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  1. As it seems I may be getting a Madbull after all I thought I would do a little pre-planning. I have all the bits I need to make up a tighter steering link, so thats one thing out of the way. I gather it comes with friction shocks so those will go. Can anybody tell me which oil filled shocks are a natural replacement? I think its about time I had a go with brushless power. I've had a couple of boats with brushless motors but never a car. Will the supplied ESC run a brushless setup? As it wont be doing much slow speed work do I need a sensored system? Will I need to change any gearing/engine mounts etc? and finally the million dollar question what would be the best straight fit motor to go for? I'm not looking to break the world speed record but fancy a challenge managing this rather basic chassis
  2. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    Yes I just found one and ordered it!!
  3. Busdriver


    not what you think!!! Have just bought a Sandshaker and would like to run it with partially locked diffs. I gather that grease can be used to create an LSD effect. Can anybody give me advice on how and what is to be used???
  4. To answer my own question, none of the above. took delivery of a TT02-T Sandshaker. Not sure where the sand bit comes from as it has rally block tires nor the shaker bit, but hey ho who knows how Tamiya's mind works. Having said I would get none of the above I managed to get the box into the house completely unseen so nobody but me knows its here so I think Ill ask for a Madbull for my birthday in March Will build it pretty much stock apart from bearings and a metal propshaft. Alreadycomes with Torque tuned motor, Oil filled shocks and an Esc so only have to get a servo for steering to comlete. All for £118 + the above bits (£16.00 ish) When I get the Madbull I think I will dip my toe in the water of Brushless so will be asking lots of questions.
  5. amazing!!!! I couldn't physically build it as my hobby area is too small.
  6. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    I think its a bit of camera angle and yes I think the new suspension does give it a lift.
  7. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    Thanks, I like the way it looks. I didnt want a rock crawler just a good offroader and thats what I got. The rear shocks could do with a bit more travel but it would lift the rear end too much. I believe there is a Tamiya hop up shock extension but I not sure? Now all I need to do is work out how to get the roof off and build a roll cage.
  8. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    All is not lost. PC had saved them to an un named file!!! took the roof rack off as made it to top heavy. Even without it I managed to topple it backwards down a hill. Secret to posting multiple images is small file size!!!
  9. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    Just finished all the mods. Unfortunately my camera had a glitch so pictures have disappeared I was very impressed with the Yeah Racing upgrades, the steering is especially good. The 4 link at the back is a bit stiff and the ballraced connector for the shorter links I think is shown the wrong way round. The prop shaft hit it even at slight suspension travel. Inverted it and back to ok.I think it needs softer springs to get the best out of the upgrades. The tires have made a huge difference especially with the 55T motor.Might get a 35 to use to cover the ground a bit quicker. Frankly if the wheels will grip it will go up some really steep slopes. As part of doing this I stripped the chassis back to bare bones and a problem appeared. When I first did the motor and the tires I ran it up a plank to see how it went. It started to make some funny noises so I stopped. When dismantled it found that the motor transmission cover had come away and the gears were rattling around in the casing.It transpired that the screws had ripped themselves out from the front, centre and rear mounting points taking a lot of the plastic with them. There then followed a lot of drilling and epoxying and I now have 3 x m3 studs epoxied in from the bottom of the chassis, cover is held on by an assortment of nuts which will be replaced by nylocs when I get a chance. Job done!!!! All in all its worked out really well, buying all the parts together defo saved over buying them individually. Will try and find/redo photos to add on.
  10. Yes I saw that which is what made me ask. Just couldnt find it!! Do you know if a Brat fits?
  11. Sorry one other thing, does anybody know if either the Brat body or Blackfoot body would fir Blitzer platform. I seem to remember seeing both somewhere on this site but for the life of me cant remember where
  12. Thanks for all the responses. After much trolling through all available info I think I'm going to go with the Blitzer platform. So now I have another problem, Beetle or Stadium? I am presuming the Stadium Thunder is a Stadium Blitzer with a different body??? Is there any reason that anybody knows of as to why the Stadium is about £30 more (Modelsports) than the beetle? I really want the Stadium as I like truck bodies and I cant seem to find anywhere that sells a replacement body if I bought a beetle to convert, also I want yellow wheels so that I can do a Lotus 1960's colour theme. The description in Modelsports seems to infer that some of the Stadium's come with bearings and also a specific speed controller. The Beetle makes no mention of bearings and merely says forward and reverse speed controller. Is that one of the old mechanical resistor type?
  13. Can anybody explain why I cannot post or reply via my IPad?. The PC works fine!!!!
  14. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    I live near to watford. Have a great set of woods and moor 15 yds from my house. I drive across the road and onto a footpath into the woods!
  15. Busdriver

    CC01 rebuild

    no its a set of 4 Fastrax lights fitted to the roof rack. Cant remember what make but on ebay with snorkel. dirt cheap