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  1. @Hobgoblin thats your old Blitzer body!!
  2. We'll be watching for you
  3. Hey Presto Also ordered Hobbywing 10BL120 120amp version ready for for the 10.5T motor I get spur/teeth etc but where does 2.6 come from. Also does wheel diameter play any part? What is the difference between 64 dpd/48 dpd and 0.6 module. I am totally confused
  4. Meant to say top one is TT02-T and bottom one is XV01-T
  5. Where do I get dp pinioned and gears from. eBay?
  6. Are there any decent RC magazines (car) worth subscribing to. Dont want 80% racing as I dont. Cross the board content?
  7. Which spur/pinion combination would i need to acheive either of these. The lowest ratio with 25T pinion and 70T spur is 7.28:1 If i get the speed gear set that drops the spur to 68T how do I work out the best pinion. Are there other lower toothed spurs I could use with stock pinion. Sorry if this is a bit basic but never very good with gear ratios
  8. Also need a set of stickers for the Truck. Theres a BUD nascar truck so the MCI BUD stickers should work. Nice simple paint job as well, either all red or red and white. Camaro comes with either the stickers to do the blue one pictured or as a road going one. Think I'm going to do blue. Have found some yellow wheels just need to know offsets
  9. Have been watching the TT02 builds recently whilst accumulating bits. Enough has now arrived to start . So far I have tt02-s chassis kit, YR Aluminium steering, YR Aluminium drive shaft and joints, YR Aluminium motor mount, YR Diff locker Sanwa Reciever, Futuba servo, Blue High efficiency 13.5T sensored motor Nascar style truck body, Camaro 69 body, So far so good. Still need steel pinion and paint. Questions: I have also ordered a 10.5T motor of same type. Question is can I run that with TBLE 02. Would I need to fit a fan to the ESC if so what type and how is it powered? Would I be better with a different pinion using either of these two motors. Initially running NimH batteries but may turn to the darkside and get a lipo Not going to race it just for blasting round tennis courts etc. No ordereing any wheels and tyres at the moment as I want to see if I need any different offsets to work with the bodies. I am hoping to get both bodies to work with the same set of mounts Anything else I sould be thinking about?
  10. Are you going to spray the outside of the body ( but not the stickers ) with Matt clear. The real car is Matt rather than shiny though the graphics are shiny. I've got a 1/24scale Tamiya AMG and as decals do not stick well to mattfinishes os going to be very hard to get the right combination of Matt and shiny! Polycarbonate and stickers should be easier😀
  11. There is a module called a Bastens Quadsteer that allows you to use either two channel or three to control 4ws, 2ws and Crab steer. Will also lock rear wheels in there last position, still allowing you to control the front. I have one for my Dynamog but just havent got round to soldering it up.
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