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  1. wheels, tires, brass portal covers, roof rack and accessories etc
  2. 2021 Trx-4 bronco, my Tamiya stuff is on hold while we renovate the house so i needed a RTR :)
  3. Last 3 parts needed to complete my XV-01 build: Savox SC-1251 low profile servo, ez-run 3300kv combo and LED programming card
  4. Got my Skyline 1/24th kit, Orange paint and shock shafts from tony for my XV-01 And i got my Tamiya 2mm e-ring tool
  5. Got my soldering jig and some xt-60 connectors and bullet connectors and my shocks for my xv-01, plus a lot more for one of my real cars and such. Waiting on tamiya shafts from Tony and then i can finally get the xv finished
  6. Ahh im in the states but we have tons of UK folks that will have a better source for your stuff
  7. Where are you located? As far as not super expensive radios etc Flysky has some nice transmitters for decent prices. ESC i use usually the Xerun ones from hobby wing. Don't cheap out on a battery as it can be more costly than not. Not sure what to recommend there as i use whats avail locally but if you can find new Wave they have been good to me. I use a $130 dollar charger so i won't recommend that one lol, there are some good inexpensive ones out there I am sure someone will be able to give you a good example. best of luck!
  8. I have that same tool kit, it's been super useful.
  9. Generally you want to mask and use spray, try to practice on scraps so you get the feel for how the paint flows. I am not sure if brushing would be ok due to streaking etc.
  10. Sorry for the long delay, with everything going on my focus has been elsewhere. I finally ordered my compressor and just need to wait for that before i get to painting. I hope everyone is well!
  11. I was using plast-i-weld but it had no applicator so the bottle i have the tip was too big and it jkust poured out. I now am using the same stuff from micromark. it's gotten better but since this is my first foray with styrene there will be tons of mistakes. Side note my cat messed up my left had a little so going has been slow, but i have made some windshield armor progress
  12. Began work on the windshield which will be a longer part of the build. Center part is for something ill reveal after and i have to flesh out the armor. BTW this glue I'm using is like water and the application bottle apparently has too big of a tip so i need a better solution, suggestions welcome
  13. Started fleshing out the windshield and realized that the styrene glue I'm using gets everywhere....lol the center portion will be for something so much to do
  14. Added rear window armor, looks crooked but its just taped in atm. Also forgot about the roll bar so ill be making a new one soon
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