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  1. Regarding the wheels just get any 2.2 light coloured wheels and use Rit dye to dye them black.
  2. This is a real piece of art. How does it drive? Just got my self a TT02B for bashing around you have totally inspired me to do something similar. I have a vintage Vanquish and finding it hard find parts to get it up and running as a stock buggy. I think I will build a Formula Vanquish instead. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi Guys, new to this forum. I'm doing the same thing just got my Vanquish out of storage after about 30 years. Wheels have gone back to nature and front and back shock towers have crumbled. Any suggestions to fix with compatibility parts from other cars. Just can't parts anywhere. @one_hitany update on your build. Eagerly awaiting.
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