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    Matchbox cars

    make a shadow box for some of them. Too nice to keep in a bag. i have some of the larger scale Corgi style types and the like i find digging trenches and under houses, a few i just clean them and leave them as is. wind up ones are just a kick in the pants.
  2. ACCEL

    Matchbox cars

    i like the ones that the hoods and doors (some with trunks) that open. i always think of Easter Island (Rudolf the red nose raindeer) of all the unwanted toys i wish i had all my Gi Joe"s back, plenty of of Tonka's still
  3. ACCEL

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    That's going to be truly Tough looking, dig the jig. what are the wing brackets made of? these type of builds take a wee bit "o" time to do, don't they? Impressive build Mad Ax.
  4. ACCEL

    Sw-01? RC lunch box mini?

    just saw the announcement on RCMart's blog
  5. ACCEL

    Matchbox cars

    you better find them. i have not purchased any smaller cars in years, a lot of these friends and family purchased as gifts through out my half century tour here on planet earth.
  6. ACCEL

    Matchbox cars

    have all my original hot wheels and case since i was 5-10 years old and then some need to clean the china hutch again. This is where it All grandmother knew this elderly gentlemen when i was about 9, his whole house was toys, wall to wall floor to ceiling. there's even more in the garage.
  7. ACCEL


    Just came today............................................................ The Box The Package The Product
  8. ACCEL


    The FFG (Fat Fox Gulf) made this so much easier to fabricate, my painting skills with one or two colors is alright (some day i'll get an air brush, it's just something else to clean) stripes, trick graphics is the stickers (decals) job, own about every flippn' tool known to the RC world, chassis are easy, electrical is just a time warp............................This is Eleanor's head.
  9. ACCEL


    lower bottom right (below fire extinguisher) is two servo brass eyelets fastened through to a tough piece of "L" plastic, the LED leads are soldered to them + & - and a set on the body itself, so when cab is in down position the eyelets make contact and, well, it lights up...........................
  10. ACCEL

    MST FMX 2.0 DATSUN 620

    Never thought i'd be doing a drift model RC but Oh! my! I've been missing................................................................................................... being this is not a build thread and doing this between every other build, this kit, this style, just had to be done. the body of a 620 was long forgotten in my mind until i saw this truck online and being it was a lil' much for a shell, i was still compelled to purchase this lil' Tyke. then after readn', MST kept popping up, so had to start on some ones platform and never did a drift build before. have only the Recv, and ESC to install, the bodies grill and yes lights. no smoke,are left to do Have about a 1/2 dozen wheels for it. DANG! could of had two dozen but i had to say "Enough !" plus some of the wheels will fit other builds, that said I'am not through purchasing wheels just stopping on this particular one for now, they are like shoes or jackets or potato chips just can't have one so here's the chassis......................................
  11. ACCEL

    MST FMX 2.0 DATSUN 620

    i still need little stickers for my calipers.
  12. ACCEL

    List your extra shells?

    just googled all to know about J├Ągermeister it would make a great movie, right up the there with The Deer Hunter. always enjoyed the Livery have a few slots of them, never did like the liquid. every one i've ever known couldn't hold it down. some drinks are for taste and enjoy but not to get plastered by, oh forgot about my MAN Shell (race truck).
  13. ACCEL

    List your extra shells?

    my empty head HA! just finished a M410 waiting on some BMW stickers, just popped in out of a box Mcallister Ford Racing NASCAR Truck, doing Mobil1 livery, i would of done ZEST but couldn't find stickers that size like my 1/24th PARMA
  14. ABC Hobby Nissan Datsun Fairlady 240Z 1/10 Mini Clear Body w/ Rally Parts Set For Gambado Goose Tamiya M05 M06 #66320

    if you were still looking for that 240Z Mini 1/10 body

    been looking off and on seems there use to be quite a bit at one time, i notice that certain bodies become very popular and BAM! they are never to be seen again

  15. ACCEL

    Why bevel the teeth?

    this is a spur gear quotation off Amain's product site. that said, the tampered one looks nicer but is it truly more efficient ? looking at a Team Losi pinion gear now looks just like it and several other brands with slightly different cuts and slopes to them. i'll take two they're small Kimbrough spur gears are full width, because a narrow or profiled plastic gear can deform under load, is weaker and less efficient. This can cause drag in the gear train and waste horsepower. The wider a gear is, the more load it can handle. The only time gear engineers narrow gears, is when there is a space limitation. Kimbrough Racing Products gears run quiet because they have the correct tooth shape and don't have to be narrowed. Choose from a variety of tooth count choices to allow you to fine tune the torque and top speed of your model.
  16. ACCEL

    My daughter's Barbie Jeep

    i bet that body is more durable than any RC make................... now you have me searching for the Malibu convertible Corvette
  17. ACCEL

    Hard rc bodies

    i always line the flimsy parts with chassis protector and bumbers with Goop, Shoe Goo or TrackStar Body Repair and or RTV Silicone. too bad Tupperware or Rubber maid doesn't get into the RC body world,