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  1. well here's one of about six of different sizes going in right now........................ The ships are sailing in. i have three of these brass shelves that some one did not want on a job i did many many moons ago, i sand blasted them and hung one a fence and below the exterior windows of my bathroom and bedroom, took about an hour to wire wheel. each rod is threaded on the ends so it helped in the process. almost there. you think to yourself these little projects would only take a few minutes Ha! they do, then add them up like nickles, dimes and quarters and now you have a lot of change (time that is).
  2. i'd of used (not just for RC) but conical aluminum washers or anodized and what ever size socket head (black, SS, or?) and dressed it up some. but hey in a pinch you do what is needed to do. when i took my dash apart went to Harbor Freight and purchased the different sets of the hard plastic pry bars. they make a plastic welder and epoxy but it's hit or miss. at least your dash is on secure. had to JB weld a blinker switch rod lever once, still on and solid, time will tell.
  3. Almost there, this weekend it should be complete minus some small stone work and grout. decorating now, finishing up one more lantern. door is getting a A29 2-3/8" Basket Rim Lock Black Powder Coat Finish A292 came with two brass skeleton keys.Whew! then onto the restructure of the other side retaining wall.
  4. i've been getting that frequently often and or TAX deducted or reinstated, and the Visa over sea fee thing (i forget the actual term, it's not much). "You wanna Play? then you get to Pay". sometimes not often they'll put a Lil' gift in there, one time it was hard candy (No Thank You).
  5. i have found more good than bad on ebay as of the past two years than any other time since their conception. I had purchased a pair of new/used speakers that were hard to find, thus when received item there was only one speaker, Ebay sided with me, there's more to the story "he said, she said" scenario, very awkward to say the least. i have actually made several friends with some vendors that have treated me golden and they know i'm never in a rush for these materialistic items. every once in a while something comes damaged and well takes time but ebay pulls through for me every time. i'll be as polite as possible when typing, these very words and works like a charm every time (i do mean it with all sincerity though) with this "Hello and salutations" and and then state my case and finish with "Thank You with Kind Regards". ems.
  6. this is the Fat Fox Gulf build (Buggyra) The rears: these attach just like you seem them just left and right below the coupler plate, they swivel ever so to grab and snap to the other magnet to my valve stem caps. The Fronts:
  7. you will not be able to use stock position body post but just about any TC chassis will work including the TT01
  8. i had purchased a 24" ship wheel some months ago to be wall mounted, that's on my office wall now. to date i finished this after the nautical table was built i purchased a plain 18" wheel to save space and.................................................. this week faux paint PVC pipe and fittings to match Terracotta, actually started some 3" some months ago now for the 2" sections. keep running amok with these projects and ideas i couldn't leave well enough alone i sanctioned wall space and ceiling in my office for some rather awesome pictures and model ships, had a few before some i built some i purchased already made. i do actually dig futuristic sci-fi things and movies but when it comes to homestead i'll always be rustic. just recreated all my low voltage lighting to LED and other 115V lighting for out back and in the Growl has been rather time consuming, some i even made from scratch....
  9. Pressure washing done. started putting some treasures in.
  10. KEETER This bench locker is getting modified, so remember these two photo's......................................................... yes it's plastic and the seat lifts up, i'm making it sturdier and more, well you'll see.........................................................................
  11. some things are for the backyard in general, you are so funny for real. Just like my RC builds you just get caught up in the moment and my thoughts just keep click'n. the master plan is that this should of been done YEARS AGO. But i do not think it would of been as Grand. like every thing i touch some times i have to keep remaking it several times because other ideas or products pop up. and i believe it's funner that way, sometimes a pain peddling backwards but i know i'll make it uphill and eventually get to coast down
  12. Truthfully after the wife left and with my eldest son who was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when he was 15 and he's 34 now i have to take care of him, and it's just him and i here at home. when we all were younger i took my family everywhere possible, did the little league for nine years with three kids, well, by Cracky, (with the help and by the Grace of God) i'm doing every thing i always pondered to do with ideas and stuff i've had and recently acquired to get busy and stay focused on day by day as time and funds allow. i have not drank four almost four years, at 56 come this Monday i have the same energy as i did when i was in my twenty's just with more pain you might say this is a Journal more than anything, i'm having fun and wanted to share because the talents that are here just on RC alone are remarkable But i know we all have other great traits to share because sitting idle is not good for the body and soul. so on that note keep all your limbs within the ride of life and hang on!
  13. i purchased a few funnny car dragsters when Hobby Lobby opened here in town a few years ago, was using the bodies & engines for my Slot Car dragster builds, i think they were in the low to mid 20 dollar range. i thought the same thing but i wanted them and this town is scarce for almost any one thing that i think is cool to purchase besides food and clothes. i remember when even Toys"R"US use to have models including rockets, now they have hardly anything that i can purchase, seems everything is on line and endless of pickings and way better prices.
  14. Ditto! acts like a Pinball Machine well i just now was able to edit, the other night wasn't possible Windows 10 and Google this 2nd edit started to twitch but stopped instantaneously. 3rd attempt just now acted up slightly longer, i'm just glad it's not my laptop. still bucking but stops.
  15. VINTAGE WESTERN TWO HORSESHOE Forge Lexington Mass DINNER BELL US Pat 187664, i can't find the year it was made. ebay has one for sale and the clapper is slightly different.
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