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  1. Yeah, that’s probably 1/3 my cars = a lot of funds needed as was recently made redundant & facing a big tax bill due Jan = bye bye toys
  2. Couple of days ago… 11 nib kits and assorted bits on their way to new homes - Bon voyage!
  3. I love how Tamiya observe the world of human endeavour to recreate machines faithfully and playfully, which enables me to join in with their celebration and feel good about that aspect of being a human. Oh and sniffing the tyres of course.
  4. I was looking for the blue version whilst the red one was still available about 4 years ago, to no avail. It must be a rare thing indeed & I’ve still never seen one for sale!
  5. Ooh I like the sound of those, with a matching bag?
  6. Good one! The Fighter Buggy Memorial is a black edition in all but name (& wheels!)
  7. Me too & the black edition Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, Super Clodbuster… any others I missed?
  8. NiB on ebay: SOLD TXT-1 SOLD The BigWig 2017 SOLD Zahhak SOME SOLD hop ups
  9. My kids did the crasher thing with CW01 & was a laugh - cheap n easy to fix
  10. Swapped red for chrome on this KBF
  11. Yeah I am in to it, Tamiya make it easy! Bush Devil body & Landfreeder chrome with Blackfoot stickers on MF01X with a rally cockpit
  12. Next up: £SOLD Bullhead £SOLD Jun Watanabe Hornet £ebay vintage Wild One
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