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  1. not sure if this is much of an electronic issue rather than a "mechanical" one but oh well. it's pretty simple really. i have a 1/8 buggy with stock electronics, and the buggy is 4-5 years old, if that means anything. if i thrash it too hard, the ESC turns itself off. it's not so that the switch goes completely from the on to the off position - if it just moves slightly to the right (towards off), it turns off. how can i remedy this? i've contemplated just jamming an allen key or a rock in there, but that's not really smart. thanks. the ESC is a team orion vortex R8, model code ORI65107.
  2. i gave my buggy tires some lettering. i think they're pretty alright.
  3. hello, for context, i have decided to completely disassemble my kyosho inferno VE race spec (the one from around 2011). i've owned it since 2016 and it is my first ever RC car that would be considered serious. after several months and probably close to a year of neglect (which include not driving it at all and never having thoroughly cleaned the thing since i first drove it), i thought rebuilding it after complete disassembly to clean, upgrade and service it would be a fun idea. not gonna lie, i think the body that came with it looks stupid. even if it has a sort of air scoop that directs air to cool the motor, the shape just looks silly to me. so i figured, why not get an MP9e body to replace it? i don't know why but the more angular design is attractive to me, AND it vaguely has a sharktail fin, which is undeniably awesome. so i want to get one, paint it in some wacky colors i like, and then continue on my merry way for rebuilding the chassis. is it possible? i'd be even more sad than i was before if it isn't, because an unpainted and uncut body is already seventy dollars. yeesh. i might just get an aftermarket 1/8 buggy body if i have to; any suggestions? thanks for any answers, even if you say i'm dumb in it
  4. not gonna lie, i've lost interest in RC for the past few months. but i guess that's natural if you do something over and over again, so why not try something new? i *might* get a new chassis, and recently my heart has been set on a TB05, because that's better than a TT02. and i'm deathly afraid of my neighbors, so i'm not gonna go out there where a few people can see me. our front yard is particularly spacious and the driveway is just rocks and dirt, so i figured that getting a TB05 and making it able to go off road would be a blast. would that be possible/a good idea? i'd like to know, any bit of information is appreciated. thanks.
  5. tamiya TB05 - nice protoform body to go with it - a gallon (JK) of silicone oil
  6. i kinda had this. i was gifted a kyosho buggy a few years ago (2015) and ran it everyday, until i lost interest after 2-3 years. then i got my TT02 in december, but i've kind of lost interest in that too. i think it's just the feeling of having a new car.
  7. @Jonathon Gillham @nbTMM thank you guys for your answers. if you have the information, what's the lightest you've ever seen a TT02 weigh (any variant)? i wanna know what it can go down to. i've read somewhere else a guy got theirs around 1200-1300g.
  8. that probably sounded like a strange title at first, but the hexes on my turnbuckles are rounded off. this pretty much throws any time efficient changes out the window because i'd have to disassemble either the front knuckles or steering assembly in order to deattach the turnbuckles. here's what they look like: it might be hard to tell, but its there. my turnbuckle wrench can't "hook" onto any face of the hexes, so it just goes round off the turnbuckle. i'm wondering if any of you have ever had turnbuckles like these, and is there any way to kind of fix it without buying new turnbuckles completely? thank you for any response.
  9. hi. a handful of people say a standard TT02 isn't exactly the best for any kind of competitive racing at all (i've no experience in racing so maybe it doesn't matter), mostly due to any lack of adjustability. but the TT02 type S is synonymous with adjustability, with all the turnbuckles and the better suspension. would that put it up against a few higher end chassis since you can tune it a lot more than a standard chassis? i'm just curious, because some people say the TT02 is capable for higher end racing and some others don't. thanks, and any answer is appreciated.
  10. i got a steel pinion by hot racing for my TT02 to replace my HPI one. before i take it out for a drive, has anyone used an HR pinion and is it good?
  11. haha, i bought it on amazon. i'll see if i can measure the top speed soon if you wish.
  12. today i got me a new motor. i wonder why they went from the black motor to the silver can. cost? anyway, this ought to be a big step from the torque tuned.
  13. the motor is around 7 months old at this point.
  14. i've been having issues these past few weeks. sometimes on my runs, the car just loses power completely and the accelerator/brake does not work. i know it's not 100% the ESC, because the servo still functions whenever i steer it. i suspect its the yellow connectors, seen here: usually it's wrapped in electrical tape but for the sake of the photo i took it off. i don't think that's the core reason, as when i first ran it like that there was no loss of power or any weird things like that. it was only until a week or two ago i started to have problems, so i believe it's the motor. today, the car just completely died after about 30 seconds of actual driving, and yesterday the motor kept cutting out (i'm not lying when i said i had to push it with my foot for the power to kick in). what do you guys think? i should mention i have not broken in the motor (mainly because i have no clue how to do it). it's a torque tuned motor with the TBLE-02S. my gearing uses a 28t pinion and a 63t spur, if that has anything to do with it. please help - any answer would be appreciated, thank you!
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