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  1. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    definately more like it!! The roll cage and Arnie figure should pull it all together. Then I can finish the rest of the cockpit
  2. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Finally I think Ive got the look I was after. Spent a happy hour or so in the glorious sunshine with some old brown/red paints and some old rattle cans and SAXA salt. My first attempt at salt chipping!! Not bad but needs a bit of pinwashing etc to soften it down a bit
  3. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Meant to say I love the colour. Seems like a Matt VW orange?
  4. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    I felt the fav gun was a bit too tinny for Arnie. Having said that looking at some scale pictures it would seem my multi barrel is more suited to an A10 Warthog rather than a car. Hey ho!!! Still not sure about body style and colour. There are some paint techniques I'd like to try, some salt and pva glue, might play around until I get the roll cage. Can't really mock anything up until it arrives. Come on Modelsports????. Have ordered a 7inch Terminator 2 with a multi barrel gun. Looks tiny. Again when it arrives well see.
  5. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Thought Arnie would have more of a rat rod look.. Would love to find a 1/10th scale angle grinder so it looks like he just hacked the roof off All of the paint apart from a bit of grey primer was on the body when I got it. Wheels will be Blitzers but not white and clean. I've painted up an old set in aluminium but the need a bit of aggro to make them look old. Intend to add a bit of dirt coloured glaze oo ver the body as well. Impatiently waiting for my roll cage!!!
  6. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Im at that difficult place in all builds and that is waiting for parts!!!! I have ordered a Terminator, Roll cage and other sundry bits and bobs and cant do much to the cockpit until they all arrive. Have done a bit more on the body. Ive scribed in the bonnet line across the front and cut out some openings for lights in the wings. I have to say it is looking a little more California cool than FAV at the moment, but then Arnie became Gov of California so!!!!! Will need to make up some boxes to go behind the light openings. They may be functional as I have a set of lights from my Defender that I didnt use. I also have 4 big spots to run across the front but they need altering as they look all wrong. Too much chrome. Next will be some metalwork to create front and rear protection. Also want to fit some side rails, may even cut running boards off and have some stock car style bars? Probably all change by the time I post again!!!!!
  7. Busdriver

    The Mega-bug! - aka. 'Sinclair' [the C5]

  8. Busdriver

    The Mega-bug! - aka. 'Sinclair' [the C5]

    Jenny, could you do me a big favour and measure the diameter of the roll cage tubing. I have one on order but want to fabricate some other bits and bobs in same thickness before it arrives. Following build with interest.
  9. Busdriver

    Big servo required

    Sorry about orientation!!! Wonder what radio they use!!!!!
  10. Busdriver

    Wanted Terminator

    Tried adapting a Willy which I might use but in the end found a slightly cheaper one on EBay so bought it, so that's the end of this thread. The result will be in my build FAVbug when it gets here from China.
  11. Busdriver

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    I do hope it's 1/24th scale. That's the scale I usually model in. It would mean a huge range of body options in proper plastic
  12. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Now you know why Willy wears a full face helmet." Ill be back"
  13. Busdriver

    Stadium Thunder

    You kind of read my mind. I knew about the Bearhawk from your thread I didn't realise the falcon was the same. Having said that I'm not a great "buggy " fan so am more likely to experiment with different truck/ beetle bodies
  14. Busdriver

    FAV Bug

    Well its not yellow and doesn't have 6 wheels!!!!!!!
  15. Busdriver

    Stadium Thunder

    They are Proline Dirt Hawgs. I have all three Blitzers/Thunder now. I just love them . There rugged quick and great fun