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  1. I went the AmPro (Shapeways) reinforced arm upgrade route which required some drilling & metal rods & not cheap but it’s holding up to 10.5T brushless ok
  2. Ruffshod Rod & his navigator got paint.
  3. 54491 is the rally one I used & there’s a touring one as well
  4. Good shout. The Beetle Rally body shell instructions say to use flat clear on the hood. these pics have provided the inspiration: Mine won’t be a direct copy but that’s the general idea, hopefully more Baja than the box art.
  5. Build em all 100% ... but if you buy em faster than you build em then NiB is ok NiB kits remain mint, no wonky cuts, bad paint, cross threads, crash damage, just the promise of the idea forever preserved in the realm of dreams
  6. Trimmed a rally interior (a lot!) to squeeze into the rally beetle Sprayed the interior with PS6, it’s a bit too shiiiny black though. Thinking next I’ll brush on acrylic paint instead.
  7. Saw a bigwig for a great price and now it lives in my wardrobe! struggling to come up with anything better than box art for this one. I remember when I saw this in ‘86 I couldn’t make up my mind on it. 33 years later & I reckon it’s awesome!
  8. ^looks like fun times! started making up a rally cockpit today
  9. Replaced a few knackered parts on my Bush Devil. The 55mm screw pins took a hammer & punch to remove! The rear cups were rust welded in with the bearings... Nice E4 body mount from Shapeways, more solid than the original, hope it lasts. next time I dunk a car in the sea I’ll strip it down immediately
  10. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=122229&id=14102 @SuperChamp82 you’ve probably seen it already...
  11. I’ll have one, I’m a fan TL01 arms on the back of the M05ra to get the wide track is mentioned on Tamiya blog about the original rere https://tamiyablog.com/2011/11/renault-r5-turbo-a-french-sportscars-icon/ not too shabby
  12. C bag for the Juggernaut, same as the TXT. Parts for an unbuilt kit I have that are already hard to find. Word is these are the weak points so I thought I’d stock up before they’re even harder to get.
  13. I like the sound of that! I need an excuse to get more Tamiya...
  14. Thanks @Truck Norris for providing me with this, turned up yesterday, shhh don’t tell my lady I got another kit
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