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  1. so this one does not work to, save yourself the trouble and order the R4EH-G from banggood and be patient, instead of trying a lot of different recievers that do not work.
  2. I sold my konghead today, and finished my new m-05 mazda mx-5.
  3. how big is your 3s battery, 3s batteries are most of the time higher then 2s, and when I had a zahhak my 2s lipo just fit, the 2s battery was 25mm high, so I think that you have to buy another battery.
  4. you can look for the duratrax bandito/ louise rocket, they are very good onroad tires good grip and last long, you can get them pre mounted for buggies or only the tire, they are not that hard to find. https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=189754&lang=eng https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=189751&lang=eng
  5. I think the gear mesh was not right, normal the gearbox is very strong, I have run it for years with a normal 540 can, 3800kv brushless motor.
  6. I have the same problem I can't stop buying cars, I started 5 years ago with this hobby, I think I owned around 35 cars, then this year redused them to 7 cars told myself not to buy more cars , but after 3 months it is grown to 14 cars so I can't help myself. I must stop looking on the web for cars and bargians.
  7. If you are happy what you pay for it then it is good, to be honest for me the price is to high for the car, 2 months ago rcmart had the trf201 in stock with an extra body for 180 dollar, did not bought one because I owned a zahhak.
  8. I have paid 15 euro for them, thats about 16.69 dollar not a bad price, and I do not need them quick they are for later projects so I don't mind if they show up over a month or a little longer, but I know that they wil work, I am not going to buy a lot of differant brand receivers to try them out if they work or not.
  9. This is translucent purple backed with silver I have used absima paintz ice purple and abima paintz silver metallic
  10. banggood stil sell the R4EH-G recievers I just ordered 3 of them, hobbyking do not have the trackstar anymore
  11. thanks for your reply, now I know that I do not have to try the newer 6 and 4 channel reciever, I think I am going to by the flysky gt5 to see how that transmitter is, and use the 2 trackstar transmitters that I have with the 10 recievers until they stop working, maybe I find the older r4eh-g recievers.
  12. have you tried the 6 channel receivers, I see they sell them to for the 4 channel transmitter to so I assume they work. I have 2 trackstar transmitters, that are rebrand radiolink transmitters with the gyro, I have used on reciever from radiolink without the gyro, and it work fine with mine transmitter, I need more recievers myself to, so it is nice to know if the 6 channel ones work.
  13. the gear diff is for reliability nothing to do with track use, and they are like 20 bucks thats not expensive, I use mine only for bashing, with the ball diff I had a lot of problems, and ball diffs have a lot of maintenance. but I think you be better of buying another car from another brand and put there a high powered combo in it.
  14. you have to mod the gearbox this is what you must do,http://site.petitrc.com/setup/tamiya/setuptrf201x/TRF201X_JulienParnot_GearDiffInstall/ you can buy the complete kyosho gear diff, kyosho umw604, If you are going to use the dogbones the you have to buy shorter ones, if you using tamiya universals then they work just fine. if you want the steel idle gear, serpent part 500344.
  15. I am run the car with a 5700kv motor in it, with the kyosho gear diff I have run it about 60/70 times without any problem or maintenance.
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