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  1. I too use a high torque saver the Trucks with the separate kit supplied fixed central pivot might not, I need to check!
  2. What I find is with a 25 T servo I center it then the saver splines won’t line up to slot on dead straight and the compromise is a spline to the left or right then adjusting the trim. i don’t bave any 23T servos, I expect I’d have the same problem yeah there’s a lot of slack on all to front wheels on the 2WD ones (regardless of bearing or not) guess I need spacers.
  3. Drumstick for the Snackbox build LOL I bought some little shiny wheels, more little shiny wheels...
  4. I don’t think in terms of finished or not. Nothing I do gets finished, keeps things simple and keeps them perfectly imperfect. What a cop out!
  5. Hi @Falcon#5 they’re wandering. Also seems the turning circle varies in size left to right, is that my setup or is it character due to servo location / steering arm length or similar?
  6. Hi folks! I could use some guidance on how to setup the steering because I struggle to get my RC vehicles to a place where I am happy with straight line driving. Even when I use turn buckles and spend ages tinkering it doesn’t always resolve all the issues. is the a technique or some gadget that can help? All my vehicles are vintage monster trucks, no buggies or road cars, maybe the slop is all of the issue and I just need to try harder! TIA
  7. When you build it it’d be interesting to see it next to your dancing rider for comparison. Enjoy!
  8. Sorted! Drilled 6mm halfway in to the 10mm standoff so it slid on the truncated axle then Dremeled out a channel for the pin. Plus no washer/shim needed as the rounded end of the standoff fits nicely against the bearing without rubbing the hub. those wheels are so sparkly! Running around indoors on 50% EPA & so much fun! Looking forward to getting a clear body to mess up
  9. I ordered some 10 & 12mm standoffs for a couple of quid. Kit hex pictured at the back, with the holes in. The kit hex is 12mm long. I will need to use a washer/shim under the new hex to stop it rubbing on the hub, decided to use the 10mm long standoff not the 12mm. The pin will need filing down a bit so I can leave a bit of plastic round the outside to keep it in. The standoff will need drilling out another +/- 1mm to fit the axle.
  10. Whilst browsing the web I discovered the chrome wheels I got were originally from a TamTech called Wild Boar https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/56704wildboar/index.htm & recycled for the dancing rider as a hop up. The work for a decent 10mm hex continues...
  11. Enjoy! I need a new build project now
  12. @moffman it’s in a thread I got side tracked with the mini lunchbox.
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