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  1. I found out earlier in the build there are two different size wheel hexes for this machine,12mm & 9mm which also means there are two different sized threaded rear shafts and wheels (rims). well that's nice.
  2. this makes it official
  3. Still wet.................
  4. Is the baking soda used as an expansion filler? never heard of this, how fabtabulous, Arm & Hammer truly has many uses. I'm actually a 20 Mule Team man myself
  5. just found out that Yeah racing Titanium (i still think it's more aluminum) drilled out fairly easy, i lucked out. Can't stand when that happens, but when it does it's good practice
  6. when i was building the Bluefish i had to use a brass tube for the dog bone couplers diameter holes (being it's a twin motor drive) so i had to do both motors. The brass tube cut to length and used LOCTITE 638 Retaining Compound. now that said this 638 basically chemical welds tight tolerance metals like nobody's business, i use it for my FE boats cable and shaft drives and it has never failed.................yet. so like if you went from 3.17mm and stepped up to 5mm pinion (then you could have more teeth to chose from), you could use Stainless steel tube also and stuff the remaining void inside with a steel rod (drill bits work well for lots of Pin work). well like every thing we get to experiment with it would be fun trying. or find a longer shaft or different motor. i've cut motor shafts down before that's easy, extending is another. they also have reducer sleeves https://www.amainhobbies.com/robinson-racing-3.17mm-to-5mm-reducer-sleeve-1-8-to-5mm-rrp1200/p25015 i do not know how far it can hang over though.
  7. Warning: Side window masks are bigger than the side widows prepare to trim to fit, that is all.
  8. i think i like what's in the back ground better now they're way more faster................................ oh and your Scorcher is Blazen' i like the blue arms & rod ends
  9. That movie was really funny, Sinbad plays the postman and Phil Hartman was his obnoxious neighbor. on a side note i find it hilarious not to offend anybody because everybody has such deep feelings, like make room, you can not, nor never please everybody, oh let's make laws against it and raise taxes to pay for the bleeding hearts that only cry out for more. until there's something physical what problems can so many people have GO BUILD SOMETHING! Turnip J yes most of us have morals and know where to draw a line, (i'm plain sick of it) but enough is enough and if someone abroad reads into it what it really is not Please come work with me for one day, you'll cry for mommy!
  10. 5 down, two to go... Scroll saw, Dremel, orbital sander, elbow grease and drilled some holes. still have to fit the middle arm/ tower brace and then drill holes.....................later. the other two pieces i have to modify when the other kit arrives( i did not want to tear down what i already have done to this frog that's almost complete), PS-11 paint arrived and i'm still trying to figure out why
  11. ok i'm ordering a test Transmission better known from here on out as the Trani Deep Pond Experiment i am going to fuse this trani- with a a thin sheet 0.5mm Carbon Fiber woven sheet (around the black thin edge), more for looks, strength time can only tell.
  12. ordered them about a month ago. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Hot Racing TTDR3728H and this gear ratio https://hot-racing.com/?partnumber=TTDR3827H;c=1289 https://www.rcmart.com/gpm-racing-aluminum-39t-12t-rear-main-gear-black-for-tamiya-t3-01-t31239t-bk-00087528 https://www.rcmart.com/hot-racing-aluminum-spur-gear-39t-12t-for-tamiya-t3-01-dancing-rider-ttdr3912h-00080100 https://www.asiatees.com/display?Tamiya-T3-01-Dancing-Rider-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=Tamiya&model=T3-01+Dancing+Rider&id=161757&pid=1 this is all could find as of right now (intermediate gear?) when i shop for a model i always scour for their hop ups and purchase every thing weather it's needed or not. too many times in the past i have looked into purchasing after the fact and all i get is crickets. it's the inherent risk of supply and demand, and i demand them all right now their has been a few times where i'll get a couple of the same part just in case but then that cuts into some other builds needed parts, it's hit or miss. i bid you luck Tamiya Fan 1.
  13. Almost 3 months, yes that's Three months that the fronts have been out of stock. Well they finally rolled in The stuff that galaxy's are made of............................................................................. now i just need to get to ACE and get the "O" Rings.
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