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  1. Hello Where can I get a new Bruiser body? I want to try a different color beside box art. Thanks Hector
  2. Hola, Can I use this acrylic paints over tamiya primer to paint the drivers of a Bruiser and a Blackfoot. I'm planning to cover them with tamiya clear after the paint cures. What do you think? Thank you for your help! Hector
  3. Thank you Superluminal. So I need an esc and two servos? Maybe two Futaba S3004 or those new cheap ones that are red 20 kg, full metal, high torque and are all over amazon and the internet? and for esc a Hobbywing QuicRun WP 1080.
  4. Hello guys, I just order a rere Bruiser and I was wondering if there is a good motor and esc combo for it maybe something water proof that can do some crawling. The motor and servos that comes with the kit are good or its the best to buy something better? Can you recommend me something that doesn't break the bank. I'm not looking for too much speed just a better electronics. Thanks for your help, Hector
  5. Hello guys, I recently got a ReRe Blackfoot and want to know what servo would be good for it. And any other recommendation for upgrades before I assemble it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hector
  6. Thanks Tamiyabigstuff but the part from the original looks a little different. This is the one from the re-re.
  7. Hi guy!! My son had a little accident with my egress today and broke the front Damper stay. Manual says PB16 13405082 front Bumper Stay. Anyone knows where I can find one? Im in Puerto Rico, US. Thanks for your help, Hector
  8. Got the egress decals and some extras of tamiya sponsors! They look awesome
  9. Where I can get some replacement screws? I lost this step screw BB2 and cant find it locally. Also i would like to get some BA9 circlips because y manage to damaged 1 but the kit has 1 extra.
  10. Here is how it looks. At the moment I used home made decals till I find an extra set. I dont want to use the original ones in this body.
  11. Thanks WillyChang! Yes, its fast enough with the motor in 0 timing and 19 pinion. I got two fans with the kit and the one with the motor is loud. I think I'm going to try running it without the fan.
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