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  1. I’ve not built one but if you could post some photos of the parts I’m sure someone would be able to give advice?
  2. Metro 6R4 chassis now ready to roll. Started to sort the body out. Fitted the window masks and cut the spray film around the the black detail on the rear wings. Sprayed them Core black then removed all the film. Rather than fit the stickers to the paint scheme ( as it’s not a model spec set) I’m going to mask for paint using the stickers as a guide from the inside of course. Actually I think it looks quite good clear!! now I just have to decide whether to do the red or white first?
  3. Haven’t really done much recently. Am on long term sick/furlough and the days seem to melt into each other. Anyhow gave myself a proverbial kick up the donkey and did a few bits. I’ve been playing around with my TT02 T chassis to turn it Ito a rally car. Fitted a 10.5t bluebottle and hobby wing esc wired direct to the motor. Received a crimping tool today for servo plugs so will try have neat wiring for once!!. Did some work on the body, the blue tape is to try and uncurl the flying sides . Will use very gentle heat to try and get straight sides. It’s going to be done in Belga colours. I think I may apply the scheme stickers then mask the inside. Easier to se where to put the tape. I’ve managed to get 26mm ground clearance as well as cutting off the nibs off the bottom of the front suspension as they catch on everything. then as it was fairly dry I took the Rochobby jeep for a drive in the woods. I’m now running it on 3s and boy what a difference. 2s is ok but 3 is a different ballgame altogether. It now runs at scale speed but that also means too much steering can make it roll!!. I ran it first without the gearon it and on hard surfaces on tight 360’s it lifts the inside front wheel off the ground. You have to be quick to catch it or it rolls 😩 it’s a great trail/crawler it’s only let down are the tires that lack a little grip compares to soft sticky crawler ones. Having said that it will cope with way over scale terrain whilst still looking right. Fitted all the accessories back on and started mocking up a gun trailer to carry the .50 cal machine gun and Action Mans mate.oh
  4. Xt60 is a good plug. It’s compact and even if you have to solder some one it’s very easy. Try and get the ones with snap on covers as it saves doing heat shrink, though I tend to do both
  5. about time I sorted out my servo wires. They are never the right length and look messy. Having a practice on some old y leads first
  6. I need to offload 3-5 cars but don’t generally do much postage stuff. What would be the average cost of UK postage by say Parcelforce be for a single car/buggy?
  7. Alclad chrome is good. You need a black very smooth basecoat and low pressure airbrush light coats. If the base is not good neither will the topcoat, but if you get it right it can look great. There are some metal foil products that look good. They are like gold leaf but are tricky to apply
  8. Failing that try plastic welding. Basically you put a piece of plastic sprue in a drill and then use it as if you are trying to drill along the join. The friction melts the sprue and the plastic and welds them together. Google for better description!!!
  9. If you want a 2 pack filler try Isopon P38 more commonly used as car dent filler. Easy to sand though best done outside or with a mask as the dust can be a little aggressive!!
  10. I get what you are saying my criticism of the T3 in fact is it’s dissimilarity to Carver in that you cannot steer the front forks or counter steer them. The single front wheel three wheeler is flawed in my opinion (despite my opinion of the Flamingo) a much better alternative is the Morgan style. Much more stable and doesn’t require tilting mechanisms at all. If I had better engineering skills I think it would be possible to make something with say an SRB front suspension and some form of trailing arm rear. I think I may have suggested this already!!
  11. You’ve obviously not driven or does one ride a trike. I have both and even with a brushless/lipo set up it just didn’t do it for me. I admit never used it indoors on a really smooth surface and actually I think mine had too much power. I have taken the electrics out of it for now but may put something more stock back in it one day.
  12. The Jimny fits on the medium MF01-x chassis which has a wheelbase of 225mm. Hope that helps but I’ve just realised you mean the other body, which I can’t help with🤪
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