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  1. Hey Ax Sorry I missed your reply , from the other day, my apologies. Agreed....you posted: Basically the finished setup in your Clod should look mostly identical to that in your other cars - one receiver with one lead going to the steering servo and one going to the ESC. Would I be correct, in saying that the only difference from my other cars...all buggies at this point, is that the "New" Bullhead has two motors. So, I've ordered the Hobbywing 880, recommended by Dakratfink which will accommodate the two motor system The steering servo below the upper tray will be MY steering servo. What I thought was an additional servo on top of the Upper tray, (that had a short rod to the old MSC), will be removed, Correct? On and different note; on this forum, seems like there are many members from Europe, many from the UK. So, I checked out Bath. Looks like a very cool place! has Mary Shelly's home, Frankenstein. Awesome. ...on my "bucket-list" to visit Thank you Ax.
  2. the connectors on the existing motors are wrong they plugged into the power saver switch with spade type connectors
  3. Wolf You got some crazy power there pulling the kiddie around.. WOW I suppose I'll have to change out the existing connecters from the motors so I can connect to the new Hobbywing ESC??, I was able to cancel the Tamiya order Thanks for your input
  4. Wolf Thanks for your input...the Old Clod does have a "power and economy" setting. I do like Hobbywing, use their Brushed ESCs always...but I'm afraid I just didn't know which one to use...I can cancel my order for the Tamiya ESC. Which Hobby wing ESC should I install... and they are cheaper Thanks again!!!.....BTW- Would you know how I can install an avatar or profile pic...can't find any good info on the site or maybe I'm not looking in the right place? QuicRun Brushed WP1625 BRUSHED All purpose WP1060 BRUSHED All purpose WP0880 BRUSHED Dual mode WP1080 BRUSHED RockCrawler p/n 30120000 30120201 30120301 30120300 Waterproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Dual Mode No No Yes No Fwd Cont. / Peak Rev Cont. / Peak 25A / 100A 25A / 100A 60A / 360A 30A / 180A 80A /400A 30A / 180A 80A / 400A 40A / 200A Fwd / Rev Resistance 0.003Ω / 0.003Ω 0.001Ω / 0.002Ω 0.001Ω / 0.002Ω 0.001Ω / 0.002Ω Car Applicable 1/18 &1/16 Touring Car, Buggy, Monster, Truggy 1/10 Touring Car, Buggy, Short Course Truck, Monster, Truggy, Rock Crawler and Tank 1/8 - 1/10 Touring Car, Buggy, Short Course Truck, Monster, Truggy, Rock Crawler and Tank or Boat 1/8 - 1/10 Rock Crawler and Tank or Boat Motor Limit Brushed motors (280/370/380 Size) 2S Lipo or 6 NiMH Motor RPM<30000 @7.2V 3S Lipo or 9 NiMH Motor RPM<20000 @7.2V Brushed motors (540/550 Size) 2S Lipo or 6 NiMH Motor: ≥12T Or RPM<30000 @7.2V 3S Lipo or 9 NiMH Motor: ≥18T Or RPM< 20000 @7.2V Brushed Motor (540, 550, 775 Size Motor) Brushed Motor Limit with 2S LiPo /6S NiMH: ≥ 12T or RPM<30000@7.4V (540, 550 Size Motors) 3S LiPo /9S NiMH: ≥ 18T or RPM<20000@7.4V (540, 550 Size Motors) 4S LiPo /12S NiMH: ≥ 24T or RPM<15000@7.4V (540, 550 Size Motors) Brushed Motors (540/550/775 size) Limit with 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: T≥12 or RPM Limit with 3S LiPo/9S NiMH: T ≥18 or RPM< 20000 @7.2V (540/550 size motor) Battery 2-3S Lipo or 5-9 NiMH 2-3S Lipo or 5-9 NiMH 2-4S Lipo or 5-12 NiMH 2-3S LiPo/5-9S NiMH BEC Output 1A/6V (Linear Mode) 2A/5V (Switch Mode) 6V/4A (Switch Mode) 6V/7.4V @ 3A (switch mode) PWM Frequency 1KHz 1KHz Adjustable 1K/2K/4K/8K/16K Adjustable 1K/2K/4K/8K/16K Size/ Weight 34(L)*24(W)*14(H) 36.5(L)*32(W)*18(H) 45.9*34.7*26.5mm 36.5(L)* 32(W)*18(H) (without fan) External Program Port External Program Port Not Available External Program Port Available LED Program Box (purchase separately) LED Program Box (purchase separately) Cooling Fan Without cooling fan Without cooling fan - Without cooling fan Weight* 23.5g 39g 75g 39g $18.49 Available for pickup Check authorized dealer $20.99 Available for pickup Check authorized dealer $33.99 Available for pickup Check authorized dealer $41.99 Available for pickup Check authorized dealer
  5. Oh, and sorry again...so I have two servos. One on top of the tray and the one below...they were a connected to that crazy-looking 6-prong power switch that was attached to the MSC How does that get connected, Maybe I need receiver that will accommodate two servos ??? Sorry, again, there's so much I don't really know!! Duh.
