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  1. Definitely great to be white!
  2. Me too. It has a good look, and you've built it well.
  3. I like the flag on the wing. Very nice.
  4. Thanks! I am nearly done. I have the original vintage body shell, which I will use for running it. I will likely get a new reproduction shell though, and do my own livery. That may be a bit yet. I also need to get the receiver and transmitter combo sorted. Currently in Japan Tamiya controllers are sold out everywhere, and are fetching high prices. I may just utilize an old set I have, then when prices come down, and availability increases, get something specific for this build. I'm also looking at using a Supershot underguard, so that means ordering and waiting. So a few weeks or months yet on this build.
  5. Mounting on the side required the creation of a couple of 2mm thick spacers, which I whipped up using my good old steel pipe, the same pipe that I used for the sleeving of the suspension arms and mount points.
  6. Well, I went ahead blindly and got the VFS-FR2. Hopefully it wasn't a bad choice. I also tweaked the mounting of the servo. Found a new arrangement that seems to be more 'aligned' with the chassis, and frees up some space, and has a more direct link to the steering: I wouldn't think that mounting it upside down would be problem...or would it?
  7. The next piece in my electronics puzzle.
  8. Anyone ever used the Ko Propo VFS-FR2? https://www.kopropo.co.jp/en/products/view/40448 Seems decent, affordable, and gives me lots of options for motors. Made in Japan too.
  9. Well, no motor yet. But definitely brushed. Hopefully a nice old vintage motor. A Trinity or a Technigold or something like that. Powerful, but not overpowered for the car. I like realistic speeds. I think one of the Tamiya BZ motors could be a candidate too. I didn't think the Motor could actual overwhelm an ESC, so I guess I better keep that in mind. Thanks!
  10. Now on to the ESC. No idea what is best here. I do know I need 6v and 3A to fully power the servo. But, I am planning to run NIMH, and not bother with lipo. So, what does that mean for my ESC...power consumption etc. Yeesh. Complicated stuff. Any suggestions on a ESC? Currently I am leaning toward the Hobbywing 1060, as it seems to fit the bill, and is cheap, and ubiquitous.
  11. I wonder if they sell those gold shocks individually...they looks **** sweet. Maybe if a Kyosho is not in the cards for me, at least some shocks could suffice.
  12. I think I got it, though not finished yet. I reversed the side compared to yours, and that spared up a few mms. Here is a quick shot: The servo has direct line of sight access to the ball mount for all the crank's range. I need to get a horn, as the Savox ones don't fit in this tight space. Found a nice aluminum one with saver piece that should work well.
  13. I have a slightly different version of those Pargu wheels..mine have little 'bolt' marks: Do yours have those too? Or maybe those aren't Pargu wheels..? I am planning to sand down the outermost edge to give it that 'Sees' wheel look.
  14. Thinking about it, I realise it was this one: (Not my actual car or image) Got this for Christmas in 1977 I believe. Car number 2 would be a Boomerang in 2019, 42 years later. So...that would be my first Tamiya then.
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