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  1. Yes,but do you CW or ACW, Then you pull the tape to break it and get that long thin bit left!!! : )
  2. The white acrylic glue is similar in that it does not set "hard" . Also its far easier to use, that tape has a mind of its own!
  3. I thought CA would be more "aggressive"? The acrylic never seems to go hard,seems to remain supple but it grips ,if you get me?
  4. On those coarse thread self tapers I use gorilla glue (white acrylic) as a "thread lock". It gives more grip BUT also does not do damage when you remove the screw for repairs etc. I started using this when the plastic parts started to get old and threads not no good,now I do it from the get go.
  5. All of them, after that credit card statement arrives!
  6. The TBLE 02S annoys me most with its lack of correct LiPo voltage vutoff. Otherwise I would say its good for most entry level setup. Like others have said can not go wrong with HW, HW1060 in particular is good. Just make sure its a "proper" on not a clone. Lots of clones on ebay etc. I get all mine from UK vendors,still a good price for performance you get .
  7. I have spent many years building and painting "static plastic" kits. Mainly Armour and doing this indoors I bought a good quality bench top extractor. This is bigger than most BUT I would say its not really big enough for shells. It will help BUT the distance you will be from the booth with the shell will effect greatly. Some of the smaller buggy bodies will fit close up BUT full shells no so.
  8. can not advise on that particular car but back in the day I had several Lazer varients and thought they were as good if not better quality than Tamiya at the time.
  9. Could of been worse, you might of searched for pinion enlarger!
  10. For me, some years ago when Traxxas was not a "big player" I thought they were cheap plastic RC toy`s. Very simple in design and nearly all plastic. no exotic materials or over engineering we like. But know I realise that the plastic is very forgiving and normally reflects that in spares costs and low parts count also adds. The major reason I do not buy Traxxas is I love to build and the overengineered and bad fitting stuff suits me. I think traxxas as been the top guy for ages now.
  11. Mardave was also sneered at when I was young.
  12. In my post I should of said that this is for "bladder" type shocks.
  13. A good question, I always get the same thing with Tamiya shocks. Build all the exact same way and always get 2 or 3 that spring back and the others will return slowly or slower. I have tried oiling the o rings and using slime. 4 shocks NEVER behave the same!
  14. That's what I would like but its at least double the price of the other stuff, that's without all the options etc. not sure if I can justify the cost. Trying to talk myself into the globeliner, its about the furthest away from GH and Scania r620. Might even go the route of really ageing it OR trying to customize it,really smooth and clean the frame down and lower the ride.
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