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    coffee machines....ps4....the konghead im gonna build
  1. Hi I'm hoping when I fit my tblm-02s 10.5t that will make it a good jumper
  2. oops didnt put where seach on google maps s73 0xf
  3. hi everyone i dont know of any local clubs and i dont have facebook to track any down however near where i live in rotherham there is a bmx track which is pretty cool that would be a great place to bash
  4. so am i right in thinking that 18t slower than a 20t? do these come with the kong kit? ive not got it yet and will be ordering at the end of the month
  5. hi ive ordered the tamiya fan that goes on to the esc picked it up £15 which i have no idea if this is a good deal or not also picked up a fan and heat sink for the motor too
  6. ive seen a full set of 40 bearings for £25 which i was planning on getting 36x1150 and 4x850
  7. not caterham i like the look of it but i really like the sonic 7 it uses a ford focus mk1 as a donor so if you get a st170 all sorts of fun can be had www.equilibrium-kitcars.co.uk/sonic7 i also like a cobra car that doesnt require a iva test it as you strip all the body panels from a z3 and attach the panels so you keep air con and all the mod cons
  8. HI Im new to the site and to rc's and Im going to be building a konghead ..... our lass wouldnt let me have a kit car so ill have to make do with a tamiya . so i have a tblm-02s brushless motor 10.5t (managed to pick up this motor for £36 from a model shop closing down) coupled with a tamiya TBLE-02 esc ive got a 2s lipo battery what pinion would i need ? and what is the difference between the two (i think ive read that you can only use two) will one provide more speed and the other more torque? im hoping to build a collection of cars and am thinking of making a stretch black foot shell would this be possing to fit on to the g6-01 is there a bashing club for monster trucks in or around rotherham doncaster sheffield? anyway thanks in advance for the replies mark
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