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  1. See a Tamiya Tiger ii tank in a local second hand shop. has a old acoms trans with it and the kit looks worse for wear. not had a good look untill i found out about spares. i have not found any shops i used for tamiya rc cars that have spares in stock. whats advice on buying a tamiya tank if it needs a fair amount of spare parts? thanks
  2. Always thought RM`s handling charge was nothing to do with import etc,just for putting it through the letter box!
  3. Anyone in the UK know the following? Ordering from Aliexpress,item is £6.47 with free shipping. dDo i get hit with RM`s joke of handling charge?
  4. Never thought of them 2, either would be great.
  5. We all know the fav`s in the rig line up BUT what would you leave on the bench? And reasons
  6. Kit was only Volvo FH12 globetrotter. Advertised locally for sale and offers. Looked at my go to vendor ModelSport. free shipping £289,loads of stock everywhere. Don't buy "used/pre-owned/second hand" But it was NIB and local so could look before I bought. Like others said ,would of thought it would be less than shop price. So I really thought £200 was a good offer,but decided on £240. Guy was like "its 289 in shops". I replied yes but that's new,etc. I would rather pay the extra for a shop bought. Like I said,i then thought, do others feel the same. looks like you do for most part
  7. Willy, I am not selling,i was looking to buy. A pre owned ,run of the mill kit. every online vendor in the UK has them in stock. For less than RRP. I was surprised the guy selling wanted the same price than a shop selling new! I realise its his choice to sell at price he thinks. just wondered what others views are here,you guys buy loads of kits. Who in there right mind would by a pre owned kit for as much as a shop? OR is my view really way off? Again I am talking run of mill kits here. perhaps a silly question or topic.
  8. The time everyone thinks like you (and I), speculation will end... So if you think (like me) what is your "opinion"? £200 or the £240? Is a pre owned NIB kit worth the same as a shop purchase? its second hand! I am talking kits that's are always in stock at good prices, not out of production,rare etc.
  9. Can I ask you guys what you think is a good buying price for Tamiya RC pre owned NIB kits? Not talking about anything special kit wise. Kits that are in stock and available from the well known vendors. What do you aim for, what sort of % off. see a kit advertised asking for offers,can buy this kit from well known vendor and others for £280, was going to offer £200 which I felt was fair because its second hand after all,box not sealed etc. In the end it was local so offered £240,the guy was shocked how low! to be honest I would rather pay £40 for a "brand" new kit with warrenty of sorts. Just wonders what you guys think of pricing?
  10. Can anyone help with the following ? Used Ebay a little while ago after years of not doing so. The final sale fee was a surprise! I will call that 15% for safety. The thing I want to ask about is listing fees. if auction is the fee still higher the more the starting bid is? If you add a buy now how is that fee worked out? if you add a make offer option how is that fee worked? I want to sell a item that I am happy to take £45 for BUT any less I would rather keep it,so at a loss on fees thanks
  11. My main hobby for years as been RC Heli and Aircraft. The clubs I have used have all been mainly aged guys,no real youngsters. The ones that do come are there with dad or granddad and don't really want to be there. Most members at the clubs see the A/C side of RC being a dying hobby. I only dabble in cars so do not see any club use. I never see kids with rc cars in the park or street like when I was young.
  12. Was it purchased from Ebay? I was buying SPT and another hi torq brand (which at the moment I can not recall name!) and all was fine.Then a couple were not as good.On closer inspection they were copies. Only slight but you could tell in case colour etc.
  13. There is some great aspects to the Tamiya tanks,more so the late models BUT for me they lack too much detail in that scale. Its also surprising how little if any detail sets are available. At 1/16 scale you could go to town on detail. Look at a trumpeter 1/16th static kit and see the difference.yes I know the tamiyas are RC so could get damaged BUT I bet a lot are front room queens also.
  14. I wont order from over seas now at all. I know some here will say its easy to address the issue BUT the vat/tax/duty/handling ,etc etc etc is never what the uk rules state. I had 4 orders all were in the 20% + 8% category all was over,ok it might of be apx £2 in one case BUT how hard is it to work out,this is the HMRC. If their sums were in facr correct then the 20% and 8% was not used. then the couriers /handlers seem to charge what ever they want. Has anyoe tried to reach or talk to this government debt? nightmare!
  15. Have a XV and really like it. Only issue is ESC and Cell choice. not much room for either if not using "specified kit" servo size/choice can also cause the output to foul chassis.
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