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  1. @acprc That's super cool, I didn't know that. Ugh and the worst part is how quickly the clutch wears out. (I hope that's not just me). TBH, and I really want to keep my stock one as og as possible, but if things like that are that hard to source, I may just use a better clutch like an adjustable multiple shoe style.
  2. Thanks so much. I did take the library of buying a cheap set of bearings (just a set, no spares) which cost me about 12 bucks Aussie. I also got a harder plastic upright set which are black. This is his first proper car, bit he's used mine on and off over the years. I'll keep it stock for a while, before upping the motor. I did want to get the sport tuned straight off the bat, but I guess the standard 540 is only 15 or 20 I think. I love the tnx 5.2. So agro. One is stock. The other has bevels, some metal parts (just housings and skid plates) and a bunch of other stuff. Really want to get them going but it'll take a while to fund those engines.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far guys. Appreciate it. Keep them coming! @Nicadraus the egress is basically 2013 avante yeah? It looks dope. @TurnipJF all of the above but vehicle history would be last. I mean, I love vehicle history, but I don't need to own one to enjoy that if that makes sense. I'm a mechanic by trade(another lifetime ago) so all that stuff I really get off on. There's some really decent on and off road tracks near me. Unfortunately my tnx's are now "history" haha. @Juggularhaha most likely I will get them all. But going off the answers i have so far, it's now a toss up between zahhak and dark impact. I want Vanessa's lunchbox real bad too, but given I've got two nitro trucks, that one will have to go down the ladder.
  4. Funnily enough, that's prolly as good an answer as any given that the speed/steering/balance between any car is probably quite small (like for as like as possible here) Sooo, they made the battery in line with body and actually make real shocks now 😂😂
  5. Yeah it's df03. I don't really know where any of the cars stand against one another (2wd Vs 2wd, 4wd Vs 4wd ect) like I don't know how dark impact compares to say super hot shot or avante for example. A big selling point for me is expandability/upgrades/hop ups/ mods. I do prefer cars with good aftermarket support too. Hahaha I can never make a choice. N And now I just looked up super hot shot and it seems very good and sort of in price range I want to spend.
  6. Look I've loved lunchbox for nearly 30 years or so. I'm sure I will get one one day. I just really don't know what to get TBH. I love the racing fighter and it's cheap plus I can run something similar to my sons grasshopper. But I love the zahhak as well. But then I think about dark impact and I'm like do iiiittttt....
  7. I'm looking at getting a new car to tie me over while I'm rebuilding my tnx 5.2s. Some that have gotten my interest are: Lunxhbox Dark impact Zahhak Blitzer beetle Racing fighter Avante black edition I just bought my son a grasshopper re release for Chrissie so that should be fun. The three I favour the most out of the list are dark impact, zahhak and racing fighter. Does anyone here prefer any over others in this list? Do any of them suck? If I were to purchase an avante, would it be just worth getting the trf buggy instead?
  8. Hey guys. I've decided to pull out all my old rc car gear and get it going again. It's been around ten years since I last touched any of it. Bear with me on this post, as I'll put up some more focused threads in the relevant categories later. I've got two tnx 5.2's, one tnx 3:0 and a robotronic mantis. These are all in poor to fair condition with seized engines. I'm currently pulling both tnx 5.2 right now. I've got a couple of questions since its been so long since I was in to them last. First question is what happened to tamiyatrucks.com? Was an awesome site back in the day. Second question is I'm have a lot of difficulties in sourcing parts for the tnx 5.2. Stock parts are kinda alright to find but not all, anything hop up or aftemarket can't be found. Anyone got any help? Bought my son a grasshopper for Christmas. What sort of aftermarket parts are there for this? Sorry for sounding so amatuer, I used to know so much, but I've lost it all now. Give me a few days and I'll set up threads in proper location plus I'll put pics up. Thanks in advance.
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