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  1. Can you say Johnny Cab? from the movie Total Recall................ now that's beautiful...............................................................................................................................NOT!
  2. Jake Busey. 78 what car is this?, please post picture it looks patina and old i love it, is it a VW BUG?
  3. GET THAT TRUCK OFF MY PLANET! in case you can not read what's said above i repeat............................... GET THAT TRUCK OFF MY PLANET!
  4. start your own company, dang dude!
  5. ACCEL

    C7 Valkyrie Vette

    Juice from Odin..............................................................
  6. i do not have to worry about that anymore (her that is), Speedy knows. I know this vessel was never here forever all the more to give a **** where it's going, it's what i do, my three adult children are not into it, friends of mine have other interests and the grand kids well lets just say Great grandma loves them very very much. on that note i'll just have fun building whether at work or here it's all i have and The Almighty.
  7. so i got to thinkn' (it happens) so like when i'm going down for the big sleep, who in God's name is getting all my RC vehicles? well, yes, sure my three grandsons could have a few but i do not want them going to the dumps. when i was about 10 i went with my grandpa to the dumps, so as usual i always was looking for adventure and stuff, low and behold in the original box mind you, looked new to me, cox engine was oily but the P40 was intact a really neat line controlled air plane, had it for years never fired it up, later my mom gave it away. well i do not want that to happen to my RC's (not to just anybody)so i'm going down to my lawyers office at the end of this month and see what legal and fit way of dispersing such hobbies about for Tamiyan Citizens around the world when my LIPO runs out. certain factors have to be curtailed and certain practices of legality to be sorted (i'm complicated) he's not going to be happy doing this (remember Brewsters Millions with Richard Pryor?) well that's me no not Brewster, the old man "Nobody was in that closet helping me smoke those cigars" so in turn i just figured i'm going to have fun before i go, oh you'll never know who, you'll never when, but i know this will be fun. i'll name three people to be my executor of course i have to have their permission so as to get addresses to send these dang things, don't worry, it wouldn't be fun if shipping was't included. never did understand that Win a prize and pay fargin taxes on it. geez i feel like i did not win a darn thingšŸ˜µ this isn't happening over night, i just want some one that knows how to work on them to enjoy them, that's what i thought when i gave my Frog to my nephew and does not have it any more, just received one the other day after all these years. what better place in RCdom than here? exactly........................................................................... so on that note grab life by the horns.
  8. The Avante 2011 has a looooooooooooong story, but i was glad when i finally replaced the trani, some times too fast is not good. long story short CC will melt Tamiya parts. did fine for about 2 sessions. there's a silver lining to that can.
  9. Aw yes the aluminum bling bling, some good some bad some happy some sad, well it's Asiatees with GPM or direct, RCMart for Yeah racing and STRC is almost every where, once in awhile Exotek, Integy is alright, their items some are off the shelf some i just toss, remember it seems each company only makes certain parts for each and every car so you'll be mixing it up at times, it's really weird. watch out also and it's hit or miss but some parts are compatible with other models, now that's where the shopping fun begins. i try to purchase Tamiya's when they can be had, Ebay's a great place just keep in mind where it's coming from and just how long it will take.some aluminum parts are some times not as great as they appear. and do not forget better bearings, i still do not know why Tamiya doesn't put good bearings in their kits, they work and personally i just have so many bearings all over because i have fun purchasing expensive balls, i Love Fast Eddy's because he's not far away and he provides many bearings in different car kits that we purchase that we'll never know about, and ACER is down right crazy but i crave their ceramics, AVID because they have great stickers with theirs, purchased some blue rubber sealed ABEC5's on ebay for a song they were so nice i had to purchase another set. so on that note plastics are fine when they break you'll know it, Aluminum can bend and you'll be scratching your head for awhile, what happened? CF where and when possible. all parts have their place, what material they're made of is truly in the eye of the beholder.
  10. can yo still get the Orange RX's they're always out of stock at hobby king? i just purchased two AGF servos not overly priced, servos are like brussel sprouts won't know until you try them. every time i see a servo of a brand i do not recognize i buy it, some are sleepers with out the high price tag like Solar or JX.
  11. whatever works they all have their plus and minuses my TA has clips front and magnets rear i wanted that racing hood clip look. fuzzy Velcro is a complete pain, stuff gets caught up in the material and it does not last but i do use Scotch/3M 10lb Extremely Strong Wet or Dirty for the ESC's and RX's, i assume if you used it on a body you would rip your body in sections if lexan or crack it if it was hard shell PVC or ABS. i like manipulating magnets it's fun. but truly clips are here to stay.
  12. the purists here will say brushed, i just received the XV-01 and no holds barred for me, i'm a HobbyWing nut for their esc's i have about 60 and 0 has ever given me a problem boats included motors are fargin endless, for Rally between 17turns and 27T you could go lower but why?. radio gear is subjective there's a lot of no name brands that work quite well and RX's are inexpensive. just remember watch your gearing, heat is the killer, and it come s as Puff the Magic Dragon any ol' how welcome to the funnest place on earth next chocolate chip cookies.
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