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  1. tamiya rising fighter sport tuned motor 19t pinion tble02s ball raced standard wheels with 85mm diameter tyres 7.2nimh 34.9kph fighter buggy rx with mad bull body absima eco 15t 19t pinion unidentified chinese esc ball raced 7.2nimh rising fighter wheels and tyres 44kph nikko f10 thunderbolt circa 1986 3930kv brushless and esc combo 17t pinion 85mm rear tyres 7.2nimh 43.9kph will try again with 3s lipo soon
  2. Hi. im new on here but thought id add a couple of pics of my old thunderbolt. Front was strenghened up as original bumper was broken. It has a 3950 kv brushless fitted and full bearings along with modified back suspension and re mounted shocks because casing was split on original mounts. goes like a rocket now cant wait t try it on a lipo sometime. Needs a bit of a clean after a bit of bashing but at least it gets used.
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