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  1. That is a proper munter. Looks like a freshly pulled tooth.
  2. Kimborough medium sized servo saver & MG996R Servo on eBay
  3. I was thinking about modifying stock posts for a lower body position on one of these. They look cool when the body rests on the chassis with no posts, possible Velcro situation. I think it also looks cool with the body lifted like it is. Also there was a thread a while back with a MT from BITD that was the spitting image of the Clod, not sure if it was Taurus or another one.
  4. Someone on here once posted a clip of a land cruiser gf01 tumbling about in torrential rain with an upbeat cheerful tune as a backdrop to the action, the editing was slick. It is one of my favourites for sure.
  5. Cutting & sanding Poly body wheel arches brings me out in a cold sweat!
  6. Tamiya. It’s a safe buy. Even a Poor seller goes up in value, maybe more so for rarity. Buy it, enjoy it & maybe sell it on, if you do it’ll fetch a good price.
  7. Mmm, baked plastic, rubber & glue; delicious!
  8. Hi @Yonzariq the Clod’s coming along nicely, what are the yellow cross-shaped bits in the hub carrier for?
  9. Nice clean & simple look. Wise move to lop off the ends of the smokestacks, they are 1st thing to break in a roll.
  10. Hi James, I've removed 40 messages from my inbox going back 5yrs !. You should be able to PM me now. Shocks can be yours for an agreeable price :)


  11. Hi @MadInventor I just tried messaging you but it wouldn’t send? Is your in box full? I’ll take them if we agree a price
  12. I really like the builds but I love checking out the garage!
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