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  1. Never let it be said that I'm not good to you all :-) Kyosho Lazer ZX manual converted to PDF attached. Kyosho_Lazer_ZX_manual.pdf
  2. I think that a good tidy up is in order, lots of stuff to check over, including a dreadful Demon 15x2 that I used to run (quick but deadly to my old cells) I think that it was an awful (is an awful) yellow Dimma Wide Body Puegeot 306. I'll get it sorted :-) Do you know where I can find the manual online for the buggy, I have lost it and would love to have it to work from. Cheers.
  3. Many thanks, I tried marwanrc and they had none so managed to find them with MCIRacing and they are being sent over. Soapy water is a great trick, I will definitely try that along with the hair dryer. I'm working on a re-re Boomerang at the moment (always wanted one) until I get the decals for the ZX. As you can see I have a long way to go, but this is my original car so will just take my time and bring it back to life, it's never going to be mint but brings back many fond memories.
  4. I have just purchased my first Top Force, but confusingly it has a 2005 re-re box and a 1991 manual. Any idea's which it is?
  5. Wow, amazing. I still have my Lazer ZX but I need a new shell, where did you find one? or were you just lucky. Looks amazing BTW! I still remember how fiddly the "Finest radio control models..." transfer was to place (tiny) and also had the same problem with the translucent wing edges.
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