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  1. Finished my konghead today and toke it for a run in the forest, the car runs very good its a much better crawler then my cc-01 on places where my cc-01 struggles the konghead runs over it and climb like a mountain goat. The turning circle of the car is nice even without the rear steering I can make a circle within 90 cm, but I have cvd's at the front and alloy chub and knuckles that give the car much more steering then stock. The tenshock crawler motor is very good you can creep with it drive it real slow without goging and its a sensorless motor, you can't see the difference between this and a sensored motor. Now the big question what to do with the cc-01 I think I made some sort of rally car out of it.
  2. I know there is one for sale the ascona but they ask a 1000 euro for it, I don't know what the value is of these cars
  3. I was in on the same boat as you are a month a go, I wanted a hotshot then build it with super hotshot parts to convert it to 4 shocks or buy the super hotshot for 50 euro more, but I don't like the yellow cva's shocks. Then there was a NIB hotshot was for sale cheap and I bought that, I ordered all the needed suspension parst and undertray from rc mart and I ordered gmade xd shocks for the car, so now for the same price as the super hotshot I have the hotshot with all the super hotshot parts and the gmade shocks.
  4. I brought the gf-01 heavy dump truck to the post office, I sold that car within 3 hours and I made 30 euro profit out of it
  5. I rebuild my heavy dump truck, I removed all the hop ups and ecs and casltle 5700kv motor, and build it with stock parts even with the pogo sticks. I have done it because I am going to sell the car and I can use the motor and esc for my hotshot and the other hopup parts can I use for other projects, the hopups are not ad more value to the car if you want to sell it, so without the hopups I can ask a lower price and the car is then easier to sell. I like the look of the car, but the driving is not for me, I don't like the wheeling all the time and it spent more time on its roof then I run it, I know I that I can put a milder motor in it and slow it down, but for me if I do that all the fun is gone and then Its going to be on the shelf all the time.
  6. I have bought gmade 75mm shocks for the front of my hotshot with the supershot parts, they have 17mm of stroke, I don't know of the chassis bottom out with these shocks, because the car is NIB so I have to build it. I bought the gmade shocks because I don,t like the yellow cva and the gmade shocks are nice I have them on my wt-01 and on my gf-01. for the rear I have 93mm gmade shocks, I am going to use the long tamiya eyelet on them to make them longer, the tamiya eyelet fits like a glove on the gmade shocks.
  7. Super hotshot parts and gmade shocks for my hotshot, now I have to wait for the suspension pins with e clips that I have ordered.
  8. finished the konghead body and changed the motor for the new crawler one, the only thing that I need for it is an esc.
  9. this wheels fit the konghead tires, I have them om my wt-01 truck, the tires are from my konghead kit, I put crawler tires on my konghead
  10. I hope something like a terra scorcher, thundershot or firedragon. I almost bought a nib firedragon for 250 euro there was one for sale, but there not many spare parts floating around so that kept me of from buying it, I bought a hotshot instead.
  11. https://www.tqrcracing.com/shop/product_view.asp?p_id=1843
  12. you can use the tamiya 50944 these are aloy ones and do not wear that fast as the plastic ones, look for this on the internet. they come with 8 of them in the package
  13. If you want the gearbox to be bombproof, you can fit a 32 pitch spur gear, I had a problem striping the tamiya spur gears, now I have a 32 pitch 54 tooth team associated with a 17 tooth pinion on it ,with a 5700kv motor, I also have a kyosho gear diff in it I did not like the ball diff with a little modding it fits and I have a serpent steel idle gear in the gearbox that is the same size as the tamiya one.
  14. Today I have finished my konghead chassis and cut the body. Ordered a 1750kv 6 pole tenshock crawler motor for it. I have to put the new motor in it when it arrives and mount the esc and paint the body.
  15. The postman brought me a Hotshot Now I have to wait for the super hotshot suspension parts and gmade shocks that I have ordered.
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