  6. Thanks Guys Yes, after I have removed the top tray, I do see another servo with long steering rods, to the front and rear I do have a 2.4 2.4 GHz radio (for my other cars)...this is my very first restoration/ conversion I've ordered the Tamiya TEU-106BK Twin Motor Brushed ESC TAM45054...has leads for the two motors (which is the ESC that is supposed to be used for Clods and Bulls) I have a spare servo, in stock...Don't know if you guys Spectrum stuff from the States, The servo is a Spectrum S6020 Digital. Will that do? I can buy more servos, as I have a few more builds standing by. I've attached a photo showing the top tray removed revealing the other steering servo. So, I can scrap the old MSC and the resister (protective metal box) , add a new receiver, and a new ESC. Am I missing anything?? Sorry to be a bit dense, I'm used to building right out of the box, just now, adding Hop-Ups and attempting this conversion.
  7. Good Day All I want to convert an 80's Tamiya Clod into a Bullhead...got the body kit, that was the easy part, fits perfectly But...the existing electronics are ancient, with the old type crystal ESC... It has a metal box (the heat sink??) mounted and attached to the old ESC The existing servo has only one rod attached to the ESC, which if I remember correctly DOES provide Front and back steering?? Although I'm not certain. Just want to upgrade to new receiver and ESC, maybe I don't need to change out the existing steering servo?? Just want to get it running, and make the body change. Has anyone done this conversion? Or can give me some direction------Thanks Any help would be so much appreciated smith
  8. Turnip Thanks so much!! for your quick reply...and the additional info Much appreciated, Bell well stay safe smith
  9. Good Day to All Can anyone tell me if the Differential Set, (noted below) Can be used for the TT-02B Chassis?? I thought I read somewhere that it could?? Tamiya Ball Differential Set For TT01 1:10 RC Touring Car On Road #53663 Thanks for looking!!
  10. J... sorry I didn't mention I'm gonna try the Tamiya SS Motor Type BZ I'm not a speed freak, just a backyard guy not that I have anything against competitors If is makes any sense I enjoy the build more than the run...I do play! but not much more than that... That said, I want to learn... picked up the hobby 3 years ago...addictive!!! my wife tolerates it, but I spend a lot of $, it's all good though....just checked time in the UK ...almost bed time thanks for your all your help I'll be in touch...how the weather in Cardiff...looks like you're close to the coast...Im in the north Country, New Hampshire, US...snowed today thanks again michael
  11. Jon Thank you!! The Kimbrough slipper spur is available from 69 Teeth to 90 Teeth...it's the 69T that you recommend?? Thanks much for your reply!!
  12. What can I say, But Thanks!! I think it's great to chat with folks, mostly from the UK...that are as passionate about Rc Cars as I am...It IS addictive, and you (I) never can benefit from another's experience thanks again for taking the time to chat, enjoy your evening, as it's getting close to dinner time in Cardiff, I need to prepare some lunch
  13. I'm sorry...as much as I think I know, I really don't...what is FDR??
  14. Guys Thanks so much...it looks like you understand my issue completely!!! So, Juhunio ...your advise is to use the 53922 pinion.... and he 85T 05 mod spur gear 51248....all are available on ebay here in the states the kit does include a 82T spur gear...but I'll pu the other I've paint mine and I'm building the kit now....i found some Aluminum Dampers from Tamiya....looks like you have alot of trick hop ups for your SA...I'm liking the wheels!! Spending a lot of $, my wife is out of town, she blow a gasket when she sees the credit card statement!!
  15. Good Day all! I really need some help! The Tamiya Super Astute Kit does not provide a motor. No problem there, I have a Tamiya Mabuchi Torque Tuned motor and a Tamiya Super Stock BZ in stock The Astute manual actually recommends a brushless motor, I thought that was surprising. That said, the motor shaft on the Mabuchi is barely long enough to install the pinion gear. So, the grub screw is just engaging the motor shaft by a few mm's The Super Stock has a longer shaft and should be okay. The SS motor manual cautions that the motor "cannot endure the motor rotation with plastic bearings" and recommends change those bearing to ball bearings. Questions... - Does that mean change any plastic bearing through out the model? - Are there pinion gears available with a longer shaft, that would be suitable? - is the SS motor too powerful for this model? - any other options available?? Thanks to all for any thoughts that you can provide!!!
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