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  1. Thank you both. I didn’t even consider doing an LSD and will go that route. I did see someone else just post about the additional bushings/spacers for the rear axle, and will definitely do that.
  2. Hi all, I just recently picked up a CC01 kit (Isuzu Mu Black Metallic). This is my first CC01... I can’t wait to play with the full time 4 wheel drive, and from what I’ve been reading, it’s a tinkerers dream, with the ability to do a lot of mods to it. However, I’d like clarification on two things: 1.) Locking the rear and/or front diff: what situations have come up where it was a good decision to lock the diffs? I’ve read it’s good to lock them if you need more power. But what circumstances would make it a good idea to do it? Is it just for getting better traction? My intention is more for trail riding and less climbing, so I don’t know how I could tell if locking them would be of any benefit 2.) Motor speed / turns: From what I’m reading, it’s preferable to use a motor with turns of 27 or higher. What is the main reason behind this? I’m used to putting the fastest possible motor in a rig, and even now have a Super Hornet, Fighting Buggy, Blackfoot, and Mud Blaster II all with brushed and brushless motors with turns of 15 or less. So is this truck more of a leisure ride type of vehicle, or is it a capable machine that if I wanted to, I could throw a 12 or 15t brushless motor in it and tear up some trails?
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