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  1. Hey there, I started building however I come to a Point where I Need some help. I spend Hours already on checking the Manual but I just dont understand :( In the Manual step 19 I Need to use BC7 which is Step screw 3x18mm. However, they are far too Long!!! It either stays out in front or sticks out in the back. I really dont get it. If i screw it in completely it sticks out in the back for at least 3-4 mm. I crosschecked with the Lancia Manual and in this Manual it says that you have to use the black step screw 3x14mm which would make more sense. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Oh yes got into this topic and I was surprised Tamiya used the 934 shell with 230mm from the 30th anniversary with a chassis that "doesn't fit basically?". Some comments say its noticeable others say it is fine with the body on. I guess I will find out soon. Has the Lancia 037 a true wheelbase of 236mm? Or is it also 230mm? Can anyone help me out with the knuckle arms? I noticed the two 934 Porsche (TA02SW) come with black knuckle arms, the Lancia 037 and the 911 GT2 come with blue knuckle arms. Is there a difference between those two parts? First I thought the blue one has a more narrow track as it is one the Lancia and not on the wide Porsches, but then the 911 GT2 has also the blue ones!? Is the difference of the TA02S and the TA02SW really only those 30mm width tires in the back? And to make the confusion perfect, what is the difference to the red knuckle arms of the Tamiya Top Force? 45mph? Thats way tooooo much for my eyes, ears, nose.... and my lame reactions But it's nice to hear that the TA02 is capable of those heavy motors...at least under careful maintenance I assume Makes me confident in running this car with less worry about serious weak points on the chassis.
  3. Uff thanks Truck Norris, it's nice someone is thinking for me and saving me from stupid purchases! Appreciate it! Thank you, it will help me for sure You are using carbon fiber right? It's not looking like the FRP elements. Is it the set from Yeah Racing? Coming back to my build, a surgery at the dentist kept/and still keeps me from processing further. A new order with paint/tools came in and I did further research on the TA02. I decided to go with the Speed Gear set and the Sport Tuned. The regular ratio from the set is 74T main gear and 21T pinion which results in a 8.59:1 ratio. With this setting I wouldn't be able to get the ratio further down anytime in the future. The motor mount lets you install all pinions down to 16T which results in 11.27:1. For the purpose I am planning to use this car however, I am more looking into ratios below 8:1. So the 69T main gear from the speed gear set gives me this sweet range from 21T and a gear ratio of 8.01:1 all the way down to 25T, which will then result in 6.73:1. I will be driving this kit on large and clean parking areas with some self created tracks based on pylons. My brother will join me with his new TT02S chassis (yes I already infected someone else with the Tamiya virus). The TT02S has also a ration of 8 something, however extending my research to the TT01 and TT02 world I realized those touring cars are looking to rations between 8:1 down to even 4:1. This strengthened my selection of the speed gear choice and with pinions between 22T und 25T I still have some place to try around. Oh and yes, the Sport Tuned by the way is recommended to a ratio of 7:1 in touring cars, so a perfect match which (from my previous experience) is also fast enough for the purpose I am using it. And from my personal feeling I consider the Super Stock TZ to be the strongest motor you should throw into a TA02. Just my feeling. Browsed some forums about the servo selection and realized that I can program servo endpoints on my Futaba. These endpoints should prevent the steering linkage from any damage, regardless of the force of the servo (I am slowly making process, at least I hope so... ) Oh and yes the final decision on the body was made! Plus the kit has the hard joint cups for the ball diff in the back but regular ones for the front, so got a set for the front gear diff as well.
  4. Thumbs up, beautiful Lancia Build! This is one of the posts in the internet that convinced me to pick it up! Maybe it is only me but I like the red color scheme much better than the white one. Really looking forward to the next build! Cheers
  5. Haha oh yessss, this is definitely a motivation. Love the looks of this Porsche and will go through your posts to find out what rims and wheels you are using! Great build! Meanwhile some parts arrived. Finally the right axle shafts. Made my decision on the radio. But yet can't decide on the servo. Ordered the S3001 however have had an S3152 sitting here from my brand new Juggernaut 2 kit which is still waiting to be build someday. So I guess I will take the digital S3152 as its much faster under 6V for a steering servo. There should not be a problem with the higher force of the S3152 (6 KG at 6V) to the steering linkage right? The S3001 is rated 3KG (6V). I have seen some builds with the shocks again, so they use these black plastic clippers in order to fit the spring to the longer travel of the shocks, which makes totally sense as these upgrade springs do already offer soft/medium/hard (so from my newbie understanding you do not need these clips to adjust any preload of the spring). Well and then the shell again...I have seen there was a nice Vaillant Limited Porsche which is more or less a relabeled Black edition. I could buy those decals, PS54 Cobalt Green and the body parts (H parts and L parts) in order to get this Vaillant Porsche. It will cost me an additional 48 € to make the conversion but then again, which Porsche do I like more? The Black one or the Vaillant Model So good there are tools, a hand driller, etc. in the mail currently. Leaves me some more hours to think about it
  6. Fully agreed! If I take the price of the FRP Chassis, alloy motor mount and steel shaft, updated bones front and rear plus ball bearing... It is a pitty the Lancia is not coming in this beautiful configuration:) Still concerned about the dampers though, will the springs be to short?
  7. Hello Grastens, thanks a lot :) Good point with bottoming out, appreciate it much! In this case I will consider that for a potential Lancia Rally build in the future and thanks for your description of the damper build! Yes, the updated shaft and the Aluminium motor mount is already part of that Porsche Kit, together with the FRP chassis, so no need for me to purchase those items :) But yes, when I do the Lancia 037 I will definitely consider the motor mount and the hop up drive shaft!
  8. Dear TamiyaClub Members! Thank you for having me here! As you can see this is my first post. I was into RC Cars a long time ago and it caught my attention back again a few months before. So long story short, I picked up the Tamiya Porsche TA02SW Black Edition. This is a great kit for the price I paid and it comes with lots of hop up options. As I remember the old look of the TA02 from the Tamiya catalog, I prefer the looks of the FRP Chassis with the red gearboxes. So I picked up those red boxes. I want to keep the black ones as spare parts since this car will be a runner for sure. I assume that the old molding is 100% the same to the newer released TA02S and TA02SW chassis, anyone can confirm? Next was the High Torque Servo Saver...too often recommended in other builds, so I could not pass by. An electronic speed controller (may sound stupid but I prefer to keep it all Tamiya). Some parts to protect the body, hope this is a good choice. Wheel adapters. Well yes and finally the 53155 Damper Set plus 53163 spring set. So I am looking forwart to start this build now. Still waiting for some paint, scissors for the body and some other tools I require. I was a bit confused that the spings from 53163 are significantly shorter than the springs delivered with the 53155 set. Did I make a mistake with the length of the springs? Will they fit the TA02SW chassis or will the dampers come to short? Another quick question to the experts in this forum. As I am already having an eye to the Tamiya Lancie 037 TA02S, I checked the manual in order to see what ground clearance it has. I was a bit irritated when I saw that the damper installs the same like the Porsche. Both builds use the same short V1 part from 50598 sprue. Why? The 037 is supposed to be a rally car, why does it not use longer dampers with V2 part to get more ground clearance? Besides, can anyone recommend other necessary parts? Oh yes and unfortuntely this was a wrong purchae from my side. I want to have axle shafts but I need 48,5mm, 33,4mm and 25,3mm, at least 53098 tells me. My friendly dealer told me that there are no 33,4mm any more but I can use 33mm ones. Those new shafts will be ordered tomorrow. Cheers!
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