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  1. I had them the whole time hanging in the Western Room ordered two sets of these with a friend in my late teens. i see them almost everyday by the patio door, so i went to FED X Office to see about copies, asked if they had waterproof paper, they just had a new water resistant paper that came out (more like plastic film and i could not tear it). manager said i was the first one to have something printed on this type of material from his store. came home cut out the smaller four labels and coated West Systems on them to make them waterproof, colors did not run, and material didn't curl, came out better than expected. these are going on the Cement Jugs. today i rummaged through stuff i knew i had, but it's like you knew you had when you come across them again, OL' Skeleton keys. one in the door and a few hanging inside by the door. i was 6 when i first went to DisneyLand, and a few more times in my teens, and Growl Grotto has me feeling exactly how i felt riding through the Pirates of the Caribbean,
  2. see the Beam? that area was going to be slated, one A.M. i'm looking at the beam (it had set atop of the grotto for many many years to be used as a center support when the top landing was to be cemented to shore up the OSB. i told that beam "you are staying"😃 Cement painted black (both landings) i need a gold vein running through it though.
  3. this door i fabbed with T1-11(stained) and Stave Line (my grandfather worked at the refinery for 38 years back when it was Flying A and retired when it was Phillip 66) he and my uncle brought back to his house six (6) miles end to end of this cupped, tongue and groove 2"x4" Red Wood (ancient) lumber, 16 make a tube, when it leaked they would tie around a metal wire band and slap creosote to stop it from leaking, this was supplying water from the Delta to the cooling towers. this stuff has been used for planters, fences, retaining walls, siding on a cabin, a puzzle divider, wishing well, trivets, gates and a bunch a cool stuff. corner shelves are two halves adhered together of black slate with hammered soft copper bands for edges.
  4. hand rails have been in the back of my mind for many years above the retaing wall, so i used 3/4" Galv. pipe with 3/8" rebar(painted with Rustoleum brown hammer paint) bent in a hoop anchor cemented inside with water heater copper flex connectors smashed flat used as finials to accept 1 1/2" rope. i was so excited when this fat ars Manilla rope came in, that i installed it before i put in place the Ol' ceramic cement factory burners that were supposed to be the post bases to hide the 1 1/2" and 4" metal pipes that the 3/4" are cemented into, well i could of bent the 3/8" rebar and removed the rope (which is epoxied and tied off in a whipping type knot so it can not be removed) so i did this instead.................... Arizona Ice Tea Jugs i'll color them Terra Cotta or tan/ brown and find some labels cross bones and skulls, moonshine or something old and nostalgic looking. i'm looking for large round corks ( a copper band i can do and have already, i just hammer soft copper and bend).
  5. BTO, I'll have to shop for them, i have so much Vinyl and CD's. (and DVD's) another great addiction! i usually start collecting like well, when you mentioned BTO. How about Joe Bonamassa? his story, his music made me cry. caught him one late night on PBS, and who comes on stage with him during his performance Paul Rodgers and Eric Clapton, i wept like a new born babe HA!😂
  6. Music Makes Magic............................................
  7. A fifteen year endeavor, finally the time and money has been appropriated to finish it. now my crawlers will get a taste of the Great Outdoors ( still need to rebuild the back fence and the left side retaining wall). a lot more animals (garden statues) are awaiting to be placed on, around and next to the waterfall and cave, I named it The Growl Grotto, a few more river rocks, flagstone, slate pieces, foliage and place the pump and experiment on the flow.
  8. Saw The Oz at Cow Palace in the early eighties right before Rhodes died, Like Stevie Ray just died way too soon, i always imagine how much more music they could of shared.........................................................................................................................................................................It's truly Heaven and (H)-ell here on earth.
  9. REO Speedwagon, Bob Seager, Paul Rodgers, Triumph, Rush, Def Leopard, Saxon, Pink Floyd, 38 Special Driving down the Highway Tunes, i like to rotate once a week between 6-10 CD's next week Survivor, Journey, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Night Ranger, Billy Squire, Bad Co., The Henry Paul Band,
  10. Mini Rio fires up, i think it'll be too fast for my pool, But i can tone it down and dial it back with its programs with TX and program card. i've been working on my Grand Grotto and tring to finish what i started 15 yrs ago. so what time i thought would be into RC, well, concentrating on my backyard again. 32 years in this house and it's seen alot of changes.
  11. just saw a Carrera Structo ship and a sail boat on Ebay, and a neat lil' buggy i may purchase if it's there Friday.
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