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  1. Hi everyone, As the title suggests, just wanted to start some discussion on whether people keep their vintage RCs on the shelf, or whether they run them. I’ve got a mint 58104 Mclaren MP4/6 and MP4/13, which are both shelf queens, but I’m tempted to bring them to the track to see what they can do.
  2. Hi All,I've been racing my Tamiya F104W chassis, with no issues whatsoever. However, after taking it out tonight, I've noticed an abnormal grinding noise coming from the rear of the car. I replaced the spur gear before taking the car out tonight, as the original one was stripped. However, I'm still running the stock Tamiya pinion and spur sizes (17t pinion, 63t spur). Since then, I've noticed the grinding noise. I stopped the car immediately, and reset the tension on the differential, as well as reset the meshing of the pinion and spur. I also rebuilt the differential, and re-lubricated the diff balls with Tamiya Ball Diff Grease, but the grinding noise still occurs. I've also put some fresh oil on the motor to rule out that as being a cause. If someone could help me figure out the issue, that would be greatly appreciated. Everything I've tried so far isn't working! Link to grinding noise: Cheers
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