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  1. Morning, I've dug out my old Tamiya Stadium Raider after 20+ years. It still works fine, but I'm missing the shell and struggling to find a replacement anywhere. It doesn't need to be exactly the same, I just need a shell that will fit and cover all the inner workings of the car. Thanks
  2. Morning, I have an old Tamiya Stadium Raider but have lost the shell. I'm not necessarily looking for a like-for-like replacement. I'm just after a shell that will definitely fit on the chassis and cover the internal workings of the car. Thanks
  3. Many thanks for all the advice.
  4. Lovely thanks, and from the sounds of it, easy to get spares for all the crashes? 😃
  5. Evening, I had a Tamiya Stadium Raider about 20ish years ago. I've dug it out of the loft, but it's missing: shell, battery and charger. Looking around it seems about £40 for a shell, and another £40 for battery and charger. I only want it to drive around the garden with the kids. Any thoughts on whether it is worth spending the £80, or better to just get a new model for about £100 and move the electronics across? (It does still work, as I've borrowed a battery to check it) Thanks for any advice you can give.
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