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  1. First year back after decades away, and, yes, I did go mad! I now have four new cars (only one completed!), six secondhand in need of resto (four chassis completed, one body) and then what do I do for Xmas??!!! Bought a 56354 Mercedes Actros in Pearl Blue, a flatbed trailer, the motorised legs and an MFC-03 unit!! Cost just over 800 quid. In my defence, I did get a nice windfall a couple of months ago, so I thought - blow it - I'm going to treat myself. Only problem is we live in a small retirement flat and am rapidly running out of space! I am staring longingly at the Actros box but it must wait till Xmas Day... Ninian
  2. Hi all A Happy Xmas to you all. Anyone in UK able to recommend anyone who will produce white type on decals/stickers at a price that is not too outrageous?? Thanks Ninian Yule
  3. Thanks ThunderDragon. This is desperate - I've just realised that I got the MF-01X (which is legit) mixed up with a TA-01 I had lying around! Talk about senior moment...
  4. Hi all Relative newbie which is why I think I may have been fiddled somewhat in an ebay auction. I won the following item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133175023967 with the understanding that it was an MF-01X. After leafing through tamiyabase.com it clearly isn't, and I now think it is a TA-02. Can any kind RC wizard please confirm? I have uploaded a pic. On the basis that it is a TA-02, are TA01/TA02/TL01/TT01 shells compatible?? Thanks for your help. Ninian
  5. If you search on tamiyabase.com you will get a very handy list of the cars compatible with the chassis. Good luck! Ninian
  6. Thanks guys, for all your helpful replies, as a newbie I do appreciate the help. The part I'm after is the piece that goes on the servo first - marked Tamiya/Futaba or Sanwa/Acoms on the part itself. It is to the right in the ebay photo above showing Pumpkin P parts. Not looking for any specific model, just want to keep some in for any models I refurbish off Ebay. Ninian Yule
  7. Hi all I'm trying to source (if not 3D print) one of the parts that goes on the servo. It's the part where Tamiya offer two versions: one for Tamiya/Futaba, and one for Sanwa/Acoms. What on earth is that bit called, and is it possible to source it separately from a parts tree??
  8. Hi I was looking for a more conventional 'normal' screwdriver, but powered, and I found this: https://batavia.eu/product/tool/compact-grip-screwdriver/ It's pretty much the same dimensions as a screwdriver, but does the job very well. And the battery is charged using a normal USB cable. There are other wonders on that site too, including a handheld chainsaw!!
  9. It was the Futaba 4GRS, the only 2.4GHz stick transmitter with memory and display on their website. The T6K is also a bit too expensive for me, although of course I am quite happy to spend 200 quid on a car! Duh...
  10. Thanks guys. I did eventually work out the Ch3 and Mode settings after I wrote the second post... ....but what a newbie error! I followed the motor-to-esc wiring diagram in the TL-01 manual, instead of what is obviously a new revision in the ESC manual, ie yellow to yellow....duh... What makes it even dafter is that I did it right in the first build, an M-05. Anyway, all is now working and thanks to all for their kind assistance.
  11. Thanks for your reply - I think a reset is probably for the best. I have tried it with a different car and am getting the same result. I tried a Spektrum DX-2E pistol but didn't really like twisting the little wheel. Ideally I would like a twin-stick with display and memory, but the only one I can find is a Futaba for nearly 300 quid!!
  12. Hi chaps I know the FS-i6 is meant for aircraft/helicopters, but I thought it was possible to use it with cars?? Needless to say, I can't get to work (fully). I have a TL-01 chassis which I know is working (servo and motor). When I bind the transmitter to an FS-ia6B receiver, that works. Now the whole lot is controlled by a known working TBLE-02S ESC. Whatever I do with the transmitter, the steering works but there is no sign of life in the motor. I notice that the previous owner has updated the firmware to the hacked version that allows for 10 channels. Would I be better off resetting the unit to factory? Or should I abandon the transmitter and get a 'normal' two-stick jobbie? I can't even get two channels to work! Help!!
  13. Yep, I have a TBLE-02S. Practically brand-new but throttle function not working. Steering is working and therefore the switch is also OK. Happy to send just for the postage. Ninian Yule
  14. Very much just into rc as a pastime - definitely not a racer! I shall just buy several bodyshells and pootle about the odd empty industrial estate at weekends! On that basis unlikely to get any hop-ups, though you never know. Although it's not bad, already a bit dissatisfied with my Carson radio and its lack of memory. Now that I have more money to spare, my next step will be a CC-01, probably the very tempting Land Rover Defender. And again some more bodyshells... Then I'll probably get a TT-02 and leave it at that. Although I do fancy a Dancing Rider. Darn you, Tamiya!
  15. Thanks to all who took the time to advise and welcome an ancient decrepit newbie (65!) It just needed a slight adjustment to the tie rod to the servo. All working fine now. I amaze myself at how easy it was to set up...I did find the build itself quite difficult, especially those bloomin' screws that tighten up too early in their holes! Have just finished masking my first bodyshell (Mazda Demio) and have now sprayed the first colour (black). I deliberately chose this shell as it only needs two colours! First time also that I have ever masked and sprayed the inside of anything - at one point I had it sat on my head while masking!!
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