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  1. It looks nice and clean with the black sleeves on it, this is going to be a challenge for me
  2. The G.T power pro was cheap, I paid 100 euro including the shipping cost the tamiya units are 3 times that price and this is my firts truck and I did not want to put to much money in it, because I bought it for the build and I know it is not going to run a lot. For now I am going to try my wheel radio first, the third channel on it is a 3 way switch so I use that for shifting and I wil see how the rest of it works with the radio.
  3. It is vallejo paint, I painted it with an airbrush.
  4. How is the G.T power pro unit that you use, I have ordered one for my MAN truck, how hard is it to program ? I see you use flysky gt5 6 channel radio, I have only 2 radiolink 4 channel wheel radio's, do you use more then 4 channels on your radio ?, I am thinking about buying a 9 channel stick radio or does it work with a 4 channel radio?
  5. here is my hotshot in light purple.
  6. 80 turns brushed motor for my man truck, a max 10 esc to replace the broken turnigy esc In my tamiya wt-01 truck and a servo for my tamiya m-05
  7. Did a little bit of building on my Tamiya MAN truck.
  8. This MAN truck, bought it from Tamico ordered it monday and it is already here that was fast shipping. I can't wait to start on this build I am excited, ordered the G.T. power pro light and sound from asiatees for 100 euro inclusief shipping cost. This wil keep me busy for a few months.
  9. after 2 months of not running anything I took my tamiya ta-03rs for a spin, that was not a good decision to run it on a very rough carpark on wet tarmac the result after 5 minutes drive was. I Think a need a new body, But I have 1 new hpi peugeot body for it and 2 used toyota corrolla bodies for the car. The body was allready full of cracks and repaired several times.
  10. But on the boomerang rere, the front tamiya dogbones are to long and bind like grazy it is a flaw from tamiya, the mod that i did to my boomerang I did the same thing to my hotshot.
  11. I just bougth my first rc truck, I was looking for something to build that takes a little more time then a few days, so decided to buy a truck so I can build something in the borring covid lockdown. I bought the MAN truck, off the weekly deal from tamico, It was a nice deal, and it comes with a pre painted body, normaly I want to paint the body myself, but I wanted a nice finished body and not having the chance to destroy the paint job. so now going to search a light and sound unit, I think I am going to order the G.T power pro unit that cost 100 euro, i know it has some flaws, but the tamiya units are to expensive for me.
  12. I have run both, I don't think there is a lot differance in terms of handling, longer shocks and better shocks are better to soak up the bumps, the biggest thing with the stock shocks is that the chassis is not bottoming out so there is a lot of stress on the shock towers, shock and other parts so things wil break faster and more, then with the high shock towers and longer shocks.
  13. The most stupid thing I have done Is blew up two esc on one day, one used on and a brand new one. At first I blew the used one and thought is was just the esc that has gone bad, then I blew up the new one and then I noticed that I put the wires from the battery in the wrong way.
  14. Happy New Year to all of you, and that 2021 may be a better year than this one
  15. For me I don't have rc plans at this moment, The only things I have to do is rebuild my losi rock rey that is in pieces because I have to replace the bearings, and I have to put my tamiya m-05 together because of small pebbles entered the gearbox and in to the gears bought some hopups for the car but still have to put the car together. for the next half year or so I do not have the finance of buying new cars or other rc stuff because this month both of my cats get sick and one I had put to sleep and the other one need an operation that was a 1000 euro bill from the veterinarian, so that is where my rc budget has gone to. I noticed that the past months I did not do a lot with rc, I ran my cars a couple of times and that was it even I had 2 cars that I can put together I don't feel like it, but I know It comes back to me. For now I going to try to enjoy the simple things in life and try to be less grumpie, that is the plan and I wil see how rc cars fit in to that this year, this month I lost my brother in law at the age of 52 year because of a brain tumor, so before you know your time is up.
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