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  1. Power HD it is then. Before I read your reply, I thought I would move servo`s around to get the two I need for now, then the two new ones can replace the scavenged ones. The two I scavenged were by chance DS 3225kgs I got from ebay and do you know what,i think ones a fake! slight differences and sounds diff also. So Power HD from a UK shop for me.
  2. Need 2 servos for a Axial smt10. I was about to order two 35kg HD3235sg servos. A Youtube vid showed these bench tested and only reached 23kg at highest voltage. On the same vid POWER HD 20kg servos reached the full 20kg with ease. The power hd`s are £28 each , the HD3235`s are £19 each and still pull 3 kg more. But the over stated performance makes me wonder if the manufacture can be trusted. Any advice or info would be great. Had luck with other makes from ebay but with Covid shipping times are awful. The above servos are from uk.
  3. The kv might be ok BUT motor can size can vary and I think many of the HW are on he big size compared to the 540 type
  4. Not done many cars and cutting the bodies is not a favourite job. The trim lines have varied on several. some have been raised on the outside and some on the inside. I have cut a couple with the trim line fully gone and the last I left this line on,to me it seemed to make the wheel arch area stiffer,with a slight raised edge. What do you guys do? always trim the lines of?
  5. Thanks,will look that one up.
  6. Seen some YT vids where liquid mask is used. Most were sprayed on but a couple used a brush and it worked well. These vids were from the US and not been able to find this "pva" looking type here in the UK just the humbrel and maskall sort. Used the maskall on plastic kits before and its not very good for that even. Anyone used or know a good one? Its for a lexan body,should of said this first!
  7. If you can solder to a good standard,always solder. Any connector that is made to be removed may come off.
  8. I have some digital servo`s that are noiseless and still at rest BUT all the others buzz and move slightly at rest, this seems to be the norm for digital servo`s. You would think being digital it would be the other way round being new tech.
  9. You should say how this happened OR if you do not know give some info on what you did and someone will tell you what you did wrong. This might help you or others.
  10. I tend to run a M3 allen head bolt through first. The allen head is way more robust than the JIS/POZI/PHILIPS. Then when you use the kit bolt/screw you will not damage the head.
  11. I have this car and a decent servo and I do not get much play in the steering when pushed with the hand. You say the servo is not stripped but you might have the wrong servo spline adapter on? These can spin on the spline and show no signs of it AND seem pretty tight when tested. These adapters can be annoying to get the right one for the brand of servo. HiTEC for instance is not even covered! In my case with a High torq Chinese servo, one was a nice push on fit BUT sliiped the other took great force to get on the spline BUT was the correct fitment.Have a check.
  12. Great stuff again but a PITA for us Brits. Not long into the hobby and have soon realised any upgrade or mod parts etc hardly get sold in the uk OR never in stock.
  13. I am newb so might be wrong here BUT I have the same motor and putting that into a beetle blitzer had a very had a very similar problem.Did not have it with the brushed mortor. It turned out it was "cogging" from the motor. I think this motor is not very good quality and not being sensored the initial start is very rough,once moving its ok.
  14. The RC clip will not link,this is very similar. The RC rig was longer a thinner with covered rear wheels
  15. I have just seen a vid (which I can not seem to link) of a 1/14th rc Tamiya truck. Its called "Custom" The truck cab seems normal. Its the frame rails that are radical. seems to be thin box section all the way back to the rear axles. The metal work is all smooth and painted.Very little in detail,very minimal. Did a search ,no RC models came to light BUT several real rigs did,again only saying custom. I would of said "lowrider" but that would only be half the style?Is this a particular style? would love to try to something similar knocked up
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