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  1. Dakratfink Found this build to be one of the funnest being so different and all did you post your build?
  2. I'm here i'll PM you all about it. It's reality and it's fun and sometimes hurts all at the same time miss ya to buddy. i'm not far just trying this ride called life
  3. so just to be clear everything is on hold, for circumstances beyond my control, not nothing i can not endure, it's just life here on planet earth. certain people here know the details that have gotten to know me but every one here i adore are in my prayers. It's funny how i miss building right now, but i have to grab hold what's in front of me now. It's good and some sad but nothing i can not endure to make it trough. anyways keep building your A$$es off i'll catch up later.
  4. My option pads for my AE B6.2 are made of Carbon Fiber. These are Team Brood's
  5. Plates have arrived... I'm assuming they're dishwasher safe
  6. Without music nothing i do would be possible, Strum till they're numb. Could you possibly be the Jukebox hero?
  7. whom ever has the item in stock. These parts are getting hard to find in stock and back orders could be never anytime soon. So in theory Covid 19 has infected inanimate objects as well.
  8. I'm not a high gloss fan either, plus it depends where it's being placed.
  9. Quite the under taking, some waterproofing and side pontoons and heck you'll have a house boat also That is time i can respect. I had been following this for quite some time when i first viewed it on the "Other Makes" thread. I dig scratch build. Just think what you maybe sparked in some one else's imagination?
  10. CAUTION: LIPO,s, LiFe, NiMH battery heck any battery can be very volatile (yes when done correctly they're safe) Note: keep all batteries in a Ammunition Metal Box with a 1/4" or 1/2" hole drilled into it (a lil' metal screen over the hole to keep the bugs out). You need to read as much info and ask questions and research chargers about chemistry capabilities if you plan on charging different types in the future, most do All in One but need to be specifically programmed input for their levels, there has been a flux of more easily operated chargers to hit the market as of late. HiTec , Spektrum and a few more have gotten easier to use, so cost and your time to study will factor how easily it will be to charge these batteries with ease. There's a lot of info and a lot of charger models and there's well this place. Get a Volt/Ohm meter and or battery cell checker also, i always double check my batteries just for fun and helps keep me in the safe zone. I never rely on any one electronic device. Man made them and my house and vehicles are important to me.
  11. Marvelous simply marvelous! A true Golden Oldie. the music is an absolute kick.
  12. They're just how i like it SILVER & BLACK.
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