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  1. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    I wasn't really concerned about if it's the earliest version, all I wanted was a clean RC10 that was pretty original and gold pan. I got a nice education about the different signs and versions , it's pretty cool to know.
  2. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    I saw that too and wondered. But it looks like no connectors have ever been soldered onto the motor wires or the esc wires. Esc looks like it never been removed from package. Also the servo mounts and battery cups are not installed and I. Their wrappers. I don't see why he would decide to remove those items if he had installed them before. He may have installed the motor at one point, didn't know how to solder and that is probably where he just kinda lost interest on it....put it in the closet and....
  3. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    Nice. He told.me the car is complete, even has the diff grease and shock oil containers with some grease and oil still in them. Also the speed control, never removed from wrapper.
  4. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    Yepp. I thought about it all night and told myself I probably won't find one in this shape for 600 again. And it's one of those things I just said go for it cause I'll regret it. I finally found my dream RC10 and I have only one more car to go to complete my collection and start saving my money lol. That is a Losi JRX2....very hard to find... many rc 10, but hardly any jrx2. I'm definitely going to build a gold pan runner RC10, all custom and awesome. I'm actually looking online now for a decent fixer upper.
  5. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    That's what I'm doing right now lol... they wanted to see the motor label and tire side walls. So far it all checks out. From what I've read, this is a later edinger car not the very earliest. The label on the motor says 1928 edinger road or something. Hard to see. I plan to get another body and do it box art and become a pure shelf queen. I can get a cheaper, used one to restore and drive.
  6. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    What signs would that be? I believe the earliest ones had no stamp at all? This one has the A stamp I think a second round of the edinger? Also I'm not worried if it's the earliest or most unique. I just want a complete and nice RC10 that is original. He said this is an edinger and I know the later ones are A stamped like this one. That's ok to me.
  7. F-150

    Never run RC10.

    I just told him I'll do 600 on it. He says it has never been run and the pictures show it...I don't see anything that makes it seem like it has been run. This is the version that came with the motor and all that. The body was painted, but the driver figure part and wing have not. Even the sticker sheet is intact. The motor and other things still in wrappers. I noticed the battery holder is not installed or the servo mounting post, so...that kinda shows it never had any electrics installed. It's in a different state, so I can't go see it before purchase. If I get screwed I guess it won't be a big deal...it would suck yes, but it's the chance we take. It really does look like it hasn't been run tho.
  8. I may have found the last piece to my car collection, a RC10 A- Stamp, edinger built car. Someone has it for sale and claims it has never been ran, never had any electronics installed and the motor with other stuff still in packages along with original box. Car appears to be in real nice shape, no scratches that I can see. He says it was a shelf queen, only the body had been painted, even has the stickers still on the sheet, along with all manuals. Asking 600 USA dollars. Is this what the price should be? Is this what everyone is paying? I know I can get slightly used ones for 225 to 350, but this one claims it is never used. I dunno...here's some pics
  9. My super Avante is here, all the way from Tamico to New York. Arrived in perfect shape in under two weeks, impressed. This thing is beautiful, very nice box art and I want to build it right now lol. So far I saved 84 dollars buying from Tamico vrs in America however I think a tax was charged, not sure, but I think it might have. According to my records I still saved about 64 dollars or so, not bad at all. Tamico is top notch, two orders so far and no problems! Pics!
  10. I should of kept quiet lol I'm a blabber mouth. I have many inquiries about this in my inbox. One offer is a roller of an Associated B4.6D buggy with extras, never raced. Even swap. I planned to het into racing soon, so I guess this would be a start point. The extras make it worth more than the juggernaut, so I guess I want to go that route. My Plan is to put the concepts illusion body on the b6.4 for a mid cab look which is nice. I can't stand cab forward.
  11. I bought a special edition Hornet Supreme and before I did that I told myself something had to go to make up for the price of the hornet. So the juggernaut was it. Paid stupid money for the hornet, kinda regret it, but it's real cool
  12. I tore this juggernaut all apart and lost interest immediately. I'm gonna see how much stuff is worth on it and put it all up for sale. I'm not one to ask premium prices, will take a loss, but oh well.
  13. Right now I'm at 89 dollars saved, but probably will get lower as these other fees come in. It wouldn't be worth it to me if I'm only going to save like 30 dollars. Like I said this is a test run...just to see how it goes. Either way like you all say, real good to get smaller parts. Tamico was the ONLY place to have the upgrade axles and transmission for my Juggernaut. Got all of it for 88 dollars, I'd say that was good. The bigger car kit might get hit with import fees....I'll keep watch and see what happens. Anyways I am looking forward to getting that TD 4.... I don't care man f it's she's nk wrapped either, lol... That one is going together and being run.. I have so many ideas like going for a military, jet fighter paint scheme, Original Avante style cam lock wheels, blacked out like jet turbine blades. Yah that car is screaming for that sort of look.
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