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  1. I finished mine today, I wanted a new body on it because the old one mounted to much to the front and the rear wheels hit the fenders, but with little time these days and 4 other builds to do I decided to chop of the fenders for now and replace the body if this one i gone. your car look real nice with that body and that wheels. I only use lexan bodies the abs bodies are to fragilie for my driving style, I had a abs body on it ,and in that one I put a lot of work in it to make it real nice, then I drove the car for the first time and after 2 minutes the car roll over and crack the roof in 2 pecies thats when I decided I donĀ“t use abs bodies anymore it was not not the first abs body that cracked on me.
  2. dannymulder

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    After 5 months sitting in a box my sand scorcher rebuild is done, I wanted to put a new kamtec lexan rough rider body on it ,because the beetle body was mounted to much to the front and the rear wheels hit the fenders on full compression, but with not a lot of time these days and 4 other project builds to be done I deceded to chop of the fenders for now and replace the body if this one is toast.
  3. dannymulder

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I love the gf-01, I have a heavy dump truck its a lot of fun to drive, its a wheelie machine not the most stable car but I love to drive it. Mine is not stock, its got long arm suspension and proline badlands sct wheels, and gmade shocks and a castle 5700kv brushless motor in it.
  4. dannymulder

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    After 2 weeks without any time for rc stuff, today I start building my new cc-01 toyota fj cruiser black special, for 1.5 hour, then I went to the beach and bashed my gf-01 dump truck for 1 hour until the rear dogbone broke. The rear dogbones I am going to replace them with hpi bullet ones, my wt-01 truck had the same problem breaking the stock tamiya dogbones they are to weak for brushless power, the hpi ones are much stronger. I love this little dump truck Its fun to drive, I am impressed with the castle motor that I have in it,with 5700kv and with the dumptruck weight of 2 kilogram running grippy proline badlands tires in the soft sand I tought it wil run hot, but its stays very cool the highest temp was 38 degrees celcius,and got very long runtimes to, it is much better then my cheap brushless motors,and a little better then my hobbywing ones.
  5. I remember what I used to replace the nn4 spacer, http://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-wls0002bks-aluminum-stylish-spinning-rims-4pcs-5vspoke-tire-wfree-holder-touring-cars-p-34526.html?cPath=35_2061_940 I used the flanged aluminum things that holds the spinners, but you have to file those to fit, the nice part of those are that the flanged part cover the hole pin.
  6. I had mounted boomerang wheels on it but the trackwide on the car is wider at the front then at the rear so it looked not right with the front wheels wider then the rears and they use there own wheel adaptor so I can't do nothing to make the rear wider. The 2.2 inch rear tires have 7mm offset with those wheels the trackwide is the same front and back, I could fit grasshopper wheels I like the look of those but the grip is poor. These tires have a lot of grip on the beach , I am not a fan of tamiya tires most of the times the grip is poor.
  7. I used L shaped plates that I drilled to to the chassis and bolted on it.
  8. dannymulder

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    This happened to me once, then the lipo puffed and the esc caught on fire so then I had a rc car on fire this was in my hobby room so I wrapped the car in a blanket and trow it out of the window. The house smelled for days chemical.
  9. When I saw some modefied grasshoppers, I want to make my own version of it, so for this built I strip my zahhak car for it and fitted the rear gearbox with 2 aluminum plates and mounted the front arms and parts with an aluminum plate to the grasshopper chassis. I used front shocktowers from a bigwig and used a firedragon body, a hornet body can be mounted easy but I like the firedragon more and the hornet bodies are fragile, if a want a grasshopper body on it, I have to make a lower rear shocktower for it and use smaller shocks, but for now I am happy with the result.
  10. dannymulder

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    After 1 month of waiting finally the parts that I need arrive for my grasshopper/ trf201 zahhak fusion car, it is finished now. I am post more pictures on a thread for it.
  11. I don't know exactly what part I used, its more then 2 years ago when I did this and I sold the car, but what I still know that I made it out of an aluminum flanged part from another car that I grind to the size that I need. So aluminum tube is strong enough
  12. A tip, replace the nn4 plastic spacer behind the idle gear on the side that hold the pin, with brushless motors the plastic spacer is to weak to hold the pin in place and the pin comes out of the idle gear and at first it makes an clicking noise, then the pin is digging in to the idle gear and rounded it out. I made my own metal spacers for it and ad some shims to remove the play on the idle gear shaft. when I drove mine xv-01 I had a clicking noise that I don't know where it came from, after checking every thing all the parts looked fine, so I drive the car with the clicking noise after a while I only had front wheel drive, thats when I discovered what the problem was.
  13. I have 10 cars that I run on the beach, some cars have 70 or 80 runs on them without strip them and they are fine, even the bearings are stil smooth, when I come home from the beach I clean them with brushes and dry them with a hear dryer thats all that I do. I don't get it why people strip down the whole car all the time after a few runs, with tapping screws the plastics holes after some time get worn out, I only strip my cars when they need new parts . I not have a favorite, it depends on my mood what I drive. 95% off the time I run on the beach, the beach is a 10 minutes drive for me.
  14. They look good, for the rear of mine I ordered satin chrome finish ones to match the front rims, for the price I payed for it I don't want to hassle with paint, when they arrived and the car is finished I post some pictures. I changed the rear axles to the stock ones, with a 15mm hex adaptor, the grashopper axles had a 18mm hex adaptor on it that was because I ran the car with hornet tires and the tires touch the shocks, with the kyosho wheels the 15mm hex gives enough clearence, and reduce the trackwide a little.
  15. dannymulder

    Modified/custom grasshoppers

    When the car is finished I post pictures of it, in a tread. The pictures I post here was the Idea of it, and pictures of the front end in the what you have done today tread.