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    I Recently bought a kit which I have yet to assemble. It’s sitting, waiting, like money in the bank. It’s the 1st time I haven’t opened a kit immediately & I’m starting to understand the pleasure of the new in box thing. I’d always just tuck in straight away or at least open it to have a good look but this ones still in the cellophane & might stay that way for a while. maybe I’ll get another kit to start...
  2. Thanks for the info, hope you don’t mind If I order some for my Agrios?
  3. I’ve had 3M rod from various Ebay sellers, some ship in plastic bags and some ship it in cardboard tubes. The rod always gets bent when sent in the bags.
  4. I hear you. I caught an earful when ‘another ****** car’ got delivered today - whilst I was out. Briefly considered offering to sell a few to keep the peace, hmm, nah.
  5. thinking about adding some V8 rumble to my next monster truck, there is a selection of products & this ones caught my eye. Has anyone had/ got one of these sound systems & what is your verdict on it? https://www.mtroniks.net/prod/Sound-Systems-For-Scale-Models/digiSoundv8sc.htm
  6. There’s loads of cheap (£15) prepainted shells that would fit available on ebay
  7. Just so happens I’ve been looking at the same thing just now. JConcepts GMC K2500 on Modelsport’s website it ideal but it’s £30 something. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/j-concepts-1982-gmc-k2500-truck-body-traxxas-stampede-or-clod-buster-/rc-car-products/437682
  8. Tamiya Hornet, I was 11, it was so cool.
  9. Jumping the gun, because I’m so excited, to share my latest RC purchase; Still need servos, ESC, bearings, paint, battery and a some free time!
  10. ...I saw this: Cool idea, fleetside. Way better than the box art decals for the KBF in my opinion.
  11. I am not an owner, never have been, but there was one in my family when it was 1st released. Oh how I coveted that thing! Such a cool look. I found out that one from my childhood was recently given away, really wish it’d been given to me!
  12. Looks good. I actually like the blue with the green & are those wheels gold chrome? Works for me. How’s the drive?
  13. I too use a high torque saver the Trucks with the separate kit supplied fixed central pivot might not, I need to check!
  14. What I find is with a 25 T servo I center it then the saver splines won’t line up to slot on dead straight and the compromise is a spline to the left or right then adjusting the trim. i don’t bave any 23T servos, I expect I’d have the same problem yeah there’s a lot of slack on all to front wheels on the 2WD ones (regardless of bearing or not) guess I need spacers.
  15. Drumstick for the Snackbox build LOL I bought some little shiny wheels, more little shiny wheels...
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