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  1. Now I’m not generally a Porsche man but in the words of Marc Cohn and Cher “man I am tonight”
  2. They look fantastic. I think if I’d gone none boxart these would be stunning with black rims and either an all black or gunmetal frame. Really menacing!!
  3. So am I right in thinking that it’s only people who put up vids on YT that he/she/they donate to?
  4. Looks really cool. I’m even liking box art more now I see it in the flesh. What wheels and tyres are you using? They look more like touring car than buggy?
  5. What is the difference between a Willys Wheeler and the Honda city Turbo????
  6. I’ve stuck with the kit shocks but obviously changed the wheels and tyres from the Dynahead ones.. Mine are Unimog wheels with 110mm crawler tyres. That size allows 4WS if your going for that. Any bigger and the back two pairs bind. as far as the gaps are concerned I think I jut used aw grease where suggested. When I split the chassis to pack the diffs there was no evidence of any ingress of dirt etc. the best part of the build is the prortals. Especially if you are doing the full bearing set. Each one is a little masterpiece!!
  7. I didn’t use much when I first built it, but recently I packed the back 2 quite heavily, basically locking them . I left the front as it was.. I haven’t run it much since but I think it wil hold up well. You don’t reallywand to be opening it up to redo the diffs as it’s quite a job!!! Personally I would lock the back two and stiffen the front. I wondered are you doing full bearings for the build. I would recommend that you do throughout inc the portals.Without there’s is a massive amount of drag put on the motor!!
  8. I’m watching. If the Unimog is a half as good as the others it should be fantastic..
  9. Thanks, doing really well. It’s hard to believe that it’s only 2 weeks since I underwent the surgery. The bodies ability to heal is quite phenomenal. Just hope the surgeon used the right type of threadlock on the screws!!! Now is the long slow bit allowing the bones and the metal to fuse.
  10. Brats are particularly good fo people like you @Willy iine as the come with the two bodies.?that way you could choose between Olive drab or battleship red depending on your mood. Only issue with bodies in my opinion is the rear mounts. I’m certain they could have moulded the lexan body the same as the ABS one. You could also bob the rear of the hard body to Bette fit your GF-01 chassis. There you go Christmas present sorted!!!!
  11. Nice haul and a bargain to boot. Never really got the Willy/comical/wheelie genre but the Blitzer, now that’s a different matter. Nice simple build, takes quite a lot of power using stock gearbox and is jut pure 2wd driving fun. Add to that a hard body and well what can I say!!!
  12. This is one of those body styles that suits almost any colour. Black would be cool though!!!
  13. I’ve had Hermes parcels showing as delivered even though I had not been out of the house!!! It had been lobbed over my neighbours front gate!!! In the UK if I’m going to send about try and use RM. They seem to have a good hit rate for me anyway. I have had issues with all the major couriers, though don’t remember ever having a parcel via FedEx?
  14. Thanks @Frog Jumper for posting that. It was @shenlonco posting about it that brought it to my attention but he didn’t go into much detail. That however explains it all. I have to say as random acts of kindness that’s up there!!!
  15. After what you and I have been through in the last two we should do a build thread🤣 I am seeing my surgeon next week to remove dressings etc and I’m going to ask him for a copy of the X-ray that they too after the operation to exactly what he’s done.
  16. In the last couple of months I have seen this term several times in different posts. Now I think it may be an American expression but it means nothing to me. Can anybody help?
  17. Yes sometimes I wish you could do multiple likes . Sometimes one isn’t enough
  18. Well I didn’t build them but in effect yes. The original kit parts are the hubs with spokes attached and rims. They are fitted together using a jig. @Heliwilly on the other hand uses the hub and rims from the kit and then makes new spokes and somehow with some black magic puts them together. I should add that he painted everything as well to a really high standard. I am in awe. If when I get the model finished I hope the work I do will not let the wheels down!!!
  19. these little beauties arrived today courtesy of @Heliwilly . I had lost my way with my Africa Twin and I realised that it was the wheels that were causing the block. Enter @Heliwilly who not only built and painted them but also did all the spokes in metal.! I cannot do them justice with my camera skills but believe me they are a work of art. Thanks Bill. Jeremy
  20. courtesy of @Heliwilly 🥰
  21. That’s exactly what I mean . All the stock bodies seem to me teetering on the edge rather than being a cohesive vehicle. That extra wheelbase makes all the difference. IMHO wherever possible wheel centres should sit in the middle of wheel arches.
  22. Yes I surprised myself how pleased I was when it arrived today!!!
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