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  1. It looks like I hedged my bets too well & will have a surplus of these parts
  2. This is a cool project! Can’t help thinking it’s a King Monster Beetle though.
  3. Yeah I know! These guys got the back one but they dont ship to England apparently https://www.haertle.de/RC+Modellbau/RC+Car+Zubehoer/Ersatzteile+Tuningteile/TAMIYA+54432+DT+02+Karbon+Daempferbruecke+hinten.html
  4. Thanks Jhunio Yeah I found the GEX site but it is a tease, add it to the basket to find out they don’t have it!
  5. Thanks, I’d had a look but didn’t see the drop down for English. They had the front ones, now to find the back ones! Thanks again
  6. Thanks for having a look & if you have these hop ups to sell or swap or know somewhere that does that would be much appreciated
  7. That sums up my experience (apart from the bit about racing) now I got some vintage cars that run stick cause that’s how they roll but I thought I’d get a wheel when I got restarted in 2018
  8. Another option for tires is the TT02 racing truck tires, as used on the SW01 Lunch Box Mini
  9. I built the MF01X Beetle and changed the tires to ‘the smoothie’ sand tires all round & the clearance is better, I put them on to fill the arches out & felt it looked better for the scale
  10. The Blockhead Beetle paint job has a cool vintage look, not the easiest to do I imagine!
  11. Lightly Tuned motor. The instructions say to run it for 5 to 10 minutes without load on a 3v battery, I’ve only had kit 540 motors and a couple of brushless ones before & this is news to me.
  12. Couple of Ampro bits on Shapeways to make life easy: https://www.shapeways.com/product/PGE83PBWD/027006-01-tamiya-f150-rear-body-mount?optionId=58393537&li=marketplace I too wanna stick an F150 on a frog/brat type orv & I’ll be following with interest
  13. Over here the Twin Detonator is a regular runner alongside other monsters
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