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  1. Building on the excellent work already done with this Farm King I backed the PS44 with Core RC Chrome and Knight White. These metallic backed trans paints look good in photos but better in person.
  2. @Grumpy pants you’re not wrong. She’s a doozy alright, gotta fight the urge to shelf her & get some run time in though
  3. The Farm King arrived today, it’s really nice, thanks @taffer
  4. Thanks @markbt73 those are useable. If you have the Renault one as well that would be awesome!
  5. I am after a copy of the insert guides for the painting & decals on these if anyone can post a pdf or similar, thanks!
  6. ordered a marker light for the farm king
  7. The heavy dump takes a lunchbox size tyre/ wheel, so does the konghead.
  8. Hi @taffer can I have the white farm king please? It’s too good to miss!
  9. There’s a trick with heating the body surface by torch in prep for painting, iirc. The blue looks cool though
  10. Nice vid Shen In the 90’s my buddy had a red Integrale, there was a memorable race with a modified Escort XR3i on the way back from seeing Casino at the cinema. Love these cars
  11. Frog hex adapters and WW2 wheels on the LB no problem 😉 Widens the rear nicely 👍
  12. It’s called a servo saver. Tamiya do a hop up one, part code 51000
  13. I started to use mini zip ties on body clips as tags/ pulls. I had some colourful ones lying about & it helps with removing them and helps find the dropped ones. Once tight on the clip I trim them down to a sensible length., works great!
  14. Hi, I have the cco1 hop up dampers on my heavy dump and konghead as I prefer those look of them to the blue, they are the same apart from the colour afaik
  15. Gift? awesome friend! If you check the number & you don’t mind will you let me know what one it is please?
  16. What’s the difference between 911 GT2 47321 & 84399 or did the same kit get 2 releases on different codes?
  17. Haha! I bet some on the site have changed hands, been built etc. Do you know what number it is @Mad Ax or did you forget/ never looked?
  18. Having just got my hands on a UK Watanabe Hornet I started looking at the limited editions a bit more: https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcitem/kit/kit49001.htm It’s not in the list. There are some on there I didn’t realise are LE’s like the King Yellow. Next I got thinking on how many are in a production run to be called a LE & how much that varies across the listed products. Then I learned the Watanabe Hornet was numbered for the uk market but the home market version wasn’t. Anyone know how many were made in total? On the main site there’s 17 NiB & 6 new built, if these numbers roughly translate to 75% & 25% maybe that relates to the condition of all the 240 kits. It would be cool to have a list of the 240 & what happened to them.
  19. Hmm good to know, thanks for the info, seems my buy 1st check later policy is somewhat flawed. Your pragmatic aproach of checking stuff beforehand is admirable. Now I have a couple of options, fudge the build by deviating from the manual or I might have to paint the guard camel yello and slap it on the Heavy Dump. Either way thanks for the info & definitive lists of hop ups (must now try & resist buying all the other hop ups...)
  20. Blue jewellery for the Comical Avante when it arrives...
  21. Fun runner quicrun 1625 sport tuned & pinion wild boar semi slicks Mini lipo (also fits swo1) bearings obvs do it
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