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  1. I was using plast-i-weld but it had no applicator so the bottle i have the tip was too big and it jkust poured out. I now am using the same stuff from micromark. it's gotten better but since this is my first foray with styrene there will be tons of mistakes. Side note my cat messed up my left had a little so going has been slow, but i have made some windshield armor progress
  2. Began work on the windshield which will be a longer part of the build. Center part is for something ill reveal after and i have to flesh out the armor. BTW this glue I'm using is like water and the application bottle apparently has too big of a tip so i need a better solution, suggestions welcome
  3. Started fleshing out the windshield and realized that the styrene glue I'm using gets everywhere....lol the center portion will be for something so much to do
  4. Added rear window armor, looks crooked but its just taped in atm. Also forgot about the roll bar so ill be making a new one soon
  5. Working on back window armor for the Scav Brat Rear window is just taped in atm so it looks crooked...lol
  6. Added some more to the side window armor, ordered a rack for the hood so i can focus on everything else i need to make. Need to ordere a lot more styrene and such (and some better glue)
  7. Did a bit of rough detail on the window armor it's supposed to be rough looking btw, i have a whole backstory...lol I also have some stuff coming for the hood. I need a lot more styrene... also posted in the build thread
  8. Ok so i began work on the fuel drum for what i have now dubbed the Scav Brat, this is really my first time working with polystyrene so bear with me as i am no pro. Used a old pill bottle and some wire/stryene and a plastic Tamiya bearing for the fuel inlet...lol Still need to make a hose and about 1 million other things over but i am happy so far. PS the windows are all armored so keep a eye out for that fun AND I finally got a airbrush so i can start learning and using that
  9. Began work on the fuel drum for the Scav Brat as i have currently dubbed it.
  10. Wow that's just dirty pool...lol I hope it is good, i still need a water trap for my compressor and i have heard mixed reviews about this model. If it's not up to snuff ill swap out for a iwata
  11. Began the early stages of my brat body project. Should be interesting and fun. Here's a sneak peek more will be posted in my build thread here: LE Brat
  12. I have began work on the body, going in a different direction from the blue Lots more to come, gonna take a while to get it all sorted
  13. Buttoned up the brat chassis, now onto paint! 20200102_132859 by David Ashe, on Flickr
  14. Hobby wing 1080 esc and metal servo saver for my TRX-4 2020-01-02_06-36-24 by David Ashe, on Flickr
  15. Well the chassis is done, electrics are in and now come the long process of deciding on my paint...lol 20200102_132859 by David Ashe, on Flickr 20200102_132909 by David Ashe, on Flickr Should be fun to paint, i have a plan just trying to figure out how i am gonna pull it off.
  16. I wish i had taken photos of the gearbox build. as the kit provides 2 bearings for it so no need for bushings there. Now should i have used the fast eddy ones probably but i think it will be fine for now
  17. Made a bit more progress on my brat, need to go to the LHS for some different battery connectors, almost done the body is a whole different animal lol Build thread here : LE Brat 2019-12-31_08-25-47 by David Ashe, on Flickr
  18. Moving along now, need a new battery connector but overall we are almost done with the chassis, body is a different story...lol 2019-12-30_04-54-29 by David Ashe, on Flickr 2019-12-31_07-59-30 by David Ashe, on Flickr 2019-12-31_08-00-11 by David Ashe, on Flickr 2019-12-31_08-25-47 by David Ashe, on Flickr
  19. Yeah it is, i wasn't ready to deal with a kit with all the other i have to finish. I do have plans for it however so i might start a thread for that. Maybe 78 will start a build as his a kit. In other news i got the last bits to continue with the brat build: 2019-12-30_04-54-29 by David Ashe, on Flickr
  20. Agreed! I think it will be a popular item for other builds. The wheels are also dark gray. I really wish this body (any color) was available more readily I would like a extra for another project.
  21. Add me to the list of shaky editing issue, it does work if i open in a new window. Does it on FF and Chrome win 10 ad block on or off.
  22. Started on my Brat kit (build thread is started and pending) but ran into this oddity and wanted to know if this is normal or should I contact Tamiya? As you can see this is the drivers side 4WD logo... 20191229_163445 by David Ashe, on Flickr And this is the passenger... which is correct and is this normal or a bad molding? 20191229_163454 by David Ashe, on Flickr Thanks in advance!
  23. Well here we are again, building a kit when i haven't finished other but this one is special to me. I owned the younger brother of this car in the from of a 1:1 Baja. Same color as well (well darker but blue) so i got this as a homage to that car. Off we go, pics will show progress points not every step as i am sure there are tones of these on here In the beginning... 20191229_123535 by David Ashe, on Flickr Chassis together before front end mess...lol 20191229_130138 by David Ashe, on Flickr Front end mess 20191229_140434 by David Ashe, on Flickr Gearbox together, what a fiddly pain but its there. 20191229_143035 by David Ashe, on Flickr Soon ill start on the rear end etc but i am waiting on my motor (sport tuned) and my bearing kit to come in. Thanks for looking
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