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  1. Very much this. I'm saving a MkII shell for a Rothmans livery in the hope someone will produce one.
  2. Its an L&L... Wafer thin at some bits thick like a credit card at others.🤷 Decals seem slightly better than the last shell. Hit and miss is what I'm trying to say... But you know Toivonen/early 80's rally cars. I'm in.🫣
  3. Against my better judgement I'm going to have another go at an L&L shell. Does anyone have any tips on post alignment drilling advice? Ta.
  4. After some OCD decal removal and refitting in the picture correct place, this is done.
  5. Agreed. That would add a nice bit of detail. If you were still keen on the two tone you could paint the outside of the shell, much easier to mask then lacquer.😎
  6. Been working on this shell over the last few days. Got some period correct decals from a nice man on here. They make that difference that lifts things. Good bit left to do but happy with things so far...
  7. Wheel colour change this evening, more fitting I think. (I've still not decaled the other side)😬😅
  8. More progress today.. Only the left hand side though.😅
  9. Immaculate work.as usual @Willy iine Front end done...
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