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  1. ACCEL

    MST Winchester

    36 pcs. 1.5mm socket head screws around the bead, 6 pcs. 2mm SHS for the rear compression and 6 pcs. 2mm SHS for mounting Hex Adapter, Fourty Eight screws in all per wheel, i think that's the record of all the beadlocks i've acquired over the years. Remove screws, add Loc-tite (one wheel down, three to go)......................
  2. ACCEL


    Tear Down: is it the knee bone connects to the shin bone? right? these belts look new and zero cracks, i was floored! now i'll have some popcorn.
  3. ACCEL


    i'll be using the original black bottom chassis plate instead, apparently Steve (my brother in arms) used this FRP plate as a hop up. Actually it's rather nice and sturdy. Opps! it's alright, welcome to the world of fixable toys, Hey! that's my world looks as though he tried to mend it, i'm thinking aluminum tube sleeve, yeah that's it, and then match to paint that'll wait to be seen (kinda doubting that) perhaps a sticker or heat shrink tube, have to match both sides though maybe?
  4. my collection of plastic bottles outside in bags (recycle) they expand and contract all the time, sometimes they are really loud, popping and that plastic crinkle crackle sound. sometimes it startles me.
  5. This weekend i'm trying to get going on this and post some pics. i want to, not that it has to be done now, but it's been quite some time without the the fronts ringing my ears๐Ÿ˜–
  6. Zappco has been around since the mid 70's and all there products are really good, as far as what Toollmaker72 suggests should be the ticket. i was able to install separates and for the sole purpose if one burns out, i just have to switch out that component. i was at first going for a 5 & or 6 Channel unit, but the power i wanted it just was not going to fit. i wanted everything to be hidden (out of site, out of mind). wiring was the the time consumer, everything else was easier. plus the fact trying to squeeze every ounce of ohms, wattage, amperage i decided to not go the route of bridging and lower ohm's for heat sake. now if it were a comp. system than yes. all this still complexes me, but i'm still learning also. heck i remember yesteryear's ago with just having an equalizer and gained increase in sound. now it's all about DSP units.
  7. Nice and detailed lil' guys, aren't they?
  8. i was focusing on reflections on the bottle and you can see slight movement right at 13:57 before the bottle tips over. and at the end someone appears to have a flashlight. when does a ghost ever need a flashlight? Not hard evidence to me anyway. Now that 42-Cylinders video is supernatural
  9. FOOD!? someone mentioned food. I am a ISE (InSinkErator) . i have to eat constantly or i'll die. my cousins' cousin whom i learned about floor refinishing from and helped him on many jobs and did work for him and his wife's home also, just died from diabetes after a few years battle. i had and have other relatives and friends with this mean SOB of a disease. it's fargin everywhere. that's what i love about diseases, viruses and deadly animals, they do not discriminate.
  10. ACCEL


    The stickers on the shocks are very good and the side roll cage ones are fine (no numbers though). i'll search for parts if needed as i go, if they can be had, some one else had mentioned in another Mugen restro that some parts can be had. i'll just say all is here, parts that is. Still debating do i want to use original (and they are still useful) the phillips screws and other dated pieces that can be updated, but i truly have to keep everything that came with the buggy as is. a lot of the parts seen i had already cleaned do not belong, but was in the parts tub i received from my brother-in -law. next is tear down the chassis and roll cage and find out what the two belts look like.
  11. Dirt bikes and Drums I LOVE YOU!..........................๐Ÿ˜Ž
  12. i first purchased the VELA ONE METER (found it it's too long for the sanctioned regatta's, it's actually slightly longer.), then wanted a kit and did the Kyosho SeaWind, then a few years later came across the CF Graupner Micro Magic and last year for the pool the lil' ZT Model Voyager, sailboats are just tranquil to me, they're magic.
  13. The Four Horsemen that's what i'm calling the four 1/12 Pan car livery builds The CRC Ferrari LSM19 , XRAY Porsche 935 , SCHUMACHER Porsche 956 and KYOSHO Lola T-298 One down three to go.............................................. Gamma (Ronnie Montrose) has a most excellent song called The Four Horsemen
  14. aw! you are learning, i have a couple of pool toy style boats and the Mini Rio i was able to upgrade fairly easy but it cost as much as the boat was when new. get a nice RTR or ARTR boat, there are many kinds and sizes, very good and super fast ones and up grade from there, that's what i did at first. The horror stories that could be told around a camp fire. I have an Atlantic tug boat i use for retrieval for the stranded boats a drift. And get a sail boat, people really do not know just how fun they really are, it's like flying a kite on the water. i have four of em'
  15. I do the same thing that lady does in the video, but i'm a blur doing it in WARP SPEED! since i stopped drinking there's no rest for the wicked. now when it comes to dusting and weeds GRANNY GEAR all up hill.................................
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