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  1. Can someone explain in simple words what brownouts are. Glitches I understand, in fact I have an anti glitch module in my spares box somewhere. Was used on multi esc operations in boats
  2. If you stick this lot together you may get an idea of what I have been doing the last few days!!!( probably more idea than I have!!!!!) I have some Camel yellow coming and some Camel stickers. We’ll just have to see what happens, still a lot of filing and filling but that’s what I love about hard bodies. Still waiting for stickers for the Polar tour 🚌
  3. What about 12th scale Tamiya Mini.. That’s a hard body
  4. Already bought it🤭
  5. 🤩 🤩 🤩 “come to daddy” That’s not just a car it’s a bit of art. Well done superb paint job!!!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I normally would have just measured wheels and rims a tried them out but haven’t got any touring car wheels to try with. *edit* silly me just realised I have a set of touring car rims on my tt02-s . Tried them and yeah CC01 tyres fit!!!
  7. Of the ones that you mention I only have a CC01 which has quite a few ( I now think unnecessary) hop ups on. As a general trail runner it’s great . It climbs well but I accept it’s no rock crawler. The YR steering upgrade is worth it and probably (definitely) better tyres. if I could throw in a curved ball what about G6-01 either stock or dynahead. These make really good trail vehicles with little or no hop ups. I accept the bodies are a bit marmite but if you like modelling they are quite a good base for customisation 😀
  8. What part of the wheel is measured to give its diameter. Pictures would help. What size are standard touring car wheels? Would CC01 tyres fit say Lancia Delta’s wheels?
  9. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/savox-hv-low-profile-digital-servo-15kg0085s74v-414545 just ordered one of these as I thought it would look nice in the TD4 when it arrives. Have just noted that it says it’s 7v but I thought BEC was only around 5v. Will it work ok with normal radio gear or do I need something specific?
  10. I agree they can be a little bit overpowering. But as you say good reference point.
  11. Well actually yesterday as well. Started to cut out my Kamtec delivery. First is the TT02 dust/dirt cover and the second is my ABS Bowler body, boy is it thick plastic. Very solid but still not that heavy. One think I have realised is that I hadn’t cut enough off the Lexan one which is another reason it never looked quite right. I might cut the bumpers of both and make new ones fitted to the chassis, also add a front skid plate. I’m toying with themes for the ABS shell. At the moment it’s a Camel yellow body with Camel/Dakar style stickers!! I’m also planning to sacrifice one of my many CC01 tyres to make a more realistic double tyre rack at the back. Anyhow that’s the plan today!!!
  12. I know , I always keep a can of it, I’ve used it on many models
  13. This is a TT02-T. Neither buggy, nor car nor S, so will that make a difference! It’s running CC01 wheels and tyres and has a wider track by about 8mm than my S type?
  14. That is lovely 🥰 I love orange beetles
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