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  1. Mine is being delivered on Monday. Different them planned in either dessert or if I’m very brave urban combat. Also will be equipped with a TOW missile launcher and maybe Arnie!!!
  2. Whatever you decide to do you have hit the mother load!!
  3. They all look brilliant. I really must dig mine out and finish it off
  4. Are you using a transverse battery? The reason I ask is I thought if you used the stock shaped servo mounts it would move the servo to far across to fit the battery?
  5. Definitely agree member should be banned but more so the 50 post before trading limit. It still won’t deter the most opportunistic people but will stop the chance scammer
  6. Do people still race these in the UK?? What kind of track do they run on?
  7. Sold to @Dazza1. Nice to meet another member. Must have looked a dodgy pair doing a deal out of the back of a battered Golf.
  8. The Renault has jut been reissued but the others are getting rare.
  9. If as you say that your build was in any way inspired by my Dynamog then I am honoured. Your detail is in a different league to mine. They really are fun though beware they can be a bit top heavy especially going across an incline. You don’t want to damage your detailed work!!
  10. Their email is Dodax.co.uk but the parcel was posted in Switzerland and delivered by Royal Mail? No customs intervention but it was only £9
  11. That is mean looking. Your artwork has really accentuated the curvaceous body style of the Mk1. As usual a spectacular masking/paint job. What chassis is it on and who makes the body. I think it the best Mk1 I’ve seen?
  12. Forgot to update this. The order arrived on Monday. Well packed and genuine item. Top marks.
  13. I would suggest it for silvercan + Lipos and above. And at £10 it’s a cheap insurance!!
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