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  1. Hmm so would the tracks work/fit on the red portals that come with the G6-01TR & GF-01TR? That tracked konghead with skis looks awesome.
  2. Exactly the random type thing that begs the question, what you want?
  3. Yeah but ignorance is bliss! With a production run from 1987 to 2003 & Chevy badged ones only up to 1990 it’s not good odds right…
  4. Cheers! On ebay. 99.99% likely it not a Chevy Clod but whilst it remains shrink wrapped I can 0.01% dream lol
  5. been a long time coming… WO ordered 13.08.21 the Clod 28.11.21 but now they’re in my hands ‘figure not included’
  6. Anyone else excited about the new tank? If I had the time, patience, funds & space there would certainly be one in my sights Plus the Abrams & a few others
  7. Premature post… Not here yet… can’t contain my excitement… (coming on Monday) I got a NiB OG Clod and the Blockheads WO …currently in transit
  8. This took ages to arrive from Japan
  9. Nice tire rotation front to back on the BD to even out the wear
  10. I can relate. Nothing lasts forever. I’ve lost count of the hobbies I’ve lost interest in. The thought of working on full size cars (something I used to love) no longer holds my interest, cycling is something I did a decade ago. Shooting, collecting (stamps/ coins/ notes/ cigars), learning the piano/ guitar/ trumpet - I’m incapable of sticking at anything it seems… only 1 ex wife though
  11. A person who ‘shows off’ 6 NIB kits of 1 model on Facebook has probably got over the initial pleasure of the acquisition & is subsequently looking for the next emotional high by sharing, or possibly bragging. It won’t ruin the hobby, in my opinion. When I collected a new built kit I purchased on ebay & had a discussion with the seller they said Tamiya had ruined the hobby for them with the rereleases. He’d made a hobby out of buying & parting out vintage models. Ironically rereleases ruined it for him but (re)made it for me, and Tamiya no doubt.
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