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  1. Really been wanting to get one of these BUT have got ten 3 channel AFDHS rx`s I use with a gt3c. Just seen a comment on YT that you can select the protocol from a list on the NB4 (2 years old so no reply to me asking)! From what I have seen the available RX`s Flysky have are AFDHS, ,AFDHS 2A and AFDHS 3. Would like to know if standard AFDHS is present in the options, that's my FS GR3 thanks
  2. Never really been happy with my GT3c radio BUT the 3 channel RX`s are very cheap. Thinking about getting the GT5, not able to see this or the RX`s in person and have read that the RX`s are fairly big. Anyone here using the AFHDS2 RX`s and if so do you find them big fitment wise? 4 channel will by my choice or 6. Some of the rigs I have have small radio boxes anf the older 3 channel rx`s were just right.
  3. It is hard to tell from the pictures but I have had the same looking effect using my AB and the paint drying before it hits the surface. Was it hot or was you at more distance or as said was can getting low?
  4. Here is the trailing arm with moulded rod end. My "limited" geometry gave a angle of 112 deg. What do you think? I am replacing this with metal arms,the supplied straight rod ends are not a great fit, I think the 160 deg rod ends would give a better fit.
  5. I have probably measured the wrong place of the bend,never good at geometry. its a MT trailing arm,will post asap.
  6. The Press media and social media has vast influence on those that are silly or gullible to believe all they read and hear. Scare tactics are the most common. The latest is Covid. now I realise people have died from this and its very sad,most have died from underlying issues at the time of catching covid. But I ask,as any country or region been hit so hard by covid cases that hospitals or governments could not cope? Covid is now a new business, loads of new "experts" giving their views and advice on a subject they know nothing about. "experts" getting grants etc. These people do not want covid to go away,do they? We will be wearing masks and afraid to go out for years.
  7. Need some bent rod ends. Its hard to measure the exact size I need BUT looking at the pictures of the 2 rod ends below,these look about right. The only thing is ,one is 18 deg and the other 160 deb BUT both look about the same. Just wondered how these things are measured? are these 2 the same but worked out in different methods? Doing a rough drawing of the link and rod end, the internal bend if I recall would be around 112 deg, in the 160 deg ball park, nearer than a straight rod end would be at any rate. https://rcbitz.com/chassis-component-parts/chassis-components-parts/bent-m3-m4-plastic-rod-ends-z-s1994-rc4wd-20x-m3-m4-25-9mm-160degrees/ https://rcbitz.com/chassis-component-parts/suspension-shocks-springs-etc/m3-bent-plastic-rod-ends-10-injection-black-rod-end-axial-width-balls-ssd00023/
  8. I thought that if you put wheel and tyre into boiling water the tyre comes away cleanly????
  9. I must admit I went the easy route and got a "small" lipo alarm. Not that small when put into the car and bnot really clean looking. I have 3 of the ESC`s not being used ,keep buying HW1060. I am going to try this mod and use them ,if all works ok.
  10. SOLDER or SODER? For you guys in Canada,whats that all "aboot"
  11. Looking at the picture is the added wire touching both concact area`s next to the 2 small componants? I thought the wire should only touch the lower area in the picture?
  12. Thanks for info,will go with that. Been looking at Tamiya shocks, and its weird,some are 2 in a pack and nearly the same cost as 4! the same size shocks by the way.
  13. Want to up grade the friction shocks on a TT-02 Audi A2 rally car. No manual present to get the upgrade parts numbers. When I got the oil filled shocks for my TT01E they were mini 50mm BUT see some at 55mm??? Would the latter be good for the TT-02 Rally?
  14. WOW, Guys that's some list,thanks. Believe me I read all that. This is why I asked,would never of found all that.. Perhaps ypu might be able to advise. The vid I see converted a TT-02 the "rally" spec using the kit parts but adapting. I think Longer oiled shocks could be used or the mini oil filled. If I went with tt-02s because of the upgrade, do you think the metal drive shafts might cause issues due to more suspension travel?
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