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  1. Inwas just about to post a similar thread. My YR70’s universals lost the pin. I’ve tried to make a tempoary fix with a wheel pin. How can the pins be secured to stop them falling out?
  2. It needs a **** good strip down and rebuild. It’ll probbaly do over 20mph when done!
  3. Failing that theres also one at New Milton for on road.
  4. Theres a track near Ringwood. Google South Coast RC Car Club. They have open practice sessions on wednesday evenings and Saturdays. I’ve recently returned to rc’ing and just discovered this track this afternoon.
  5. I found my old Terra Scorcher (not sure where the body shell went but found an old Thunder Dragon one) in my parents loft which up there at Christmas. A new A5 part and a new battery got her going straight away. We headed out to the nearest car park on Saturday with my boy’s new christmas present which we’ve hopped up with a sport tuned, new gearing (68/19) and a few blingy bits. I put my Garmin GPS watch on them and I was suprised by the reults. The Neo clocked about 18mph whilst the [28] year old un-modded/thrashed to an inch of it’s life Terra Scorcher hit about 16mph.
  6. Hi there. I just wondered if this worked? I’ve got a Neo Scorcher witch ive hopped up and have fair few spare parts to build another buggy so have a blank page for which body to use.
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