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  1. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows what this body is off? thank you in advance
  2. I believe he dose them in batches. I think he recently sold out on his last batch but, you could always contact him and put yourself down for the next batch of series 3, if there’s any left that is. I’ve got 3 of them coming.. can’t wait!
  3. From talking to Matt, I think around 100 in each series plus any prototypes. He’s now working on series 3. Series 1 & 2 being rarer as they all sold out. Hope that helps.
  4. Oh dear! Did you not get it then? Seller not change their mind about posting to US?
  5. I’ve checked my spare parts and I have a cracked screen which is probably no good. I thought I had more but turns out I’m running quite low on spares. Apologise I can’t help on this occasion.I will most certainly keep my eyes out for you though. I need a few bits for my blazer tbh. But mainly the Front & back bumpers are damaged, I did see some new reproduction parts on eBay in Asia so I may end up purchasing them.
  6. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s genuine. But it’s a bit like artwork, without the COA it brings down the value to most potential buyers. Hopefully it gets sold soon to someone who will keep it and cherish it.
  7. I brought this one for my dad for Father’s Day. Wendy 2 with certificate.
  8. Agree completely. With all the 3D technology out now days, the certificate is a must for me. If I didn’t already have 3 of them I would probably of preferred to go for a Wendy 3 over a Wendy 1 without certificate. If she had the certificate I would have paid the full asking price. The two above Wendy’s look super awesome by the way !
  9. Yes I did see that and tried reaching out to the seller but very little communication received back so I left it, plus it has no certificates which is important to me in the future. I use loctite super mini glue. Seems to be less messy than the other glues I’ve tried, I hold it in place for a minute and then done! Happy days!
  10. Thanks Al, some great feedback their! Much appreciated. I will get some of that from B&Q. Cheers
  11. Hello, I am in the process of restoring a blazing blazer (my first ever one) and was wondering what the best products are to use. Firstly, stripping down the paint? What might be a good product to use? And then primer and spray painting it? I assume it’s the (PS tamiya paint range I need to use?) And (mr surfacer 1200 primer or tamiya primer maybe a good option?) Decals in high gloss have been ordered from MCI racing. I’ve tried googling as much as I can online but very little joy in finding product brand names, preferably, items that I can purchase in the UK. All tips would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, would be interesting to hear what your favourite blazing blazer colour is? Thank you
  12. Hello all, I am after a wild willy m38 camo body if anyone has one for sale!?
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