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  1. Our latest meet Yesterday was a cracker, hope to see some more new faces at our next event at Robin Hood Raceway, at Blyth. Check us out on our facebook page for more details.
  2. Hi Guys, just had a little time and thought i would pop over here to see whats happening, We are really fortunate to get Robin Hood Raceway as our regular meet, two tracks, electric, toilets and running water puts it in a the premier catagory to me, but it started quiet and we've steadily built it up and gained numbers. Now some of our members came far and wide for just a fun relaxing days running, nothing serious, but great to see so many vintage rc's running around together. Check us out on Facebook under Tamiya Junkies.
  3. Hi everyone, hope your well and keeping busy, not posted on here in a while due to work, but getting back into what i love, the Tamiya Junkies have three new meet dates for next year at the wonderful robin hood raceway at Blyth, 4th jan, 22 Feb and 14 March to start the year off. More dates to follow and some weekenders during the warmer month's. Head over to Tamiya Junkies on Facebook for more details.
  4. Yeh we are not racing just having fun, if someone get a scorcher out say, then others normally do too, we work it between ourselves in a very relaxed way.
  5. Hi all not posted on here for a while, but the meets are still going strong and member numbers have been increasing. Come over to our facebook page and take a look at what we've been getting upto.
  6. Hi everyone, this year has been epic, monthly meets and lots of fun. Looking forward to another year of the same, hope to get more members along to meets with there new and vintage rc's. So join us on our FB page and come along. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you Junkies out there.
  7. http://<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1305.photobucket.com/user/tamiyamonkey1/embed/Rhr 20th October 2018/story"></iframe>
  8. Our latest outing yesterday at Robin Hood Raceway http://s1305.photobucket.com/user/tamiyamonkey1/Rhr 20th October 2018/story
  9. Hi Mad Ax, yes the indoor track is always open, we run both in and out depending on the weather.
  10. A previous meet, indoors at Robin Hood Raceway due to wet weather
  11. Our latest meet at Robin Hood Raceway, Blyth, South Yorkshire Find more details and photo's on our facebook page, Tamiya Junkies.
  12. My son runs a 9t Brushless setup in his and its pretty good all round, although it keeps killing the plastic bevel gear on the rear of the prop shaft, im pretty sure the metal DF02 diffs and bevel pinion gears fit, could anyone confirm before i spend money on them.
  13. Hi everyone, my steering works fine, but doesn't have much lock, is this normal or is it just mine, ive tried altering the end points but doesn't help much.
  14. The Lipo's i use are core-rc cr293, they fit in anything being 134mm long. They fit any vintage or modern tamiya buddy.
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