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  1. A Colin McRae replica.
  2. Unused condition. £99.99 posted.
  3. @svenb Ah ok nice one, did you get the cibie stickers from the same seller? It's those Monte decals Id like as well, did you get those on eBay too? Ta.
  4. @svenb where did you get those?😀 I can't find them on eBay.
  5. Do you have a link for them?👍
  6. @svenb liking the originality. Annoying they left some decals out of the kit. Where did you get your spot covers from?
  7. I had a delivery yesterday..
  8. It's PS 30 @Busdriver
  9. I see screen print digital are doing the Eaton Yale livery too. I wonder which blue would work with that?
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