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  1. Well, its come together very nicely, really pleased with the result - this is a real stunner of a vehicle and a pleasure to build. Still need to do the body, waiting on some good weather to do the spraying outdoors. Couple pics below of the (nearly) finished build, those viewers with eagle eyes will notice the colour difference in the two front damper cylinders. I'll live with it for now, and perhaps will replace them one day if I can even find a set somewhere...
  2. Ok, looks like I panicked a little, the size issue seems not an issue (screwing them in both to their max, the sizes look ok). So I guess I can live with two different colour front shocks. It thats all it is, I can keep calm and carry on. Still interested if anyone else has had this kind of inconsistency in their kits?
  3. Well, I've hit a snag! And looks like a real showstopper. Building the dampers, I noticed something odd with one of the front cylinders, the colour of one of them looked inconsistent. On closer inspection, it looks completely unmatched with any of the others, and on even closer inspection, is a completely different size! This is a real disappointment, as the kit was totally sealed (refer to top pic at the start of this thread). Not certain what to do from here, I purchased this kit a long time ago from RCMart and no way of getting a replacement now. Anyone have any similar experience or comment? Pics below sort of show this as best as possible (poor lighting but should get the idea).
  4. Front axles and uprights assembled and fitted, together with the bumper and front damper stay. Still to fit the steering and then on to the dampers. This is really a marvel to see coming together, starting to look like an Egress!
  5. My only other experience with them is a few scale accessories for my TRX4 Defender, so nothing specifically functional. But like you, this probably won't get much run time so its likely not a big issue.
  6. Yep - the inner bearings fits quite snugly, but outer ones seems to be quite loose. I'll see how I go - quick to switch out, but you're probably right, not all that worth the added expense and hassle, the kit hubs are more than adequate.
  7. I remember taking my first overseas trip to London at age 13 and finding a hobby shop in Camden who sold me a set of bearings for my Shogun, the upgrade was tremendous. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the running of the car 30-odd years later, when it finally arrives!
  8. Building the rear arms, really impressed by how sturdy these feel. Fitted the rear hubs, I'm using the Yeah Racing aluminium hubs designed for the Avante but which seem to fit fine. Little bit of lateral play around the bearings but this seems to be absorbed by the diff sponges which put adequate pressure on the rear axles. Will have to see if this impacts the car in any way, can always switch to the kit included hubs if need be. Rear end, really coming together nicely.
  9. Looks like a fund project - reckon it'll go like the clappers with that GT tunes motor in it. Enjoy, post some pics of your progress!
  10. Little more progress today, decided to use the torque splitter, gearboxes now complete. Upper deck fitted and rear stabiliser installed. Its starting to take shape!
  11. Decided to rebuild the diffs - added a little more grease to get them running smoother and figured out what seems to be the right tension. Now the quandary - whether to go with center lock or torque splitter. I've read a bunch of previous posts on this, weighing up the fors and againsts, kind of in two minds. I might experiment with the torque splitter setup just to experience the difference compared with my other vehicles eg the Avante (which is built to spec) but may switch to the center lock for easier (non track) handling down the line.
  12. Some progress made, a few pics below. As mentioned, taking my time with this one, enjoying every step! Step 7 and 8, building the differential gears, was quite new to me - I haven't build a proper ball diff in past models. I'm not all that certain how tight to make them, how smooth they should be (mine feel little "gritty"). Any tips on this step?
  13. Going to be building it largely per original spec - I have the Yeah Racing aluminium front knuckle and rear hub sets which I will fit (used these on the Avante also). I may try to find a set of the blue rod ends which were used on the original (apparently the F parts from the Clodbuster will work). But for now, thats about it.
  14. Haha, thanks - I hope I do it the justice it deserves. I'm looking forward to seeing how this compares with the build of the Avante, which I thought was an absolute masterpiece of engineering.
  15. So I had planned to keep this one on ice for a while longer, waiting for a rainy day so to speak. But given the extended lockdown circumstances where I am, figured now's as good a time as any to get building. This will complete my trio of Tamiya re-re's that I'd always wanted to build - the Super Hotshot, Avante and now the Egress. What will come next...open to suggestions! I'll post a couple of build pics for anyone interested, will take my time with this one, so progress may be a little slow.
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