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  1. I'd like to get this car, but I can't find the reason to. It's just so "shelf queenish". Why would anyone really run this? You can get a normal mid for that experience, I doubt the unique parts for this will be available for a long time, plus it's too nice and unique. Of you are set on it being on the shelf forever it makes sense, but running it won't let be great, but for what?...just to say I ran it? I'd get a normal mid to run and own this for a shelf queen....I'm so tired of shelf queens tho.... So I just cannot find reason to get this super nice, cool car. If it were 300 or lower ok, but this is over 400.... So yah.
  2. Yepp this will be a complete runner. Plan is bearings, CVA shocks and a 17 turn Reedy motor with a 19 tooth steel pinion. I have everything except the bearings and I'm hoping to get started on this tomorrow night. I'll get it together as stock and change things I don't like....I'm kinda thinking the wheels and tires for something more realistic. Just to take some of the "toy" out of it. Working spot lamps is a possibility, it I'm not going too wild on this.
  3. Change of course... I'm going to build the plasma edge this month, but this weekend I'm getting started on my Holiday Buggy that I forgot I had. A pleasent surprise to find it, because it's exactly what I feel like building right now....something simple, no painting required, but cool and upgradeable. I forgot I had already got the bearings, CVA oil shocks for it. I also decided to either put in a reedy 17 turn or my super stock BZ. I also have the correct pinion to make the conversion to a 540 from the stock 380. So I'll build this first then the plasma edge both within this month. Both will be runners....not bashers, just runners, but they won't be babied...treated well, but ran hard. I'm sick of shelf queens....time to have some real fun!
  4. Oh it's on!... Shelf queen this will not be.(Yoda)
  5. I have a craving to just build a car totally stock except ball bearings, being lazy and not even doing any painting. No thinking or modding, just putting it together, dial it in perfect and drive the crap out of it. I have a pre painted kit in my stock I've had for a few years now and it's a Plasma Edge 2, Iridescent, green purple special edition still sealed. I got that car on looks alone, it's a good looking car. I can get a gunmetal version now for cheap, but I already have the purple Green edition. My question is, Any sort of collectors love and value increase for this edition? I saw one on ebay for 303 dollars, but....no way it can be worth that, even tho You can't buy them now(I think). Should I just put myself at ease and just build(and drive the crap out of) my plasma edge purple Green or save it for the shelf since I can get a plasma edge brand new for cheap as a runner? Help me make my mind up...honestly tell me if this purple edition is worth saving or it's just a cheap TT-O2B with a purple body and just drive it? I hate that this is even an issue lol. It's just how my mind works
  6. I believe they re released it in 2020?... Or is this one that is on a different chassis than the original?. Kinda looks like the thundershot type chassis to me tho. Also I see them for sale(the reres) on ebay for like 331. Woops....old thread dammit
  7. Yah I'm not worried about it. I'm going to have fun with this car, what it is made for. The box will be a give away, free of charge, lol The good thing is, I now have my dream rc10's, three now, one is a real vintage. The only other car I am determined to find, is, the ever scarce LOSI jrX2....it is the last remaining car I need for my collection. P.S. my 40rh chassis number is ,4272.
  8. That's a nice grasshopper ..now I want one, lol I don't understand how the candy green one is way cheaper than the normal white one. Not by a few bucks, but a lot. On amain candy green is 93 and the normal white car is 127. Only thing different is the body color That's over 30 dollars difference for a different body color?
  9. After spending more on another RC10, from another source other than associated, the RC10 from associated shows up. I have two now and swallowing my words of not getting more than one. I didn't think associated would send it out, so I got another one from another store. Well.... I opened it up and the designer, special edition box is all battered and water damage lol, total loss on the box, but I'm going to build this car and enjoy it, driving it around and possibly some racing. I'm not using the body, I'll use the jconcepts body which is way cooler looking and put in my own racing colors. I have the edinger and the other 40th car(good box) for collection duty, but might end up selling the other RC10. So how many got sad faces when the special box was bashed on receiving?.... I would of been mad if this was for collecting, but I'll let it go, because that RC10 is gonna be built and enjoyed where it suppose to be anyways. Everything inside is perfect tho and can't believe I'm looking at an actual RC10 kit to build. Can't really see it in the pics, but the box is dented and water damage...
  10. What different from being an rc10 buggy?....just the bigger tires and truck body?
  11. Well got warning from eBay for harassing the scalpers, hahahah. I went off this one scalper, scalping 5 kits for over 700 a pop. It tells you how many are available.... Arghhhhh.... There is just nothing we can do about it....please refuse paying these scalpers!!! Seems like eBay would have a price scalping rule in place?. Yah but no because eBay doesn't want to lose their scalpers(aka money makers for ebay) so they let things slide.
  12. Lol The falcon has fond memories for me. I raced a lot of them with my kyosho Raider and used to smoke the falcons😂. However I really wanted one....as an 11 year old back then, those yellow shocks really attracted me... It's a neat Tamiya car, really cool, but didn't handle like my raider....
  13. Thanks.... I guess I got scalped by 49 dollars more, but at least it's a hobby shop(small business and it helps to support the regions economy, so...not a huge deal. Far better than an individual at home, selling off 5 kits for double the price. All in all I'm happy to have it..... It's 100% going to be built and ran....lightly ran, but ran. I always wanted to feel what an rc10 drives like since I was 11 years old...this is my chance and I'm done with the shelf queen thing, hahah.
  14. Back in the day of buggy racing, it was required that buggies be as realistic looking as possible. That is why the old buggies looked so cool and mimicked actual real sand rail buggies of the 80s. So driver figures and realistic bodies/tires were an actual requirement to race. That is why old rc10 have a driver figure and the newest RC10, nope and don't look like real cars, because of favouring weight savings and performance over realistic looks. Realism in buggy racing today is simply not required, so no driver figures anymore
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