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  1. Posted some earlier pictures of this in the no comments section but done a bit more to it so thought it needed some words. So it’s a 1/6 scale RocHobby 1941 jeep that’s been demilitarised. The roll cage is brass tubing soldered up to make it strong. The motor, gearbox etc is stock. It runs on 3s. It is currently owned by a retired helicopter Jock who when he goes out takes precautions in the form of a Thompson Sub machine gun and an M1 carbine. It’s very boggy where he lives so it’s running 2.2 GMade beadlocks with a combination of Monster beetle spikes on the rear and WT01 fronts and on the trailer. In the trailer are a couple of axles for a future project, a powered trailer.
  2. Dynahead is one but obviously only 4 of them but I think they also come on an FJ40 GF01 I think?
  3. I could have taken it apart for you if you’d asked 😂😂😂😂
  4. @OoALEJOoO ‘s version is a Tamiya body that he cut up and braced. The biggest issue I find with lexan is sticking it to anything!!!
  5. They are both very different. The Dynamog is a great trail truck but is limited by a heavy body. It doesn’t side hill hey well. The cab is by Loops( sadly a Covid victim) and is almost like a resin. It will go up some pretty steep slope. The Pumphead is the kind of thing I imagine some Custom Dude produced in the 60’s. It’s got a 10.5t brushless motor and on loose ground is a blast. Can’t wait for some dryer weather to get some rooster tail material on the ground instead of Mud!!
  6. Always love the Blitzers. This was originally a new built Stadium Thunder but I got hold of a second chassis with Stadium Blitzer body. I stripped the paint a re-did in Red Bull livery. I still have the body and the chassis and somewhere I have the body mounts(🤞🏻) might put it back together again!!
  7. Just love 6 wheels!!! Dynamog is on a Dynahead chassis and the pumpkin is on a Konghead chassis
  8. Thanks for the responses. Ditto in respect of sadness at end of Fusion !!!
  9. And I have to say @BuggyDad is an equally nice person and a pleasure to do business with. We also found a fantastic pump track in St Albans which allows rc’s but even better an overgrown concrete rc track in the woods that hopefully is to be renovated!!!
  10. I agree about the panel looking wrong in body colour. It’s not actually painted its rubber strip stuck on with uhu glue!! Stops the crew from scratching the body getting in and out😂 Currently it’s on the stock 100 mm shocks which are fixed to the lower link rather than the shock mount. I have ordered a set of 90 mm Lizard internal spring shocks to fix in the stock mounts. Hope to get it out on the trails over the weekend. Yes the body set is very pricey. I was tempted to get just a spare outer body so I could do it in a different colour but even that is too much. There’s a really cool orange one on you tube.
  11. It’s an Axial SCX 111 Early Bronco ( supposedly 1:10 scale) but nearer to 1:8, fitted with Traxxas TRX4 Canyon wheels and tyres with 2 Tamiya figures . Have yet to run it!!!
  12. Lancia and Blitzer both sold.
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