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  1. I've got loads of those spare. Pity they dont fit 1:1 as I reckon I'd get to the moon and back there so hard!!!!!
  2. Had a day off today with nothing to do so quite a bit done. Should have a roling chassis by the end of the week. The stickers from MCI should be here by then so I can start on the body. Think I'm going to use the Cherry red but play around with backing colours to darken it a bit
  3. Funny hadnt realised these were all on the members site Thanks for that
  4. Does anybody have a copy of the Chevy S10 sticker placement sheet from the manual they could scan. I think I can do it from pictures on the net but a proper sheet would be good?
  5. Mine might be slightly different as its a T version. But simple things to chechec, are all the shock mounting points in the right holes, are the suspension arems the right way round etc. From what I've built so far its one of the most accurate builds that I've done.?
  6. The Rally beetle is my Christmas plan. I have a set of Herbie stickers to use up. Was thinking about an interior, do you have the part number/link?
  7. I havent reached that point yet but when I do if I can make any suggestions I will
  8. Parts bag B & C. All gone together without fuss apart from the two screws that hold rear gearbx together. They would not go in far enough so out came the tap and die set. Soon sorted. The only other issue I have is one metal shim left over. Double checked every thing and cant find if its been missed. Just run the motor straight off a battery to check for rattles/clicks and boy is it smooth, as is the steering. All ballraced and no slop at all. Lovely. No pictuers of contents of bag B as battery went on camera and I wanted to start building. In the last three you can see the soft plastic suspension arms in grey. Apparently they are the same dimensions as the rally chassis but made of softer plastic to make them less liable to crack? Rear gear box and drive belt next
  9. Spent 12 days in New England last year. Manchester, Sheffield to name but a few!!!
  10. I presume Cheltenham isnt the one in the UK then?
  11. Less is more. Looks fantastic as it is
  12. Just got an email to say my MCI stickers have been shipped
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