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  1. I like to display some at work. They get seen by a lot of people. It's great when a customer (usually in their 40's) sees them and has a bit of a moment haha. I've literally had guys stop mid sentence when they see them, eyes wide open. Some folks haven't seen or thought about Tamiya RC's for 30 some years. Makes for some great conversations. All my vintage stuff is original and pristine and I will keep them that way. I'll run my re-releases though!
  2. Welcome back to the hobby! Great choice with the Blackfoot.
  3. I drove just over an hour and a half round trip to pick up a Top Force. I'll do that drive any day to support a hobby store willing to stock Tamiya product. I'll tuck this away to build later, just wanted to make sure I obtained one before they disappear.
  4. Well I originally set forth to purchase a Top Force but they had one of these left. I prefer trucks and couldn't resist. It was also $130 before tax cheaper. Sourced locally, so happy about that as well. The Top Force will have to wait.
  5. Hey there Yalson! Absolutely. Wish I would have found this place a little sooner. Seems like a great group of people. Glad to be here!
  6. Would love to see another run of the Thundershot! I got back into this a few years too late. That car has really grown on me. A cool piece of Tamiya goodness.
  7. Fixed! And thanks again, I appreciate the assistance.
  8. Thank you! People are really keen on the Astute around here! I'll have to get my butt in gear and get some decent photos up.
  9. Thank you! I found one about 45 minutes away from me. I think I'm going Monday to pick it up. UK is a bit of a trip for me (I'm located in Canada)
  10. I actually met him (Glenn) last year. I was selling off a couple buggies from my fleet. When we met up I was like, no way! I've been watching your content for awhile. What are the chances? SUPER nice fellow. A true enthusiast. We live a few hours apart but I'd enjoy a proper hangout with him sometime.
  11. Thank you for the welcomes everyone! Yes the fleet grew quite quickly. I've had to be a little more patient as of late haha. Thank you for providing the go to guy for the 801 conversion. I really should get at least one running! I've got a hobby room in the works as we speak, but first I need to take care of some motorcycle service. I'll get around to sharing some of my fleet once I have proper time. Cheers!
  12. Thank you! Sorry, I forgot to quote you in my post above!
  13. LOL ok good to know! I don't have any pictures of the Astute. I'll dig it out and get some pictures for you soon! It's crazy how much fun this is (and how obsessed we get) Good clean fun though!
  14. Indeed it has been all down hill, more like a slip off a mountain I have gathered in the past two years (all original) 3 Monster Beetles, 3 Clod Busters, 2 Blackfoot (one being the actual one I had as a kid) 1 Astute, 1 Fox, 2 Blitzer Beetles, and 1 Hilux Monster Racer. I'm pretty fortunate a few of them were built and either never run or only had a battery pack or two through. Modern Tamiya I have the Lunchbox, a Wild One, a Boomerang ready to be built along with a pair of 801XTs and an 801. I would love to do an electric conversion on them, just having trouble sourcing the kits to do so. I have been trying to source locally a re-release Top Force but haven't had any luck. I really like the look of that buggy. I also have a gorgeous set of RC10s one gold tub and the other a graphite. Are we able to chat about those? Am I going to get the smack down?
  15. Hi all, I'm new to this group and just wanted to say hi. It looks like the place to be! I grew up with what is now considered vintage Tamiya. My first being a Lunchbox in and around 1987-1988. Like everyone here, I was hooked! A variety of other r/c vehicles followed as I could trade or afford. It's been many, many years since then but I have found myself back to the hobby I loved so much. Oddly enough it was a random advert for the re-release Lunchbox that popped up on my computer that got me back here. I couldn't get to that hobby store fast enough to buy it! Haha I'm excited to be part of this group of Tamiya enthusiasts!
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