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  1. A Super Stock TZ. It's destined for either the WT-01N Amarok or forthcoming Sand Viper build.
  2. Completed the build on the Subaru Brat. It's set up for the lexan body, which I'm going to paint now while I wait for warmer weather to do the ABS body.
  3. Got a start on my Subaru Brat. Plan is to paint the lexan body now for bashing and save the ABS body for a proper paint job once it warms up here. Need to decide on colors for both...
  4. Just noticed this myself; I've been waiting to order a couple of parts myself...
  5. Received my Tamiya cutting mat. A nice compliment to my Tamiya tool set
  6. Got my Amarok WT-01N finished. I got a little too greedy while painting the second coat of PS-63 Bright Gun Metal, so there's a couple of blemishes. Luckily, the side blue digital camo (or at least that's the best I can describe it as) sticker covered some of it up. It's completely stock save for bearings (incl. in the pre-built transmission, which I pulled apart before I started building).
  7. Technically, this was yesterday, but, while on vacation ('holiday') in Dublin, Ireland over the last week, I snuck away to check out Marks Models. Lovely little shop right near City Center. It definitely caters to the static model and train crowd, but I did find a single Tamiya RC on the shelves - a brand, new Grasshopper.
  8. Trimmed and masked my Amarok body for the WT-01N. I didn't realize until I'd masked off the wheel arches/fenders that the decal sheet included black stickers for them. Suppose they'll look better painted black anyway.
  9. Parts for my TL-01 restoration project. Not sure if I'll actually replace the existing chassis with the new chassis parts, but figured, you can never have too many spares/replacement parts
  10. Some Tamiya tools for some upcoming winter projects, including a TL-01 restoration.
  11. This is my inaugural post. Woohoo! Let's see if this works... I recently received a well-used TL-01 chassis, which I plan on tearing down, and building back up w/ full ball bearing and replacing any bits that need replacing. I've collected a bunch of spares for the rebuild and a new body. I can tell the internal gears are shot, since I noticed the little cap piece opposite the motor was missing. Spares acquired. Debating whether I'll use the Speed-Tuned Gear Set (53342) at this time. Here's the body set I'm planning on using. Wheels and tires on next on the shopping list.
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