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  1. I have 14 cars at this moment, I had more then 40 once, for now I do not want a lot more cars because some of then are allready sitting more on the shelf then I drive them, I like to build stuff, so I found out 3 months ago that I like lego so the building what I am doing now at this moment is lego not rc cars.
  2. for sale tamiya wr-02, The car has long suspension arms, alloy knuckles and chubs, tamiya alloy shocks, jconceps wheels and schumacher rear tire as good as new, tamiya universal shafts, bleu bird high torqeu servo, razer 50 esc/hobbywing, hobbywing 3800kv brushles motor, yeah racing alloy shock towers, and turnbuckles all around. I build the car and run it about 4 times, now it is collecting dust on the shelf so thats why I sell it, the car has full ball bearings and is in good condition, it only needs an transmitter and reciever to run it. There is some little flakes of the paint from the body, but i still have a half of can piant in the color so you can spray the flaked off spots. I want 125 euro for the car. Greetings, Danny
  3. If I where you I would look at the diff and rebuild it , I had that on a xv-01 that pulled always to one side rebuild the diff and the problem was gone, if thats not the problem then use another esc with an bec in it and if that does not work try another servo, yeh you have to try things to know what is wrong. I don't believe it is torque steer because you running a mild brushed motor in it, I am running an 4300kv brushless motor in mine and it goes as straight as an arrow and is very easy to drive, the only thing is that I have to be gentle on the throttle on startup to avoid a lot of wheelspin, but even with a lot of wheelspin it goes straight.
  4. To be honest these cars are tough, run more then 50 battery packs trough it on the beach and did not brake a thing on it, only the outdrives are worn now. But I have got the super hot shot version, I think the suspension parts on the normal one are a little fragile.
  5. I also have the hobbywing 1625 in mine dancing rider, there are not many little esc and the hobbywing work great and is reliable so why buy an other esc. I have the rc4gs and an older version for years now very good transmitters, you wil like them and they have a lot more options the a carson a had a carson reflex in the past but I like the radiolink more.
  6. Then you do not want a df-03, the car is not that cheap and you have to do a lot of upgrades to the car to make it reliable, so that wil cost you a lot of money. If you want to build a 4wd tamiya buggy you are better of with some of the dragon cars. like the firedragon, thunderdragon or terra scorcher, or a super hot shot, both of them can handle brushless power and are not as fragile as a df-03, and you do not have to buy a lot of upgrades for them
  7. MMM little slow hot shot for me, I run a castle 5700kv motor in mine with a 15 tooth pinion do not know how fast it is but a way faster then this one, but nice car
  8. Run the dancing rider for the second time, this time it drives a lot better so the upgrades work, I widened the track with wheel wideners and wheels with offset, replaced the plastic steering arm with upgrade turnbuckles with ball ends. Now it doesn't wiggle anymore on full acceleration and is much more stable, I am happy the upgrades work.
  9. Why do you wan't a df-03, it is a weak car drivetrain and chassis, you have to do a lot of upgrades to make it strong and reliable with brushless power, to be honest if I where you I look at other brands then tamiya if you like to build a brushless buggy and want to bash it, the tt-02 needs also a lot of upgrades and the plastic diff can't handle a lot of power the need to changed to. I like tamiya cars but if you want a basher car that can handle a lot of power and you want to bash it, look at other brands it wil save you money and frustration, at first I only bought tamiya cars, but now I have also Losi, traxxas, hpi and hobao and that opened my eyes.
  10. There is a traxxas brushed motor in it that is faster then the stock motor and the pinion gear is 2 tooth bigger then stock forgot the how many teeth it has now, but I broke the outdrive in a roll over crash, I run it for the first time when that happened so I decided to order the metal ones the prefent it from happening agian.
  11. I did some more upgrades to my dancing rider, I only run it 1 time and broke the plastic outdrive, so I ordered the metal outdrive set with the metal diff gears, I replaced the plastic steering arm there was a lot of play in it and under full acceleration the car wiggle a lot from left right, now it has 2 turnbuckles each on 1 side with ball joints so now there is not a lot of play in it anymore, I hope it solve the wiggle problem. And I put some wheel wideners on it with other wheels with more offset to make it more stable.
  12. Even if they deliver on time there prices are almost the same as german vendors or more expensive they used to be alot cheaper and there shipping cost are still high, and then I have to pay also vat and taxes ,so rcmart is for me not the cheaper option anymore.
  13. I don't know what part of the world you are, but I order from geman vendors like tamico, modelbau berlinski, but plazajapan is very good and very cheap prices saved me a lot of money on my last order, I also use asiatees they are also good and always delivered within 2 weeks.
  14. I also stop ordering from rcmart, in the past they where great and ordered a lot from them but the last 1,5 year they suck the prices for parts are not cheap anymore compare to german vendors and they still have high shipping cost, and the last orders from them take months to arrive. And long shipping time is not covid, I made orders from asiatees and other chinese vendors and they always arrive within 2 weeks, last time I made an order from hobby plaza japan and that arrived in 1 week.
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