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  1. Arrived the other day... I will use Testors metalizer paints to detail some of the parts
  2. Once these kits are delivered, it's hard not to do.
  3. I've done plenty of boat work and and trimming, and removing resin infested servo and motor mounts, transoms, stuffing tubes, hatch compartments ect... i had to get really good with a Dremel. it's all in that adjustable speed control, too slow it, binds, too fast it melts so there is a medium, and depending how the cut particles meld balling up but not fusing back together and self sealing on itself again it's cut forward, then slightly back all the while to keep an edge that will have to be sanded, filed after the initial cut as to make room for any mistakes and keeping it from hopping and dinging any other part of the body. Be it CF, FRP, ABS, Lexan, PVC aluminum, metal and even the dogs nails. Dremel is my friend.
  4. Those two above i swear those were mine....................................................................................................
  5. i have some JConceptz and the wheel and tire beads are for their products only. (not all their stuff) but I purchased some tires , thinking they'd fit another brand rim and then had to order their wheels.
  6. Now you tell me, you have my PM and email address, keep me posted and i'll chat with you soon. Get well right now, and know you are my friend.
  7. I just had to repost all this wonderful information...............................Dang dude, you go son!
  8. what the heck does that supposed to mean?, now you're scaring me Smalls
  9. well then from here on out i'll know you as Scrumptious
  10. They are i have a set for a 240Z
  11. 1/32 Slot Autoart 13021 Lamborghini Murcielago, Metallic Yellow, Lighted (C) for $39.95 at Electric Dreams may just purchase it to cherish this thread but i like this one better Autoart 13112 Lamborghini Miura
  12. Thanx a bunch for that info Mr.Crumble. (i don't believe you are all that bad) i have purchased from him on ebay before and can't remember what part it was and to what vehicle. Now 250 clams i ain't complaining, i couldn't make that part, i could come close to a mock up of it and it would work, but i do not have the right equipment for that type of precision especially for where the bearings seat. It is a very nice looking piece of hardware for sure. after all i just junked the 16 smack aluminum wing for it was just a wee bit wider than the stock wing. and threw 60 coins at two sets of Tamiya aluminum adjustable wing mounts. but sometimes i just find certain things need to look a certain way. Truthfully i thought someone out there did some type of aftermarket piece, if cooper813 was a manufacture such as Integy, Exotek, Yeah Racing, GPM, STRC, or one of the many others those arms would be less than half the cost. OK to buy or not to buy that is the question, 250 for new cordless Makita batteries or more hop ups for Jeremiah? Aw! well as usual it's like chocolate chip cookies, "I'll take two of each, they're small."
  13. As Luigi would say "We only like the Ferrari"
  14. I haven't seen those yet. i've been pondering quite some time how to clad the plastic ones and beef them up. i don't mind the shape of the stock ones at all, and wish someone would manufacture them in aluminum. Thanx for sharing the pics, now i'll be on the hunt.
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