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  1. Hi everyone need help, I purchased a sandpiper and after building and running a few times Ive started upgrading or changing parts next on my list is the wheels, at the minute they're the grey dish type but I'd like something a bit fancier and also like to change the front wheel to a wider unit any suggestions would be very welcome
  2. yeah i did see that the tble was 60a but just figured everyone had issues before ah well i have a spare now ,as for pinion gear im on a 17t ,so if i put a 19t on my motor i should get a better top speed marginally ,i know im not going to get masses of extra top speed but enough to tell from a standard can also the sv i have comes with bearings already may possibly change the for a sealed set at some stage
  3. hi guys im a newbie and need as much help as i can get ,ive bought a sand viper and whilst bashing around on a local ground ive found my sv to be quick but not as fast as id like so decided to buy a absima b spec thrust brushed motor 19t and also bought a hobbywing 1060 esc as someone also told me the tble 02 wouldnt cope under pressure ,has anyone had dealings with this engine and what can i expect on difference in speeds ,ive already fitted the motor and esc but cant get out yet due to cr$ppy weather halting my playtime lol ,ive also read on a sale sight that the tble 02 s would run brushless motors down to 10.5t but whats the difference in t's between brushed and brushless???
  4. Hopefully this uploads first attempt not good, il use this body just to bash about with
  5. thanks everyone for your help i bought some tamiya paint ps and it does say for polycarbonate i did check lol the wife picked as im cr4p at colourcoding and shes picked an iridescent pink/gold number ps47 and a metallic orange ps 61 sprayed the car but was expecting more from the iridescent colour now when i look at the body in different lighting it does change ,il be buying a few bodies and trying different methods of applying ,has anyone got any tips on spraying the iridescent stuff ie do i need to back it with a black spray to get a better finish ,im trying to upload a photo off my phone but im no techy.
  6. thanks everyone for all your helpful advice ,i think il try all at some point lol ,can you buy hard bodies for the dt02 chassis that would need fabrication that havent already been said by juggular as i like the sand scorcher body or are the dimensions to extreme
  7. Hi all im new to the hobby and was wondering what paint you all use ive read somewhere on here that some use water based colours ,i want to paint another body for my sandviper but dont want to go with the yellow ,what brand of paints does everyone use ,also what bodies could i put on my sv any help would be appreciated
  8. Hi im a newbie and just back into building after a 30 year absence ive bought a sand viper and ran it a few times but feel its too slow , ive just bought an absima 19 t motor brushed is there any thing i need to change on my gearbox and would i need to upgrade my speed controller any help or advice would be appreciated
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