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  1. I wasn't planning on adding any hop ups to my DF-03 build beyond the DF-03 Aluminum Dampers that I already added, but that didn't last long...
  2. Nearing completion of my DF-03. It's most definitely not box art, but intended to complement my DT-02. The body is PS-57 Pearl White; the wing is PS-29 Fluorescent Pink, with a few layers of PS-58 Pearl Clear sprayed down first, then backed in PS-1 White. I'm still waiting on a servo to complete it. And here's a shot of the DT-02 and DF-03 side by side.
  3. After finally fixing my DT-02, I thought I'd get a start on my DF-03 Dark Impact. It's stock except for the use of a couple of Tamiya aluminum ball connectors and the DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set (53926). I'm really impressed with the dampers; they're extremely smooth.
  4. Replaced the front shock tower on my DT-02 (thanks to Tony's Tamiya Parts). In the process, I decided to add a couple of blue bits to the front: 5mm ball connectors and a turnbuckle shaft repurposed as a shock mount brace.
  5. I just noticed Tower is running another 25% flash sale. The NSU TT Jagermeister kit on the M05 can be had for $83. The KingYellow on G6-01 can be had for $137.
  6. If you've never had a DT-02, I can strongly recommend the Nissan Racing Truck. I got it off TH back in December when they were running a similar 20% off deal. It's a great platform for bashing. I recently converted mine to a Sand Viper.
  7. That's exactly right. I also believe it'd fit the WT-01, but I don't see the need to add bling to it, since I only use the WT-01 for bashing.
  8. An assortment of items I'd ordered 6+ weeks ago. The dampers, stabilizers, and pinion are for my DT-02 (which started life as a Nissan Racing truck but quickly turned into a Sand Viper). The rest are destined for a "super" (read: expensive and unnecessary) TL-01 rebuild that has been planned for two years now...
  9. I did what I feel like has been pretty standard Tamiya guidance on previous diffs I've built...tighten it up, and then back it back out a bit. I don't intend for the VQS to be a serious runner, so I didn't make too much of a fuss about it to be honest. Not sure when it'll get its first run, but will definitely report back.
  10. This is my second addition to this thread. I just completed my VQS build.
  11. Completed the VQS today. What a wonderful build experience, though I had a few scares applying the decals. Luckily they all turned out ok. I can't wait to get the VQS added to my showroom once the model code is added!
  12. I agree with you! I do in fact prefer the ability to paint my own bodies for exactly that reason. What I meant was this time around, it was nice to jump right into finishing the body without having to paint over the weekend! Finished pics coming right up.
  13. Following this thread, as I've had on my list to replace the pogo stick shocks on my WT-01N. I have a NIB set of CVA Mini Shocks (53619) and have been wondering if those would work on the WT-01?
  14. Penultimate VQS update. I've completed the build save for wheels and the body. I'm not going to lie; while I'm not necessarily in favor of pre-cut and pre-painted bodies, it is nice that I don't have to paint.
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