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  1. Hi. I have the right hand trim tabs up and right and the right stick in up/right corner when I turn the MFC on, as per instructions. Thats when I don't get the amber flashing lights, just the engine sound starting.
  2. The other thing to note, not sure if its related or not, but I do have issues getting a proper drive in any of the 3 gears. It seems ok in the 2nd gear (with left stick on radio in the middle position) but after a few seconds of moving it will start to grind and the truck stalls. I've looked at the servo rod and measured it and al it appears to be in right position. Getting the 3rd / high gear doest wrk, the servo doesn't appear to push the rod all way to the right far enough to get that gear. Ive had the gear box apart, all looks fine. Ive tried tweaking the servo itself but still no luck.
  3. Hi. Im using the Carson Reflex Stick 2 6ch radio and receiver. The servos are Carson Reflex CS-3 MFC cables are in these positions in the receiver - J4 - CH1, J5 - CH2, J6 - CH3, J7 - CH4
  4. Hi. I have the euro style mfc -03 installed in a scania r620. I have followed instructions up to configuring the transmission with out problems. How ever I try configuring transmission (Configuration C) and I never get the flashing hazard lights when I turn the mfc on (while holding right stick in top right corner). Any ideas? I’m a new comer to RC and this is my first build Cheers ben
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