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  1. The wiring looks good & the heat bend on the aerial is crafty. I’m sure it my imagination but I think dirty Richards eyes follow me round the garage
  2. I got 2 ESC to replace ones I’d borrowed from nib kits and a pair of LB suspension brackets to replace the ones I borrowed from a new built LB to build another
  3. I just remembered I dismantled an eBay win TLT but I have no idea where it went, it’s definitely still in bits... somewhere
  4. Started to fix the OG Clod. It’d lost a wheel during a session at Caesars Camp, local spot which is great for RC. I’d ordered the axle tubes but we needed a hub so progress ground to a halt.
  5. @blofeld FYI I thanks to @berman & @TWINSET I ordered the bits from cpc plus some strippers
  6. Took all but 2 cars to lock up storage, back seats down in the family wagon & it was 2 trips with the car rammed full 90% was RC! The cost of the storage over 6 months is equivalent to a couple of kits plus all the hop ups, ohh well needs must. Need to declutter for some minor renovations then at some point a house move, new place will need to accommodate a growing collection.
  7. It’s all about trust & if you know the person right? For example I’d be comfortable using F&F with a fellow TC member that has a history of trades and regular posts. I’m not on Facebook but if someone was on there in a similar group where they had a good reputation I personally would be ok with F&F. Ultimately there’s risk.
  8. This might not be affecting your Clod but on mine the tyres can spin on the wheels & need something to prevent slip, rubber bands between the tyre & wheel at point of contact of a glue / adhesive
  9. This deserves a bump in my opinion, gotta love these old photos of the vehicles that inspired Tamiya. Thank you again@mongoose1983
  10. Parts for the Unimog 425 body and the Bruiser. The price was too good to resist, still a lot more than a clone but hey it’s the real deal. What an awesome thing!
  11. More bashing than fixing lately & the jobs mount up. Going to run some cars later so a few things to do 1st The wide track konghead needs a wheel & the donor vehicle is my souped up Lunchbox shelfer which has WW2 wheels I can take plus they have foams in. Kong got Losi steering arms & we still managed to bend one! Easy fix bent back in line... ish! (This is the before photo ) another job is a 2nd fix on the most bashed of all our runners, might need more than glue this time hmm maybe that’s a job for a another (less sunny) day have a good one fellas
  12. Think u need 19805551 mantaray dog bones & 19805583 tie rods (or just cut some 3mm threaded rod 2x 71mm)
  13. Great build thread. I agree those side cutters are nice to use, Tamiya kit is good stuff! I think you should put the Comical Avante body on this one & get a heavy metal dump truck (with the chrome chassis) for your GF-01 Wild Willy build
  14. @toyolien did you have any trouble getting it through the doors?
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