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  1. I finished the facelift of my wt-01, put on a new ford f150 body and black wr-02 wheels and tires. It looks a lot better then before, it had an ugly double blaze body on it and I don't like the look of the wr-01 spiked tires. The first picture is the before how it was.
  2. The nice thing about the hobby is that you can do both, for me it always changes between running and building/ tinkering. I have periods of driving a lot at least 4 or 5 times in a week for 2 or 3 months then I always get bored with driving my cars, and then the building tinkering upgrading stuff takes over for some months until I get the spark back of driving. But I thinks it just a ADHD thing, I have it with al of my hobby's, I like to play video games but with that it is the same as rc stuff I get real excited for 2 or 3 months then I get bored with it and then have to do something else and after some months It always comes back to me. Lately I spent most of my time building and tinkering, thats because I have got a lot of things to do in and around the house, have to do the garden, change the second floor in to a bigger hobby room for myself, I am rebuilding 2 50cc mopeds and some other stuff, and it is easier to spend a half hour on some thing to do in my hobbyroom. The last 16 months I spend less time on rc because of the born off my daughter, little kids eat your spare time, but I love that little girl.
  3. Last week I broke a plastic suspension link om my mst-mtx1, I know they sell a aluminum hopup suspension link set but that is 55 euro, I had a spare plastic link set, when I looked at the plastic link I noticed that it was hollow inside through the whole link. So instead of buying the aluminum link set, I bought 1 meter of m3 thread rod for 2 euro and cut that on the right lengt of the links and screwed it throught the link, so now the have a metal thread inside of them, I did that with al of the 8 suspension links. I changed the metal center drive shafts back to the stock plastic ones, I did not like the metal hopup driveshafst, they get hot and the grup screws that holds the pins get loose every time I drive it, even with red treadlock and after 5 packs they have a lot of wear and a broke a pin on 1 of them. I never have run the plastic driveshafts, I wil see of they wil hold up, if not I think I buy erevo driveshafts and cut them trough lenght.
  4. The postman brought me yesterday parts for my konghead build, and some black wr-02 wheels for my wt-01 and 50 1150 nmb bearings from ebay, I thought the bearing package was lost but after 6 weeks they show up I ordered bearings at rc mart when I ordered parts so now I have got 100 1150 bearings so I have some spares. Now I am waiting for the tires that i have ordered for my konghead.
  5. A month ago I bought a konghead, after a month thinking what to do with it, make a basher car out of it with long suspension arms or make it a crawler scale truck, I decided to make a crawler scale truck of it, because it is never going to be a high speed basher and it looks much nicer as a scale truck. I ordered some crawler tires, wheels, cvd,s alloy c hubs and knuckles and a lot of other stuf today, so when it arrives the build can begin.
  6. I going to use my wt-01 as a donor car for parts for my konghead project, pulled of the arms, shocks and knuckles and high shocktowers, I am going to use that on my konghead. I have a gf-01 dumptruck with long suspension arms , I am going to change that back to stock with the konghead arms wheels and dogbones. the dumptruck now have proline badlands sct tires and wheels on it but I find these to grippy the car rols over to easy at the side and front rolovers, the long suspension arms and driveshafts are going to my konghead to. From the left over parts from my wt-01, Gearbox and some other stuf I am going to make a wr-02, I got almost al the parts for it only need the chassis and a body.
  7. I just bought a konghead, I wanted one for a long time , it is in the weekly sale on tamico for 133 euro for that price I could not let it go.
  8. I bought this car in a austrian webshop for 250 euro with free shipping, parst are easy to get, tamico has them in stock,and alot parts on ebay, rcmart and other webshops, It shares a lot of part with other mst models like the cmx and cfx, I have steel center transmission gears and steel driveshafts from a cmx on my truck that I bought from rcmart.
  9. today I finished the rebuild of my new mst-mtx 1 rtr, I have done a little test run in the street and on grass with 2 at storage level lipo's, tomorrow I am going to give it a proper run on the beach with fully charged lipo's. First impression, the car drives nice and is easy to drive for a solid axle truck, drivetrain is very silent, it need some finetuning and maybe I am going to widen the track a little, but first I am going to run it on the beach see how it drives there, thats where I drive it the most.
  10. Maybe it is the short wheelbase I don't know, the wheelbase on this thing is 238mm, I was surpriced that it runs so wel, and the handling and steering is much better then the zahhak, I did not expected that, because its just a grasshopper chassis with zahhak gearbox and front end.
  11. I have ran my zahhak/trf201 grasshopper fusion car on the beach today, I put some new rear tires on it yesterday and run this car for the second time since I made it. I love this car it runs like a champ, I think I have done something right to it, when it was a zahhak the cars had a lot of understeer even with weight on the front I always have to let go of the throttle to let it steer. This thing steers razer sharp and tight I, it drives better then the zahhak did.
  12. The postman brought me in record time in 6 days from rc mart china to the netherlands, parts for my MST-MTX-01 monstertruck, steel gears and steel center driveshafts and a castle 1410 3800kv sct motor. Now I can finish the truck and drive it
  13. On my boomerang with the new C1 part it still bind with the stock dogbones and df-02/03 uni's. I tried both of the C1 parts knuckles and noticed no difference in them, with both of them I had the bind problem.
  14. Today it was not a good day for me, I took my serpent sct out for a drive after 2 minutes of driving I ran in to a steel pole and snapped of a rod end, so the fun was over. then I decided to put the batteries in to my heavy dump truck and run that, when I arrived at my bashing spot I noticed that I forgot to change the transmitter, so I went home to pick that up. With the right transmitter I decided to run the heavy dump truck on grass for the first time, I ran that car only on the beach, I was a disaster, it was terrible to drive on grass I get a lot of roll overs an tip overs and salto's so that was not fun and I did not want to wreck the body so after 10 minutes of driving I just give up and go home. At the beach its a very fun car to drive but on grass it have to much grip with the proline sct badlands tires I have on it, I think I am going to change the wheels and tires for the wild willy onces I know that they have less grip but I like a little slip and sliding and with 4 wheel drive I think its fine.
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