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  1. Hi Buddy, must confess Saturdays are better for me most of the time. But hope you can get through at some time. Well today went really well, nice weather and a great bunch of RC's. For full details check us out on Facebook Tamiya Junkies.
  2. Just a reminder that ourt next Junkies Meet at Robin Hood Raceway is this coming Saturday, all welcome.
  3. We have our next date for Robin Hood Raceway, Hoping for a great turn out of awesome RC's and good company, so put this in your diary's 27th April 2024.
  4. Busiest meet so far this year at the awesome Robin Hood Raceway with the Tamiya Junkies, Fast racers came along too, so there was a real buzz about the place for sure, didn't take too many pics as normal as one i actually ran a few cars lol and was having a catch up with new and old faces, thanks again everyone that made it such a great day. Already looking at when the next one will be, so will keep you all posted. Regards Mark aka Tamiya Monkey
  5. Hi, we do run some on Sundays through the year and hoping to book RHR for a weekender or two through the summer months too, so keep an eye on here and our facebook page for upcoming events.
  6. Thanks all for posting up our next Date for the awesome Robin Hood Raceway, these are very relaxed and fun days out with lots of banter and loads or RC goodness both on show and running around the three tracks, so if you've been hovering around wondering if to attend, then get yourself over, lots of friendly folk and it really is a great day what ever the weather as we can run indoors. So hope to see both new and old faces in a couple of weeks. Now better get on and finish my re-re boomerang and hornet and get my new Hotshot 2 built. See you all there
  7. Well most likely our last meet of the year, roll on 2024. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G8TkDpGNXE&ab_channel=markkelsall
  8. Hi i managed to get hold of a few TC stickers at a iconicRC event when i met Chris, is there any way of getting my hands on more.
  9. Hi all, just a reminder that our next outing is a few weeks, so come and have some fun.
  10. Well thats my pre-order gone in with Modelsport, something to look forward to early next year.
  11. The Falcon and Striker would be on my hopeful list too.
  12. Really looking forward to owning one of these, hope its using cage from hotshot as hotshot 2 BH version has a taller cage and looks odd to me. But having either way.
  13. Next meet booked for 18th November at Robin Hood Raceway.
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