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  1. Sounds good to me. Love the M05 but the rear overhang of the M06 is not good for most rwd cars
  2. I’m assuming that you will be able to build all available (6) different setups from the get go without buying extras!!!
  3. I’m not sure about the Pumpkin engine layout. It say choice of fwd or rwd no mention of engine position?
  4. As usual Tamiya getting their monies worth out of a set of wheels. Abarth and Golf on the same set
  5. Sounds like the BB01 is some kind of Polaris buggy. Oops hadn’t seen the pictures when I posted!!!
  6. I thought Brodozer was a diesel monster truck the owners of which got heavily fined for taking all the emissions controls off it!!!! Should add I love what you are doing to the LB, really left field!!!
  7. As stated above the only issue with GMade kits is the sheer number of different fittings and head types. It’s mind boggling at times. Other than that my Gom was a good build
  8. How would these fit into your 1/12 crew????
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