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  1. Having "melted" a Tamiya hard body which is normally a "styrene" material ,I now always test first. It varies on the type of paint used and the car aerosols do vary. I start with oven cleaner. The ones that I found strip chrome plating from styrene work well.
  2. Glad some of you guys agree with my view on FB. I am 56 years young and detest FB.
  3. If you want to get into racing rather than just getting the model for fun.i would check if there are any other like minded people local OR even in the UK. The UK is so small compared to the US. I don't even have a "local" race/club for any racing class.
  4. "Here is how the Tremor Pro arrived, along with several bags of parts. If interested in it further, you'll have to check out their Facebook page. The web page is very old and directs people to check out their Facebook page." I know not everything is done by companies BUT as soon as I see "we are on FB" my interest goes. Nothing like a proper website to look at.
  5. I have heard this is great stuff for touch up cleaning OR stripping but the latter is a bit more work. Only thing is finding the stuff! I think here in the UK you are lucky to find it. Probably to do with health and safety.Was the same with Tamiya extra thin poly cement,could not buy it in the UK,then it appeared,years after the rest of the world!
  6. I know Mr Talbot does make money from financial tutorials BUT he does tell it like it is. Also it is so good to see someone actually use the "toys" and don't mind a scratch or worse. I like Mr Talbot,rc kicks,tamiya legends,Mark bryan also Hemistorm,this guy can certainly paint and being Scandinavian has a great persona
  7. I messed around with 25/26/27 pinions. For me the speed was ok, Does not get used much,have not got the right surface to run often,spend more time with Blitzer beetle and several non Tamiya MT`s at present
  8. RM are a cope out at the moment,Still accepting signed for service BUT not getting a signature on delivery. I had had 2 parcels delivered which were signed delivery. All I got was a knock on door and parcel left. Is this acceptable? will they say due to covid that's the best that can be done. If so who would cover any lose ,RM or Paypal. Bit of nightmare.
  9. I have been lucky as a buyer being protected by paypal. Not sure how it works being a seller?
  10. Need some advice/help please. My wife uses FB I never have,hate the whole idea of it. Anyhow due to lockdown I have been drawn to the "Market place" section she talks about. So I had a look at modelling related stuff.Some stuff of interest,that was local BUT missed. I have now seen some parts a guy is selling or swapping. I have stuff he would like,so I could buy OR swap. I am in England he is in wales so any sale/swap will need to be posted. I have looked and the guys profile and he seems genuine and getting on like me. Can anyone give help/advice on buying on FB? best way to pay,best way to ship. Are there any checks I can/should do etc. My real issue would be with postal service at the moment,all you are hearing is parcels being left on door steps then being stolen. Not sure if paypal will cover if selling? rather than buying? Thanks
  11. I had several of the TBLE02`s doing nothing so thought, why not give it a try. Think I got 1000 ( seems like it ) SMD`s for a few £ When they arrived I did not realise how small they are, in the how to vid ,the bits seem way bigger! Soldering the SMD went ok BUT like I said I could just not solder the a wire to the upper Resistor on the board. don't know if I removed too much varnish OR not enough.It was taking too long and getting too hot so give up as a bad job. Will connect the ESC to NiMh to see if it still works as standard. It was a shame because like others,i just left mine still sealed in packets. Yes I know you can buy LiPo warning units,i have 2.Its just not a neat solution and depending where you are or far you are not always heard.
  12. Its only my opinion but I don't see the point of "back dating" kits. It will never be original. Its like fake watches, you always know its something its not.
  13. Also not having a swipe at you. We all like to mod and customize our models ,so why stop there. If done correctly the esc works brill. Should only try if competent . Am I am pretty sure that if its done wrong you will know before the LIPO gets hurt. The wire used in the mod is very thin guage.
  14. True indeed BUT when you have 4 or 5 sitting there doing nothing? I tried this,was able to solder the SMD to board ok BUT the wire to the board beat me! There is plenty of room in the case by the way
  15. Regards the "normal" position of the radio switch. I would not worry about that. Just look at it as position 1 or 2.
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