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  1. Just building a BOM kit and run into a prob with LiPo. I decided to run brushed on this first trail/crawler. So bought a brushed 35t motor and HW 1080 esc, with intentions of running 2s packs of 4000mah+ The tray size is 146x34x27tall I am struggling to find packs to fit that above 2200,2900 out of stock. I thought I would go with 3s pcks instead but the motor only goes upto 7.4v Anyone got a BOM who can give LiPo advice, the 2200 and 2900 are both Overlander.
  2. Looks like these are my options for shop bought. Any to avoid brand or capacity etc? Could not do multiple links,sorry
  3. I realise it horses for courses etc BUT what should I be looking at 3000/4000 or 5000mah is there any pro or cons?
  4. I was going to ask about the cable exit,i have seen the style above AND some that seem very square hard plastic that the cables exit the top corner. I am trying to find a shop local ,ish I can buy 4 or 5 packs from rather than 2 orders on line, only 2 packs per order!
  5. Had a quick look at the packs around my comfort zone of £30 each,i know I am cheap. Can get several brands around £30 at the 5000mah size. Peak racing,core rc,gens ace,voltz,absima Overlander will drop to 4000mah at that price. Out of the Peak racing, core rc, gens ace, voltz and absima are any to be avoided? The Absima brand come with xt60 which my esc has.
  6. Jonathon, you saying about round stick type got me thinking. I have just finished the chassis on the FatFox truck, TT01 and that had gussets in the batt box that would stop a square pack fitting so I got rid of them. The Beetle looks very old school so I think plenty of room for square,The XV01 is another story, the chassis is very mouded so I will need to check that. I was hoping that I could get the same packs for all models. Is there a preferred capacity OR just get the highest that will fit? not racing just fun.
  7. I intended to use Lipo packs BUT I have been using NiMh packs for set up etc. I now need to buy LiPo`s so I have a few questions. I have 3 models so far, Lancia delta XV 01, Bettle Blitzer and Fatfox truck tt01. Bettle is brushed other 2 BL. It seems there are 2 kinds of packs normal and hard case? My LHS is mainly Aircraft so the packs they have are all the "normal" heat shrink kind. no hard case at all. I will use 2s and could prob find a pack there that would fit the spaces ok. BUT should I be looking at hard case only? The last question is , if I need hard case type OR my LHS does not have suitable packs I will need to buy online. I have read that posting these can be a issue from some UK stores. Others say buying from overseas is easy,i never have much luck doing that. Where do you guys buy from when using online? some recommendations on vendors and pack type and brand would really help please
  8. Went to my LHS for a 1060,have 2 already. They had none in stock this time BUT had a 1080 "crawler". I said its for a buggy and was told ,its still ok. its fully programmable. He then said ,the esc don't know whats plugged into it does? Made sense so I bought it for good price £30. So, is it going to be better than my 1060?
  9. I had one of these at that same time period, my first Tamiya. I found the model after say ten years and thought I would renovate it. First job was to get the bad paint job off from the hard body. I thought I would use the nitromors my dad had in the shed! Body turned to molten mess,right shame. That was the first time I went from 6v to 7.2v and could not believe the speed improvement. Good times.
  10. Thanks for that, seems silly that a note is not there saying whats whats, more so when it tells you there are 2 options!
  11. How about the drive cup,when that's fully home the prop shaft has play. When it moves out the gearbox the prop play is taken up.its like nothing holds the drive cup in place.
  12. Building a Fatfox/Buggyra which uses the TT01e chassis. You get a normal TT01 manual for chassis build and a FatFox specific manual for the Bodywork etc. The Chassis manual mentions flipping the rear wishbones to get long or short whellbase BUT I can not see a mention what is needed for the Fatfox OR truck bodies. Does anyone know if it should be long or short option?
  13. Just building a TT01e chassis for a "Fat Fox". I got a Tamiya alloy propshaft which I have fitted. This does not seem correct. The rear drive cup fits into the spur gear/ gear box with no in and out movement The front drive cup has a fair bit of in/out movement. It will come out the gearbox apx 3mm and only stops when it hits the prop shaft. With the drive cup fully in the gearbox the prop shaft as about 3mm play. Is this normal? If I was to put a o-ring in the drive cup this would keep it fully in, like some wheel drive cups have. worth doing?
  14. Looking to buy our first crawler, like the look of the Hobbytech CRV v2, looks to be entry level BUT its good enough to try this type of model. The kit comes with a 35 or 55t (can not recall) brushed motor, in the text a HW1080 esc is recommended. I would like to ask if its a big advantage to go BL? The HW1080 is a fair bit more than the 1060`s I have bought for buggies lately so would like to buy the correct stuff from the get go. Anny advice on motor/esc selection would be great,thanks
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