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  1. Does a lodge count. Off to the New Forest with The Brat WRC, CC01 Wrangler and the Amarok WT01-W . Thought those three would cover most bases. Woodland trails, rocky riverbed, dusty sports courts and some dirt roads.
  2. Just finished building mine. Really satisfying build. Not complicated, in fact quite relaxing. Two body’s is great, my only gripe, if I’d done both boxart, is that there is only one set of side graphics. You get two sets of roof graphics in different colours though? running mine on full bearings, 19t steel pinion and a Torque Tuned motor. Just about right for a fun reliable runner. Enjoy your build.
  3. Stickers ordered so not much is going to happen until they arrived. I seem to spend my life waiting for stickers these days!!!
  4. These little beauties arrived today. UK seller from Newton Abbot. I only ordered them yesterday!!!
  5. Thank for that. Love the look. I going for the Hippie Trekking bus style!!
  6. I found that when I tried to use the Pumpkin body on this chassis it fitted until I fitted the battery retainers. The body was too narrow at that point, but it is a step side. Also I was going for the lowrider look
  7. I am currently playing around with a King Yellow body. It won’t be box art!!! I thought I was going to mask it up myself but realised how much there is to do. The full sticker set seems to come with Masks and Stickers. I can see that there are stickers for all the windows but what are the masks for. I ask this before I order a set?
  8. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!!! I love the Unimog body on my Dynahead chassis but it’s very heavy due to the Loops cab and wooden rear deck. It topples over quite often !!! Whilst commenting on a post by @Willy iine regarding a suggestion for a vehicle to display in the middle of his ultra impressive collection of Willys ( no sniggering now) I suggested a flower power micro bus with ban the bomb stickers etc. On the same day whilst looking for something on our best friend Tony’s site I found a King Yellow body shell at a decent price. I put 2 & 2 together and got 6! Now I have to look for stickers etc and 60’s colour schemes to make the Hippy Trekker Bus. This is how far I’ve got. The front end uses the same magnetic mounts as the Dynamog but the rears are made up from spares made stiffer with long m3 bolts holding it together. It takes 2 screws to dismantle and the same two to fix the Dynamog rear posts.
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