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  1. Nice Clod! I got an msc in my runner Super Blackfoot & enjoy the retro drive. Do worry about it going bezzerk though!
  2. I got a BD I could part with. Where are you?
  3. Clod gets my vote. You’re fleet are predominantly vintage, the Clod is legend. I’ve had a lot of fun with my Heavy Dump Truck but I got my Clod 1st.
  4. I keep the boxes, the assembled kits in them too, mostly.
  5. there’s more wheel options available for hex than the blackfoot/hornet style hubs. Afaik there isn’t an axle to do a conversion on a bush devil/ super blackfoot
  6. Looking forward to seeing the vw shell on it 🍿🥤
  7. Swapped mine for an air rifle. Forget what I swapped the air riffle for…
  8. All of them cause they smell so good picking one has to be the Clod
  9. With Halloween approaching I went for a vintage Midnight Pumpkin body set.
  10. I’m off back to the Eighties… With a 58727 Pajero… More of a hope than a plan, you listening Santa?!
  11. Welcome back, I took a break too. Forum works for me but not the main site 🤷‍♂️
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