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  1. The part number is 54159 but it is only the alloy horn not a complete servo saver, you have to buy the tamiya high torque servo saver to make a complete servo saver out of it.
  2. Start building my new dancing rider, only sometimes I don't know why there has to be so much slop in things with tamiya, mounted the gearbox to the chassis and there was 1.5 to 2 mm play in the shaft looked at te manual a lot of times and watched a build on youtube I thought I had forgot something, but I did not, I have bearings in the chassis you could see them slide in and out of the chassis so in the end I filled the gap with a washer that fits.
  3. Dancing rider, hopup parts for it and for other cars, some lipo's for the dancing rider and touring car tires.
  4. the gearbox from te R versions you can mount on the front of an F chassis and are the same, but the F chassis use a different gearbox on the rear then the R version on the front, the Rear F gearbox are rare and not easy to find and if you find one they are not cheap, lucky me I have 2 of them brand new as a spare. The part number of the ta-03 f rear gearbox is 50699
  5. You can change the wheelbase on the cc-01 to 252mm or 242mm, only with the hot racing 4 links suspension you have on it, you can only change it to the 242mm wheelbase, you have a junfac driveshaft that one is for the shorter wheelbase so you can change it to 242mm so you have more options. If you want a 252mm you must change the hot racing 4 link to stock tamiya or another brand like the yeah racing that do the 252mm wheelbase.
  6. I saw the chassis a long time ago when I build my hotshot then I was allready tempted to buy one but I never did, must resist
  7. Why do you post this on here, now I am tempted to buy a carbon chassis for my hotshot
  8. There are a lot of options, for the same price I can buy a kyosho optima that I like more then the TD-4, or a corally sbx-410 buggy that cost £250 https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/rc-fahrzeuge-und-zubehoer/autos-und-zubehoer/elektro-offroad/sbx-410-4wd-racing-buggy-1_10-competition-bausatz There are a lot of other cars for the price you can buy that are much nicer and valua for the money. I it is to see that they make a new buggy instead of another tt-02b, but sometimes I do not get it why make things so complicated with the battery change, if it was a little cheaper and not had the stupid battery thing then I had bought one, but now I pass. If don't care of people buy one, if they are happy with it thats fine with me we are all different people with a different taste and buy what you want to buy and if it is worth to you do it, for me it is not. And it is not that I do not like the tamiya brand I still do but is not the only brand that I own and buy.
  9. There is almost a whole truck in there, the gmade dampers are the correct lenght and the longer towers just bolts on to the chassis no need to mod, if you have a spare gearbox and some wheels and body you can make and whole truck out of it , there are 2 sets of high speed gears in there that you can use with a 23 or 25 tooth pinion.
  10. But if you compare it to other brands what you can get for you money it is expensive, I am not going to pay premium prices because it has the 2 star tamiya brand on it.
  11. Thats is €350, have to see how much it is on the german vendors, sorry but wish tamiya good luck selling a lot of them for that price, if I wanted one then I still want gear diffs in it if the are available that put another 50€ to the price, the price is to high for it and then you still have to buy a decent brushless combo and servo. No way I am going to buy one at that price.
  12. You only forget 1 thing most of the people that want to buy it do not race there cars, and only run them for fun, always run 2 packs true my cars when I take them out. And this is not an high spec race car.
  13. For me the same, I run all my cars on the beach, then change a battery, if you drop that tiny screw in the sand you never are going to find it again, I did not liked it on the xv-01 but this is more worse. I had a lot of tamiya cars and stil own some, even defend the brand on other forums, but this is why my last 4 rc cars that I bought are no tamiya, and that I l become less interested in tamiya cars.
  14. I thought of that solution but that is not going to work, if you put grub screws in the chassis and clap down the whole front suspension then its under an angle and not straight above the grub screws, so there is now way you can push the grub screws trough the holes.
  15. No I am not looking for a diff that never need maintenance but a ball diff needs more maintenance then a gear diff that is the fact, and I do not like to adjust it every 2 packs or so and after a run or 10 rebuild the ball diff that is not for me.
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