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  1. I have the gold wheels with low profile tyres just awaiting the clear body when they’re back in stock 🤞🏻
  2. These arrived today I already had a set of minis so now I can play around with different settings maybe super minis for tarmac and minis for rally stages.
  3. Nice drift track would fit on there!!
  4. Can’t believe how popular this car is. This is page 16 just about 1 model and as more schemes and models get done it’ll just keep going. I hope Mr T is watching. There are many other cars of this style that would generate similar interest I believe!
  5. Or a modern splinter pattern in blacks and greys
  6. Watched the video. Do I need to sign the official secrets act now 🤫
  7. Love it which blue did you go with. It looks a good match
  8. I do hope you’re a careful driver!!! Blitzers are designed for ragging around and yours is too beautiful to damage. With your brilliant build I think you have possibly lost some of Blitzers character but you have created a masterpiece. Don’t hit anything with the front end as the seam you took so long filling and sanding will crack, they always do😢
  9. The Escort body is available as a clear set, though already out of stock. Again I think Tamiya have woefully underestimated the popularity of this particular model. The next bodies aren’t due to late May. I like both as long as both are available
  10. I knew it was on the DT02 chassis just didn’t know what alterations I needed to do to fit the body. Thanks to @wintersdawn I now do. In fact they may be in my spare parts bin already if they are generic to the DT02
  11. How easy would it be to fit a Sand rover body to a DT02 Titan chassis. I can get a bodyshell and driver and I think I can make the other bits if it’ll fit the chassis
  12. Great choice the Madbull. It’s as tough as old boots and with a few simple mods is a lot of fun. Look on this site for steering mods they make quite a difference. Have fun with the Buggy Champ it’s iconic Tamiya
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