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  1. Sorry Waterbok, that doesn't seem to work for me?
  2. Would be cool but it would need a brushless system to keep up with my ADHD
  3. How about the Vajra? Avante body with big wheels, but the body is from the Aqroshot, which needs a facelift. I'm buying a Comical Grasshopper for winter bashing. 20mm hub extenders, extra set of rear lower arms to put on the front, for width and camber, and maybe extend the wheelbase as a project. Take off the gear box and move it back 30ish mm, then cut aluminum sheet to make a frame... somehow.
  4. Could you upload a picture when you have time please Waterbok? I'm looking for alternatives using the CB wheels and wide V-Tread tires. Cheers
  5. I want Manta Ray Mk.II, just like the Mini 4WD but 1:10 scale. (Not my pictures, 2nd one is Mass Damper on Facebook)
  6. Thank you Wooders. I was a member of DT page and have sent request for Basement, sounds like a nice small crew. I'm living in Korea so online friends only. It's a shame Grandad left and if he deleted his content.
  7. Anybody know where we can hunt down this legend on Facebook or Instagram? I'm pretty gutted about PhotoBucket and Imger? deleting all the old images. I'm building a Formula Racer and wanted to see Grandad Stinky's Dual Ridge again. I saw it years ago but wanted a refresh. I have looked at Alex Kyriaks Formula Neo but wanted to see other takes.
  8. I wish I could see these pictures. I'm looking for ideas and options for tires for the new comical wheels.
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