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  1. Hi all, since fitting truck tyres to my Dark Impact I'm using it a lot more and jumping it over ramps. It bottoms out and I wondered if stiffer springs were available - Tamiya or otherwise? I've seen the setting spring set but I get the impression they go softer not stiffer. I'm using the stock CVA shocks. It will rarely see flat tarmac and never a track - just hooning recklessly around the garden. Thanks, Huw.
  2. This looks like a bargain: https://banggood.app.link/Hv8T9HRzT2
  3. Just found the limit of my 21t motor with one 2700mah 3s pack. It was awesome while it lasted though. I've read that higher turn motors cope better - I wonder how long the stock silver can will last? Best put the 3s away and go back to 17t motor and 2s for now (trying not to look at brushless combos).
  4. Just tried it on 3s - lots of wheelies. Much fun. Need a bigger garden.
  5. Leaving it with 81/16 (final drive 15.5:1) which with the big tyres equates to final drive of 10.5:1 when compared with the stock tyres and stock spur/pinion. I think. Tried 81/22 and it lost some of its savagery - also significantly less braking. Two consecutive 5000mah packs with the 17t got quite hot so switched to a 21t. No less savage and in my garden it's plenty fast enough. I should have done this ages ago (or bought a truggy thing from the outset).
  6. Well it's game on so far! I did need to adjust the slipper - it was way to loose initially. Definitely not a crawler for the reasons already mentioned. However, it will cope with rough stuff and grass much better than before. Also running a centre one way which makes it fun for changing direction - hopeless for stopping though. My 17t with 81/16 combination got fairly hot (nothing more than I remember with the stock silver can in my Falcon 30 years ago though) with a full 5000may nimh through it - could be because it was flat out most of the time. Perhaps it would run cooler with taller gearing and less max rpm? Too dark to find out now. I'll post a pic later.
  7. Nice. I've got an associated slipper - 81/16 currently but will run 84/16 if I don't fit the cover. Could take a Dremel to the inside of the cover if needed. High speed is not on my list for now - it was when I started building it but my driving ability disagrees.
  8. 👍 Ball diffs very tight as is so I'll adjust the slipper to suit the new tyres.
  9. I agree with all those points and it may end up going. However, if it bounces around my garden better with truck tyres I'll (probably) be happy. 130mm tyres lengthen the gearing by 50% so I've fitted an 81t spur and 16t pinion which brings the effective final drive back to a bit lower than stock 78/26 with factory tyres. Might be horrific!
  10. I think you're right. Just ordered a 12mm hex wheel and 130mm tyre set. My slowest motor is the stock 27t silver can but 35t or 55t motors are cheap enough. I just want something I can mess about with in the garden.
  11. Hi all. The last time I used this site it was when I was really excited at having finished my Dark Impact build. I've used it twice since and really I should have bought a cheap RTR crawler to play in the garden. Faced with selling it at a significant loss and getting an FTX Mauler I also wonder if I could get some fun out of fitting the DF03 with 4 inch tyres. I have a ton of spares for it so gearing would be fine. Any thoughts? No bad ideas here - any blue sky thinking welcome. Cheers, Huw.
  12. I charged my first lipos today and no there isn't the option to have temperature cut off. I need to try and figure out the memory function to store each battery.
  13. Both fit - the 2s without filing and the 3s with a bit of filing to avoid pinching the cable. The 2s is very punchy with my 17 turn cheapo motor and 81/20 gearing. Both are thin so need some bubble wrap in there. Filing: Length comparison 3s, nimh, 2s: Plenty of space for 2s: 3s not tight either: 3s, nimh, 2s: Fun times!!
  14. ...wait. I've found something that looks about right...
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