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  1. ACCEL

    tq rc racing a good site to buy from?

    I Fargin Dig'em! quick ship, easy to navigate and a plethora of parts. minus side CA. Tax were pushing 10% in some areas.
  2. ACCEL

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    before i'd stay on Amazon, now Amazon is Ebay yesteryear. Ebay i have only had a few problems and ALL went my way. there is times i have missed ordered (not reading thoroughly) and return shipping costs it's cheaper to keep it and use elsewhere or re-sell it. in the first conception i never understood the auction side, too many variables, i want it i buy it now. so far all purchases from ebay have been really good and established communications with many vendors that i purchase frequently and has been most fun these last couple of years. If you do not know what you are purchasing and if it's used prepare how to reconstruct. Ebay has been around how long? Exactly, Amain. Falcon, Stormer, RcMart, Goinitro , and alot of other vendors sell there and yes i still visit and shop on their sites, but as of late (depending on product) the better deal is Ebay, free ship, different price (sometimes it's more) majority it's less. That said i miss my Hobbytown, great people were there helped me with several projects mostly electrics. so all that said I'll Purchase my RC Fix from whom ever has the product i need, price point is always an issue. that said for those that delve into this hobby expect to Pay.
  3. ACCEL

    Mad Max Fury Road War Rig build

    This is a really neat Pic i had sent to me today from Fast Eddy that had a booth there............
  4. ACCEL


    Mission Control We Have A Go.................................................................
  5. ACCEL


    Winter is over, and Eleanor has come out of her den.................................
  6. ACCEL

    Pacific Green Grand Hauler

    At first i was so Gun Ho on this build (still am) it's just when i first aquired this kit it took a very long time to shop for different parts, thus another reason to be part this Great Club. So upon searching for these parts i kept coming across other marvelous projects to aquire and partake in the endevorest quest of one of the neatest things on this planet earth to build RC. now i am contemplating on building a trailer or purchase one, for building one would be made of various aluminum pieces i save from jobs ie...shower door frames, door thresholds, ladders, door and window screen channels, ect... That said it would be fun and a challange, purchasing one would save so much time, it comes down to a mood of, are these Trailer kits worth their wieght? building and fabricating won't be so bad once that i have a blue print (which is mostly visual and scaling size from what i see on line) plus it's going to take quite some time to aquire materials and some purchsed products. so this is will be a longer build than i anticiapated. MFC, what i know now and what i have read (not installed yet) i personally will never purchase another one ever. at first when i read up on it, i knew there was pros and cons to this wicked device, but staying true to Tamiya i told my self "You'll just have to learn it"πŸ˜’ πŸ˜† 😁
  7. ACCEL


    He looks like Spicoli (on Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
  8. ACCEL

    what a sound!!!!

    That'll be the sound of Angels during the Grapes of Wrath right before the Four Horsemen take you for the life that you've had. now if they would come out with smellavision that would add sweetness to the air. reminds me of the Outlaw races when i was i kid and pop's Boss 428 CI C.J. 70 Mach 1. different sound but even at 7 years old i'd get goose bumps.
  9. ACCEL


    Well, Let's Roll Along...........................🚚................................. we know of the Xspede beadlocks, but there is a few others in here that look nice for her paw prints also. About⏰ 30 hours left on stand by. well the chassis is far from completed, and truthfully it's going to be fitted to another, for now it will be sporting on the VBC Racing Wildfire for the photos (it's the first TC chassis i built quite a bit ago) and now for some reason i'm on a TC kick, way too many neat looking body shells to be had, yeah....... that's itπŸ‘
  10. It's because you are one of those that inspire me to build and do it better each time. You are one of the Grandest RC Enthusiast i try to emulate. i always enjoy your build threads. and that darn crazy SWB name you came up with, i'll never forget it.
  11. 1st i write every thing down (i am a paper trail hound) second if you drink alcohol your mind will always linger in a fog. that and my Higher Power keeps me focused any ways it took many years but it absolutey works for me. i'll never look nor return to what i was. Dang! i sound like my Dad i totally dig that Ol' song by
  12. all i can remember is that speed dial on a rotory phone was how fast you could force your index finger in the opposite direction. i knew when FB came out with everybody sniff'n each other's cracks there would be problems. this was started at collage level. sounds like a bad sitcom to me. pick up the phone, or for that matter write a personal letter (i believe that still has more meaning). i rekon FB has its place (not for me) i could care less what the "F" you ate that day😜