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  1. The pool is behind where this photo was taken.
  2. Having recently finished a Novafox, I was in the market for a 4wd buggy. Was eyeing off a super hotshot, but in Aus they are $380, so was finding it hard to justify the price. I found a Boomerang kit for $190 AUD so snapped it up instead. Colours: blue ‘diamond finish’, some chrome paint that didn’t work lol. Just random paints from hardware store. Everything is stock apart from the sport tuned.
  3. FWIW I had issues with the X8 piece letting go of the screw on my first builds. This was due to not building them properly. I didn’t screw it all the way in. Anyway...... to remedy that i superglued the **** out of it when building newer ones. My buggies are abused and all is well so far.
  4. Hi, Just finished building a Novafox I got for Xmas from my kids. Ended up putting a hobbywing 1060 in for the lipo cut off. Sport tuned motor Drilled a hole in the top of the case to allow somewhere for heat to escape as it kept shutting down under thermal after a bit. I won’t be running it in the wet. Went with metallic green and gunmetal grey instead of boxart. I always like to be a little different but for colours to match the stickers. Goes great and was a really fun build. Next I might look to do something like a Blackfoot. Just wish I could get a King blackfoot.
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