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  1. Don't worry, give it 6 months and a Bullhead "Avante black Egress" will be out : )
  2. I am 56 yrs old. I have Tamiya kits fir the nostalgia. There are many other brands out there with better cars for the money you pay for Tamiya. Full stop. I think many buy Tamiya just because its Tamiya knowing the initial statement
  3. So did the shock angles change to accommodate lesser/cheaper shocks. Rather than outright better handling mod? sorry I am a true synic
  4. but are the Tamiya a "cheap" bullet connector? hollow as in shaped/formed and very light. "true" bullet connectors are way thicker,talking the brass style here.
  5. With regards to handling,unless you are racing at any level would that matter? We all have lesser cars in the collection and enjoy driving them.
  6. I knock Mr T a lot regards constant ReRe`s etc BUT can not fault quality. I have read and heard that if it don't fit or work the builder has done something wrong. I read that you have built many cars and someone else had same issue but would of thought this would of been sorted.
  7. Don't tell me. Another new Tamiya kit. So that means it will have a "old classic" name on it. They have done the "super avante" so this 2 wd will be the "super/new Astute" Its a joke and many fall for it. Go buy a new Astute. Shamia could have had integrity and called both new cars original names BUT only want to grab guys money thinking they have a Avante or astute which they do NOT. Those cars have been and gone and never will be bettered for style and originality,like the hot shot and bigwig. Just waiting for the super-duper bigwig and super-duper hot shot. They will give them a few easy Yen/dollars.
  8. I never believed from the start the show actually bought and sold for profit. prob made a loss on all the cars BUT made the money selling the show. Its like Drew Barrimore, anytique guys car show. They find a tradesman, apolsterer,engine builder,bodywork man THEN tailor the show around that,all fixed. Read somewhere that discovery wanted to cut the spanner work out coz it was too expensive to film. That's the most interesting part. The UK version with Elvis must be apx £3.50 per episode to make. See 2 of the first series ,then gave up. Would rather watch Ed on YT.
  9. Mike brewers stance regards the Ed split was that Ed got lazy when they moved to the states! The show started showing less of the spanner work,the interesting stuff.Now its all wash and bolt stuff on. Elvis is wasted on this current rubbish of a show. Not keen on anstead either,bit smarmy know it all,ex policeman I think. Remember when Brewer did RC madness?
  10. Yes he had a F1 back ground. Now he is working with Mike brewer and pretty much washing and cleaning cars! no skill on his side. The show became crap since Ed left.
  11. Keep those bags! Anything with "Avante" on it will be collected by someone with more money than sense : )
  12. I would of thought any shrink wrap would be a "Tamiya" process? Any time after that seems pointless,anyone could tamper then shrink wrap. I think the shrink wrap is a tamper deterrent? They come so well boxed know for transport to shops I don't think shrink wrap is used for that. As said above if its just to keep clean for storage or display bung some kitchen film around it.
  13. There are front axle uprights in a manual labelled SA8. Can not find a number for the axles alone,only for a complete front set. Any ideas what the number is? from a Mazda 787b
  14. In most cases filling will not harm BUT it will cause drag. It can also keep water out,which is good. Its a happy medium really.
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