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  1. Madbull gets my vote. Easy to build and run. Can take hotter motors/lipos for bonkers fun. Doesn’t spend half it’s life on its roof like the LB. body is also cheap and can be painted by youngsters
  2. On my wish list especially with the new Jimny body when it comes out
  3. Not entirely sure. I think you generally need a Goolrc card to change settings on a Goolrc motor. Mine never needed that kind of effort to get it going so maybe another problem that some more knowledgeble member may be able to help with.
  4. I nearly decided to have a clearout and get rid of 2 or 3 cars!!! Then as I was browsing the site I noticed I had a like for one of them even though the post was quite old. I thought if somone else liked it so should so I'm keeping it, and the other 2!!!!!
  5. You can get a program card for them. I have a similar motor in my Blitzer and even with NiMh batteries its a ruffian. They can cog a bit and I think I fiddled a bit with mine using the card but cant remember what I changed
  6. Thanks to everybody. Roll on October when my next model allowance arrives in the bank!!!!
  7. I think you may be right. Shame theres no clear version.
  8. A lot better. Having said that the fronts weren’t on the ground much partly due to extra grip of the rears
  9. I am thinking about getting an M-05 based car. Originally I was looking at the NSU. Slightly quirky but somehow I just like it. Then I realsed that there was a new street Suzuki swift avaialble but theres a problem. At Tamico its almost 35 euro more than the MX 5, Mazda or NSU. Any ideas why or is it because its the new kid on the block. Other than bearings and possibly a 13.5t brushless motor does the M-05 need much else?
  10. As I'm still on holiday it was the Amarok's turn for blast. It was almost as much fun as the blitzer, even doing end over end rolls down the hill. One thing I did notice was the lack of traction from the WT01-N standard tires. I was using it on damp grass. Are there any better tires I coulf fit?
  11. What’s it like when viewed from the outside ? Was can nearly empty?
  12. All ordered. Will have to wait til I get home to do conversion
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