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  1. Got a front body mount for the hummer to replace this: https://flic.kr/p/2katWmc It’s ok but the body sits too high on it. https://flic.kr/p/2kaq7Um
  2. Fitted the missing bumper to the clod & gave the wheels & shell a mini wash.
  3. The black springs are a nice touch. Another great build @87lc2 thanks for the insights. I might try extra holes in the wheels in the future.
  4. Not sure if the res is hi but Tamiya base has a stash https://tamiyabase.com/box-art
  5. eBay buy 58154 TA01 M1025 Hummer arrived today. 1st military vehicle to add to the collection, the same wheels are on the MudMad its got an old school msc 40mhz setup and it’s awesome
  6. Bush Devil body and the missing bumper for my vintage Clod arrived today couldn’t find the body in Europe so it travelled far
  7. Stickers for applying your stickers, simple but effective. Good tip
  8. I broke an A arm from Ampro Shapeways. It was the heavy duty one with the metal bar through for strength. It happened driving a CW-01 Unimog in to a Heavy Dump Truck and it snapped, totally my fault. The parts have proven to be robust and long lasting under normal use.
  9. Hi GP thanks for that. I’d seen it just after posting this! There’s an XB on there too for £270 (from JPN) but I thought it’s worth asking here too 👍
  10. If you wanna sell me your hornet let me know
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