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  1. Orange Ping Pong Ball, i have made these larger and much smaller with different size balls. Pops was a partner in a 76 station many many years ago. Still a few more lights in some spots to add later. I hope you enjoy and give what any scale model layout a try, lights are fun but, time consuming, but the reward brightens things up.
  2. Well, lets light this joint up! Start your engines.
  3. A few more garbage cans and small scratch build accessories and waiting for the NAPA Auto and Michelin Man Neon signs that come out in the middle of May. oh and needs a light or two for the out door dinning area. other than that, the layout lights up tremendous, quite the illuminating experience
  4. Transformer connection station each connector, one for the Neon signs 4.5V & the other for LED 12V lighting these are two different slot car display cases to make this station 1 1/4" brad nails for for tin roof (weathered) small connectors tuck away as though a Lil' jewel case
  5. Inside a Cen-Tec Ohm meter (3mm bulbs fit nicely, green is constant and the yellow & red are flashing)
  6. Press Tower LED Lights, but my version of a fluorescent tube
  7. i have this track wired for two trans formers, one for each lane, and two sets of jumper cables as to have power to lanes from afar so you don't have to have a loss of power at the farthest points of the track.
  8. Hey SC82 wish it was bigger, but oh well still fargin fun. these lil cars are way faster then yesteryear, heck they hardly fall off, almost boring, the older cars i think are actually funner at least you have to may more attention, i have quite a few of the brand spanking new ones and basically full trigger it's like magic I mean strong magnets
  9. Almost there, have layout wiring to do, waiting on the Press & Media Tower, a high voltage transmission tower and water tower, things i could have built but kits are fun and that much more accurate. Started collecting some vintage slot cars from around the world and purchased some inexpensive people i need to repaint, ones like Woodland Scenic are done very well and the price reflects it so the others are a lot of doppelgangers so repainting them different colors makes them look better and are for more or less for crowd fillers at the fraction of the cost. There well be a day and night photo shot when done hopefully soon. I learned one thing doing my other layouts they just are never a 100% complete. Thanx B.RAD, When I started my 1/32 Scalextric layout and Z scale, then a N now this, they all contributed to each other to build certain things i see and collect, it's time consuming but rewarding to be able to find bits and pieces to make something look like we use every day or at least an resemblance for no money at all, well glue and paint, but they're always around.
  10. The universe was void of light, not any more.. pen pieces & miscellaneous helps bring a brighter future...
  11. a couple of these for visual fillers, plus the added bonus of spare chassis and parts These are Auto World Barn Finds, they have quite a bit of variety of makes and models of these rust buckets
  12. You know yogi-bear there in the park is your picn'-nic basket I thought not lighting this layout, but it's fun to make light fixtures, the ones for my 1/32 Scalextric especially the ones i used from long BBQ lighters, wiring is one of those things that take a bit more time than the other parts of the build. waiting on some flashing LEDS for the starting line and marshal tower, the piece i'm using for the holder (3) ports came out of a Cen-Tec Ohm meter.
  13. REO Speedwagon ................I beleieve it's time for me to fly... & row
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