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  1. Parts are trickingling in. Got the Futaba pistol, the 540 Sport Motor, the bearings, MIP differential, some AmPro Parts and the actual truck should be here by Tuesday!!!! Getting excited!!! Also, I decided to go with 3000Ah NiMH, two of them like everyone has said, will go to Lipo once I'm back in the hang of things. I forgot how addicting this hobby is. I'm already trying to figure out how to justify the cost of a re re Super Hotshot, I spend's all day reading Tamiya Club and watching YouTube video's! hahaha. It's good to be back!
  2. Yeah, I used to run the Lumpy Tamiya Battery, that trickle charged over night. 24 hour wait for 10 minutes of spirited driving! Haha, even then it was still a blast!
  3. So my son had a Target gift card, and some cheap 30 dollar RC buggy caught his eye. After bringing it home, I started showing him You Tube video's of Tamiya Offroad cars (I had a Hornet in the 80's and a Fox in the 90's, but long gone). Well sure enough, after watching for a few hours, I got the itch, and have JUST ordered a 2016 Blackfoot, the MIP diff as well as half of AmPro's BlackFoot aftermarket Parts (basically everything except the new rear suspension). I'll have everything in about a week and look forward to putting it together. The only thing I have NOT ordered is the Battery. I see everyone is going Lipo. I have zero plans to race this thing, it will be a basher to enjoy with the boys (I have a 11 and 6 year old), and really my only requirement is longer playtime, so should I just go with multiple Nimh's or invest in a good Lipo (again, longevity of drive time is my requirement, not speed or power). Feels great to be back on the RC scene, and look forward to everyone's input. Thank you K
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