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  1. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thanks! I loved my GLI but wanted something with less miles and a little more utility it was on the lot when i started working at the dealership and I just couldn't let it slip away lol
  2. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Yeah runs on 12s
  3. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I bought a car... 2017 Golf Alltrack
  4. Scipunk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    reinforced parts and a thread former tool and a little surprise from Japan
  5. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thank you both, now i have many options
  6. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Realized my HW 120amp ESC was too big for my XV-01 front to back and really snug side to side, so i may have to find a smaller one, that can run my 13.5 apex v2 Suggestions for a ESC than can run a 13.5 tuned motor or even a combo that wont break the bank
  7. Here is my issue: it fits sideways but the wires are just gonna be messy, i may just buy a whole setup i dunno
  8. It's not a heat issue ( its the fact that the ESC only fits one way as its too wide (long?) the other way, ill get a pic and show you what i mean.
  9. the esc i have is pretty big and only fits sideways, which makes me sad and makes wiring a nightmare, so i am looking for a brushless esc/motror combo that wont break the bank but also will fit in the limited space the XV offers. Suggestions?
  10. More progress Got my electrics out of my x-ray, gonna need some and a longer senor wire as well. Might buy a new motor not sure yet. That's a Apex v2 13.5 and a hobbywing 120amp xerun One of 2 possible spektrum receivers i will use
  11. Alright good to know and thanks for the info on the spacer set, ill see if i can dig one up!
  12. Lemme ask you guys, on the back a arms, the little NN23 spacer (the one that goes on the big hing pin before the ball that goes into the suspension brace (blue aluminum one) i was missing one so i just put it together without it on once side. Is that a issue cause i can find some washers if need be. Also where do i get these dust shields the manual keeps mentioning?
  13. Stopping for the night got the rear attached with the Kevlar belt and CVD's
  14. More progress, i am taking my time atm, i still need to take the motor and electrics from my x-ray
  15. Thanks it's a Cow RC magnetic work mat The purpose of a slipper clutch is to reduce wheel spin thus helping with traction on loose surfaces. On my carpet buggies i run a slipper eliminator because of the high traction.