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  1. Rebuild your diffs can help, I had this problem twice with an xv-01, I ran in to my foot on low speed one time and then the car pulls to one side on acceleration would not go straight any more , I rebuild the diff could not find a problem with it but it solved it, then a few months later I hit a curb also not that hard and had exacly the same problem again, the diffs are the problem If you hit something, and I don,t no why because there is nothing no damage if you take the diffs apart, but it solves the problem.
  2. boxart porsche is not my thing, purple look a lot better
  3. 5 sets of wheels and tires they where only 4 euro per set so good for carpark bashing, some glue and a lexan scissors and hpi 6mm offset rims that I am going to use with a 200 mm wide musle car body
  4. I run the Rock rey on the beach, after 5 months not using it I almost forget how much I like this car. And did some carpark bashing with my tamiya m-05 I am happy that after months of rain and cold and snow, now finally it is nice dry weather so now I can drive my cars a lot more
  5. The subaru cars are still around I have seen them on different webshops and they are cheaper then the lancia https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/rc-fahrzeuge-und-zubehoer/autos-und-zubehoer/elektro-onroad/subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-team-arai-xv-01 https://www.lindinger.at/de/Fahrzeuge-Schiffe/Fahrzeug-und-Schiffsmodelle/Onroad-Drift-Autos/TAMIYA-SUBARU-WRX-STI-ARAI-XV-01-1-10-EP-4WD/9700280
  6. Did some building on the hobao dc1 chassis and build the shocks for it
  7. The 100a blx esc in the arrma are junk, I had the same problems with mine in a typhon 3s getting 8 minutes on a 5200mah 55/100 3s lipo this in not normal, with the same batteries I get a 25 minutes runtime on my losi rock rey and traxxas rustler 4x4. if you want to keep the arrma do yourself a favour and buy a hobbywing max10 sct esc for it, then you get longer runtimes. I was very disappointed with mine arrma, servo is crap so is the radio and the esc, broke the suspension arm only from light bashing never broke an suspension arm on my tamiya, problems with the gears and leaky shock, I sold mine because I did not want to replace all the elektrics and other parts
  8. hobao dc1 crawler kit, the kit is really nice for what it cost about the same as a cc-02, but you get full ball bearings alloy chassis, steel transmission gears, 2 speed gearbox, alloy shocks and a nice body with lot of parts, very good quality and the car is a lot bigger then a cc-02, sorry mr T but this one is nicer for the money.
  9. I would trade them, the ta-03 cars are worth more then the cc-01, the Ta-03f pro only is worth more then the cc-01. I am a big fan of the ta-03 cars, I have a ta-03f and a Ta-03rs and a lot of parts to build 2 more cars out of it, the cars even in stock form are way better then the tt-01 and tt-02 that you have I even liked the ta-03 cars more then the xv-01, you would not be disapointed if you run them. The ta-03 cars are easy to work on and do not have any quirks, I use mine with brushless motors for car park bashing on rough tarmac with a lot of pebbles and the are fine and are strong to had a lot of high speed roll overs so far nothing broke on them.
  10. The best place for loose screws is in my head I have a lot of them
  11. There is a bomb going of here, But it looks like I am one of the lucky guys with my wife, as long as I pay the bills and we can eat and not spending all of are money she don't mind, and a now with this covid thing she told me to buy more kits because she knows when I get bored I get grumpy. So last month I bought a MAN semi truck and I was at a point that I have to paint a lot but of the cold weather I can not paint so I can't do nothing on this project, so I told my wife and she told me to buy another kit to keep me busy, so I ordered another kit yesterday.
  12. the rear wide of the vw bus is about 179/180mm for the rear and 177/178 for the front.
  13. I think the wheels can turn but this are 26mm wheels so you can use 24mm wheels with no offset, and How wide is the QD chassis is it the same as a ta-03rs, I can measure the vw body if you want.
  14. the vw bus and carman gia are much wider, and there are not all 160mm wide
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