Building the dampers, I noticed something odd with one of the front cylinders, the colour of one of them looked inconsistent. On closer inspection, it looks completely unmatched with any of the others, and on even closer inspection, is a completely different size! This is a real disappointment, as the kit was totally sealed (refer to top pic at the start of this thread). Not certain what to do from here, I purchased this kit a long time ago from RCMart and no way of getting a replacement now. Anyone have any similar experience or comment? Pics below sort of show this as best as possible (poor lighting but should get the idea).
  14. Front axles and uprights assembled and fitted, together with the bumper and front damper stay. Still to fit the steering and then on to the dampers. This is really a marvel to see coming together, starting to look like an Egress!
  15. My only other experience with them is a few scale accessories for my TRX4 Defender, so nothing specifically functional. But like you, this probably won't get much run time so its likely not a big issue.
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