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  1. Plans have changed so no longer needed. Thanks for the offer.
  2. Have you tried Core RC rattle cans. Quite a range of colours. I’ve had good results. Warm the cans shake well and use in a warm environment
  3. What’s the best pinion for big motor ?
  4. Looking for a 2s lipo that will fit most Tamiya applications. I know the XV01 is a problem but for most other standard fittings?
  5. Looks beautiful but please cut the posts!!!! I know Marmite🥸
  6. In the words of Edith Piaf “Je ne regrette rien “
  7. Was going to sell my madbull then when I realised how much it was worth I might just as well keep it. My question is without too much work what is the max motor/esc/battery combo I can get away with??
  8. If this sells as well as I think it will hopefully Mr T might realise the European and UK market is worth listening too for future releases 🤞🏻
  9. Oh please let this be a real photo not some airbrushed special. It looks really good. I have gold minilites waiting and I’m certain there are enough Rothmans stickers out there !! I would like to see a rear view from the same sort of angle
  10. Will do. That would be great. At work at moment but will pm you at lunchtime.
  11. Does anybody have any of the above that they could photo copy and send to me. I dont actually need the stickers just a full size copy of them. I want to see if they will fit a little project I'm working on. I may need to cut them up to fit so much easier to do it to a photocopy rather than a set of stickers
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