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  1. Its difficult not to buy more rc cars and parts, I am trying not to buy more cars and parts that I don't need, but is it hard sometimes you have very nice bargains, must resist . The last car I bought was 5 months ago, and the last rc stuff about 4 months ago so I am doing wel for an rc junkie.
  2. I pulled out the rear gearbox off my hotshot and took it apart, one of the diff outdrive cups is badly worn and because of that the dogbone started to bind en vibrate the car. So have to order new drive cups, and I noticed that the rear dogbone lenght is the same as the wt-01 model so I am going to replace the rear dogbones with hpi ones that I have, they are the same lenght, the hpi dogbones have a longer dogbone pin, with these the outdrives wil still wear but the dogbones do not bind because they do not eat in to the drive cup , I have done the same to my wt-01 truck.
  3. But customs charges are different in every country, here in the netherlands, if I get stung with customs for the 345 euro for the car and shipping cost, I have to pay 21% tax =72.45 + 13 handling cost for the post office and 4.2% import duties so that is another 14 euro so that is in total almost 100 euro more. I never bought a kit from china because most of the time with the high shipping cost and customs charge it is more expensive than I buy it from german vendors.
  4. I was temted to buy one from rc mart, but with 66 $ dollar shipping cost, the price is 345 euro for me it is just 15 euro cheaper then when I order one from a german webshop, but if I have to pay costums that wil cost me 100 euro extra so that is for me to much of a gamble to take. But I realy like the car have fun with it, I hope that I find some nice deal on one of them some time.
  5. when I started this hobby 5.5 years ago, I bought Tamiya cars because of thats was the brand I knew and was still around for years and I thought that it was a safest to go with, I think I have owned 35 rc cars most of them where Tamiya, now I have 10 cars, 8 of them are still tamiya. But to honest do I think that is the safest to go with at this moment for me it is a big no, for some models like the tt01 tt-02, dt 03 and wr and gf models parts are easy to find, but Tamiya have a lot of cars like the txt-02 agrios and egress, avante, terra scorcher this are only a few of them where parts for them are a pain to get so it is not so safe to buy. I wanted a txt-2 agrios never bought one because leak of parts, I wanted a terra scorcher did not buy one because of leak of parts and now I see some little parts coming then I read it had trouble with bad molded gears. If you want to be safe then buy a Traxxas car, some of the models are more then 15 years around and parts and aftermarket parts you can almost find everywhere, and arrma parts are much easier to get then Tamiya. For me in the netherlands it is not easy to get Tamiya parts local, because they do not sell them here, I have to order from german or china webshops. I still like Tamiya cars but more the ones that i have at this moment, I am looking for a new car but there is no Tamiya car that I want at this moment, to many have a lot of flaws and are to expense for what they are, for example they bring the rere vanquish for 299 euro, still have ugly plastic yellow shocks, plastic chassis for me the price is to high, for 40 euro more I can buy a kyosho optima with lots of alumium parts modified drivetrain for brushless and more, so I think my next rc car is not going to be Tamiya.
  6. That is a high price for it I have seen them going for about 97 euro that about 90 brittish ponds. https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/rc-fahrzeuge-und-zubehoer/autos-und-zubehoer/elektro-offroad/sand-viper-2wd-rc-buggy-1_10-dt-02-baukasten I have seen them for this price on other webshops to.
  7. In the picture you post from your ta-03f, you got the wrong tension pulley on it the one for the rear motor, with the front motor the pulley beld has to be on top of the beld not under it. I think that your beld is stretch to much and you need an new one because it was mounted the wrong way, take a look how it supose to be at my car. and you need the tension pulley without teeth for the front drive car.
  8. After a little break from rc for 2 months, I finished my rebuild of my ta-03f that I bought second hand and started to rebuild 2 months ago. now I need an new project, all of my cars are done and up and running, I own 10 at this moment, but for now I do not know what to buy for weeks I am looking for a nice deal on something I like but there is nothing that I really want, but this is good for my wallet
  9. have you used solder flux?, I see you have got a dremel gas iron, I have one to and I use that most of the time because it is really easy to solder thick wires and connectors with it, yesterday I soldered extension wires and connectors with it and it was an easy job with the dremel. I have a normal solder station to but I use that only for thinner wires now, because it is a pain to solder thick wires and connectors with it.
  10. This is how my zahhak looks like now today, the gearbox and suspension arms and parts are used in this grasshopper fusion car, the rest off it is in the bin.
  11. so this one does not work to, save yourself the trouble and order the R4EH-G from banggood and be patient, instead of trying a lot of different recievers that do not work.
  12. I sold my konghead today, and finished my new m-05 mazda mx-5.
  13. how big is your 3s battery, 3s batteries are most of the time higher then 2s, and when I had a zahhak my 2s lipo just fit, the 2s battery was 25mm high, so I think that you have to buy another battery.
  14. you can look for the duratrax bandito/ louise rocket, they are very good onroad tires good grip and last long, you can get them pre mounted for buggies or only the tire, they are not that hard to find. https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=189754&lang=eng https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=189751&lang=eng
  15. I think the gear mesh was not right, normal the gearbox is very strong, I have run it for years with a normal 540 can, 3800kv brushless motor.
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