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  1. I'm having problems identifying different Willys. Can somebody help? I'm talking about the Jeep type. There seem to be several different chassis and possibly bodies as well. Can someone shed some light?
  2. I think that’s my Escort.? Been paused for a while. Have a part built Caterham 7 along with all the boxes in the thread. Way things are going I think a few might get opened soon!
  3. Hope this helps? These are on sprue F of which there are 2. Each contains one front and one rear. part no is 19000188. I'm sure somebody more knowlegeble will explain the difference in material but I think they are the same shape size as the car version These show the fitment of the mudguards. They are raised up on spacers part BE9(19804670) T version is fitted with21T pinion though due too the nature of the motor mount is easily variable as there are no fixed holes. Recomended up to 29T
  4. I have an Asterion and I believe the only difference in the wishbones is the material that they are made from. Later on I’ll take the wheels off and take pictures. The inner wheel arches are fitted higher up as well I think.
  5. Either would be ok I believe. Depends whether you want the stickers to have a Matt finish or not. If you put the stickers on over Matt I would suggest water and washing up liquid to help position them followed by a hair drier.
  6. Be careful trying to lacquer chrome. It has a nasty habit if clouding it. I believe it has something to do with light bouncing back from lacquer? Humbrol make a water based gloss finish that can be used on plastic canopies. Can’t remember what it’s called. If I get a chance when I get home I’ll have look
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HPI-Proline-12mm-Front-Hex-Wheel-Adapter-Tamiya-Blackfoot-Hornet-Lunch-Box-RC10/274283625583?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Anything is possible
  8. will post in quickie thread in builds when done
  9. Bleach works as well. Just cheap basic stuff, nothing sweetsmelling or fancy
  10. This also cleans fat out of the drains. Double Bubble
  11. What kind of head do you want. I have some going begging. Not sure what is stock in Super Sabre?
  12. Inspired by @Truck Norris build of his CR01 Amarok I've decided to put a cockpit in my WT01-N Amarok. I had a rally cockpit that I bought yonks ago but never used and after a bit of cutting is sitting snugly inplace. My dilema is heads. Mine is more of a rednecks truck rather than a racing one so I dont need the full face helmet heads. In fact I already have two more on top of the ones that come with the cockpit.I also dont want to have a Willy. Already got two of them. I do have one hatless head, Brat, Bruiser? I think and I would like another, or even better the one with the cowboy hat. Would be happy to do a trade, pay or whatever.
  13. The simplest fix is to change the plugs/sockets on on or other. As soldering jobs go its one of the easiest to start with. A 55T is a good choice.
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