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  1. Painted the wheels on my Escort WRC .
  2. @Superluminal I'd peel the film off the whole of the front end. You risk a 'patch' if you only expose that particular area. Id mask everything but the front end and just patiently build up coats lifting off as you leave the affected area. Good luck dude, like I say you're not alone.🙂
  3. It's happened to us all dude.... FWIW I'd mask the windows from the outside and flash it in from outside, not ideal but it'd deal with that area. Not sure what else you could do tbh.
  4. Yellow is painted onto the decal, no prep on the chrome, I just use brush on acrylic. One day I'll man up and buy an airbrush. Wheels are place savers for the originals which I have plans for.😁
  5. Yeah, that's the way forward I think. That's a good point re nose cone painting on top of the shell. I had my heart set on one solid colour but I might have to re-think. Cheers for the toe in advice too I really would like to do something about it...
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