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  1. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    a few days ago i broke the steering bits of the lower deck on my TT02 so it's been dismantled for now. whoops. however i did get a new 28T pinion by HPI (please don't hurt me), so when its drivable again, i can easily shatter the sound barrier. on the deck though, i hope tamiya restocks on item 47339 or 47340 soon... bit of a tight fit.
  2. hey, guys. i recently got some new tires yesterday, and i had a run on them today. steering broke, but no worries, the step screw broke loose. what was worrying is this: these came premounted, by the way. the inner bit of tire is wearing quite a bit, and that was just one run! the rears are okay, but the fronts look a little...bad. i've got some toe in on it, but i don't understand how that would make such a large impact on wear. it isn't actually the first time it happened, though. on the stock tires with very little toe in, the inner tire started to flange: that picture is from a while ago. do you think its the toe causing this, or what? sorry for the double picture, and thanks for any answers.
  3. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    today i went to the shops and got new wheels after they exploded. if they had just tires, i'd go for it. but they had premounted only. they're not bad, just different... they're vaterras if anyone is curious. has anyone had any experience with them? i'd love to hear how they perform or how long they last.
  4. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    today i did a thing i guess i can probably get some foams too now? so what have you done today?
  5. Uranium

    the correct pinion size

    hey guys, thanks for the answers. i've found some HPI pinions that are 0.6 module. would they fit the shaft of the 540 motor or is the hole too large to comfortably sit on it? are they steel, or like the stock alloy? thanks.
  6. Uranium

    the correct pinion size

    thanks. a 48p pinion might damage it, but would it still fit? just because...i don't know. if i can, i'll probably nab a 120t spur gear or something with an equally ludicrous amount of teeth, but that probably wouldn't fit the chassis, so i'm gonna try to play it safe and stick with the 66t.
  7. hi. i'm guessing that this has already been answered, but i still can't just find a direct answer. obviously if you took the time out of your day to look at some other question threads i made, i have a TT02 with the stock torque tuned motor. i'm satisfied with it, except the shoddy stock pinion. it already looks pretty bad, nearly like its soft as icing on a cake. so obviously i want to upgrade it with a steel pinion. my main problem with actually finding one is the pitch. they're 0.6 module, but i don't know what the actual pitch is. i saw an older thread on here saying they're like 42.5 pitch, but i think it'll be hard to find specifically a 42.5 pitch pinion on amazon...i think a 48 pitch is nearly the same as 0.6 module, so can i use a 48p pinion? thanks for any answers. if you're curious, i think a robinson racing pinion will be good, but i don't see any 0.6 modules with more than 22 teeth by them sold on amazon. is hot racing good?
  8. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    today my blue locknuts came in. j just installed them and, even if its a minor touchup, it looks pretty alright to me. i have no idea why the picture is upside down when i took it the right way up...oh well. consider it the anti gravity alfa or that its got too much downforce (i wish)... so what have you done today?
  9. Uranium

    questions about 53335, 53336 and 53453

    thank you! that is all i needed to know.
  10. hey all. today i ran my car on a curb, and then all of a sudden my wheel came flying off, and consequentally i lost one of the lock nuts in my neighbor's lawn (hopefully they don't get mad if they run it over with a lawnmower). i was going for new wheels anyway since one of them had a crack in it and i grew concerned when the tire kept fiddling its way out of the groove (some proline glue fixed that, but i feel it might damage the tire). so i realized item 53336 existed, some black bbs esque wheels. i think they'd look good on my car if i were to get them, and i saw that it came with two lock nuts. it says they are spacers in an amazon listing, but they look close enough to lock nuts to me. also, would they fit? it says it has a +2 offset. would 53335 fit instead? they're black 5 spokes. 53453 also looks nice, but they also have +2 offset. or shall i forget about it all and the cracked wheel and just get the blue adonized nuts instead? i run a tt02 and its the 1996 ITC alfa romek one, which might say what sizethe wheels are stock. thank you.
  11. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    today i did an oopsie fixed it a few minutes later trying not to damage the thread. was trying to adjust toe in a different way since the turnbuckle hex (?) was rounded off, essentially making the wrench useless. what have you done today?
  12. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    today i built the all important turnbuckles for my tt02. what have you done today?
  13. Uranium

    Ideas wanted for painting a 911 GT1

    if you want to stick to a german theme, i'd suggest something inspired by this. admittedly it might look a bit tacky, but if you're open to anything i'd suggest either a gulf, martini racing or brumos porsche livery.
  14. Uranium

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    i built and installed the universals on my tt02. so what have you done today?
  15. hi. i have no idea what i am doing here at nearly 3 past midnight on a monday when i have school, but i don't care about that. the title says everything. can i use the tt01 turnbuckle set (53662) on my tt02? if i were to get them, i'd adjust them for toe in and out. the long ball nut won't be an issue since the front knuckles are leaning backwards from caster anyway, so i'll just put in spacers. will the actual ball nuts work with the tt02 parts, as in are they the same thread size as the regular kit screws on the tt02? i hope that made sense because i think that sounded weird. but it's nearing 2:50 am so...thank you!