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  1. J@mes

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Assembled & fitted 2 sets of 50520 C.V.A. short shocks to my Lunchbox this evening,
  2. ^This is a very good point, are Tamiya doing market research on a global and national level? I hear time & time again that the devoted western customers aren’t getting the product they really want!
  3. J@mes

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I took my rere blackfoot out for it's 1st run. I put a runner shell and the original wheels on for this. It is the 1st time I've tried a brushless motor. Had a lot of fun doing a lot of donuts
  4. J@mes

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    After a disappointing go on the beach with my CW-01 unimog recently tonight I stripped down the gearbox and then realised the issue was that the tyres were spinning on the back wheels. Used rubber bands to fix the problem (thanks Tamiya Club people for that tip!). Next I moved the body higher up the posts to stop the tyres rubbing when going over bumps & used more rubber bands to eliminate body rattle. 12 little rubber bands have made a big difference to my mog.
  5. J@mes

    Tamiya Bush Devil E parts

    Hi superted, I’ve used a rere Blackfoot front bumper mount on my BD & there’s a couple on Shapeways too, I bought the rear body/ shock mount off Shapeways when mine snapped. For the transmission guard the king Blackfoot one is readily available & identical
  6. J@mes

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    This is a bit of a tangent from the original subject, someone introduced me to the population clock recently: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ I was amazed to learn the world population has nearly doubled in my lifetime.
  7. J@mes

    Matchbox cars

    I got a couple of photos of my old Rolls Royce to share: Probably the only roller I’ll ever get my hands on
  8. No problem. The way I word it and how it really went down are not an exact match & of course open to interpretation. Maybe RC turns me in to a jerk, maybe I’m a jerk anyway. A very polite jerk, thank you for your thoughts.
  9. Kid asked for a 2nd go on my RC truck in the park yesterday. I explained it was older than his mum and he was blessed I let him touch the remote once. He kind of eyeballed me then asked his mum to make me give him another go! Dude was 4 years old MAX! They walked.
  10. J@mes

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    CVDs for the dump truck Last time I ran it was Worthing beach & it spat a dog bone out & it was lost. Managed to find the cup although I have some reinforced ones for an all round upgrade
  11. J@mes

    How to stop being a newbie...

    Get spamming (347th spam post)
  12. J@mes

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Got a run with the SBF in the park
  13. J@mes

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    another one of those and some of these
  14. J@mes

    Matchbox cars

    Definitely share some pictures when you are able