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  1. I’m currently building an M07- Concept and am at the point of choosing the motor. I currently have 3 options available, all brushed on 2S lipo or NiMh . I have a stock silvercan ( in fact I have about 10 of them) a Black Sport tuned 27t or a Silver Sport tuned(allegedly 23t). Not sure which to go for? The other option is to raid one of my other cars of a Torque tuned and put one of the others in it to replace it? Torque tuned seem to be the most favoured brushed motors for the M chassis cars?
  2. Yes front and rear. Maybe it’s something to do with the mould/ moulding process ? It just clicks together as a Tamiya should!!!
  3. i have to say this is lovely to build. The quality etc is brilliant. A clever little touch is there a hole in the steering mechanism that allows you to get at the diff casing screw without having to dismantle it. Bag C onwards is the time that you have to decide wheelbase. There are only two choices, unlike the three of the lesser chassis’s , I am using the medium 225mm chassis for the Mugen CRX
  4. The next instalment of my M chassis journey has just started in the Builds sections. The M07 Concept/Mugen CRX combo. Now as most of you will know the Concept comes with wheels but no tyres. So my question is what is the best tyre combination for this chassis. Should I use Super Grips on the front and Medium on the rear? I have a set of Shimizu medium compound ( I think) tyres but I think they may be a little low profile for the CRX. I like these tyres they are quite grippy on tarmac. I run them on my M05 Mini Clubman. I know M chassis tyres are a bit of a ……… as they are complex and relatively expensive!! I have looked at the threads regarding the tyres but I still get a little confused?
  5. So it’s been a while since I actually did a full model build so I delved under the bed and brought out this. I love the M chassis cars and this seems to be the pinnacle of fwd M chassis’s. Just looking through the box the plastics and included items are a different level to the M05/6 base models. I bought myself an M3 tap and boy I wish I’d used one on the XV01 and the TD4. So much easier. So below are pictures of bag A construction. Edit: sorry but I seem to have lost a couple of pictures but I can’t go back and retake without dismantling what I’ve done. I’ll be more careful next bag. found them!!!
  6. Both are beautiful but the Audi is out of this world. I’ve got a 1/24th scale one to do. The paint job is daunting!!!!
  7. Just placed pre order with fusion for an F104!! Don’t need it but boy it’s pretty. Probably will do as Ferrari or possibly Red Bull? Though might do a what if Camel were still sponsoring F1 in 2017!!!
  8. Does the GTR shell come painted. I’m presuming it’s the Fazer one. I really fancy the Renault GTA on the Fazer chassis. Would compliment my Alpine A110!!! Be still my beating heart I have other projects to complete so you will have to wait!!!
  9. The L&L wheels and tyres are actually one of their better items. Might be worth putting an e mail notification on the items. Every time I’ve done this within a week or so they have come in stock!!! Wether some items they produce/ buy only if there’s demand.
  10. how about these. The wheels is almost the same diameter as M chassis but higher sidewalls. Because of the way they have been glued it’s difficult to measure exactly (not by me) OD is 63mm as opposed to m rally block is 59mm( depending on how worn they are. This tyre is a VTA 26mm wheel/tire by Protoform. If you pm me your address I can send you 2 so you can try them.?I need them back sometime but no real rush. At lease then you don’t invest lots and waste if they’re not ok?
  11. Can you take a side on pick with the rallyblocks on? I’m not sure they look wrong. Tamiya wheels are often too big to be scale because they fit a chassis not a body. I had that problem with the lotus Elise I tried as the wheels available just looked wrong😤Did you say you had tried 60D tyres. There’s also a 55 radial m chassis tyre, not a rally block?
  12. I just used a small strip of plasticard in the middle at the back. It looks like the latch you get on the old glass roofs. Have to say @Willy iine’s idea is probably better for a steel roof.
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