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  1. It's been a while so i'm putting this up https://www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1421055-kawi-klx140r-f-my-findings/?tab=comments#comment-17084099
  2. That's very cool, like the camo stuff they use on hunting and camping equipment. You'd be left with an unusual sink.
  3. LIke neighbors for instance some are truly great and old town down to earth, others i'd love for them to just move far and away! (politely speaking). Heck some day I'd really enjoy some of you up close and personal it would be fun, good food, good drink, great times! . Do unto others as you'd do unto yourself and if that doesn't work, well i have SOoooooo much to do and look forward to doing it all then to worry about a stick in the mud.
  4. Funny most people generally do not shy away from conversations if something that has a common interest. My take on your story is they were embarrassed about wreaking their RC ride. What's the neatest about your story is that you and your daughter are out enjoying a bike ride, Priceless!
  5. well something got installed tonight.................... Proto type(have to make another one ) here I go again lap top parts and pieces for all types of vehicles be it 1:1, RC's, slots and trains who knew how versatile spent laptops and computers truly can be when they go kaput? well?............ this is for the Mod of the Air Filter snorkel removal and this holds down a UNI- Filter pad sheet piece in its place...... so i need to make it slightly different and larger
  6. It's true, i just joined on Thumper Talk motorcycle forum, it's funny i do not get the positive vibes like I get here, then again i just joined a week ago. maybe it's me as George Carlin would say I'm a Whack A Loon! out of all the famous, important figures in history I will never forget him, Laughter is the Key. So like this winter I have an office full of unopened boats, cars and trucks just waiting to be built, Christmas is coming and I believe i'll be a Great Secret Santa just because it's fargin fun. When I do something, somthumpn' goes off in me i just now realized it's the innovation of others to produce what i get to put together and there are way too many neat things to be had, and hocus pocus they arrive to my home like toys from Easter Island that need attention. Thus I build thus i stay busy and stay out of trouble.
  7. Oh wait till there in their 30's they still won't leave ya alone
  8. Didn't realize they had a kits , thought they were straight up electronics company, have a few of their motors. Nifty build me likes it. Oh yeah, Blue is better can you say Makita?...
  9. Now for an RC look alike, Hmmmmm? google search. or at least a model of it.
  10. You're not that new Willy😀 did i tell yall about my Lego story, long story very short story I sold the majority of them to prove a point, upside is it lead into more RC projects the down I took a big hit on a city of a lego train set. about 11'x6' lay out. well that's how the brick falls
  11. well been helpn' my cousin with his projects at his property and he's done quite a bit since i was up there last...................... SOooooooooooo i purchased this to pass the time up there when I can I've been treating it like my RC's it's getting all the fix n's just the right height and weight with out going too insane, i can load it up by myself on the rear hitch carrier, it wasn't overly expensive but it has been known to be the oddball bike but it is built really well and have done quite a bit of hop ups to it, for that sake it will receive a Tamiya sticker for sure. Yes just like the builds here, I have just begun (leave it alone you say? Hog Wash!) so here's a generic pic of how it sells and i'll post picks when I have the last parts come in and installed...................Fair enough.
  12. CONGRATS! with the lil' babe Problem with children? They grow up to be people🤣 What's doing mate? winter will set in and i need to finish some RC projects for sure.
  13. I'm gettn' slower as time goes by Carmine, i'm at the point of life that i only know the month and year only It's been so much fun and i'll be back Lord willing
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