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  1. Thanks guys for all the info. Done a bit of looking and not sure where to go. First off I looked at the TXT-2 , looks like its not even available in the UK? and when I did see a UK price it was £400+. That's out my bracket. I do like the look of the SMT rolling kit BUT the mention of the "weak" axles as me worried,would like the big wheels and tyres. I have a Axial Yeti 1/10th and find getting any upgrades parts for that hard work in the UK. So I am left with the Clod and not sure its "extreme/tough" enough. Going to have to look at more vids and posts.
  2. Thanks for the reply and the info, I have not yet looked at your channel i wanted to reply to your post. The TXT-2 Agrios is totally new to me so will be good to look up. Do these run pretty much standard? The problem with the UK on most things RC is lack of "specialist/mod/upgrade" makers AND importers for these parts. I used to fly RC heli apx 10 years ago and that was the same and got feed up buying from overseas. Also prior to your reply i see the Axial SMT monster truck builders chassis,which looked very nice. I was surprised when you sais the SMT needed some money spent to get into the Tamiya class. I thought probably wrongly the Tamiya Monsters were not serious models a bit gimmicky. Will get back when looked at your channel.thanks
  3. I am still new to the hobby with a Beetle Blitzer, Lancia delta xv-01 and a TT-01 euro truck. I do like the look of the "monster truck" style models BUT the "normal" slow speed and bouncy performance put me off BUT I have just found a YT channel called TRIGGER KING by chance and the ones on there a amazing. They were having freestyle and racing events. These models looked to me to be highly moded Tamiya clods and others I have no idea of. Is anyone familier with this channel and the models they use, because this is the sort of thing I would like to have BUT I know here in the UK upgrade/mod/aftermarket stuff is hard to get ,the US are so lucky in this respect. Any info on getting a good performing Monster truck easily parts wise from the UK etc would be great. 1/10th electric Sorry if the question covers too large a area.
  4. Very nice BB you have there. Paint job is pukka. I have a BB also and want to run tyres like yours for tarmac use. Can you give info on the tyres please and are they the standard wheels? Thanks
  5. I have got by using normal pliers with kitchen towel folded over into a nice thick pad also I have used a strip from a old inner tube folded over. Just make sure not to clamp away from the protected area.
  6. Could it also be the servo not strong enough to move the wheels? Or wrong spline adapter, slipping when underload?
  7. Great work ,i think it would look better without the bowtie though
  8. Got several Tamiya cars already and my little grandson loves them BUT he really likes the "monster truck" style, huge wheels. Not my cup of tea ,so have none BUT will get one. I have no idea if all the chassis are the same and if any are preferable, Looking at Lunch box, MN pumpkin, monster beetle (have a blitzer) blackfoot, clod or Bullhead,pretty much all of them! We use on mainly paved/tarmac and loose gravel and short grass. Would like a fairly good turn of speed, not walking pace OR constant wheel stands and can not ignore the odd jump,who can : ) Any opinions please? Just looked on Models sport and lots of kits out of stock.
  9. The Porsche 959 was mentioned, is that still made?
  10. At the top end price wise, the tanks for sure. After that I would say a 1/14th truck with MFC unit. Having built 2 of the trucks I would say there is more to build than any of the car kits. Sorting out the lights and wiring is like another kit,then the sounds and lights need to be setup on the transmitter.
  11. Thanks for the info,did not realise how low the draw was. I think the AC guys had more complaints but I suppose that's due to the higher draw rates some AC might make?
  12. Been looking for cells to fit a XV-01 and got help as usual from the guys here. I did a search on the cells suggested for availability etc. I wont go into the brand BUT the reviews were very mixed. From many charges with no performance drop to puffed after few uses. This was from car users and aircraft, admittedly not the same voltage and capacity BUT same brand. The guys on the AC side were saying that these are great cells BUT need to be treated correct with current draw. To much and they puff very easy. I am new to the black magic of electrics ,so working the draw is beyond me. Now I realise motor turns and pinion size will effect this a lot but when talking say 12-15t brushed motor and 15t pinions what sort of draw would be going on?
  13. I would rather see a original built and on show EVEN if not run ever , rather than in a box unbuilt.
  14. I had the exact problem with a BL combo. I could not see myself running the car in damp or real wet weather so not fitting the cover would not of worried me BUT it just did not look right. So for me I went with a brushed 12T and 2s LiPo. The thing is I then found getting LiPo packs to fit a issue,i have not long posted asking about this. Good model but tricky to fit out BUT I am a newb so that as not helped. One thing that I have quickly learned is not to use a unsensored motors if at all possible. Again, recently asked about "cogging". You will get good advice here if stuck,if you don't want to ask "silly" questions just look up my posts instead : )
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