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  1. BTO, I'll have to shop for them, i have so much Vinyl and CD's. (and DVD's) another great addiction! i usually start collecting like well, when you mentioned BTO. How about Joe Bonamassa? his story, his music made me cry. caught him one late night on PBS, and who comes on stage with him during his performance Paul Rodgers and Eric Clapton, i wept like a new born babe HA!😂
  2. Music Makes Magic............................................
  3. A fifteen year endeavor, finally the time and money has been appropriated to finish it. now my crawlers will get a taste of the Great Outdoors ( still need to rebuild the back fence and the left side retaining wall). a lot more animals (garden statues) are awaiting to be placed on, around and next to the waterfall and cave, I named it The Growl Grotto, a few more river rocks, flagstone, slate pieces, foliage and place the pump and experiment on the flow.
  4. Saw The Oz at Cow Palace in the early eighties right before Rhodes died, Like Stevie Ray just died way too soon, i always imagine how much more music they could of shared.........................................................................................................................................................................It's truly Heaven and (H)-ell here on earth.
  5. REO Speedwagon, Bob Seager, Paul Rodgers, Triumph, Rush, Def Leopard, Saxon, Pink Floyd, 38 Special Driving down the Highway Tunes, i like to rotate once a week between 6-10 CD's next week Survivor, Journey, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Night Ranger, Billy Squire, Bad Co., The Henry Paul Band,
  6. Mini Rio fires up, i think it'll be too fast for my pool, But i can tone it down and dial it back with its programs with TX and program card. i've been working on my Grand Grotto and tring to finish what i started 15 yrs ago. so what time i thought would be into RC, well, concentrating on my backyard again. 32 years in this house and it's seen alot of changes.
  7. just saw a Carrera Structo ship and a sail boat on Ebay, and a neat lil' buggy i may purchase if it's there Friday.
  8. still need to install the outdrive components on the TFL F1 EMIC Papa boat and baby boat..................
  9. just recieved it today and almost as fun as my Kyosho SeaWind (since she won't maneuver in the pool)
  10. so many cool things to do this summer. Mini Rio Remod! HW 30amp V3, HW 4800 KV Motor (original stock Hobbico servo) Scorpion 1300 mAh 2s battery still configuring stickers for canopy. Solar Composites Black carbon fiber & White colored fiberglass (West Sysyems 206/105 resin epoxy) still a Lil' work left to do
  11. Hey Mokei, Thanx for sharing this is something i thought i'd never see, maybe some day i'll come across one of their nice rides. hey buddy thanx for all the insight, i never knew that about that company and its history, when i got into slots in the early 80's i started purchaseing any and all makes, Carrerra was one of them, i purchased Scalecrtix track, but years went by i ended up buying Carrerra track for you can use 1/32 and 1/24th scales (their track is that much wider).
  12. Where's Mine! Those are Flippn' Groovy! I do have 1/32nd scale Carrerra Slot cars does that count? HA! what year did these evolve? all the time that i purchased slots, Carrea RC's never came up😢
  13. You better get Cracken! i look a it like this, i start a build (never in my RC history have i aquired so many at once) while i'm waiting for hop ups, a needed service part, or some electronic device i just start a new build, whether it's cutting out a body, painting, or just maintance, i just find something else to do. will i ever aquire enough, that's not how i see it, how many times have you eaten one thing for any leanth of time? Exactally, taste buds get bored and needs new flavors HA! Are you posting your builds here Capucine? every one here brings Great Flavor to The Builds, i'm in favor of mistakes because i come back and make it even better, i love it when sometimes certain things take a little longer thus i have more room for improvements or a part or piece i did'nt have or thought of suddenly pops up and BAM! that's it.
  14. This hobby for me will go with me to my grave, i've said it once if not 10,000 times it's all in the build, anyone can play with these but building them is my ticket. and i personally Thank God Almighty for the use of my eyes and hands to do these builds and to think through them. still learning and still having fun. i just aquired the new https://www.banggood.com/search/mini-sailboat.html since my Vela, Seawind and Micro Magic are just a tad bit big for the pool. it's starting to get roasty here.
  15. I have noticed the 12miles of wiring it takes for these rigs i'm glad i jumped into other builds so the PGH gets a slow but special treatment when i throw on my visor and grab tools to work on it. it's the foremost reason why i came here and now a 500 dollar truck has turned me into a mad alchemist. well you have a great time what ever you do. look forward when both our rigs are complete. Roll On!
