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  1. Here's some fun... https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/air-options-inc.487380/
  2. What's in a Tamiyan ? a Fun filled creative adventurous always trying, learning and sharing ideas with fellow Tamiyan citizens
  3. I don't think mines a rocket............................. but it moves. 79CC Preditor built this five years ago
  4. found some past photos on some stashed away SD Cards Engine from the 1926 Antoinette i built but never flew......................some day (really is meant for non windy days or in a Gym)
  5. Just finished the final touches for the ENM Hour Meter Mount for Harpoon Hanna (that's what I named her, the S-B Compressor that is)............ 2" PVC pipe & Cap A Spare Shock Painted with Shaker Hood Matte Black MC cable inside is ACER's 12 AWG Super Worm Silicone wires CF Vinyl Wrap and Yeah Racing Aluminum Diamond Plate.
  6. Miller Engineering October new Neon sign releases are out.. Just now ordered these two Between my 1/32nd, HO and N scale i now own 19 or was it 20 of their signs.......... Brilliant!
  7. VT-735-80FP ORDERED! Been collecting bits and pieces, Wow! using bicycle headsets for air filter holders, post details later.
  8. I have only sprayed painted a whole car once, and various projects through out time, for the most part it's pneumatic tools and the tire fills. been reading so much on compressors of things i never knew they are so far from just plugging some cord in the wall, so not only have i read extensively on all aspects from water, contaminants, drains, traps, cooling, there's so much i read with all the different types of AC's Rotary vane/screw, Pre- lubrication, oil-less and for me Splash, (found out that oil-less at the most they only have a 3000 hour life on their pumps. Aluminum heads with cast iron sleeves, Cast heads, different types of pump valves, motors, lower RPM for longevity. Can use with Black Iron pipe, Copper (I am using copper) and or aluminum (never use PVC Pipe) What metals to use that are compatible with less galvanic activity and so much other info, somethings I knew already, a ton of things i knew nothing about but all in all it's been quite the exploration and just knowing the fact (learned through The Garage Journal Forum) NO More Box Store Air Compressors) I wanted an air compressor to out live me. So when shopping i came down to three (and yes there's a few more i had cross examined) but in this order it came down to Saylor-Beall, Champion and FS Curtis) There's quite a lot of new so called Silent Air Compressors also different ways to silent them if yours is not (Solberg Silencers) I really wanted the Kellogg American but somewhat hard to find it looked like a Train to me and there logo was so nostalgic .... any ways, gathering various ball valves, reducers, plugs, nipples and airline fittings, hose reel (been rolling up hoses for yars' now), struts and clamps, filters, traps, air dryer, unions, had some things here already being i do plumbing quite often, there's only a lil electrical to do being there's no plugging this into the wall. soon as more parts arrive i'll post em' and go over what they are just for fun and perhaps maybe that some of you here can post their air museum mechanical art on here also. This reminds me of Steam Boy a great story and movie.
  9. Welp, I'm holding my breath for this to come and breath for me............................................ VT-735-80FP been learning more about air compressors as of late since my 27 gallon Husky took its last breath awhile ago. In Conclusion, this will be the last air compressor i'll ever need to purchase. there's going to be pictures later of mechanical art on the wall to cool, dry, trap, drain, filter and give a lot more gusto to my air tools. Blow me down or up which ever comes first
  10. ACCEL


    Hello WideOpen, read you had some RC boats, Nitro? I haven't in a while but learned a great deal on electrics at OSE(Off Shore Electrics) started with a Pro-Boat Stiletto and the rest came, 18 later, some ARTR, some kits, some remodeled, oh and one submarine, i never got into gas or nitro, do love the sounds and smells. i did have a Kyosho ABS hull in the 80's ran a Trinity Monster brushed motor with my Makita stick batteries, those days are long gone. Well have fun on this site. i know it's one of the greatest forums in Webdom.
  11. When i order parts it goes like this 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD (RWD) Big Horn Edition(SLT) Quad Cab, 4 speed Automatic 8' long bed Fleetside 5.9L Cummins or you do not get any parts. Some places ask exactly what i typed some are less specific and that's what falls into a trap being most are 4X4's and only some parts are compatible
  12. This is the slot card the receipt came in upon opening the package. While studying, reading and learning more about air compressors (industrial, commercial size, i'm done with box store air) i kept coming across the brand TEKTON, and to find out let me say they are replacing an accumulation of sockets, of mixed brands some i'll keep(i have hand tools since my bicycle and go cart days of old) but most i'm giving away. Anyways for the quality and price perhaps, I wish i've known about them before TEKTON. There is fondness now since i have been purchasing a lot of sets all that are right there in the same box for each Drive, it's like your shoes are already on your feet when you get out of bed and ready to go they're pry bars have an excellent rating, just GOOGLE TEKTON and read about them, I had never heard of them before. Throughout my history i have acquired and purchased sockets and wrenches from Craftsman, Thorsen, S&K, Husky, Pittsburg, Snap-On, VLCEK, HINS DALE, Challenger, PLUMB, EASCO, Power Kraft, Power Built, ACE, Crewline, STANLEY, SPARTA, P&C, Williams, TITAN, New Britain, Kobalt, Crescent, Penncraft and GILLER Grandpa and Dad had a lot of these, and i'll keep some but not all, mix matched sets, some complete sets but worn to a frazzle, besides holding a whole complete set that weighs as much as a Bulldozer makes me smile.
  13. Trust me when i say i can not wait till its all done i have so many things going on as do you and others of these flipped out times, that really i could go purchase a new used truck but then i'd miss all this excitement.
  14. Lateral Lock Clamps for Sway Bar: Front & Rear Shocks: this is so much fun i think i'll bounce for joy😁
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