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  1. A couple of items for my recently acquired DB-01, as well as a Plasma Edge shell and aluminum uprights for my recreation of the TT-02BR. Oh, and some TRF201 decals for $4. All straight from TamiyaUSA.
  2. An XV01 (finally) as well as the hop up motor plate. Planning to start with a Torque Tuned I have from another kit.
  3. Added a UGT Tuned Motor to my (now growing) collection of contemporary Tamiya motors.
  4. I finally got around to adding the hop up turnbuckles (53940) to my DF-03. Making turnbuckles should be considered cruel and unusual punishment…
  5. A little late to this party, but my first non-Tamiya delivery.
  6. Went to order a motor, ended up buying a kit…
  7. Love it! Yes, I just need the DF03/TT02B aluminum shocks as well as the aluminum rear uprights (which I think I've tracked down)! I'm not bothering with the oil-filled diffs.
  8. Got everything ready for a TT-02B build. I was somewhat inspired by Glenn's Project Performance, as well as the TT-02BR's announcement. I need to track down a Neo Scorcher body, which I'll order once TamiyaUSA's shop opens back up.
  9. It’s actually PS-57 Pearl White, which gives that off white look. I’m thinking I probably should have done PS-58 Pearl Clear and backed it in PS-1 White.
  10. I finally finished my TD2 build. Ended up really enjoying the build and chassis (I didn’t bother with the silly mudguards) until I put on the white star dish wheels. Something doesn’t look right to me…
  11. Tamico. It wasn’t the cheapest option, but since I was already ordering a kit and paying the shipping to the US, threw it in.
  12. Well now look at what you’ve made me do…order a UGT motor
  13. Added a GT Tuned motor to my (small) collection of contemporary Tamiya motors.
  14. Finally got my DT-03 built. I’d initially intended to do an Aqcroshot conversion from the get go, but that hasn’t happened (…yet).
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