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  1. square racing Japanese website = lots of cool stuff! https://www.rc-square.com/eng
  2. If your willing to pay a bit more you can get them on amazon. I got mine from an importer in Germany
  3. I have the same square gears waiting for my konghead build. Do they make a noticeable difference in your experience @dannymulder ?
  4. I got a sport tuned 380 running on a TBLE-02S in my mini lunch box no issues
  5. Hop ups! pinions, shims, adjusters, CVDs and a luke warm motor
  6. It’s coming together, msc fitted, gotta get a couple of servos hooked up & it’ll be a runner.
  7. I don’t know, wondered the same thing myself. Need to do some research. I bought it new built. Edit: the catalogue shots of this on Tamiyabase show the clear parts so I assume they were standard. I’ve seen later examples without them though.
  8. DT01 Mad Fighter assembly today, the gearbox is simple but elegant in transparent plastic.
  9. Stripped and cleaned the (working bits of) Heavy Dump Truck, beach runner that it is. Fresh grease to the clean gearbox, somehow some sand had got in, mmm crunchy. Rebuilt the shocks - love these CC01 dampers, hot glued the lights in place that kept falling out, tidied up the wiring & electrics generally. doing this refreshed my memory of what hop ups are on it & could be useful for a G6-01 build. There’s a 20T steel pinion on its way as the alu ones worn out & binned.
  10. On a tangent but @Claypole you a fan of Rentaghost?!
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