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  1. Yes got registration and cctv.
  2. Started 7 days of isolation. As a bus driver you often run into all sorts and most are lovely. However cab drivers trying to drive down a bus only road don’t like being blocked and forced to turn round. This particular bad word had an argument with me through my open cab window. His way of ending the conversation was to spit into my face. Even though I wear glasses it got into my eyes so I had to go to hospital to get advice. They recommend self isolation Fortunately for reasons I don’t understand as long as my wife and I socially distance in the house she can still get out. Now where are all those boxes under the bed!!!!!
  3. Getting my tank mojo going doing a 1/35th scale Sheridan before starting its big brother. Decided to go with a black drive to honour the black community at this time. Many black soldiers lost their lives or survived with traumatic symptoms yet are rarely if ever depicted in models.
  4. I too have used core rc paint without issues. In fact I thought it covered better tha some Tamiya paint. Luck of the draw!!!
  5. Did you use DHL?? If so not so free enterprise. I think you’ll find it is owned by the German state post office, much in the same way as the company I work for is owned by the German state transportation company?
  6. Favourite??? what parent is brave enough to say which of their children is their favourite??? Ssssh they might hear you. ps @rwordenjr there are 2 Blitzers in there!!
  7. That sucks if they made a mistake🤬 once they’ve got your money your stuffed😡
  8. Sorted out my plan today: there’s a finish list and a start list😀 finish: fit and set up Flysky radio in the three cars that had planet T5 receivers. Installed but not set up finish body work, driver and lights on CHiPs with everything build and program esc and then run . Cut Metro 6R4 body and fit to Tt02-S chassis. Will be a tarmac clubman special, my colours orange and blue( need to think about motor for this) finish RS200 rally car on TT02-T chassis I have everything to to do all of the above, even time just seem to keep putting things off🧐 Start: Dual rider with a load of hop ups (inc pizza delivery body) all present and correct Sheridan full option tank. 6 channel receiver and 5 channel tx no longer needed for cars due to Flysky above( how lucky was that!!! ) Again all present and correct. I see a happy future😃 I would also like to get hold of a non portal six wheel chassis for several body projects. Have to see how money goes!! for the moment apart from from some static modelling (including a 1/35th Sheridan) that’s about it. Ooooh I forgot get out and run some.
  9. 44 rubber sealed 850 bearings from RC bearings
  10. What about Schumacher Vee2/4’s . I’ve just fitted a set to my Titan. First run tomorrow. Fitted to Blitzer rims. Went for blue spot. Supposed to be a really good option. You could just fit a set of Vee4’s to a buggy to maintain the look.
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