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  1. Gazzalene

    HW 1060 ESC problem

    Thanks guys, the brake and reverse make sense. So does the slower reverse. The only issue now is why does the esc led not stay solid at full reverse? The manual says the led flashes until full is reached in both directions. I can see nothing in the manual about setting throttle range.
  2. Gazzalene

    HW 1060 ESC problem

    I am new to RC and my first model is a Tamiya 1/14th truck. I am using a "aircraft" radio BUT the throttle stick is self centring and all aircraft functions disabled. The problem might be related to the radio. Hooked up all the elecs out the vehicle and all works ok with the esc with motor in forward. but when going into reverse from neutral nothing happens. you have to go back to neutral then reverse and it works BUT not as fast as forward and the led indicates full throttle not reached. Is having to hit reverse twice a safety feature for gearbox or something? don't seem right with full reverse not reaching full throttle. any info or advice please. radio set to 100% travel, no dual rate or expo or mixes and the same ´╗┐if I reverse the channel
  3. On the Scania R620 I am building the truck manual and MFC manual show aux lights at the front and rear. The front aux lights are shown in the lower front bumper area and the rear light cluster, What are these aux lights? what are the classed/used for? I am new to trucks Also brake lights, what happens when the tail lights are turned on? is there 2 intensities?
  4. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Mad Ax, I am in London. Nothing here regards clubs of any sort, Air or Land. Went with truck because its something I think I can move around the garden. I have family in east sussex BUT no truck clubs there either!
  5. I just thought it was CA to glue the tyres on. Never knew there was a specific glue ! This is all new to me.
  6. Tyre glue, whats that?
  7. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Thank you both for taking the time to answer, being a complete newb its really helped. I will have to sit down and go through all the functions on the Radio to see if I do have any pre programmed mixes going on. I choose aircraft mode, I will look at glider etc. I don't know if I asked correctly BUT if you were using your truck with a Tamiya MFC for say 20 mins using all the standard lights and sounds , how many times apx would you have flicked your 3 Dual rate switches? once, 3 times or lost count? I want to understand the DR switch thing.
  8. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    I think most if not all the lights come on. The horn only works in one direction. It seems to me the functions are not where I have seen them in vids. That might be my programming? there is a lot to work out, so a bit of overload at the moment. I can not recall at the moment on channels BUT a vid about using a spectrum radio said that 2 channels need reversing before you do anything with the MFC. Is that the case? This also might be a really stupid queston. Regards using the DR`s for the MFC to work with dig trims. Using a stock setup with MFC 03 , Are you guys having to use ele,rud and aile switches to get all the functions to activate?
  9. Sorry for the basic stuff but its all new to me. Firstly my Scania R620. The rear light buckets/cluster have 3 pockets BUT the manuals show 4 bulbs being fitted. I did read somewhere where a guy said he wish he added a extra rear light from the start. Any info/tips on Scania lighting would be great. Secondly when it comes to the lens what is the best paint to go with? Tamiya or Valejo? And how many coats is a norm? should the lens look really colour solid so you can not see the bulb well OR very translucent. Also is it best to use styrene cement OR a acrylic white glue made for plastic model kits?
  10. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Ant, Thanks for the 2 setups. Hit a problem though. The JR DSX9 has no memory card slot! The functions etc are very spectrum and DSM2 But no card facility! bit older than the DX9. Bummer Thanks any way
  11. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Hi Ant, That set up programme would really help me out please. I have got the basics BUT still struggling on a lot. Can not shut down the engine by the radio ! Plus other "little" issues like that : )
  12. I am very new to trucks. my first has Tamiya mfc 03 My next truck will be a grand hauler and I am going to try a beier module, I have read that they take some setting up! I have watched some vids from the Beier site ,with sub titles and think I can probably get by with the sound part at least. The vids do not show anything about the wiring of the lights,i presume the wiring connects to the supplied ribbon cable BUT nothing is shown. Can anyone point to a vid OR article about the lighting side please?
  13. Gazzalene

    Tamiya MFC 01 ,issue?

    Thank you both for the very detailed info. You both certainly know your stuff! Probably many years on these models?
  14. Just about to order a Grand hauler and might as well get the MFC 01 straight away. I have not long bought a Scania R620 and MFC 03, got the MFC working as best I can before the proper install with my Spektrum/JR DSX9 radio and spectrum rx i have read that the MFC 01 is not as good as the 03,its much older. It what way is it not as good? will it work with DSX9? I know having analogue trims is always in debate.