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  1. A couple of goodies for my XV-01. After additional research, I've decided not to install the slipper for now, but at least I have it.
  2. Finished my DB-01 Durga build. Here it is, sitting between it's DF-03 and TD2 brethren.
  3. More parts for my NIB Durga (this is getting out of hand).
  4. Trimmed and then fitted the body shell and wing for my DB-01 Durga. Wing is actually out of the TRF201 set and is affixed with the blue aluminum wing washers (54849).
  5. Just wanted to chime in on @ShadowyStingray’s plug for Hub Hobby (for those in the US anyway). I’ve ordered from them twice and was extremely pleased. Aside from all the Tower nonsense, there’s a part of me that wants to support local, small businesses. My money will be going to Amain, Hub Hobby, and (when necessary) Tamico from now on. Have had nothing but great experiences with all three in the past.
  6. Completed my DB-01 build. It's stock save for the Dirt Tuned motor (the listed hop up at the time of release) and a set of 54993 DF-03 Aluminum Dampers.
  7. A couple of items for my upcoming TC-01 build.
  8. Wrapped up my "TT-02B(R)" build. I'd had an issue with mounting the TRF201 wing using the stock wing mount on the carbon towers but sorted that out using some DF-03 wing mounts I had (in blue!). All I can say is, if you want a TT-02BR, buy the kit, don't do what I did (which was start with a TT-02B and add a bunch of hop ups...), though the build was fun nonetheless. Excuse the poor lighting; it's painted in PS Fluorescent Yellow and is quite bright.
  9. Probably my last "postman brought me" entry for a while (for fear of getting thrown out of the house). NIB TA-08R and XV-02RS, both courtesy of Tamico.
  10. So, this was not in the plans (and gets in the way of my planned next build, the TC-01), but excited by the $150 eBay find. This is a TB-03 w/ TRF shocks (not sure which ones, welcome others to chime in) and the Super Modified 11T motor. I don’t know if the battery holder and blue pins are Tamiya or aftermarket. The chassis looks like it’s never been run (tho the motor definitely has) and is only missing a grub screw and incorrect king pins on the lower front knuckles. It also must have a one-way installed based on my turning the axles. Now the hop up hunt begins.
  11. I too am glad to see this thread resurrected. It’s timely too, since I’m in the middle of a Durga build. Went with a spare Dirt Tuned, since that was the hop-up motor listed at time of release.
  12. A delivery from Tamico (which, by the way, took just two days from Germany to the East Coast): The new TC-01 kit, a couple of items for my NIB Durga, and some shiny hardware. Pink nuts are going on my pink DT-02 Sand Viper.
  13. A second NIB Durga (that I did *not* need but couldn’t refuse for $140 shipped) and some other odds and ends. My first ever esc was an LRP so was intrigued by these when I saw them for sale.
  14. Finished collecting items for my next build
  15. A couple of items for my recently acquired DB-01, as well as a Plasma Edge shell and aluminum uprights for my recreation of the TT-02BR. Oh, and some TRF201 decals for $4. All straight from TamiyaUSA.
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