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  1. maybe I want an ultrasonic cleaner to, I looks easier then cleaning with brushes and brake cleaner to get the old crease off.
  2. dannymulder

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    After this story yesterday, I really don't know what they are doing at the post office, today I have got a unexpected email from the post office that my package was waiting for me at the pick up point, so I was total confused. So I was going to the pick up point not 100% convinced that my package was really there, and YES it was there. I got my bullhead today
  3. dannymulder

    Rally car - TB01 or TT02 Type S?

    I have owned a xv-01 its a great handling car, but the thing I don't like about it is the battery compartment with no room for the battery wires, I drilled 2 holes true the chassis on the place where the battery connectors are, and plug the wire in from above the chassis, and the stupid battery door with screws. It has some flaws to, with brushless power you wil hear a clicking niose, its the pin that holds the idle gear in place thats skipping on it, in the end the idle gear is wil rounded out because of the pin skipping, the problem is that the pin is hold in place with a tiny plastic spacer thats is to weak, and there is to much play on the spacer and idle gear shaft, I have made my own spacer from metal and filed the play with shims. the suspension pins on the arms can pop out easy when you hit something, with alloy suspension pin holder the problem is gone. I sold the car because I only drove it onroad , the same thing why I sold my tt-01, with brushless power and my driving style every 2 to 3 battery packs the tires are gone, I was eating tires, now I run onroad with an sct and run already 25 runs on the same tires and there is enough left for another 25 runs.
  4. dannymulder

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I know this is the normal way, when I called post nl about it they say that the vendor want it that way, and that they have to send it back and not going to deliver a second time, I called the vendor he said that he can do nothing about it, only send it back to me when he got the package back.
  5. dannymulder

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    The courier was Post NL, usually It goes wel, but sometimes It does not. Most of the times when the delivery guy thinks I am not at home, when I am at home, he delivered it to my neighbors an that happen a lot lately. For this package I have to sign so he can't delivered to my neighbors.
  6. dannymulder

    Where are all the Tamiya parts?

    Rc mart Tamico ebay amian hobbies hobbyking that is where I buy the most of my parts, some times a other vendor
  7. dannymulder

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    NOTHING, today I stayed the whole at home waiting for my bullhead that would be delivered today. Then I notice that the stupid delivery guy put a note I my mailbox thats say I was not at home, so I was *******ed. The delivery guy thinks because we have a 9 month old baby, he gently have to knock on the door instead of use the doorbell, I was in my hobbyroom and leave al doors open so that I can hear the doorbell. Its not the first time this happened so I called the post office to complain about it, then the postoffice tel me that they send the package back to the sender, then smoke was coming out of my ears, normaly when your not at home the first time they come back the next day. I live in the Netherlands and I have bought It from a Austrian vendor, so now I have to wait again.
  8. I am going to post some more pictures when the car is done
  9. I have made some pictures for you, I am rebuilding the car right now, the rear wheels are from a kyosho turbo scorpion, and the front from a kyosho beetle. the front wheels from the turbo scorpion are a larger in diameter ,and I wanted the wheels and tires close to stock sizes. The front wheel bold straight on if you use 2 850 bearings in them. I have to paint the wheels one color. The last 2 pictures is how the car was before I rebuild it, I have a new body for it that I am going to special piant, and have some new shocks for the front, the tamiya ones are going to my cc-01 build. I have change the spur gear to with an adaptor made of zahhak parts I now have a 32 pitch 54 tooth team associated spur gear on it.
  10. Both sensored and sensorless are both expressed in kv ratings as wel in turns, for exsample I have bought a sensored motor for my cc-01 that is 21.5 turn and 1740kv. Not every for exsample a 8.5 turns motor have the same kv rating its different which manufacturers have made it. They say sensored is much smoother, I have used both if you have a good brand esc and you only bash the car there is not a big difference, I can drive my sensorless cars real slow without cogging, only for crawlers i think its usefull to run sensored or if you do race the car on a track. voltage vs kv is correct, if you have a 2000kv motor and multiply it to nominal voltage let say 7.2 volts= 144000rpm The typical 380 motor you can recognize, the can is finned, and there are true 540 motors that are 2 and 4 pole out there, and yes a true 540 motor has a bigger rotor. You don't have to change the pinion,brushless have a lot more power and torque and run a lot cooler then brushed, what I do is when I put a new motor in a car the first time i drive it I measure the temp, if its to high I change the pinion for one with less teeth.
  11. Here is the link, https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/hobby-en-vrije-tijd/modelbouw-radiografisch-auto-s/m1374524968-striker-1-10-rc-tamiya.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr
  12. I want to do that, but the car have to stay in the box for some months, I have no more budget for it, and a brand new cc-01 to build and I am rebuilding my sand scorcher and grasshopper.
  13. Brushed motors are not a lot cheaper, these days you can buy a cheap brushless motor for 15 to 20 euro, I have a cheap 17 euro motor in my zahhak for 2 years now, and a 15 euro 380 finned motor In my srb. Only big brand brushless motors are expensie, I use brand motors in cars that need more power and that are on the heavy site, light weight cars and cars that don't need a lot of power I use cheap brushless motors. I have ran a tamiya black sport tuned motor, bought it for 20 euro after 15 runs the brushess are gone and trow it in the bin. I had 2 35 turn brushed motors in a 4wd- wt 01 that a made for trail running, 2 times in a row a little mud an water come's in the motors and they stop working. With brushed motors you have wear of the brushess and more maintennance, and the heat up more. Past week I bought a bullhead I am gooing to put some a double brushless in it, its a big heavy car and for me with brushed motors to slow, I respect that others like it with brushed motors an low speed, but I know I am going to be bored with it if I going to run it that way.
  14. dannymulder

    Hot 3650 motor in SCT - Do I need a 540 for the torque?

    I have a Serpent sct 2wd, I Have a hobbywing quicrun 3654 3800kv in it, that runs cool but thats onroad, the 380 motors do not have enough torque, even a normal 540 motor can struggle, if its me I would buy something like a hobbywing 3660 motor to be safe certainly if you run it offroad, I am going to change the motor for the 3660 can lenght, because I am going to drive the car offroad to.
  15. funny I did the same thing to my srb, I made longer axles from grasshopper axles to fit hex adapters only I am going to use kyosho turbo scorpion wheels.