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  1. I used the smoothie tyres all round on the rally beetle & they look ace as they fill the arches looking more scale
  2. It’s a neat kit, I went for one too. I’ll be along for the ride.
  3. Tough choice, if I can have a top 3 they are this (pictured) CW01 followed by the Heavy Dump Truck then the Konghead
  4. Not a new modification but I’ll go through what I’ve done, following the footsteps of others. Drilling a perfectly good chassis is not for everyone. I’m doing this on my CW01 Unimog, I’ll get round to doing it on my Lunchbox sometime. Photo above shows where I cut off the tabs in the middle of the kit supplied servo mounts to flip them over so the hole in the end is in the upper position. This gives better clearance when moving the servo to the side. By moving the servo to the side the splined shaft of the servo is now central. I measured marked & drilled 2 holes using a 3.2mm bit and fitted the servo, job done. Next job is to measure & get some turnbuckles.
  5. Where you at @slimleeroy AUS? UK? USA? C’mon help us out here
  6. Hi, the rere BF comes with universals, as per step 16 in the manual:
  7. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-54491-rally-cockpit-p-55354.html
  8. Very cool! Congrats & on the 1000 post count too
  9. Put a 1/2 a hardened drive cup back in the Heavy Dump Truck
  10. Not the postman but perseverance and good fortune bought this 1/2 a (hardened) drive cup back in to my possession. It fell out whilst driving about in the local car park. The Heavy Dump Truck has CVDs all round after losing a dog bone last time! 3mm lock nuts now fitted. Feels as good as getting stuff though the post!
  11. I built one & it was an ok build, making the body come alive with a cockpit added the interest for me. I ran it on gravel & it was a hoot. Tarmac not so much. Guess that figures with a rally car.
  12. Smaller wheels and or lower profile tyres will deduce ride height
  13. I should sell about 15 based on available space and how many get used but it never happens! I managed to sell 1 & that took some doing.
  14. I’ll be following with interest. Would love a tank but wow those prices!
  15. I built a super Blackfoot from NOS & I could put a different colour frame in and make it a bush devil too as I bought up anything I could find. most kits I build end up with the same again in hop ups on them, like your dn01. It’s half the fun for me the most popular kits have already been rereleased in red white and blue, some of them twice! there will be some new old thing along that takes your fancy soon enough...
  16. That grip which makes a G6-01 Climb 40% inclines has the side effect of reducing its ability to corner at speed.
  17. Regarding this mod with the larger servo horn/ servo saver - If you switch the front and rear steering rods so the front is the lower and the rear is the upper one you get more clearance for the battery & chassis. The ball connector on the front has to be screwed in underneath not on top of the servo saver at the axle.
  18. I was running my wide g601 on grass alongside the gf01 this afternoon. They both roll really easy on grass or tarmac if turning at speed. The konghead griprolls even though it’s wide & the dump truck is a kartwheeling rolly polly machine
  19. Looks like the same guy as came with my Dual Rider, nice! I saw a build over on the main site with tamiya 14137 Cut to make a driver figure which looks awesome https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=135458&id=18923
  20. I had one of those! beep-beep beep-beep beep! there’s an idea for an RC project!
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