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  1. will look into that, thanks!
  2. Ah yes, I spotted that just after writing this post. It's a pity about the shipping... I looked in Rakuten (A sort of Japanese Amazon) to see if it was there. Nope. Weird to have to try so hard to get Japanese products...in Japan! I think I need to call Tamiya and order it on the phone, the old fashioned way Thanks for your help anyway. Much appreciated!
  3. Hi, An 8mm step screw just fell of the front suspension of my Frog. Oops! Here's a picture of the one I didn't lose... Does anyone know where you can buy these online? Cheers!
  4. Hey! Having just attached the GT Tuned motor, I just spotted that the pinion gear they fitted with the XB pre-built kit was the 18t. So, it looks like the next investment might not be the battery after all, but a new 16t pinion gear and matching spur gear that wasn't supplied in the box. Thanks a lot for those ebay links again Juggular! EDIT: Actually, instead of ordering online, as I'm in Japan I might take a day trip to the Tamiya store in Tokyo soon...and I promise to only come home with gears...nothing else...promise
  5. Fab advice as usual Juggular, thank you! And a great video. My Frog power slides now too. That's ball bearing power right there! I would be using an NiMH battery, as I'm not far enough down the hobby rabbit hole just yet to be investing in the Lipo route. I'm savouring each little improvement bit by bit So, I reckon maybe an extra 3000 NiMH battery should fill my needs. I assume that will give me at least 30 minutes of racing time including the 1300 battery I have right now. Cheers!
  6. Just reporting back to say that today I got the metal bearings on the wheels and I just took it out the back for a spin. You were all right, it makes a massive difference! Debating whether I really need a tuned motor now. It's already pretty nippy And for those curious, I opened the gear box and they were metal bearings. They'd only used the plastic ones for the wheels. I think the next investment will be a bigger battery. 15 minutes with my 1300 mAH is a bit underwhelming right now. Any tips on how big I should go? Is there any disadvantage in choosing a 5000 mAH apart from it taking longer to charge? Cheers all
  7. Well, it seems as though I'd better get my tool box out then. And so beginneth the 'real' hobby I've managed to get the wheel off (good start!), and it looks to me as though the bearings on the drive shaft are plastic... I need a stiff drink before opening up the gear box for the first time, haha, but if the drive shaft is anything to go on, I should probably go ahead and buy some shiny new ball bearings...yay Thanks for links, and poking me further down the proverbial rabbit hole. I shall be back with more up-dates as and when I pull this (beautiful) thing apart!
  8. Morning all, what a lot of fantastic information to read through, thank you so much! I look forward to wrapping my head around it Just a quick reply to Juggular's question - curiously, I didn't get any spare pinions and gears as you mention. I bought it pre-built - Sacrilege, I know All I got inside were the optional poles for the antennae, and a some small plastic parts to fit to the trigger of the controller. Odd that they didn't include those pinion / spur gears too...
  9. Thanks Jason, comforting to hear So, how much difference does more / less teeth on a pinion really make to a set up like mine? Is it marginal? Or substantial?
  10. Aha, got it! I shall definitely do that once the motor arrives, brilliant, thanks Regarding pinion sizes, have I got it right then that... More teeth (higher gear) = lower acceleration and higher top speeds Less teeth (lower gear) = higher acceleration and lower top speeds. ? lol, I do have a real driving licence, honest
  11. Hi, back with another newbie question So, I took my Frog out today for a spin with the 540 motor it comes with in the box. Fun! It's a little too 'sensible' at the moment though. I'd like to give it more 'guts' so to speak! With that in mind, I want to attach a GT Tuned motor and right now I'm searching for the right pinion to go with it... As far as I understand the Frog uses the same 32 pitch pinion that the Grasshopper does. And the GT motor requires a 25t. Trouble is, I don't seem to be able to find 25t 32p pinions online? Can someone point me in the right direction please? Ta muchly
  12. Ok, I just tried running the cable along the other side of the battery and tucking it down into the chassis...and it fits! Sorry for bothering you with what was clearly a very newbie stumbling block A bit more of a fiddle than the Grasshopper, but now that I know how it goes, all is good! Cheers
  13. Thanks for the help! Nice ride you have there :) I'm guessing that your battery cable is longer than my Tamiya one which came in the box? I can't get it to tuck into the chassis like you. The cable is about 1 cm too short (approx. 5.6 cm). A little bit more length would allow the plug to slot nicely through that space between the battery and the lid that holds the battery down tight. Maybe I need to get a new battery with a longer cable? Any recommendations? Cheers
  14. Hello everyone, first time poster here :) Also new to the hobby. I grew up in the 80s in the UK and longed for a car of my own, but it wasn't to be. Until now that is. I just bought a Grasshopper XB, and am proud to have worked out how to install a Sport motor. That motor makes all the difference, turning a quaint beginners car into something with quite a bit of punch! Of course, having taken it to the park a couple of times with my 6 y/o boy, we both agreed that we need to get another car so we can race. So, I accidentally hit the 'pay now' button on a shiny new Frog XB. Just love the looks. It completely encapsulates the 80s, right down to the flash of pink. Anyway, a quick passing question for all you veterans in the know; I noticed as I installed the battery that the cable and connector sort of hangs out the right side of the car (see photo) with seemingly no obvious place for it to be tucked away. For such an otherwise aesthetically pleasing car, its oddly disturbing me. Should I tape it to the side? Has anyone a workaround, or am I just being precious and will I not even notice it after a bit? Shouldn't the connector be a bit more protected? By contrast, the Grasshopper battery cable and connector, due to the orientation, is completely hidden inside the car. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom :)
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