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  1. A little something something from our friends at Tamico. I hadn't seen a DN-01 for sale anywhere recently, so when I saw a kit in stock at a decent price (I'm in the US, so they remove the 19% VAT) I couldn't resist. I also ordered the TRF201 motor mount.
  2. Over the weekend, I was able to install the Reedy 17T brushed motor paired with the 19T steel pinion. Haven't had a chance to run it yet. Will report back!
  3. I got to spend some time this weekend working on my DF-03. It was supposed to be a stock build, but I've somehow talked myself into adding a bunch of blue bits. Since my last update, I've updated the servo saver to the Hi Torque version (51000) along with aluminum servo horn and cap, replaced the stock servo screws with Tamiya blue ones (54862), added the slipper clutch, heatsink bars, and steering turnbuckle set.
  4. ...but more importantly, a second Super Astute courtesy of TamiyaUSA's recent sale.
  5. A couple more items for my DT-02 and DF-03...
  6. Just found this thread and following. One of the things that I've been trying to research for my own "super" TL-01 rebuilt (that's been on the back burner for 2+ years now...) is whether the Aluminum M-03R front uprights will fit the TL-01. I vaguely remember there being lots of crossover between TL-01 and M-03 parts. The specific part is Tamiya 49441 M-03R Aluminum Front Upright.
  7. I'll report back. I'm waiting for the motor to arrive along with the steel 17T and 19T pinions.
  8. Bit of a hijacking here, but though I'd ask here vs. starting a new thread. Would putting a 17T brushed motor (a la Reedy Radon 17T, supposedly rated at 3600 kv) with either the of the Tamiya 17T or 19T pinions be a bad idea? Looking for speed, but limited by the gearing options. Note, I'm old school and only have brushed motors.
  9. Here in the US, Tower Hobbies is now showing the first shipment of the 47470 TF Evo in March. Same with the Thunder Dragon and the TA-02 Opel Calibra. So we may be seeing them in the US sooner certainly than I expected.
  10. As a matter of fact, it's actually a dollar more than it was in December, you're right! I'd been going back and forth on whether to pull the trigger, and by the time I decided to go for it, they'd closed for inventory and was super dismayed to see it back to $389 when they re-opened. I figure that this may be the last time to pick one up at a "decent" price so went for it.
  11. I just ordered the Super Astute for $273. Certainly more expensive that it was when Tower had it back in the day, but cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it (...ebay).
  12. I know I'm a little late to the party, but finally managed to snag the re-release Terra Scorcher, thanks to our friends at Tamico .
  13. Started work on a couple of upgrades to my DT-02 Sand Viper. I've already replaced the kit wheels/tires with the white Star-Dish wheels and spiked tires. Next up is replacing the stock CVAs with the new Aluminum Damper Set (54993). But mostly, talked myself into "needing" to pre-order the Top Force Evo, TA-02 Opel Calibra, and Thunder Dragon re-res earlier this morning. Ooops...
  14. A couple of goodies for my DT-02 Sand Viper. The damper set is 54993, the "new" version of DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set (53926). So far as I can tell, the only differences are the caps are serrated vs. smooth on the 53926 set. It also comes with green "Medium" oil, instead of the yellow "Soft" oil as in 53926.
  15. Ah, I'd forgotten about the Torque Tuned. I suppose since it's included as standard in some kits now, I didn't think of including it in the "collection." However, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't have a GT Tuned motor. What are people's thoughts on the GT Tuned? And what's its best application?
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