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  1. Building on the excellent work already done with this Farm King I backed the PS44 with Core RC Chrome and Knight White. These metallic backed trans paints look good in photos but better in person.
  2. @Grumpy pants you’re not wrong. She’s a doozy alright, gotta fight the urge to shelf her & get some run time in though
  3. The Farm King arrived today, it’s really nice, thanks @taffer
  4. Thanks @markbt73 those are useable. If you have the Renault one as well that would be awesome!
  5. I am after a copy of the insert guides for the painting & decals on these if anyone can post a pdf or similar, thanks!
  6. ordered a marker light for the farm king
  7. The heavy dump takes a lunchbox size tyre/ wheel, so does the konghead.
  8. Hi @taffer can I have the white farm king please? It’s too good to miss!
  9. There’s a trick with heating the body surface by torch in prep for painting, iirc. The blue looks cool though
  10. Nice vid Shen In the 90’s my buddy had a red Integrale, there was a memorable race with a modified Escort XR3i on the way back from seeing Casino at the cinema. Love these cars
  11. Frog hex adapters and WW2 wheels on the LB no problem 😉 Widens the rear nicely 👍
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