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  1. Is the Carson product the same thing as the hard to get Tamiya pc cleaner?
  2. Non kit supplied period correct decals tonight.
  3. I'm chipping away at this every day. Getting there. Hopeless Tamiya decal replaced with a DIY one. Black vynil then a bit of riveting.
  4. Tonight we have a rear spoiler.😃 And, I think the worst of the decals out of the way.😅 It's a challenge for sure!
  5. Inspired by @technics one of these arrived today...
  6. @Superluminal yeah I've cut some black vinyl and stuck it on there. Like the Escorts that's where they got trashed with stones. You can see it here. I'll pick it out with some 'rivets' 👌 One side done. 🥳 There are five decals on the front panel for this piece alone 😃 I'm never doing another one.😅
  7. Yeah thanks Tamiya this isn't going to work.🤦 These decals 😬 One side, two hours.
  8. I've fixed that for you. Was reading the other chaps build on one of these on here. He also elected to paint instead of sticker. (May need his when I make a.mess of mine!) I will would never choose paint over decals to be honest. I may live to regret that but there is no margin for error with paint whereas decals have so much give, you get away with murder with them!
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