  16. https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/proddetail.php?prod=hh-prb08033 https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/proddetail.php?prod=hh-rvos01002t well unless you want a larger one like what i purchased last year, This thing ROCKS! and it's one of my slower boats............................ https://tflnorthamerica.com/product/caudwell-f1-tunnel-boat-artr-copy/ Go to OSE (Off Shore Electrics .com, Store and Forum) it's where i started to really learn FE's in 2009 and was schooled, there is way more to boats when you want FE's to stay on and above water. i personally like self righting hulls some peeps fab their own ,i only have one SR and all my other boats are retrieved with a Tug boat (The Atlantic) with a PVC pipe and fitting attachment that strong arms them back to shore. Oh yes boats are nothing like other RC's when you start getting into it, it's Maintenance City. Just recieved The Proboat Rouge Wave Friday, i ordered it on the 5th. now i have to redo my electronics in the Mini Rio and the STRX9. I was never to purchase a small RC boat again for the electronics are very weak, on that note it'll cost about half of what a nice larger scale boat cost to get these two going. Good news is that the Rouge has favorable electronics, i shall find out soon.
  17. I believe when all said and done, to me it[s more of what you want to see, the flavors are endless for all RC vehicles (that's why i build). when you read on longevity of any RC take into consideration how many of these are produced. i read some where "that this one is stronger and tougher then than that one" one brand maybe so, but also more of the other brand is in the hands of more drivers thus more broken parts, so personally i remedy this whole problem by owning many different models. i like diversity, keeps everything interesting if i had to keep one and only one (a choice i know i'll never have to make) would be my Kyosho MAD FORCE. Now that is indestructible as it gets, for me anyways.
  18. Ok, since this is The "Other Makes", i'll post the other makes here, just pics and no detail build sections so each will be before and finished pictures only, since they will not be involved like some others i've done. The Tamiya's i'll post on "The Builds". let's begin again? McAllister Racing Ford NASTRUCK #300 body isn't this FUN! To look more like the ZEST truck scheme but MOBIL1/Ford Racing Livery. this will sit atop the AE 7.2 chassis............................................................... well, have my Dodge, Chevy and now the Ford......................(these are two PARMA 1/24th's kits i build some odd years ago).
  19. my popcorn is gone! can you post Pics of this apparatus, i really want to see this brain of yours......................................😵
  20. Found a few reviews on a #139GP model (mostly 4 stars) this one i posted is a #144 i assume it's a newer version. could not find any on this particular model. tied in a sewer line today, 4" Terracota to ABS with clean out, that'll get me the Globe trotter.
  21. i always wanted one of my RC's to be Green. i'm building a trailer with real hydraulics and servo lift gate/roll up doors maybe also. it's not happening over night. The fun is in the planning.
  22. i posted this for someone that would like having sights & sounds with out the high price tag, personally i changed out the MFC-1 speaker for a transducer (doesn't need a box) and i'll be able to fit the seats. there seems to be a few different brands popping up here and there but personally i am only doing lights when i purchase the Volvo Globtrotter 750. being the The Grand Hauler was my first 1/14 I went tilt on it. hopefully there will be some reviews on it. i'll post them when i find them and or other brands. i know there's MAD AX's Custom MFC using Arduino thread. My MFC-01 came in just under 300 Clams. i just post somethings in case someone is interested. Example: out of 15 RC boats FE's, Sail's and Tug, (not Incl. the 22 cars, crawlers, trucks and buggies and 4 planes) and counting, trial and error costs, but i learned a heck of a lot, that said i'll never purchase a MF'er (MFC unit) again. i dig doing lights and remote switches are tiny and inexpensive and just as fun. smoke takes up too much room but i'm doing it and hiding them is a chore. also i can't wait to do my first Tank.
  23. http://www.rcmart.com/highend-container-truck-light-system-hightorque-metal-gear-standard-servo-p-83234.html?ct=t(Y_COPY_01)&goal=0_c93fe968df-6d03822f02-51517693&mc_cid=6d03822f02&mc_eid=88561313e2#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=20190531 EDM Seems darn good................ 140.00 smacks ➕ two servos, A Screeming Deal!............................😵
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