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  1. Yeah, I've seen this. But I am a graphic designer so I can make decals on my own without paying this much of money. If I had an unused clear body I definitely would go for original decals, but if it's a restoration of a really damaged body it's not worth it IMHO. That is why I just need a photos/scans of whole decal sheets to reproduce them.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a scan or photo of decals sheets from Tamiya 58250 Peugeot 206 WRC kit. I want to make my own decals out of it to restore the mentioned body. Anyone could help? I'll be glad! Thanks!
  3. And this is the final result. Before and after applying decals
  4. Look at the first photo from my previous reply I used syringes and ratio Tamiya provided in the manual. I sprayed some paint inside a large bottle cap and used syringe to get exact amount. Then I poured all colors into a glass jar (also you can see above). And that's what I want to share with you today. I painted another parts of body with Tamiya spray. And for the body color I tried using Preval but it failed. While thinking about another way to do this I sprayed wheels that came in the box with Tamiya XV-01 (Subaru '08). I came back to body shell with a PAINT BRUSH. It sounded ridiculous for me but it actually did a job pretty well!
  5. Hey guys! I've managed to mix paints according to Tamiya's manual. This is what I got: Then, after masking whole body, I've started painting process...
  6. Here's official Tamiya manual http://www.tamiya.co.kr/upload/2018/07/93045 layout Front (Ko&En).pdf
  7. I've recently received Hyundai body. Now I am in a process of completing all of the necessary stuff like paints, masking tape etc. I am going to try mixing tamiya PS paints using the solution I've mentioned above – Preval Sprayer. Stay tuned!
  8. I think I finally found the solution. There is a product called Preval Sprayer it is a jar (to be filled with paint) and on top of it, there is a can with spray. Feel free to check it out online. I am glad that this is available in Poland so I can buy and try it out. Thank you for your input, I think I will post updates on my Hyundai body ASAP.
  9. It might be a way but how do I know that I mix the exact ratio?
  10. Hi everyone! I've seen that some people were struggling with mixing body color paint for Tamiya's Hyundai i20 bodyshell. I've just ordered one from Gmarket and while waiting for it to arrive I am considering some painting options. I'd like to stick with Hyundai's livery. I've been searching for appropriate body color because I don't have any option to mix colors as Tamiya recommending in body's manual. I stumbled upon a Tamiya PS-32 (corsa grey) and I'm curious about how does it look like in real life. I found some photos on the Internet but every one is different. Sometimes this corsa grey color is kinda blueish, sometimes it's greenish. Does anyone used PS-32 before and could help me to decide? This is the easiest option (for now) to paint body color but I'd like to hear some input from more experienced Tamiya PS paints users Thank you!
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