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  1. There is defo a issue with the rear arms. can not work out options to adjust. There was a fair bit of forward backward play of the wishbones. I put a shim in mine but again in the same position on both sides. Secondly, see if you get the very tight belt issue? If so ask me what the answer is. Only ask if you have it, guarded secret on many sites!
  2. getting the suspension fine tuned and need a bit of help. All the linkages were made spot on to manual. The rear has a inward camber of 2deg ,both were the same. front both had 0deg camber. Front toe in was not equal so I have just put a little in.harder to measure that. Its the rear I am stuck on. one side has affair bit of toe in the other is neutral,all links are spot on. The manual set up page shows spacers on the suspension and on the upright. These are in the correct position. Firstly, if both side are built exactly the same why is there a bit difference and secondly I do not see how the spacers will change toe in. Can anyone advise please? The spacers could be moved from front to back BUT I do not see what this will do,it only moves the arm forward and backword. Sorry,lastly. ride height,again one corner slightly lower,all connections are the same. and when I built the shocks I measured the length of the piston from shock body to the ball link and all 4 shocks were spot on. I know its only a fun car but would like to know how its done properly.
  3. Thanks for both replies. Busdriver, I will look into the Asterion. I like the XV-01 rally car and will keep that for on road ,loose stuff. Mad ax, You ask what sort of terrain I will be using? I live in London some week ends I go to the coast. So in London I will in a park,so cut grass ,bit of path and the odd bump or hump, No bashing for me. Even if I bought a Traxxas Maxx I would still not bash because I do not have the area to do it. A buggy would fill my needs 80% of the time BUT buggys/truggys don't do it for me looks wise and that's half of the fun? Big balloon tyres as wide as tall is not for me. Thought if I went Top Force and got it looking right I could always put it back to buggy if I want that. I think I will have to give up on the thought and stick with the Rally cars I got.
  4. Sorry for all the questions lately but being new to the hobby I need help because of little knowledge. Got a XV-01 Lancia and very happy with it. great fun on the correct surfaces. I went for the XV-01 over a TT-01 because I thought it looked a better kit. I now want something for "rougher" terrain and little bit of air. I did look into a buggy, Dark impact or Topforce BUT buggy style does not float my boat,i don't really find the Top Force a nice looking car,sorry. So the "crawler" style is what I like BUT after asking these will not be suited.the ones that are and I like seem to be discontinued, twin hammer and Axial yeti. The slash,stampede,granite,senton I do not like, don't ilke the balloon tyres or squashed truck body of the truggy. I know I am too fussy! So my question now is, Top Force OR dark impact,can I buy either and change the body to a truck style I like , raise suspension a bit perhaps. I know I will be spoiling the buggies performance BUT I am a fun user. To me using the TF chassis must be better than one of the Tamiya cheaper end trucks. I am not lazy,i have done a search for info and can not find any, this be because its not possible or a very bad idea.
  5. Before I asked for help I took apart a shock and took some oil out thinking it might help,i didn't. After reading the replies I decided to try again with the piston partially retracted. What I did notice was a couple of the shocks diaphrams were misshapen/dented. sounds like what as been said about using the foam insert. Any how I redid the shocks with piston partially down and I think they feel better,the piston takes longer to return now,thanks for help.
  6. Willy,can I ask how you vent. do you pierce the diaphragm ?
  7. At the present the tensioner is set at lowest setting,the belt felt ok,that was why I was asking. if it skips I will adjust then.thanks
  8. The radio arrived so pretty near to completion of my XV-01kit. the last thing I need to ask is belt tention. the manual does not say how tight/loose it should be. my heli`s normally have a rough deflection as a guide,new to cars so have no idea if tight is best or loose.
  9. Thanks for the info, its really interesting to know. So even though this "locking" is not really correct it can be made to work to advantage. being a newb I have no idea about the spring power so will run as manual with the "lock"
  10. I have a HW1060 and 15T (£12) motor in the XV-01. using the standard pinion and main gear. its fun to drive. I do not know whether to get the same esc and perhaps a 10T motor? The Tamiya ESC is pretty cheap here,i am not sure how low brushed it can go until I was able to change to BL . Is the Tamiya BL setup a good system with good turn of speed? Sorry for all the questions. I made a few errors with parts i bought wrong for the XV-01 and want to avoid that again!
  11. Thanks for the link to the motor mount, this is where you guys are great knowing which parts cross over to other kits. The bummer is being in the UK upgrades and tuning parts are hard to find. Looking at the ESC mentioned,they all seem very tall with the fan, looking at the top force,room looks very tight with that top plate. I might get the kit and bearings do the build then decide if I want the BL or plump for a good brushed setup. Being a newb I think I am jumping the BL a bit quick. And I must remind my self this is just for fun,more than likely 90% of the time will be using it solo.
  12. I have built the CVA shocks as the manual shows. They feel smooth BUT without springs fitted,when I push the rod fully in it will not stay in.They all return to fully extended.Is this correct,i know real ones don't do this. I have taken apart because some oil was seeping out of the top cap and reassembled with less oil and the same happens!
  13. Jg, Thanks for taking the time with that detailed info. The only thing I don't fully agree with is the Top Force being good looking. I am dithering because of the looks! I think I will go with the Top Force because of the points you picked out, I am a bit peeved because bearings upgrade kit will be needed! my XV-01 came with full bearings. Lastly I read a post somewhere where it was stated that the Top Force needs the "metal motor mount" I can not even find mention on the shops I might use? Is it needed?
  14. I have not long bought my 1st kit XV-01 I put a HW1060 and 15t motor in that. I now want a buggy for rough terrain,just fun again,nothing serious. Looking at a Dark Impact OR Top Force. I want to run BL and see Absima do a combo for 1/10th, its apx £70. I have no idea if this will suit either OR if the quality is ok, I will run LiPo 2s or 3s on recommendation I can buy the Dark and ESC/motor local BUT the topforce will take few days online. Might effect the choice. Tips or advice would be great
  15. New to Tamiya kits and cars in general. I am not that keen on the supplied 5mm ball cups/adjusters AND the turn buckles,this is on a XV-01 Is there a go to upgrade for the adjusters? not sure if after market from different brand would fit ok. Also regards shocks, how do you measure them if replacing? is it the spring? or the body or piston rod?
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