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  1. Got the egress decals and some extras of tamiya sponsors! They look awesome
  2. Where I can get some replacement screws? I lost this step screw BB2 and cant find it locally. Also i would like to get some BA9 circlips because y manage to damaged 1 but the kit has 1 extra.
  3. Here is how it looks. At the moment I used home made decals till I find an extra set. I dont want to use the original ones in this body.
  4. Thanks WillyChang! Yes, its fast enough with the motor in 0 timing and 19 pinion. I got two fans with the kit and the one with the motor is loud. I think I'm going to try running it without the fan.
  5. I test the car an the battery runs for about 20 minutes and it runs great. After every run I check the motor and its barely gets warm. I'm running the motor with the 19 pinion. Is this ok?
  6. Hello guys, Do you know a good place to order an extra set of decals?
  7. 😲Got it. I think i would try and see which one is better for the motor and temp and then order a decent one. Thanks again for the heads up.
  8. Thanks thommo Im not sure about the material of the pinions. They are tamiya but the label doesnt said anything about the material so im guessing their not steel.🤦🏽‍♂️
  9. 16-22 I think I'm going to tryout first with the 19. I let you know how it goes.
  10. Here is with the wheels, tires and body for bashing around. The original body, wheels and tires are going to be for display only. This is my first painting but Im not very happy with the results. I also need to align the wheels and finish mounting the electrical parts.
  11. Hi guys. Could this baterry fit the egress? I think for the price I could buy a couple abd change the plugs.
  12. Hello guys Did the kit bring extra parts? Yesterday I damaged a 2 mm E ring CirClip BC-8. Also here is a photo from last night progress.
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