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  1. @GeeWings kind words for all as usual. All the best to you and yours. I recently supported my Mum through chemo, oesophageal cancer. She's through the other side. 🤞 Hope things are going well.
  2. Bittersweet feeling as I've completed this. I'm always glad to have finished something but sad that it's done.🤷
  3. @Kpowell911 That's kind words but if I can do it you definitely can. A good light and some magnifying specs help a great deal! My first cockpit was a disaster as I had used a generic spray paint which looked great until I flexed it and it all flaked off. 😅 I tried again with TS paint and it turned out alot better. All you need is the right materials, some patience and some learned techniques. These cockpits do take a long time but they're worth it.👍
  4. Always fancied a go at a London Rowing club helmet. Just a very simple but effective design. Masked and ready for paint..
  5. I get no pleasure from using them either. I derive all the enjoyment from creating something to the very highest standard I can achieve. I don't know about you but the return is pocket change given the time and money that goes into shells and builds. If I was in it to make money Id be a pretty poor businessman! Your 037 looks fantastic by the way.👌 Got a link to your eBay stuff?
  6. I'm enjoying painting cockpits at the moment. I've just started another one.. This is today's output.
  7. I've had this week off loads of time to potter about with stuff. Got the main body of my touring car cockpit done.👍
  8. Boxed this up to send to its new owner
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