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  1. took my konghead to the beach, broke the cvd axle for the second time, the last time I run the car I broke one to, only the front seem to brake, on the rear of the car I have the tamiya cvd's to and they are fine, I am going back to dogbones on the front of the car. I bought a tamiya TA-03RS porsche 911gt1 and some hopups, and a wr-02 chassis and a suzuki jimny body and some parts to build the car, most of the parts I have here In a box collecting dust, so now I have something to do. I
  2. I promised myself not to buy new rc cars this year, I broke it because of the corona virus, sitting at home with no rc builds or projects and getting bored and grumpy, my wife get angry and told me to buy rc cars and parts. So I bought a porsche 911 TA03RS and some hopups for it, and some parts to build a wr-02 suzuki jimny, and paint and servo,s and a esc, so now I have something to do.
  3. They roll over a lot, that is the reason I sold my gf-01 heavy dump truck, for me it was no fun, if you put a brushless motor in it the only thing it do is wheely and roll over a lot, and do front flips and side rolls, after a few runs it started to irritate me so I sold it. You better of buying a g6-01 konghead, the are way more stable then the gf-01 and it jumps nice to and very fun to drive with a brushless motor I have a 3800kv caslte motor in mine with high speed gears, I like that car way more then a gf-01.
  4. look at this motor at rc mart http://www.rcmart.com/brushed-motor-49000-tamiya-t301-p-76786.html?cPath=595_744_2029
  5. The thing I do is use a thin plastic foil from a bread bag ore something,cut out round piece and make a hole in the middle and press the bearing in with the plactic foil job done. Some tamiya cars have it, the sand scorcher rere gearbox that I had was the worse, the bearings where loose in the gearbox and fall out of it so I used the foil trick
  6. I used pins with e clips in my hotshot, I have used 2 sets of 54695 you can use them for the gearbox side and I used 2 sets of yeah racing 3x35 mm pins rc mart has them, do not forget the clip if you order the yeah racing ones
  7. very nice rock rey, I have done some upgrades, used an ssd alloy front bulkhead and exotek alloy diff housings and a hot racing third member that are the upgrades needed for driving the car on 3s
  8. I have seen them everywhere for cheap prices, at tamico and Modelbau lindinger, I am temted to buy for one 109 euro. I did ask myself the same question about the not selling.
  9. Did some more building on my rock rey kit, made some nice progress, the only thing left to do is build the shocks and paint the body and install the servo and do some little things. But for now I have to wait for my alloy servo horn to arrive, then I can complete it.
  10. that is the biggest thing, the trike it self Is cheap, but then I want to go brushless so need esc and motor, need lipo's that fit, and then hopups for the drivetrain and some other hopups. So then it is not so cheap anymore, instead of 77 euro it becomes more then 200 euro, and then I am still not convinced that I like it, so I let this one go. I had to many of this impulsive buys, that I sold later, and I want the new terra scorcher.
  11. I have been looking at it to on tamico, but I told myself to buy no more rc cars, mmm it is not a car Not convinced yet, I am afraid that it is going to be something that I do not like or run and then sell it.
  12. I love my cc-01, bought a toyota fj cruiser black special from hobbyking for 100 euro, changed the steering for yeah racing and did some more upgrades. I use the car for running on the beach but not at slow speed like a crawler, like most people run them, I run it with a hobbywing 3800kv motor and with the 20 tooth pinion so it had some speed to it, I widened the the track 18mm per side to make it more stable. It is a blast to drive with more speed on the beach, when you put the trottle it had some torque twist but I like it.
  13. I am still on track with my goals for the new year, promise myself not to buy new cars and focus on the cars that I have, and give the cars that I have more running time, I had 3 cars that I build ran it one time and then put it on the shelf, every time it is the same story buy a new car build it run it once put it on the shelf, and them wanted to build a new one, so that have to stop. In december last year I spent way to much money 900 euro in one month, for my it is a lot of money, so for now I try to spent no more money on rc stuff for the next months, I hope I can keep it up, I have a bad habbit of looking every day on the web to find nice deals I can't help myself I am a junkie and it itches every time I see something nice, must resist I even sold a car that I bought in december, the arrma typhon 3s blx 4x4, it was not that good and tough that I thought It wil be, there was a lot wrong with it and never broke a car so easy. to be continued
  14. good decision, I have a kyosho diff in mine to I am running it for years now with brushless power and its still fine. If you really want to make the gearbox bombproof, I use a steel idle gear from a serpent spider srx2 in there the size is the same as the tamiya, and I am using a 32P team associated spur gear In mine it fits without doing mods but I have a slipper clutch in the gearbox, I stripped the tamiya spur gear twice and idle gear.
  15. when I started to build my hotshot I knew that I going to build it with the hp kit so I cut the body to fill up the cap on the front, maybe an option when you need another body, and I am using gmade shocks I like them a lot, and I do not like those yellow CVA, I do not like the yellow color and the shocks self.
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