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  1. So I’ve got a bit obsessed with this Super Clodbuster Black Edition. A bit too late as they are all gone! Unless I pay double the retail or £££ shipping. as a special edition is it a limited run or will there be a 2nd batch in October? I noticed the date on Tamiya USA, which gives me hope!
  2. Finished assembling MUDMAD last night, bar the esc & servo arm.
  3. 1st time (pic) with epoxy resin, this time with super glue.
  4. MUDMAD chassis 1/2 built. This has bearings, zero toe and glued axles From the start. Felt weird pushing the pinion on the motor with no grub screw! gotta say it’s a better looking kit in black compared with the light grey mini LB
  5. You mean ‘now really need to practice driving sideways’
  6. Classic Yello Bueller.... Bueller....
  7. the SW-01 lost power at the wheels. Turned out to be the axles were spinning in the little plastic universals, not being held in place by grub screws. Yeah Racing universals are $15 a pair but In the meantime I got busy with the epoxy resin. Should be popping wheelies again in the morning.
  8. @Mad Ax you’re rocking that Pizza Oodie
  9. Started on MUDMAD - body 1st. ta-da! These preprinted shells with precut wheel arches are great. Sticker #29 is white stripes for the wheels, the wheels have a lot of little faux wheel nuts which make a tricky job difficult (for me anyway).
  10. I got a MudMad for Father’s Day!!! Best Father’s Day ever! technically it’s tomorrow but my 3 year old daughter didn’t want to wait, good girl
  11. I just got some hop ups from HK refunded by the seller unprompted stating ‘all HK mail suspended until further notice’ TBH that was a blessing as I found them cheaper elsewhere
  12. I enjoy the obsession, immersing my thoughts in planning projects, hunting parts. Reading and watching the work of others for research and entertainment. my pleasure is in the mental escape RC provides from day to day life.
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