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    My 205 GTi (real one), Gaming (you're never too old) and collecting boys toys, RC cars being just one example.
  1. That's right Not sure if standard but it came with two blue and two red wheel nuts instead of the usual silver. So does anyone know how many Calsonic Primera's were produced?
  2. There's a new one on Ebay but it's crazy money.
  3. I've just picked up the HKS OPEL Vectra Polycarbonate Shell, transfers and plastic trim kit from Germany, it wasn't exactly cheap and the Primera Wheels won't be a match but close enough, plus it'll look good. Good to know regarding the closeness between FF01 and TA02 parts, I'll bear that in mind, thanks
  4. That's fantastic, I'd love to own a new one, to build would be even better as I'd take my time with it. If you ever want it to go to a loving home, I'm your man On another note, I've opened up my profile, I'm not a closed book
  5. Yes, Sadly, finding parts is a pain and do you think I can find a replacement polycarb shell? No ! Actully, thats not true, there's a new Primera JTCC kit on Ebay but it'd cost £900 to buy and have it imported from the US ! Are they really worth that kind of money?
  6. Aha, It's allowing me to post more pictures today !
  7. Ok, only allowed 4.88mb in pics.... That's that then
  8. Well it runs just fine, well, obviously needs new tyres (Genuine replacements ordered) and the camber was (and still is to a certain extent) out. Have noticed it's the wrong colour too so might have to address that. The old servo assisted speed controller was not playing ball so fitted a more modern one and battery, sadly the original 1400MAh appears dead or at least, I haven't been able to coax any life into it yet. The body is somewhat worse for wear at the front and I seem to have lost the wing mirrors!! So I'll be scouring the interweb for replacements, is there a wanted section in here?
  9. Yes, I was looking at a rock crawler earlier today. I'll bear it I'm mind. I had a feeling the Primera was uncommon as the sticker set on ebay is silly money, always a sign!
  10. Hi Probably the wrong place to post so sorry and please delete if necessary. So, Tamiya. Bought my first one aged around 14, an XR311 Jeep. A friend had a Cheetah which was similar except his had variable speed and mine had about three forwards speeds. Needless to say, we had a huge amount of fun with them, tbh though, the memory is a little hazy as I'm 52 now, it was a long time ago. Attached is my Loft bound Calsonic Nissan Primera, bought on impulse back in the mid 90's from a model shop on a trip to Milton Kynes. it's not run in a while so I expect all sorts of issues if I tried to being it to life, plus the tyres were a little crusty last time I looked. It's complete though if a little beaten up, perhaps more than a little. So, I'm toying with getting something to go along with it. I prefer something Vintage, but who knows what I'll decide upon. Thanks for getting this far and yes, I suspect my Primera is the wrong colour !! :)
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