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  1. I get it if you collecting cars, and buy cars that you can only buy used because they do not make them any more or if you want a original. But I do not collecting rc cars and I have nothing with nostalgia of rc cars, I only buy rc cars that I like, to run them and bash them so for me it is most of the time better to buy a new car then I know every thing is oke then a used one where I have to spend money one to make it good again that cost me more then a new one. In the past I had bought some used rc cars that looked good on the foto but in real time there was so much wrong with them, little hairline cracks in almost every part and a lot of worn stuff you cant see on a foto, the only thing I could do with it was trow it in the bin.
  2. I have run my converted cc-01 for the first time on the beach. I converted my cc-01 from a crawler trail car in to a more speed off road basher, I took out the 1740kv crawler motor and esc, put in a 3800kv hobbywing motor and esc, I on lock the rear diff and put in a tamiya metal motor mount with a 20 tooth pinion and used 18mm wheel wideners to give it more track wide to make it more stable. I had a blast with the car, I had build the car for trail running 9 months ago but I run it only one time, and it was collecting dust and I had all the parts laying around to convert it , I think I am not a trail/ crawler guy , so now its suit me more as a basher car.
  3. For me that is why I don't buy used rc cars any more, most of time there is something wrong with them and when you have bought all the parts to fix them, it was cheaper to buy a new one, I burnt my hands a couple times on used rc cars for me no more.
  4. For me the Amarok I like the body a lot , The wt-01 chassis is one of my favorite tamiya's, you can do a lot to it and it drives nice, and it has a tough gearbox and chassis, its the most reliable tamiya car I have, It almost never breaks. the blackfoot has a weak gearbox and I do not like the orv chassis, I think it has more weak links on the chassis, I never owned one and I never wil, I don't like it if a car has to many weak points.
  5. I use them to, to only thing compare to the tamiya spraycans is they need more time to harden.
  6. This Losi rock rey kit. The kit version is discontinued and was nowhere to be found, last week I was surfing on the web and found one for sale for a good price, cheaper then it was before it was discontinued, so I could not let it go. The tires are huge, I put a wr-02 tire next to it to compare.
  7. For years I have not bin on a holiday or vacation I have no money for it, because I spend all my money on rc cars and stuff
  8. for me off road, most of the time I run on the beach, its a 10 minutes drive from my home and the place with a wide open space so less things to run in to. I had some on road cars 2 tt-01 and a xv-01 and I like to run onroad sometimes but I getting sick and tired from eating tires on touring cars, with powerfull brushless motors every 2-3 battery packs the tires where completely gone, so I sold them all, and I get bored pretty quick with on road cars. I had a serpent sct set up for onroad that car had a much beter tires wear because there is much more meat on the tires then touring car tires, but in the end it spend more time on the shelf then I run it onroad.
  9. We don't need a new SRB chassis, the sand scorcher was the worst handling car I ever had even a grasshopper drives beter, for me rere some of the thundershot chassis. The only thing the SRB does is spinning out mehh not my thing, I think that because its have a spool, never ran one with a balldiff in it.
  10. for me the same with the gf-01 dumptruck, with more power then the stock motor al it did was wheelies, and it roll over all the time sideways and front flips rollovers, the hooks of the front of the body that holds it to the chassis pops out if you roll over the car. I sold the car. For me no short base cars like the gf-01 wr-02
  11. tires that have good grip for tarmac and 4wd buggy that last a long time are duratrax bandito/louise rocket the are the same tires and not expensive.
  12. I spend this month way to much, for me my budget is gone for the next 6 months or so, I have never spend so much money in one month. bought an arrma typhon 3s blx 4x4 on black friday, and some upgrades for that Then I bought some high speed gears for my wt-01 to have them in stock in case they disappear. some spares for my basher nitro circus mt 1/8 truck because they do not have a lot of parts for it on hobbyking and I want to drive the car for the next years. upgrades for my cc-01 that I am going to convert to rally basher some upgrades for my konghead new hex tools and a solder station. then I found a losi rock rey kit in stock on a website, the kit version is discontinued for a long time and nowhere to be found, and then it pops up at a webstore for a nice price, so I had to have it, and then I bought upgrade parts for that car also and spend money on fireworks for 31 december.
  13. for me, no more buying rc cars in 2020, I spend in this month almost my budget that I have for 9 months, so I am going to build and upgrade what I have now, and drive the cars more instead of buying and selling cars. I hope it works
  14. took my new build hotshot to the beach today, after 2 minutes it rolled over and broke of the front knuckle, I did a field repair and used the other hole in the knuckle and adjust the end point, then I run it for 2 battery packs with no problem. I had a blast with this car, I don't know why others don't like it for me its drives fine and it do little jumps great, I have driven a lot of worst handling cars then the hotshot. the gmade shocks are nice on it and do a great job, it bottoms out nice and have a lot of travel left in the shocks. I don't know of the front knuckle is a weak part or not, the kit comes with this ones and 2 pair of the old style ones, I try the old style ones for now and see if they hold up if not I buy some alloy knuckles for it.
  15. For me if I must run my cars on silvercans or brushed motors, I get bored with the low speed and power and then get out of this hobby real quick, I can not enjoy a real slow rc car except for a crawler of trail truck. Are my tamiya cars 60mph rockets, no they are not, I choose the right brushless motor for the car for , example my wt-01 is my favoritie car but I think the top speed is 30 mhp. I don,t get it when I see people try to put 3s or 4s systeems in to tamiya cars like the tt-02, 2s power is enough for them. But I also don't get it when I see people on this forum love to drive slow bouncy clodbusters with silvercans for me that is no fun, but thats is a good thing that we people are different in wat we like and what gives a smile on our face. I like the speed and power off brushless motors and lipo, I run most of the time on the beach and there you need more power then a silvercan or brushed motor, in the soft sand you get stuck with a brushed motor or go reel slow.
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