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  1. Oops my finger slipped whilst I was looking at this. What a shame
  2. This might not be a rock crawler but boy can it climb! These pictures aren't great so it's difficult to see how steep it is! Suffice to say without drag brakes I decided not to drive down so I had to climb, and I mean climb up to get it. Sadly the next downward hill was too tempting and a mega~roll followed. Result the cab and bed were separated causing quite a bit of damage. Can be repaired but as I have dynaheahish body I can still have fun. Think I need to make the rear bed out of platicard as wood and aluminium is just to heavy and puts too much strain on the joint between it and the body. If I'm feeling rich I might just go for a loops hard body + a new plastic deck
  3. I agree, I don't get the comical etc. I'd much rather a good re re program to include a ranger xlt. A sand/street rover and several others!
  4. Anybody running one of these? Since i fried my 1060 thought Id replace the Defender and Dynamog ESC's with these. Im concerened about their waterproofness (if that word exists) I have been using Mtroniks marine controllers for years and they are truly waterproof, in fact i had one that worked after being at the bottom of a pond for the beat part of a month. The Mtronik car/crawler esc's are quite expensive compared with quicruns!!! but I suppose you get what you pay for.
  5. Ive just fried a 1060 waterproof ESC just by running my dynamog through a shallow puddle to claen the mud off the wheels!!!! Some watere splashed up onto the ESC and sttled in thd well that all the wires came out of, soon to be followed by white smoke. I quickly disconnected the battery and carried eveything home I dried it out in a warm oven then dismantled it. It seemed all ok so I put it back together and sealed it with shoegoo. Plugged it in and all I got was forwards, no reverse or brakes, also within 20 seconts I could not touch the heatsink it was so hot. Its in the bin. My question that I was going to ask is can I put an ESC inside a bladder like a receiver or would heat br an issue. Im using a Tamiya tble-02 but only in the dry. If not a bladder what about a receiver box. Im not trying to submerge it just sensible wet conditions
  6. Took Dynamog out for her first trail run. Not much stops it, having the middle set of wheels it doesent get hung up on much. I wish I knew how to do video as it looks really good. Had one problem though nearly fried a waterproof ESC!!!. Think I have saved it after an hour in a warm oven then separated and put back together with shoegoo. Think I will build some kind of box that may work as a bench seat to put electics in to keep dry. Mine are mounted at the front rather than the rear as in the instructions. Also started playing around with the rear bed that I cut off.. Might make it detachable so it can be used either way. Also have to do a bit of dremmel work where the front wheels make contact at full lock. Now has a bit of real weathering on it
  7. Well UPS actually, though the less said about UPS the better. Shapeways on the other hand have been fantastic. Product is way better than I would have produced and delivered 2 weeks early!!
  8. This is what happens when you put things into ebay search boxhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CHOICE-Soundlab-L041-Replacement-Spare-PA-Speaker-Driver-8-10-12-15-200-400W/153043447478?hash=item23a219aeb6:m:mpt9ctwa8xXi_QmvZ5Y2PXQ
  9. I think Ill aim for 8- 9 inch. I have a 7 inch arnie in my FAVbug so i might prise him out of the seat to see how he fits though as it says above he is a big bloke. Thanks for all the input. Having spent years building 1/24 scale cars and 1/48th scale planes I suppose im a bit hung up on scale. I thik i must go with the addage if it looks right it is!!!!!
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