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  1. Hello, looking for a spare body for the 318i. Purchased a not built ta-02 kit and the body wasnt in the condition that i thought it would be. Any tips or have a spare let me know, Cant seem to find any online that would ship to USA. Thanks
  2. Heres a little running vid with the gopro on top. Need to find a better camera solution, seems a little too top heavy IMG_2037_TRIM.MOV
  3. Gotcha, just had to resize my images. This pic was taken after a loose lower rear shock backed off and the spring went flying. Had to buy some spares for the short term.
  4. Stock x and Grailed both have them from 3rd parties, stock x seams more legit as they ship to the company vs direct buyer seller...
  5. With everything included in kit, I believe it’s only 20-30 bucks more than a standard hornet. The markup is definitely insane and no one who buys it at that price is going to/ be able to put it together. I think there’s a finite overlap between supreme followers/ the rc hobby. Especially since it’s a kit, and not RTR like most people who bought it, thought it was.
  6. New to the Tamiya world, have had some rc toys growing up but nothing hobby grade. Me and a buddy of mine aren't what youd call supreme "hypebeasts", but have a few eclectic pieces. After seeing this was releasing and after diving deeper into the hornet online worm hole, I new I had to get it. Supreme pieces normally sell out in less than a minute, and this was no exception. Luckily my friend was able get it. I think it sold out so fast because everyone was looking to resell, They currently online from anywhere from 275-600 dollars still, with one "expert built" model on ebay asking 1,000 Usd.(doesnt even look like it was built correctly)For 298$, it came with everything needed to run; servo, ecs, motor, and transmitter. The only things extra i procured were paint, a set of sand scorcher rear tires, and a set of ball bearings. Also bought a new body, as i had sanded the windows on the original. Didnt want to put the decals on it if it wasnt perfect, as I dont think theres a way to get replacements. This was a first build for both my buddy and I, and to be honest I was a bit weary of how it would go. We both work on our own 1:1 cars, so that gave us some confidence. Apart from putting a few things together backwards, and at first using a longer screw or shorter screw than required, it went pretty smoothly. We got it done in about two weekends taking our time. Unfortunately We didnt document this build, but i did take a few pics near the end. Looking on instagram, Ive only come across a few other people who actually built theirs. When i can figure out how to post more pics at a lower quality, ill upload more. Thank you! IMG_5475 copy.heic
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