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  1. Finished this today.. there's a surprising amount of work in a helmet.
  2. I've got one...shell is for sale. Are they thin, tough or somewhere in between? All of the above.😅 Nah it's very thick would be an excellent racer.
  3. Amazing stuff! Mind blowing patience for the masking. Kudos.👌
  4. @Smirrors I used TS Black for the main body, I keyed it with very fine sandpaper too as advised by @OoALEJOoO then Tamiya acrylic pots for the rest. Also flat cleared it which knocks the whole thing back a bit. Makes it appear a bit more real.
  5. Id quite like on to skate about my floors on. Truth is I've no idea where to start.. I'm pretty sure 1/10 is going to be too big for me needs. Can anyone recommend something?
  6. It looks good to me. I'm looking forward to seeing it painted up. The Talbot was really good to be fair in terms of accuracy. Some you win...👌🙌😎
  7. A busy night saw this finished. I don't run any if my shells, they're all for sale! I'm after £80 for this one. If you'd like to buy it please do get in touch!👍
  8. Spotlights this afternoon. There's no provision for these with the L&L shell but I had to give it some.
  9. Some progress this evening... The decals over the air intake on the bonnet are enough to make you weep gently into your beer. Dreading the boot now. Theres just not the 'give' you get with Tamiya decals.
  10. Cool, I didn't know where the name came from. Every day is a school day! I don't know if I'd call this one beautiful....The shell is from L&L Models in Wales. It's ok, the rear sections profiles are just not correct. There's no getting away from that. The shell is thick enough to be fair but yeah, I won't be doing another 131. These are modified Escort MKII spotlights.👍
  11. Body cut and positioned on magnets. DIY spotlamps mocked up. Because 70's rally car.
  12. I had used Plastikote spray which lifted off and flaked when twisted. Use of the plastic primer might have helped right enough.😬 Or as Juhunio says TS spray..
  13. I made the mistake of not using Tamiya spray paint for my cockpit.... As I'm having to redo I take it Polycarbonate Spray will stick and stay stuck? 🫣
  14. Man, I really wanted one of them! Sold out now. Looking forward to your build.👍
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