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  1. Is it just me or is there an optical illusion making one appear larger than the other in that image...
  2. I like your build threads, they’re consistent & the garage makes a great backdrop. Why put the axle with the drive cup on it? I feel I missed the point. Doesn’t it just add unnecessary weight? More photos with dirty Richard doing his Shakespeare impression please
  3. Servos are cheap these days. Or cheaper fix is to drill it out & use a wider screw.
  4. Consider rechargeable batteries for the transmitter. Carrying spare batteries for the car & transmitter is worth considering too.
  5. https://tamiyabase.com/forum/11-technical/2969-list-of-cars-motor-pinions consensus is 0.8
  6. Parma Blackfoot shell. Nice detail on this, flareside, Ford lettering, hard to find in the UK too. I think I missed this one last time it was up on eBay, wasn’t going to pass it up again.
  7. Blackfoot ORV is my obsession now due to back in the mid 80’s I never got one. FFWD 35 years & I now have 2xKBF 2xSBF 1xBD 1xrereBF and a hybrid built from NOS If (I mean when) they rere them I’ll be buying them up for sure. They are wobbly as jelly & cool as ice.
  8. Ooh now I’m picturing a chrome SE monster beetle with that chrome ORV chassis & the chrome Blitzer shell, KBF chrome hop up wheels...
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