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  1. Good Day All! Does anyone know if there is an after-market rear wing available for the Hot Shot?...or a way to purchase just the lexan wing? Attached, my Hot Shot...Not sure I like the rear wing, not matching the car body
  2. Thank you, Jug,,,That's exactly what I did, capped off the orange Thanks again
  3. Good Day, All Still a newbie, but finished a Rally Beetle recently (body incomplete)...I just picked up a Hot Shot and realized that there's no ESC included with the kit. Can I assume that the Mabuchi RS540SH motor, included in the kit is NOT brushless.... Any recommendations for an ESC...I guess a Tamiya ESC would be okay. Thank you for looking
  4. Thanks very much! for the info So, the Receiver and the transmitter have to be of the same manufacturer; the servos and the ESC doesn't matter.? Right now, I have a Bigwig and a Clod (in the process of changing the body to a Bull Head). I just picked up a Volkswagen Beetle Rally and have a Top Force ordered (backordered for a few more weeks) Question... Why would you use a transmitter with more than 2 channels?
  5. Good Day all. Newbie question... Cars and trucks---I have some experience, but it's 35 years old. All of my electronics are Futaba. (the old ones that had crystals) As I Understand it now, crystals are no longer used. That said, I see a number of 2-ch transmitters offered: Spektrum, Redcat, HPI, Associated, Tactic...and I'm sure many others So, what do I need to buy? Does all of the electronic components need to be from the same manufacturer? Can you use, for example, a Spektrum Transmitter with an ESC from another company? How is the transmitter "married" to the receiver without a crystal? Sorry if these are very fundamental questions! Could anyone provide me with some recommendations. Not racing right now, just getting "my feet wet" right now. Just need reliability. Thanks all!
  6. Hello all New to this particular forum! Gonna finish a Bullhead body and install on my Clod chassis...Has anyone done any impressive paint and/or customizations to the Bullhead? Could you send some pics? Looking for some ideas! Thanks
  7. So...as a Newbie I'm hungry for info...Is there info on the tamiyaclub.com that can provide what bodies will fit what chassis? Or does that turn into a Google search? Eager to get new bodies for Big Wig and Clodbuster (I'm hoping that the Bullhead will fit my Clod!!) I got a good lead on a RC Supplier from Baddon (thanks, Buddy!)...Kamtec Models Thanks
  8. Theibalt and Juggular and Scipunk....thanks all for your correspondence!
  9. Thank you topforcein; it's nice to be here!
  10. Thanks for your reply. I built a Big Wig and a Clodbuster back in the late 80's. Looking to do some new bodies if possible! Dug them out to show my 9 yr old grandson. Truth be told, I'm more excited than anything else! ...And regarding the "addiction", my wife says the same thing. I have a Thunder Shot Kit, that was my Dad's, selling it on Ebay. It looks like they fetch big numbers; we'll see. I'm looking to buy another buggy; was thinking about the Top Force, but maybe you could "weigh in" on a better recommendation. I'm also thinking about the VW Rally Beetle
  11. Good Day All New to the Tamiya Club. Getting back into Tamiya after about 25 years, so any experience I have is not current. I have many questions like: Can I buy bodies separately? ..and Can some chassis accommodate more than one particular body and so on. Thanks much, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Very much looking forward to this!
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