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  1. I received my FlySky FS-GT-5 and first impressions are....... I dunno yet, but it came in a crushed box as it was never shipped inside a protective package, just wrapped with foil paper. The box looked crushed so bad that I expected the radio to be totally busted, lol. I didn't panic too much because it was very cheap, not hundreds of dollars, but still. I unwrapped it and the radio was fine. I'm just going to say it.....It is no Futaba as far as feeling quality, it's light and very tiny like almost a RTR toy radio. I felt as it should come with a RTR Toy from Walmart. I didn't expect it to be as well made as a Futaba so it doesn't bother me that much. The receiver is very very small as well. I am going to install it in my Blackfoot xtreme to test it out, but I am not confident enough yet to put it in anything very expensive, AKA my Pro-boat. It should be a good radio I'm just so used to Futaba stuff, it's all I ever had for radio gear. Stay Tuned.
  2. I t has amazing lighting and I don't know how they are blended together and all that. I've just been playing around with a Vintage Canaon T-70 35mm, doing apertures and trying to get long exposure shots and such. I am having fun with it, but it is a challenge to get everything right, like the lighting....it is all about the lighting, IMO. Thanks, these pics give me ambition to keep practicing. Here is my current go-to camera, a Canaon T-70 from 1984 with a 50mm and a 80-200 zoom for now. I also have an AE-1 and a Elan 7n. Also messing around with a new Canon SL2 digital. My camera and a picture of a flower I did last year.
  3. I thought about selling it as a new build and make twice the money I bought it for, but the urge of driving it in the snow and mud, has overtaken those ambitions. The only hop-ups are full, sealed bearings and Oil shocks. I would like to go full aluminum and bigger shocks, but I'm thinking it will be a fun truck no matter what and I don't feel like investing another 70 dollars into it. So....a nice paint job and I'm happy with this build. I also have my Super BlackFoot I purchased in 1994 and it has sat on the shelf all this time. I plan to assemble it box stock with box art, for a shelf piece, possibly one battery or two, just to say it has run, but will be a show piece, as I don't believe this one should be bashed and is worth more than a BFX. I also don't believe in leaving them in the box, it needs to see daylight and be assembled like it should be. I should be getting to this in about a month.
  4. So when is this thing coming out for sale? Where was it heard about,
  5. I have cheap oil shocks called "team BlueStar" that are a direct fit for Wt-01 using stock mounting. I was thinking of the long towers and such, but if I get those I will end up getting all the blue aluminum parts easily spending 160.00 more on this truck. I decided to keep it stock stroke but improved oil ones. It's fully sealed bearings equipped with Fast Eddy. Painting it silver with black wheels in a week or so, then putting in my new FlySky FS-5 radio gear when it comes. Motor is a BZ stock, but breaking things in with the silver can first. Thanks for the body suggestion.
  6. I don't know why I am asking this, because I'm going to do it anyways, but would you bash and ride hard, a 2005 Blackfoot Xtreme kit? These worth anything at all anymore? I bought it back in 2005 and just assembled it last January and the body/electronics have yet to be finished. As soon as I do though I'm letting it rip, flip and basically, destroy it lol. Here it is in the current state of assembly.
  7. I'm wondering if this is a personal photo or a marketing photo from Tamiya? If it is personal then I take that you know what to do with a camera. Really nice and I'm toying in the relm of photography myself.
  8. Yah I was going to change the title, but......
  9. Can't find MIP screwdrivers. Seems they leave the Tamiyas and their J.I.S heads, out of the loop for hex only cars. I ordered some of the Hex drivers tho....seems they are one of the best you can get for RC. Thanks.
  10. I'm glad I did not get the RR. I think I will hold out to see what this new one is all about. Seems the TT-02 has a lot of versions and styles and it is hard to decide what to get.
  11. I have the hobby tool set from Tamiya that has the basic screw drivers and hex drivers for assembly of their kits. I used them to assemble my BFX, but could really not see any difference between them and a cheap set of Stanley screwdrivers. I'm wondering if the Tamiya set are really J.I.S. or standard? I'm not even sure if they ship the kits with J.I.S. hardware either. They worked great, but it seems like I could of done it with a cheap, standard set as well. The blades of both types of drivers look the same too. While I'm on the subject, what is a good tool brand to use with these modern kits? I'm looking to get a more professional set, because I am once again, addicted to Tamiya, hahha. I plan on doing two kits this winter.
  12. I'm going to fill up the diff with epoxy and be done with it. Full, locked Diff without buying a hop-up part. I want to see how the BFX will hold up and handle like that. All good ideas, thanks, ya all.
  13. I built a new Black foot xtreme and packed the diff right full of grease and packed it in hard as I could in hopes this might give me some "Posi effect" but allow a small amount of "give" to protect stuff and let iit coast around corners a little better. I was going to go full locked, but wanted to try this first. Done it before? Is this a mistake? Lets hear your performance and methods from locking or semi locking diffs.
  14. I have the Tamiya tool set from Tamiya. I assume those are all JIS?
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